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There’s a lot of information in this short clip. For one thing, we get to watch an attractive woman espousing the pro-gun position. For another, it’s nice to see pissed-off antis turn on what Sean Hannity used to call The Anointed One. My main takeaway: God bless gridlock. The leftie on the right complains that the Prez didn’t get anything done on gun control in the 10 or 20 days after Newtown: “He should have just tucked it under his arm and got it done.” Fascist much? Whatever else you can say about our political system, sloth rocks.

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  1. What did they expect Obama to do? should he have just declared “Assault rifles” and “high capacity magazines” as illegal? That’s not how it works, and for good reason. The idiot second from the right is talking about 90% of people want automatic weapons to be illegal? They already are for the most part. The guy beside him acknowledges there will always be nut bags. Who do you think is doing these kinds of shootings? Crazy people are. Not honest, law abiding, and most importantly, sane citizens. Once again, logic manages to escape the progressives.

    • Logic doesn’t escape them. They ignore it. Yes, they would’ve supported Obama if he tried to declare 2a null and void and started confiscating.

    • I think the two guys on the right did expect our President to simply declare whatever gun laws make them feel good. Whether or not a new law is effective or violates precedent, existing laws, or the Constitution doesn’t matter to them.

      I have finally come to realize that the State is their god. The State is all powerful and can do no wrong — quite literally. (When I use the word State, I am referring to nations.)

      What is even more insane is how those people view failure. When a State does fail, it failed because the State wasn’t powerful enough and wasn’t all inclusive. Hence their insatiable desire for the State to be everything and control everything.

    • The Idiot Donnie Deutch has had failed shows all over the place. A reliable lefty, I saw him interview Ann Coulter and she destroyed him on his own show.

      The best thing about this clip is the yummy blonde/

  2. They’re mad because they thought this was their woodstock. They thought they were gonna get a bunch of lemmings lining up to turn in their guns and what happened? The only bills passed in the states so far were in NY where they did a late night backroom deal that never would’ve passed if there was publicity and Colorado where the Dems are gonna be destroyed in 2014 for it. Plus a benefit of all these state bills is that they will all be challenged in multiple district courts which will mean they’ll go to the SCOTUS faster and when they’re all struck down, it’ll be the greatest political backfiring and over-extenstion probably in history.

  3. In response to the pro-gun woman saying the left is focusing on guns instead of mental health, Donny Deutsch said, “It’s all of it.” Oh really? Then tell me why New Jersey isn’t trying to pass 37 laws about mental health? Why in the laundry list of bills nearing passage in CT is there only ONE bill regarding mental health, but approximately 10 legislating guns fifteen ways from Sunday? Of course, Donny Douchebag also said “90% of Americans want automatic weapons out of people’s hands,” so I guess that shows his level of education on the subject. And that’s right before the guy on the right chimes in with the old standard “40% of guns are purchased without a background check” line. “Can you imagine 40% of passengers getting on your airplane without being checked?” Yeah, I can, and amazingly, I’d be OK with that.

    And he’s probably right. I don’t need “thirty magazine bullet chambers.” But I sure want some, because they sound fvcking cool.

    • Probably because babbling about scary guns is easier than actually learning anything about mental health. Plus, their allies (stooges) in the AMA and APA would be obliged (theoretically, anyway) to correct them when they inevitably said something remarkably dumb. Can’t have that.

      • Fellers, let’s not go so far to the right that we start to trample on the privacy rights of Americans. When I tell my Dr. something, I expect it to stay between him and me. I don’t want my medical history plastered all over federal servers from coast to coast. I don’t think anybody here does. Let’s not get so anxious to save our 2nd Amendment rights that we destroy our 4th and 5th Amendment rights in the bargain. After all, there’s not that much left of them as it is, considering damage done by the “Patriot Act” and NDAA and the coming shit storm of Obamacare. We need to start spending as much time protecting the other rights contained in the Bill of Rights as we do on the 2nd.

  4. It’s not just “do something.” The point is “do something THAT WORKS.” It’s such a simple concept, yet large swaths of the population continue to “demand a plan”, even though the plan they subscribe to (blindly) only works in the land of unicorns and rainbow farts. Oh, if it was only that simple…

      • There must be someone else taking over after the bend-over. It certainly won’t be one of them. They want La Bamba to do it. With a football under his arm.

  5. It is painful to listen to ignorant people with an agenda. They sound so ignorant when they speak that I just can’t take them seriously.

  6. Don’t know how you get so much dumbass in one room in the same time without it exploding from pure ignorance. 90 percent of Americans want automatic weapons off the street? 40 percent of gun sales without a background check? Lie much?

  7. These idiots keep quoting that 40% figure that Foghorn debunked last week! The study is 19-20 years old, and had a sample size of ~251! I *might* be able to listen if they knew WTH they were talking about. Nah, probably not.
    Snark on/
    Oh, where can I get me some of them 30 magazine bullet chambers? They sound way tacticool.
    /snark off

  8. I left that channel a decade ago. I see it hasn’t changed much. I guess that’s why they do so well in the ratings.

  9. And no mention of BHO and his administration being a part of the largest arms deal in the history of the world ever. The POTUS was at the helm when a massive arms deal was given to his master the King of Saudi Arabia (he bowed to the guy). He is the proliferator-in-chief. Cheap arms to Saudis and free ones to Iraqis – I guess only Muslims are supposed to have weapons . . . and drug cartels.

  10. Who the hell invited a retired Football player to discuss political relevance and strategy? What a joke these stations have become, promoting “has beens” and bleach blondes with low cut dresses. I don’t care what any of these turds think, especially some mouth breather that says “30 magazine bullet chambers”.

    In the words of Gaylord Focker: “the Jerusalem pa tooly choolie, Oh…you don’t know s**t about flowers?”

  11. Imagine if they did use facts. First there would have to be some to support their argument, but that’s why I suggested to imagine. Would the argument be more respectable?

    Imagine if they did request compromise. Would there be terms that you’d accept?

    I’m just asking because so far it is far more interesting to think about debating against intelligent thoughts than listening to their elitism, prejudice, propaganda, and lies.

    • What elitism? They’re bargain basement fools. Do you mean that they live in gated communities, and so might not understand the need for self-reliance in matters of personal defense?

      For what it’s worth, my I.Q. is the 170’s – the top 1/2% – so I’m in one sort of elite. I certainly do not see peers among the other side.

      • Russ, I do like your posts and often agree with them.

        That said, perhaps you mistyped. An IQ of 170 puts you in the Mega Society, which is the 99.9999th percentile. The top “1/2 percent” is just in between Intertel and the Triple Nines/ISPE/One-in-1K.

        As the kids would proffer, just sayin’

      • Wow, that’s awesome Russ. I tested at 145 when I was in middle school. I don’t know how good that is but they did put me in advanced classes and some were college level. I squandered it all away due to my addictive personality getting the best of me in my late teens and early twenties. I even dropped out of school after 9th grade. From what I can remember I had some freakin amazing times and I always said I would never take it back; however now that I am in my 30’s I wonder what I could have been. At least I was still able to attend college and get a degree.

        • Being “gifted” ain’t all fun and games and more of us are overqualified for our professions than are pulling the strings of power.

          Funny that. Life isn’t that fantasy meritocracy they told it was…

  12. 90% of Americans want what? I don’t care if 100% of Americans want all guns eliminated. The Constitution is here to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority, as the bed wetters constantly remind us as they thwart the will of the People.

  13. Why, Why, Why does the pro2nd amendment position have such HORRIBLE advocates?

    Every single time that stupid 40% figure gets thrown around someone should throw there hands up in the air and force the person who said it to admit they are either ignorant or a liar. You can NEVER EVER let that stand. EVER. That bit of propaganda that the media uses will lose us the entire issue. It is a lie that should be called out as one every time its said.

    Every single time someone says 30 round bullet chambers or the like the advocate for the 2nd amendment rights should say “This is the problem. Gun owners do not respect your opinion because you know nothing about guns.”

    Our advocates should be armed with facts. We win all day long on the actual facts. There is not a gun control argument that can be rationally made without cherry-picking stats, misrepresenting facts, or appealing to sentiment by waving bloody shirts. Our advocates should be armed and ready to systematically take those things away.

    For the life of me I cant figure out why the folks who stand for 2nd amendment rights would go into a fire fight about it without being properly armed. Stupid.

    • “There is not a gun control argument that can be rationally made without cherry-picking stats, misrepresenting facts, or appealing to sentiment by waving bloody shirts”

      Lets not forget flat out lying.

  14. CNN MSNBC well never under stand gun right becuase there two busy try destroy bill of rights. They do not agree with them.

  15. “For one thing, we get to watch an attractive woman espousing the pro-gun position.”…”Whatever else you can say about our political system, sloth rocks.”

    Spoken like a true privileged white man!… Yep we don’t need to change a thing. Just keep things the way they are and “always have been” so we get to hold on to our guns and our rights and our freedom!

    • What does race or “privilege” have to do with anything? Who is advocating to “keep things the way they are and ‘always have been'”?

      Yes, the sloth, in this case, is wonderful because it keeps emotions from ruling the day. Grieving mothers make poor policymakers. Ben Franklin’s (I think it was him) one-year waiting period was/is a great idea!

    • “Just keep things the way they are and ‘always have been’ so we get to hold on to our guns and our rights and our freedom!”

      Exactly, douche. Because our “rights and freedoms” aren’t part of a list of activities you personally approve of; they’re God-given and inalienable, meaning nobody has the power to take them away.

      No undue offense inended, but your little brain fart has to be the most spectaular failure of sarcasm I’ve ever seen. If you just wanted to embarass yourself in front of us, shitting your pants would have been quicker and it would have made for a more intelligent anti-gun argument.

  16. What clip? Not even a trace of it, which is unusual in the extreme.

    Add all the redacted stories recently, and I gotta wonder…

    Hey RF, WTF?

      • Yeah, nothing – even in “view source.”

        This site sometimes fu<ks with mobiles, although usually not this badly; they must've buggered the server again.

        At least omments work; I'll try from my desk on the morrow.

  17. The focus needs to be on the Anti-Depressants (SRIs serotonin reuptake inhibitors). I’m sick of people ignoring the most glaring commonality of not just recent mass shootings, but dozens of acts of violence acted out by the consumers of these drugs. I’m not saying they affect everyone that uses them in the same way (no drug does), but there is a huge and growing amount of anecdotal evidence that indicates a closer look needs to be taken at their affects, and particularly on the young who seem to be more susceptible to the worst effects.

    I have watched a growing tendency over the last 25 years or so, among both parents and doctors, to prescribe drugs for problems with children that could be addressed without them. It’s too easy, and when something is too easy there is usually a heavy price to be paid.

  18. Gotta chime in on the SSRIs. MDs learn too much about the serotonergic pathways from big pharma. These drugs treat serotonin deficiencies by reducing the reuptake of serotonin, thereby allowing it to act longer. Another way to do this is by producing more serotonin. A simple amino acid supplement, 5-htp, does this without the massive crazy side effects of, for example, increased risk of suicidal tendencies. The reason this is not prescribed? Because it is a natural amino acid extracted from the seeds of the Griffonia simplicifolia plant, ie not patentable.

    As a neuroscientist, all the talk of mental health is disturbing. We still have no clue as to the causes, treatment, and/or cures for mental illness. The brain is remarkably plastic (flexible) and finds ways to reroute processing when certain regions are deficit. It also rewires itself as necessary. This is true for diseases and during short bouts of stress.

    Ask an MD about treatment for stress-induced disorders and you will get a generality that fits right in with bipolar and mood disorders. Why? Because they are all serotonergic systems. The treatment? SSRIs.

    Going down the line of mental health means anyone with stress (pretty much all of us) are ripe to develop “mood disorders” and are potential candidates for mental health treatment.

    • Was prescribed SSRI for sleep disorder that was making me crazy. Primary care giver for elderly mother. Read common side effects of Seroquel XR: increased cholesterol, adult onset of type 2 diabetes, major memory problems, tendency to develop suicidal thoughts. NO THANKS, weaned myself off slowly with no problem. Shrink that prescribed it, did Doctor Seminars for the manufacturer of the drug. Nice huh?
      Fortunately, no lasting side effects. But if ever stressed out again, will go to Elder Care support group. Mom passed away peacefully 18 months ago, a blessing for the family and her. If you ever expedience a bump in the road do not let some quack put you on psychotropic drugs.

  19. The guy on the far right is Rick Reilly from Sports Illustrated and ESPN who writes great articles on many sports and sports related topics but is, apparently, completely ignorant concerning guns and the 2nd Amendment. Why he is talking on the subject is beyond me. But there seems to a lot of that going around these days.

  20. The best one can possibly hope for from government is gridlock. If a candidate ran on a platform of getting into office and not doing a single thing ever, he has my vote.

    To answer other questions on this thread, yes, the progressive fascists like those seen in this clip would certainly support any fascist policies the prez wanted to ramrod through, up to and including internment and execution of gun owners. It’s not hard to believe. People are basically the same all over the world, what makes you think the majority of our “countrymen” aren’t as bad if not worse than Nazi German citizens, Stalinist informants, or any number of tyrannical supporters all over the world?

  21. The Point?
    WE have God given rights
    They Must Destroy Those Rights so that they may enslave us

  22. I think everyone should get a background check and pass a basic firearms competency test before voting on or holding public, national discourse on firearms law.

  23. First of all, who gives a flying fritter what Rick Reilly thinks about law making and the political process? It’s like going to Jason Kidd (or me for that matter) for insight into astrophysics.

    Secondly, I couldn’t agree more RF regarding gridlock…it’s my favorite thing about our process and our government is designed to be gridlocked. There is nothing that sickens me more than talks of “bipartisanship,” “working together to solve America’s problems,” or “reaching across party lines to get things done.”

  24. I watched this until blah blah blah “…don’t need thirty magazine bullet chambers.”

    If you’re going to get on TV and bash something don’t Frankenstein words together.
    Also, all of these “statistics” they are spouting out aren’t being sourced.

  25. Quote: “There‚Äôs a lot of information in this short clip.”

    There’s a lot of MISinformation in it, entirely from the gun grabbers. They don’t know their own statistics, but they’re more than happy to use numbers and catch phrases to support their agenda — all of it lies. This wasn’t a debate it was a carnival sideshow.

    I had to shut it off.

  26. I have one question to ask these folks: “Would universal background checks have stopped the Sandy Hook tragedy?” The correct answer would be “No”. My next question would be: “Why?”. The correct answer would be: “Well, maybe because Lanza killed the owner of the firearms he stole them from. So he has already broken two laws, Murder and theft. He then proceeded transport firearms onto school grounds (crime), break into and enter the school (crime), shoot 20 children and 6 adults (major crimes) and then commit suicide.” Laws were not going to stop Lanza. During those 5 minutes there was only one thing that could have stopped Lanza but, if Lanza had been shot, whoever shot him would have been placed on a pedestal by the community and the media and we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

    During the discussion, it is mentioned that if Obama had immediately pushed too hard, he would have been accused of pushing an agenda on the coffins of 20 children. To those of us watching, that is exactly what he IS doing. You might have noticed, he’s not talking at all about the adult school teachers and administrators who were murdered…just the children. So, he IS using the children to push his well-known agenda. He is also continuing to use the 40% figure which is at best bad science and has been de-bunked, yet he continues to perpetuate the lie. Recent surveys, put that figure at closer to the 15%-20% range. He also does not mention the fact that rifles are used by criminals in about 3% of murders.

    The BCA statistics for Minnesota for the last ten years of available figures puts the murder rate for rifles of all kinds at just over 3% and the BCA statistics DO NOT break out the type of rifle used so they cannot say they were any type of semi-auto or whether they were “military style” rifles. The MN BCA statistics also indicate you have nearly a 5X greater chance of being murdered with a “knife/sharp object” than you do with a rifle of any type. To be fair, handguns were used in about 50% of the murders but, again, they do not break out the numbers of revolvers vs pistols, so one cannot make a case for semi-automatics being the “favorite” for criminal use. There is nothing to support the claims made by the anti-gun crowd. You can check the BCA statistics from your own state on-line and probably find the same type of information. Personally, I compiled the info on an Xcel worksheet and sent it to my-email list and also copied it to my local state representative with good results.


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