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Glasscop (courtesy

“Google Glass may soon become a favored tool for law enforcement agencies in the United States. The New York City Police Department’s massive and controversial intelligence and analytics unit is evaluating whether Google Glass is a decent fit for investigating terrorists and helping cops lock up bad guys. The department recently received several pairs of the modernist-looking specs to test out. ‘We signed up, got a few pairs of the Google glasses, and we’re trying them out, seeing if they have any value in investigations, mostly for patrol purposes,’ a ranking New York City law enforcement official told VentureBeat.” Cops wearing glasses with a heads-up display linked to a real time facial recognition system to ID and lock up bad guys. What could possibly go wrong? How about an alert that a citizen is a registered Empire State handgun owner enabling a check that they’re not carrying more than seven rounds, as specified by the SAFE Act? Constitutional carry is looking better all the time . . . [h/t JE]

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  1. Adjusts aim point to the left or right of target when shooting because it distracts the shooters eyes.

  2. I’m down with this as long as they cannot be turned off and the video is available for defense attorneys to use too. A little transparency in police work would be wonderful.

    • Totally agreed, the videos need to be available to a public information request WITHOUT any editing done to them. Police already have facial recognition technology used on the street camera everywhere in cities like New York. I’m more worried about private citizens using it on Google Glass than I am police.

  3. A lot of people don’t really understand how Glass works. The battery life is not enough to have always-on facial recognition, and the camera is not amazing. If you can’t do it with your phone, you *definitely* can’t do it with Glass.

    I enjoy it. Fun way to record my shooting. Great for navigation. Helps me find ingredients at the grocery store. Reminds me of appointments. It’s a heads-up display for organizing my life.

    It is not magic privacy invading machine, though.

    • I’m pretty sure that if the police started adopting the Glass as a tool there would be an external battery pack built for it that would greatly increase the usable time.

      • Why not use a purpose-built system then, with a better camera, positioned in a better place that doesn’t weigh down one side of their face?

        I think they just got it because they think it’s cool and they can just spend taxpayer money however they want with no oversight.

    • Maybe, maybe not. It is, however, a roving NSA spy cam that you bought to help their dubious/nefarious purposes. Google/NSA. Same thing.

  4. Excellent.

    Perhaps if every officer knows they’re on camera , the idiots will actually behave.

    Just like any other profession, most cops are good people.But one rotten apple is all it takes to sully an entire agency’s reputation.

    Another good thing:more officers on camera means more documentation of real life self defense incidents. That means a greater training tool, and perhaps the average Joe can get a better understanding of real life self defense instead of “Hollywood Gunslinging”.

    • Not really concerned about them as individuals. It’s how they behave in packs that worries me.

    • Doubtful that it would be used to help protect citizens from bad cops or used as part of defense. This probably would be used as evidence which “can and will be used” against individuals – never as a defense since that is considered hearsay.

      • That would have to go for dash cams and body cams as we’ll not to mention security cams and prvate camcorders. All those can be used by the defense. Look up what hearsay means, and tiny talk to the cops.

  5. This would be a new way to “swatting”. Hackers already have tools to fake location of phone call, what can stop them from intercepting wireless signals from google glass and make fake alerts?

    • > what can stop them from intercepting wireless signals from google glass and make fake alerts?

      The limited range of Google Glass’ bluetooth connection and the way it transmits and receives data and doesn’t have “alerts.”

  6. Or seeing who is allowed to have a firearm so the “bad” officers know who not to victimize in their off hours. There are people in every organization that do illegal things.

  7. RF, if you want constitutional carry you need to move to Arizona. I don’t see Texas doing it anytime soon. I was very surprised that the TTAG bloggers didn’t settle down in a constitutional carry state. I understand the desire to hunt on ranch land and that would be the biggest motivator to move to Texas…but I see no other reason.

    • Speaking as someone who really, _really_ likes Arizona, but nonetheless recently moved to Texas, employment prospects are pretty important. As a software guy, if I lost my current job I could find a new one more easily in Texas than anywhere else in the country that I’d want to live.

  8. Worst possible situation? Cop using this to help release the Chris Dorner in himself.

    However that’s quite possible now with current standard police equipment.

  9. I know to many cops and related to a bunch and I’d never trust any of them with this stuff. This is getting Orwellian. Cops don’t need this stuff and if the bad guys were actually incarcerated for the length of time specified by law we wouldn’t have most of the crime we do.
    Besides how long will it be before this stuff is used to violate people privacy right, show dead, use your imagination. The NSA can’t seem to keep people out of their data so what makes the local yokels think their systems won’t be hacked.

  10. Totally off topic but I am watching Olympic coverage on NBC and they are actually showing biathlon competition on network TV!!!! Shooting real guns on NBC!!!! I am surprised Bob Costas didn’t make himself a human shield in front of the targets as a protest. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN!!!!

    • I’m watching also. I love Biathlon. I live for the Hockey, Biathlon, and Luge and Bobsled events. Figure skating? Eh, it’s to get women to watch. I let my grandson watch cartoons during figure skating.

  11. Right…and apparently, Snowden’s NSA revelations never happened in the NYPD’s universe…

    So glad I left that policestate hellhole of hipster zombies, long ago.

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