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“Until now, keeping track of weapons has been the duty of 551 different local authorities and much of the information was held on paper,” the reports from Germany. “But civil servants in Cologne have been collating and computerising the data since April, and the national database should be live from January 1.” I’m sorry but not even German civil servants are that efficient. More to the point, why? What’s the point of a national firearms registration scheme? To protect the public, of course!

The new database would offer a ‘considerable improvement to safety in Germany,’ said Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich, who has been in charge of the project, which also fulfils EU guidelines that member states should adopt by 2014.

Yup. National gun registration EU wide. To find out how gun registration makes the Eurozone residents safer let’s ask the experts . . .

Police trade union GdP welcomed the register, saying it would mean officers called out to a disturbance would be able to check whether a gun was registered at the location. Such information could save lives, said GdP head Bernhard Witthaut.

[FYI Chicago Mayor Richard Daley used the exact same rationale to justify the Windy City’s registration scheme.]

B-b-b-b-ut what about the possibility of firearms confiscation leading to the rise of a fascist state? It’s not as if Germany doesn’t have a history of gun confiscation leading to the death of six million Jews or anything. Oh wait. It does.

What were those Germans called back in the day? Socialists. And you’ll be pleased to know (or not) that the reunited Fatherland still has some of them hanging about. Guess how they feel about the firearms registration scheme . . .

Socialist party Die Linke voiced concern that Friedrich had been too hasty in launching the facility. MP Frank Tempel said he was worried that it would not be able to completely replace the old system in January.

Again with the bureaucratic efficiency. Mach schnell! As far as that whole balancing pubic safety with the right to self-defense thing, ha!

Gun crime, never high in Germany when compared with many other countries, dropped considerably over the past decade – in 2000, police registered 19,400 crimes in which involved a firearm. By 2011, this figure stood at 11,700.

Of the 2011 statistics, 5,600 were shootings and 132 were incidents in which a gun was involved in a murder, manslaughter or assisted suicide investigation.

Don’t worry, something has been done! And something will be done once this system is in place. Quite how that plays out is anybody’s guess but I can’t think of one scenario where freedom, liberty or human rights are improved.

Of course, Europeans surrendered their gun rights a long time ago. This simply seals the deal. President Obama’s re-election be damned. American exceptionalism never looked so good as it does right now.

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  1. Well.
    Know what happens when you eat chinese food while in Germany?

    Two hours later you are hungry for power. Again.

  2. Having done my degree paper on The Rise of Hitler and Nazi Germany, I can tell you that there is/was more involved in confiscation of firearms, than what has been touched on in this article.

    The Jewish Problem, was the leading concern over taking away the firearms privately owned. No one wants to face an armed enemy. That was the view of Nazi leadership. Jews were the enemy. They needed to be iradacated. How do you do that if they are armed? One must look at the Nueremberg Laws, and how they were applied. These laws not only affected Jews, but Germans as well, although in a different manner.

    Today we are seeing a person that is truly NOT president, as from his own pie hole, he states that he was not born here. But the real problem is his own Brown Shirt Army, he wants to foist upon the American public. These would be armed young men of any color, other than white, that would be given the means to enforce, Nueremberg style laws, placed upon the white populace.

    Before you start yelling about how the KKK will fight this, or how the NRA will protect us et al. Remember this, the Germans believed that these laws would never come about. Remember also this guy is directed by George Soros, who as a Jew sold out his people to the the Nazi’s, and still maintains his Nazi idiology.

    There is so much more I could touch on, but this is not the place for a history lesson. I would encourage all of you to read these laws, and understand there place, as they will be coming to a state near you, very soon.

    • You do realize that facists( and nazis) not only killed jews they also killed russians and other slavic people, and anybody not agreeing woth them. I know my brother once told me that Hitler & Co didn’t kill muslims or Bosnians, but its not true, when I was in Auschwitz in the area where children were held, I saw several muslim names( for instance “Mahir”) and many halfmoons with stars.

      TL;DR : When thinking aboit 6 million jews think also about the several millions other people too + Ustasa regime in Yugoslavia

    • “The Conservative Problem, was the leading concern over taking away the firearms privately owned. No one wants to face an armed enemy. That was the view of Democrat leadership. Conservatives were the enemy. They needed to be eradicated. How do you do that if they are armed?”

      There. I brought it up to date for everyone.

  3. This reads like something Jonah Goldberg would write. I know Jews hate Germans and want to gas them all, but let it go. German guns laws are so draconian that further restrictions are pretty much moot. The equivalent of boarding up a locked bank vault. It was easier for civilians to own guns under Adolf and occupation than it is under the EU. Germany’s next brown shirts will be Turks.

    • “I know Jews hate Germans and want to gas them all, but let it go.”

      That is wrong. There were probably many WW2 era Jews that hated Germans as a people and and as individuals. Not today. My parents lived through WW2 (my father served in the US army and my uncles in the US Marines) and I never once heard them say anything negative about the German people. Their hate and fear was for the Nazis and Fascists.

        • I’m Jewish and I grew up in a Jewish American community with a large population. I grew up seeing very little anti-German feeling among Jews. I did see, as a child and teen, mostly bitterness/anger/disgust towards the Nazi Fascists and those Germans who supported the Holocaust.

        • I grew up as an American Jew, and Israeli.
          While there is sentiment towards those that actually did things, i.e. Nazis, overall most have realized like many Germans that this was a tragedy. Because of this there has been a lot of forgiveness and healing going on since WWII.

      • And I have seen, among Jewish ex-lovers, a deceased halfie fiancé, and their families, a loathing for Germans and German culture. Bear in mind I’m English/WASP and Arab. Never once did I hear a jihad or terrorist joke.

        • I’ve never heard Jews making a jihad or terrorist joke. What terrorists do is not funny. I have heard much loathing, anger, and disgust of terrorists all my life from Jews.

  4. What is that book the fellow on the right of the image is reading? Is it a gun registration ledger?

  5. I have read elsewhere that the German gun registry is a requirement of the EU and no, it does not justify it imo. Separately, I have also read estimates that there are between 15-30 million privately held guns in Germany not in records anywhere.

    • Aharon, aren’t you one of the many who say registration ALWAYS leads to confiscation and that ALWAYS leads to tyranny? I guess we’ll see soon enough if that’s what happens in Germany and the rest of Europe, then huh?

  6. As I understand it France had national firearms registration prior to 1940. After the Germans crushed the French army the Germans were ably assisted by the French police in rounding up all, or most all, of the guns in civilian hands. Of course those same French government people helped in rounding up the people the Germans wanted. Jews and any French civilians that engaged in any activities that were ruled out by the Germans.

    This sort of cooperation happened in all the occupied countries during the war.

    • The history channel did a good series on this topic, which, if my memory serves me, was titled “The Collaborators.” Also, just based on the fact that the SS could raise so many foreign divisions tells you something. The SS was adroit at taking advantage of regional conflicts and hatred – and they often let their foreign allies do a lot of the “dirty work.”

  7. German firearms laws go back farther than the Nazis. The Weimar Republic had a system in place that Hitler’s government used. The cautionary tale here is what happens to a people who accept whatever those in power want.

    • the irony being that what made the Weimar Republic politically dysfunctional was its very democratic nature leading to a very splintered assembly. The strict gun control laws that were passed at the time were specifically to prevent a violent coup by paramilitary groups like the SA. Do keep in mind the economic reality of the time meant that large scale firearm ownership among the population was not going to happen.

      • just to add: poor populace which has firearm ownership at a very low priority, extremist groups which were trying to effectively militarize themselves and treaties in place after WW1 preventing the state from having an effective armed force meant that without those gun control measures you’d have seen the Third Reich come into existence a decade earlier. Were the German economy not continuously crippled under the Versailles treaty that gun control measure might actually have worked out in preventing the Nazi reign of terror.

        • The crippling of the German economy by reparations is one of the great myths of our time. The German economy was crippled by tarriffs on its goods, the calling in of Germany’s loans by the US, and the waste of billions of German marks by a socialist government on unnecessary public works projects and welfare.

          The big killer was that Germany stopped making payments in 1923, so the French and Belgians occupied the Ruhr. That event triggered major unemployment and inflation. In 1929, the allies reduced the reparation payments by 3/4. In 1931, Germany again ceased making payments. By then, she had paid only 1/8th of the amount she was required to pay.

  8. Germany is much much worse than you can imagine. To purchase, own, and keep a firearm, you need a permit. These firearms need to be stored in gun safes that meet specific criteria, ammo needs to be stored in a separate safe or interior, lockable compartment.

    But here is the kicker: The government has decided that it has the right to come inspect your firearms storage at any time, without appointment, and certainly without a warrant. That means someone can come into your house and search around without a warrant and there is nothing you can do about it. To add insult to injury, you have to PAY THEM for the visit, to the tune of several hundred bucks.

    if you have broken any of the storage rules, which includes such glorious things as not having used sufficient or proper screws to affix your gunsafe, your permits can be withdrawn and schwup, your firearms are gone.

    If that isn’t a nanny state, then what is.

    • I know a doctor that was stationed in Germany and he bought around 20 drillings for a fraction of their real worth. Apparently there is a law that allows US servicemen to buy guns whereas it is difficult for Germans to sell guns to other Germans.

      These drillings are beautiful and I always dreamed of having one when I was young thinking they would be perfect for our September grouse hunting here when bears are also fair game. I did lose interest though, mostly I guess because I have shot enough bears and to put is mildly, they are simply too much work to bother to shoot. I never understood that when I was younger. I remember some guys on horseback saying all they saw were bears. I asked them why they didn’t shoot them and they replied that they don’t shoot stupid bears.

      I will say as big as bears are there isn’t that much meat. The recovery has to be worse of all big game animals. There bones are huge and in the fall they are covered in fat. The fat can be rendered to make the best lard for cooking there is but no one uses lard any longer.

      Then you fill obligated to take the hide. It will cost you $100 or so a foot to have it made into a rug. Then guys find out their wives will not allow it in the living room so it ends up in the attic. I can understand why those guys didn’t want to shoot any “stupid bears.”

      Anyway I lost interest in drillings but they are still beautiful.

      • “Then guys find out their wives will not allow it in the living room so it ends up in the attic”

        Yet another reason not to get married.

  9. B-b-b-b-ut what about the possibility of firearms stockpiles in the hands of militant fascists leading to the violent overthrow of a democratic society?

    you see what I did there? just stop jerking off to your “the nazis are coming!” fantasies.

    • The current regime is far more Stalinist then Nazi, but I doubt their victims will care about that.

    • This…times a million. The nanny/therapeutic state is the next great threat to human liberty. All policy questions are framed in health terms. Why, you’d never rebel against Big Mother! She gives you sweets and free healthcare!

    • I know many people that were disarmed by UN troops here in Bosnia also many that were killed because of the UN, Srebrenica is a good example: UN troops surendered people over to cetniks were hours later they were killed. Or in Sarajevo when people ran over the airport track at night UN troops would shine reflectors at them which made chetnik snipers aware and they would shoot at them.

      So call me paranood but I like my guns when noone knows I have them(FYI the smart guys buried their guns in the garden and dug them out when UN went away)

    • I know many people that were disarmed by UN troops here in Bosnia also many that were killed because of the UN, Srebrenica is a good example: UN troops surrendered people over to cetniks were hours later they were killed. Or in Sarajevo when people ran over the airport track at night UN troops would shine reflectors at them which made chetnik snipers aware and they would shoot at them.

      So call me paranood but I like my guns when noone knows I have them(FYI the smart guys buried their guns in the garden and dug them out when UN went away)

  10. Pubic safety? Nice …. 🙂
    Wonderful blog, though, I read it a lot.
    Here in Denmark, we have central registration, and have had for a long time. Not a huge problem, I think. This whole ‘from my cold, dead hands …’ is a lot of bull. If the government wants your weapons, they will just take them.
    But it’s a canary in the mine – if someone comes for my registered gun, I know it is time to get out of the country.

    • Ulla, if they come for your guns how do you know they’ll let you leave the country? If you’re not willing to stand up for your rights who do you expect to defend them for you? I doubt we’ll see another “Great Crusade” against tyranny again. At least not in the next few decades. Any rights and freedoms surrendered now will likely never come back.

      • That was stupid of me.
        Owning a gun is NOT a right here. Only where you live.
        And they will likely be happy to be rid of me.

  11. The “Agenda” for the U.S. includes– but is certainly not limited to– implementation of a new and improved, so-called ’ban’ on certain types of firearms and Federal Registration of all GUNS and their owners. That said, as previously mentioned…

    With the continued Nationalization / Federalization / Centralization of ‘Healthcare’ in the U.S; and
    given that every aspect of every person’s life can be taxed, regulated and controlled under the guise of ‘Healthcare‘;
    it’s expected that the statist’s / tyrannist’s drone for the necessity of enactment of more ‘GUN CONTROL LAWS’ will be focused upon the ‘unnecessary and obviously preventable costs to the Healthcare System associated with GUNS’.
    It’s entirely unfair that people who don’t even own GUNS to have to pay for the enormous costs to the ‘Healthcare System’ of treating GUNSHOT wounds.
    Therefore, a ban on all “ASSAULT WEAPONS” and Federal Registration of all GUNS and their owners is necessary as a first step toward reducing Healthcare costs.

  12. Say what you want about the tenets of national socialism… at least those Hugo Boss made uniforms look sharp.

  13. I watch Big Bang Theory, and at the end of each episode there’s a vanity card, written by the producer, Chuck Lorre. This one aired back in October, prior to the election, but I like it and it sorta-applies, so I’m gonna copy it here.

    It appears as if roughly half the people in this country think that they’re in mortal danger from their own government. That’s a lot of people sensing a lot of malice and threat. I worry that I don’t see it. Sure, I see inefficiency and incompetence, but I’ve always seen that – regardless of which party’s in office. And frankly, I’ve always welcomed it. I don’t like my big bureaucracies to be cold, calculating, profit-making enterprises driven by a steely, clear-headed singular vision. A cursory glance through history would indicate that well-organized governments tend to enjoy well-organized parades, followed by well-organized ethnic cleansing. Which is why I celebrate the magnificent, muddle-headed ineptitude of our democracy. As far as I’m concerned, a little confusion and waste may keep the trains from running on time, but it also keeps people like me from getting a one-way ticket in a cattle car. Are our tax dollars being misspent on poorly run social programs? You bet! Do we get more buck for our bang at the local Post Office, Amtrak station, nuclear submarine or methadone clinic? Of course we do! But keep in mind that bureaucrats who can’t find their ass with a flashlight and a hand mirror are not likely to find you either. To paraphrase Bobby McGee: “Freedom’s just another word for who the hell’s in charge here?!”

  14. If Nazi Party 2.0 came into power and said

    “47% of the people in this country are leaches and looters. They view themselves as victims and refuse to take responsibility for their situation. We’re going to round them up and put them into privatized for-profit labor camps so they can work off their debt to society”

    and promised that the rest of us could keep our guns, how many American gun owners would collaborate with the Nazi 2.0 regime?

    • Just call it the Patriot Act 2.0, and every politician would fall over him/herself to co-sponsor the bill. 99 out of 100 senators voted for the first one, so I don’t see much of a chance that there would be a sudden infusion of spine 10 years later.

    • A.C., So, by keeping our guns we’d be Nazi’s? By surrendering our guns we’d be fighting for freedom? I think your true message here is to defeat the Nazi’s we need to eliminate the Nazi’s excuse for their power grab, the 47%?

      I’m confused.

    • “If Nazi party 2.0 came into power…”

      With the first round-up would begin the insurgency.

      Does that answer your question, or do I need to continue?

  15. The problem in Germany is not a Firearms registration database but rather the sistematic dismantling and suppression of the human right of self defense.
    Obtaining a licence for carrying a gun in Germany is nearly IMPOSSIBLE! You have to proove that you have a necessity for posessing and carrying a firearm. And guess what: self defense and self protection are NOT considered to represent a legitimate ground for such a necessity!
    Though German legislation acknowledges the right of self defense it does not allow its citizens to possess and carry EFFECTIVE (!)means of self defense, such as firearms.
    In Germany, you may carry a knife (but not all types of knifes) or learn kung fu etc…but frankly speaking…which average 60 year old fellow is capabable of full contact close quarter combat in case he gets assaulted by 3 thugs?!
    This means that the right to self defense is available for a minority of the citizens or a small elite, leaving the rest unprotected. According to my 2 Cents, this is discrimination.
    In consequence, without the possibility of access to an EFFECTIVE means of self defense the human right of self defense for the average German citizen is rendered null and void!

    Please note that in Germany the restriction of the right of carrying arms is not a new invention. It is already known since the Middle Ages (or even longer) and it was and still IS (!) charactrerized by an an enormous DISTRUST of German authorities and the German Government against its citizens. This should be cause for reflection.. shouldn’t it?

  16. PPS:
    Though the subject matter of the present article is interesting, the nazi photo, in this specific context, is simply lurid, subjective, suggestive, unrealostic and cheap propaganda.
    Trying to deal more objectively and antiseptic with such contemporary issues would leave a better image.
    Just my 2 Cents.

  17. Right now with regard to the current government, we only have dots. Lots and lots of dots. Sites like this one and others are trying to connect the dots. Many have come to startling and shocking conclusions. Some say it is FUD, others are not so sure.
    One thing I can see, is when the lines are drawn, it will be to late to do much about it other than resist. Resist we shall.
    Mark this date, that in 12 to 18 months people will be seeing more clearly of the intent of the administration and how this will lead. I can’t predict the future, but I can say there are plenty of markers that show it as not a very rosy future.

    • Agreed, the Weimar Republic tried to use gun control to defend its hold on power. Then the next group expanded on the idea. Did gun control have the effect of making minorities and Jews more vulnerable to the Final Solution? I would say yes.

      Should we stand firm against gun control in this country? Again, I say yes.

      If gun control advocates’ wet dreams actually come to reality and civilian guns are banned, then the decision is yours. Liberty and freedom, or submission.

      Realize that the sooner you decide, the sooner you can prepare.

      For me, give me Patrick Henry.

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