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Nope. That’s not a Glock, although it looks the same and uses some of its parts. Our friend Hyperprapor Alexandr (or is that Alexandr Hyperprapor) sent us a link to the AKBS TTK Less Lethal Pistol. “The TTK is a modernized version of the Russian TT pistol and it uses TT magazines,” the reports. “It is chambered in the less-lethal 10х28mm rubber ball round but the company plans on producing a lethal 9x19mm version in the future.” And just in case that’s not confusing enough to confuse people (both shooters and law enforcement), “The 10x28mm less lethal round was developed to be as close as possible in shape to a conventional 9x19mm round. This allows 9mm pistols to be converted to a less lethal configuration.”

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  1. Err, sorry guys, it’s not the same as TTK. A little misunderstanding here.
    It’s competitor of TTK, same niche, same caliber, but different manufacturer – TTK is made by AKBS, but GM-101 is made by Skat (Kozhaev G.M.). He is also a manufacturer of AR-15 variants:
    Bolt action rifles:
    And glock-clones:
    Well, and some revolvers, of course:

  2. I’ve never quite understood the reasoning behind “less lethal” ammo. If the bad guy hasn’t done something to justify being shot with real bullets, then I was taught NOT to shoot him.

    • Goodness, who taught you how to use a gun? The Dalai Lama? What do you mean that you wouldn’t shoot someone that poses no lethal threat? Heresy… Heresy I say. But good on you anyway and good on your teacher.

      • Thanks, I’ll pass along what you said to my teacher (my 77 year old mom). And I learned from Jeff Cooper that anyone that needs to be shot should be shot twice (double tap) and with something that makes big holes.

  3. I don’t know why anyone would want to copy a glock because it’s one ugly ass gun. I also just ordered the Glock 36 because it’s a cool dependable gun, but it’s still ugly.

  4. Prison guards already have a hard time contolling inmates with 12 gauge rubber bullets. WTF am I gonna with a 9mm rubber bullet when some tweaker breaks into my house or mugs me on the street?

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