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  1. I don’t see an issue. If Jet Li can pull the slide off a Beretta before it fires, why couldn’t the average soccer mom 😀 ?

    • Putting the hand on the slide like that will keep the gun from cycling, allowing only one shot to be fired. If the perp pulled the trigger after she had it in her hand like that, the bullet would likely hit the dash, and the weapon would not fire again, leveling the playing field somewhat.

      Now if the perp had a wheelgun on the other hand…

  2. Well…

    1. Finger on trigger
    2. Muzzle safety (Stuck her hand over the “shooty” end.)

    “As soon as you move the bullets…” Really? Move the bullets huh? So the gun they’re being contained by is superfluous…

    And just how are these people getting in your car? Did you, I dunno, lock the doors? Not go to your car if weirdos were hanging around the area?

  3. If you’re gonna grab a semi-auto like that it’s just as simple to push the slide to the rear, into the guy’s hand and take it out of battery rendering it unable to fire even the first round. It only takes a fraction of an inch of travel to make that happen and with the perp pushing back on the grip it’s not hard. And if you twist/push the barrel away from you, the leverage that it gives you will allow you take it out of his hand. The surprised look on the perp’s face is priceless, btw.
    I’m not sure how a prosecutor would look upon perforating a perp with his own gun once he is “disarmed” though. Although if he is still in your car at that point you could still make a pretty good argument that he was still a deadly threat in close proximity having just demonstrated deadly intent.
    If you are that danger close you are already in deep kemchi and your avoidance techniques have FAILED so anything you do other than freeze and go into denial mode would probably help.

  4. Having done the whole martial arts thing for a decade, I am astounded at how truly solid human bodies can be against other human bodies. There is great physical and esoteric value in martial arts, however for defense… use the proper tools.

    I don’t do calculus with an abacus either.



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