1. So what is the over/under on the first fatal shooting because a LEO grabs the wrong shotgun…..

  2. Why is that slacker wearing ACUs? He’s not a Soldier. Go put your blue cop uniform on. My reading of history, the Federalist Papers, and the Constitution leads me to believe that we should be allowed to buy these if we so desire. I’ll stick with the 00 buckshot in my shotgun.

  3. These rounds cost a hundred dollars apiece but swat team members will tell you the lives they’ve already saved… priceless they don’t give a rat’s ass if they cost a grand apiece because they don’t pay for them… you do.

  4. Richard Machowicz profiled the XREP on an episode of Future Weapons, very informative. The most interesting thing is how they can fit the amount of tech that you find in a X26 into something the size of shotgun shell.


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