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Everytown for Gun Safety’s #whateverittakes social media campaign throws the gun control movement’s fanaticism into stark relief. Whatever it takes to enact gun control laws, we’re committed to doing it! Enact draconian licensing and registration requirements that leave millions of Americans defenseless against criminals, crazies and the threat of government tyranny? Whatever it takes! Create a law that allows police and relatives to confiscate a legal gun owner’s firearms without due process (with a carve-out for cops)? Whatever it takes! Lie, misrepresent, mischaracterize, manipulate statistics, commission biased studies, sensationalize? Whatever it takes! And where does that lead? If you think about it . . .

The lack of morality inherent in Everytown for Gun Safety’s #whateverittakes campaign signals the civilian disarmament complex’s willingness to do the things that gun rights advocates warn against – and get called paranoid for even suggesting. Would Everytown, the CSGV, the Brady Campaign et al. support the ATF mounting door-to-door confiscation  of outlawed “assault weapons” – whether during an emergency (e.g., Hurricane Katrina) or in, say, New York (where tens of thousands of citizens possess banned modern sporting rifles) ? Whatever it takes! They admit it. So now you know.

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  1. Commented on the other post; seems more appropriate here:

    “Whatever It Takes”: the mantra of tyrants. Rights and freedoms do not matter, when they interfere with the objectives of tyranny. If meeting those objectives requires trampling on those rights, so be it.

    These people are the ultimate reason that we own firearms: to defend ourselves, from them.

    (Also: how fitting is it that the Bloomberg Army is waging a campaign based on emotion – “I Feel“, rather than rational argument?)

    • Over at, Miguel has hundreds of screen caps of comments from the derpbook pages of CSGV, Everytown, MDA, et al. calling for the extermination of gun owners to wishing death upon their children, to reeducation camps… Of course these are the same people that say gun owners are paranoid for thinking we need guns for our protection.

    • Chip,
      “Whatever it takes” is simply a massaging of the time honored mantra, “The ends justify the means”

  2. That dude has the crazy eyes. He’s the guy in the crowd that I would suspect of being the nutjob.

    • ‘zactly. Though I’m not a psychiatrist, I think the guy’s a free range mental patient. And BTW “What ever it takes”= “By any means necessary, comrade.”

    • His house should be searched and all weapons confiscated, down to screwdrivers. Then he should be jailed until he confesses, followed by execution. Are these idiots for real? Don’t they understand what they are asking for, and what it will mean to THEM, never mind us?

    • Neither am I a psychiatrist, however I worked in a residential mental health facility for some years. There’s a few things you learn to observe about a person in that line of work, such as physical traits and thought patterns. I’ve got some really bad news for this guy and his Bloomberg-funded comrades…

  3. Look at those crazy eyes. Gives me another idea. Co-opt the hashtag by playing right along with it. Appear sincere in your desire for more gun control but for all the wrong reasons.
    OFWG holding sign “Dear Congress, I feel you could make my city safer by banning the guns from the blacks.”

  4. Wow that guy’s just so ***** angry and intense he even forgot to spell check. I’m changed, someone so full of rage like that guy shouldn’t be allowed a gun. No matter how much he clearly wants nothing more in that moment to murder everyone in the room with him.

    Seriously? Bloomberg can’t afford proof readers and PR/Make-up people to make the hired help look “normal”.

  5. Once again, “Stalin does not have enough Organs”, so these gun grabbers can go pound sand.

  6. Wow, they’ve finally removed the already thin veil and exposed their true nature. Anyone who still sides with them now no longer gets the benefit of the doubt.

    It’s one thing to stop seeing the enemy as human, to lose mercy, patience, tolerance, and forgiveness. I know, I’ve been that person, and I managed to come back from it.

    The same as I am not arrogant just because others around me lower themselves, I am not forgetting to see them as human, or losing my own humanity. I am watching them throw it away.

    I can no longer consider them human, not because I’ve lost my way, but because they’ve proven they aren’t.

    These people are truly deranged…

  7. “Whatever it takes”? I swear these are the words of a mad man that will conduct an atrocity just to prove his point.

  8. A liberal coworker made a comment recently along the line of “next time we have the upper hand we are taking the guns away, if they want to die for them let them”.

    Kind of amazing to me that they assume that the police/military will do that bidding for them.

    Kind of scary to me about what’s going to happen in 15-30 years when they have robots to do their dirty work for them.

    • How many hours of that scenario do you think it would take, before they figured out we then intended to kill, instead of die? Imagine the screeching, the panic!

    • Yep. As a counterpoint to anti-gunners’ “Rambo” stereotype against us, I’ve noticed that their own fantasy is more like Michael Corleone; going about their business with a knowing smirk while their goons kick open doors and slaughter all their enemies in one swoop. For some reason, this seems way scarier to me than the usual power trip.

    • They already want that to happen. They openly encourage SWATing all gun owners to the point of exaggerating/lying about what someone open carrying is doing in order to get the strongest police response possible.

      The sad thing is they think this is going to make them safe.

  9. I’m going to print one of these out, write a pro-2A message on it, take a pic with my EDC pistol and post using their hashtag.

      • Robert, I just recieved an email from EveryIdiots!! Apparently they like pics of guns because they sent me a thank you letter for my submission of my 1911 EDC!!
        We all need to send them more pics apparently!!!!

        • Auto response or it’s going on the next campaign. A pic of your 1911 with one of their office workers crying in the corner after the “obvious” threat.

          • Honestly that’s what I expect. They will delete the words, add their own and then rant and scream about how out of control us “gun nuts” are!! Funny thing is I always make copies of the original submissions!!
            *waiting on the Uproar of feigned indignation*

    • I just sent them their “GunSense” poster back with a pic of my 1911 and the comment: I keep this because of fanatic hoplophobes like you!! Have a nice day!!

  10. Crazed lunatic in photo doesn’t know how to spell “forget”. I, however, am capable of spelling “infringed”.

  11. The guy in the photo in this article looks like a crazy pedo. The exact kind of person that should not have a firearm. Shockingly enough he is a demon-rat and will probably commit mass murder at some point. I mean just look at those eyes.

  12. This unfortunately reinforces the stereotype that liberals are all making snap judgements based on feels and lack any semblance of actual reasoning behind their beliefs. Not that they will admit that they are beliefs. They are “facts” or “common sense”. Anywho. This campaign is crap and these people should feel bad for running it.

    Oh, and my side point was not all self-professed liberals are this immoral or stupid. So be nice.

    • “these people should feel bad for running it”

      It’s a job, they’re in it for the money, including Giffords and Brady. They’re feeling bad all the way to the bank.

  13. It’s pretty easy for some asshat to commit to “whatever it takes” when they’re not the ones who will be attempting to do the taking.

    • Agreed. The generation before me used the phrase “armchair quarterback” to describe people who think they could play football just because they’ve watched it on TV.

      These days we call them “Slacktivists”. I think “Armchair Statists” works well, too.

  14. These are the rantings of impotent people. I can understand it coming out of the women in their midst. Incoherent, emotional rage is widely known to exist among women. There are darn few men who haven’t seen this sort of stuff out of women on all manner of topics.

    Coming from men, however, it is both unseemly and embarrassing. We should demand that they turn in their man cards.

      • You would have seen it if you were around the cause-devoted liberal women in Lotusland when gun control was fashionable 20 years ago.

        Incoherent rage, fists balled up, strutting right up into my face in public meetings, threatening me physically (which was hilarious, since I was and am large enough to squish most of those women flat with little effort). Pure emotional rage and outbursts borne of same.

        Oh yea, been there, seen that, first hand, up close at bad breath distances. We’re talking quality crazy here. And lots of other women cheering the looniest of the lot on. If you want to see quality lunacy, always look to California. Crazies in other parts of the country are just so… amateurish.

        Nearly all the men in the audiences, even those who were anti-gun, would become uncomfortable at witnessing some of this lunacy. I’m convinced that these women would do this crap because most men become very uncomfortable when confronted by such a woman exhibiting such toddler tantrum behaviors and most men back down and try to placate these women.

        Want to spot these women before you have to deal with them? Look for the Subarus plastered with all manner of goofy bumper stickers. They’re all over the place in the Bay Area of California.

        • I know one type you refer to, a woman who screams about how your guns just make her so AFRAID, all the while getting up just as obnoxiously and threateningly close as she possibly can, obviously lacking the tiniest bit of fear. They lie, and when they are finished they lie again.

  15. Well that’s funny because I will do whatever it takes to ensure the continuation of all inalienable rights but to the inclusion of overwhelming violence if or perhaps when it becomes necessary. Even if it’s the right to say that there shouldn’t be any gun’s allowed ever. Can this bunch of laptop losers with a Facebook group say that? Of course not.

  16. These people remind me of the racist fantacies of gun confiscation bigots when I reading the racist history of gun control. They are absolutely irrational and dangerous people. Their total faith in government reminds me of the godless communist of Europe and the occupy wall street movement.

  17. The two things that struck me after going to their site (I know, I should gouge my eyes out) is that there are several of the same people holding up different signs and that most of the signs are unreadable (even if they aren’t written in 8 point type).

    So they got a bunch of people around the office to have their family members hold up signs with incoherent statements – big deal.

  18. Funny. If the Pro-Gun position had adopted such a hashtag, then it would be considered a threat of violence.

  19. so i clicked on the link and started going though all the pictures, and that song “cry me a river” started playing in my head LOL. what a bunch of emotional cry babies

  20. “Whateverittakes” is an outright threat and would best not be taken lightly. When someone says they would do anything and everything available to oppose you, you need to understand this means kill you. Am I over the top? I know I’m not.

    There is a point where emotions so strongly overtake a person they lose their ability to remain rational. It appears this point has been reached with the anti-2A actions

  21. Dear #whateverittakes,
    It isn’t really about the guns at all, is it?
    Merely the pretensions of grandeur associated with an overdeveloped sense of betterness.
    Reckon you’d prefer living in the UK, wouldn’t you?
    Perhaps you never really appreciated/understood the simple virtues which are the history of America – and it’s origins in protestantism.

  22. Do they really think this kind of virtual tantrum-throwing is going to accomplish anything? I mean, did Boko Harum ever bring those girls back? Serious question–has one of these hashtag deals ever actually made the difference is some issue or other?

    • It helps to keep the $$ flowing in. Like most controversial subjects on social media. What else is important?

    • Ironically enough, yes. GamerGate has caused the gaming press to implement new stringent conflict of interest policies.

      • If that’s the best the hashtaggers can boast of, I just hope they keep fooling around with that nonsense instead of doing something that might actually be effective.

  23. In the current political paradigm it is presumed that, in order for a congress person to keep their job, they must conform to the will of the majority of their constituents. Therefore, if they were to be voted out of office, the underlying assumption is that they failed to properly do their job. I know that’s not really how the system actually works but it’s the story they tell us to justify their existence.

    So if congress is not enacting gun laws, and they are staying in office, then they are presumably doing their job.

    A person may or may not agree with the job congress is doing, but you cannot say that they are not doing their job if they are concerned with keeping it as the two are corollary.

    What these folks are really saying is: we are whining little babies that want everything our way because we have sad feelings.

  24. Spell check. The only guy I know who forge’s his work is the local blacksmith. #blacksmithlivesmatter. Always check your spelling before posting that picture Mr. Crazy Eyes.

  25. Democrats:
    – Arrest those who dismiss global warming.
    – Make bakers, photographers, and hobby store owners provide services which contradict their faiths.
    – Go door to door and confiscate firearms.

    Liberal fascism at its finest.

    • Yep. And when you point it out to them, they respond that fascism is a political philosophy of the right.

      How wrong they are.

      There’s a reason why the communists and fascists were arch enemies: each viewed the other as competition.

      • Curious how Mussolini was originally a supporter of socialism, and of course the Nazis were ‘National Socialists’… labels quickly become irrelevant, particularly amongst those for whom ‘the end justifies the means’.

      • The Statist Right and Statist Left is still Statism.

        But European politics tend to perceive even the American left as their right.

  26. Whatever it takes-cold dead hands/bitter clinger here(well I’m not THAT bitter). NOT surprised…

  27. What Ever It Takes?

    Let’s start that conversation by having the members of
    Everytown, the CSGV, the Brady Campaign et al
    First post their home addresses.
    Then we will talk.

    What ever it takes.

  28. Whatever it takes! Lie, misrepresent, mischaracterize, manipulate statistics, commission biased studies, sensationalize? Whatever it takes!
    Just another day with the Loonberg organizations.

  29. Look at those eyes.
    Wide, clear, and crazed. Look at Holmes and others.
    This guy screams mental health evaluation.
    I bet he even has firearms in his home.

  30. So the counter-campaign is:

    There is another demographic that shares your “I feel” method of communication and manipulation: Children. Mature adults prefer to use logic and intellectual reasoning to provide effective solutions to real problems. Unlike children, we do not try to come up with ill-thought out solutions to made up problems.

    When you grow up and want to join the adult debate about human nature, behavior, the existence and acceptance of evil people in the world and it’s directly relation to violence, then we can talk about the root of the problem.

  31. “Whatever it takes! Lie, misrepresent, mischaracterize, manipulate statistics, commission biased studies, sensationalize? Whatever it takes!”

    That could have been the motto of the Republicans in the House of Representatives these last several years. Just read the book _Do_Not_Ask_What_Good_We_Do.

    Both sides of the “re-elect us!” party, which is the real party in Congress, have descended to this level. No one cares any longer whether an idea is a good or effective one; they care only which position will let them “win”. And as the placard in the picture suggests, “winning” means keeping their jobs, regardless of whether they actually do their jobs.

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