What Could Possibly Go Wrong: Magpul Gen3 AK Mag Torture Test Edition

My name is Robert Farago and I’m a safety Nazi. Yes, I really do believe that a YouTube video where participants violate one or more of the four safety rules should show clear before doing cool stuff with an unloaded gun. Yes, I have that little faith in the small minority of viewers who will try this at home. You may disagree, and I won’t disagree with your disagreement. But I think we can both agree that A) this test is as much about the gun as the mag (both of which emerge from the test with flying colors) and B) anyone who can do that many pull-ups isn’t going to listen to an OFWG bitching about muzzle discipline.


  1. avatar Another Robert says:

    The things people do…LOL!

  2. avatar Geoff PR says:

    What a great idea for a terrorist recruitment video…

    Only if they use Magpul…

  3. avatar James in Florida says:

    Something tells me that this lad has faced more than his own AK.

  4. avatar Tom W. says:

    It’s an AK.

    Bet we won’t see a $3500 AR repeatedly dropped on the patio slab to test the mag.

    Christmas is coming too.

  5. avatar Cliff H says:

    And perhaps this advice will be ignored as well, but…

    Can we perhaps use the term “safety purist” as opposed to “safety Nazi”?

    Somehow I can’t wrap my mind around anything attached to the word “Nazi” as being a good thing.

    1. avatar Marc says:

      The “soup nazi”. There ya go pal. One of the greatest Seinfeld characters of all time. You’re welcome.

  6. avatar Avid Reader says:

    After watching that, I’m only sure about one thing: I really, really don’t want to have that guy upset with me.

  7. avatar Fred Frendly says:

    ComBloc metal AK mags are much better for smashing skulls.

  8. avatar Steve from Downtown Canada says:

    That’s Rob Ski from AK Operators Union Local 47-74. He’s quite well known for his torture tests of AK pattern rifles as well as magazines built for AKs. He runs training courses across the U.S. teaching people how to effectively shoot AKs…I’m pretty sure that he cleared his weapon before doing what he did in the video.

    That said, there are idiots in the world that wouldn’t clear their rifles.

    1. avatar Tominator says:

      Yep! In the [My!] Ak world, his opinions are golden….

      When one is THIS well known by his ‘clique’ certain misgivings of judging others by their safety measures, gets a pass!

      Good vid…..comments afterwards not so much…

      Robert, you courtin’ Rob or what? 🙂

  9. avatar Siris says:

    I really don’t see a problem since he is using a empty mag. You can’t chamber a round that doesn’t exist.
    It’s never safe in my opinion to have a chambered round in a rifle that you aren’t about to fire.
    The first thing I do when I touch a firearm in charge it several times to ensure its empty. Then either lock the bolt or flag the chamber with a flag or zip tie.

    But I do understand your point.
    I’ve been bitched at on the range before by a safety nazi for accidentally passing a muzzle across my wife as I was laying down an AR with no mag and the bolt locked back before.. Even though it’s essentially safe to use as a snorkel at that point..

    1. avatar joe says:

      Mag was loaded in the posted vid.

  10. avatar Dustin says:

    I prefer my old school steel mags. For reasons.

    1. avatar Stan Darsh says:

      Because you can REALLY feel it when Manca raps you on the knuckles with one?

  11. avatar jwm says:

    First. I want to see that same mag used in a firing test after the PT.

    Second. Where does this guy live that a dude doing PT with an AK doesn’t have panty wetters calling 911?

  12. avatar jwm says:

    I’m willing to bet that doing that PT routine with an AR would break the rifle.

  13. avatar g says:

    Robski / AK Operators Union do great AK-related videos. Plus, he currently serves our country in the military. Nothing bad here.

    Go watch more of their vids if you’re an AK fan!

  14. avatar Nelson says:

    Watch the video: he ejects the mag, you can clearly see the empty mag with bright follower and no cartridge.

    You’re too old to be trolling Rob Ski, Rob Farago.


    call the dude up; fly him down to Tejas for a TTAG AK course.

  15. avatar Russ Bixby says:

    Laughing, horrified and impressed.

  16. avatar S.CROCK says:

    Was I the only one who couldn’t keep watching after I saw him drop that nice wood furniture on concrete?

    1. avatar jwm says:

      Man, it’s an AK. The concrete was in jeopardy.

  17. avatar Rob says:

    In person, where there’s potential danger for me, absolutely, I want a safety check. This is a video, on line…I don’t need to see people show me a weapon is unloaded/clear in videos…it actually gets old fast when practically ever firearms review over emphasizes the act for the video.

    But yes, every weapon picked up should be checked, and put into the appropriate state of readiness for the job at hand.

  18. avatar William says:

    At a certain point you just got to accept that he knows the gun is not loaded.

  19. avatar Cj says:

    Sonny would probably be proud. Even if he always looks annoyed with a side of contempt and a sprinkling of amused in every interview I’ve seen of him. Now, when can I move out of Mass and get an AK variant…

    1. avatar jwm says:

      I heard that sonny shot one of his co workers while teaching a class. Any truth to that?

  20. avatar bontai Joe says:

    I am impressed with his physical strength, and impressed at the rifle & mag holding together, but I can’t help wondering if he wears the tactical gloves when brushing his teeth? making a sandwich?, etc

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