What Could Possibly Go Wrong: 1216 Shotgun Edition



  1. avatar Matt in FL says:

    RF, you need to get one of these so you can do a comparo against the KelTec KSG.

  2. avatar EthanB says:

    I don’t understand how such an awesome video can be SO. FULL. OF. FAIL.

    The more I watched the more faceplams I had. There should be an FPS Russia drinking game.

    1. avatar Not Too Eloquent says:

      I watched the same video. Dude was having a blast and didn’t hurt anyone. What’s wrong with that?

      1. avatar Ben Eli says:

        Yea I’m with you. Cept the no hearing and adequate eye protection

        1. avatar Not Too Eloquent says:

          His eyes, his ears. He’s free to endanger as he sees fit. Fun as heck to watch.

        2. avatar Aragorn says:

          He did have in the ear hearing protection of the foam type and as you do not know what the glasses material was made of he may very well have had eye protection on.
          I used to take safety glasses and have the lens coated to turn them into sunglasses so no reason he did not do the same.

        3. avatar shawmutt says:

          I saw ear plugs, had to go HD to see them 😉

        4. avatar Buuurr says:

          he proably does have hearing protection. I wear mine inside. I find them better then the muffs (up to a certain pricepoint that is). His glasses could actually be protective too. My everyday glasses are safety glasses. I asked for them when I had my new ones delivered a year ago. I would rather these over the bulky, sweaty ones you see anyday. They don’t crack, they don’t shatter… They just turn white when hit really, really, really hard.

      2. avatar Azman says:

        He stated before he does wear hearing protection, they’re just the inside the ear clear type.

        1. avatar JDH says:

          Try again, he wears the yellow foam inner ear plugs, not clear. As for eye protection, anything short of cheap plastic will work. Take a close look at regular safety glasses, they are nothing more than a slightly hardened plastic. Emphasis on slightly.

      3. avatar Bill F says:

        Yup. I don’t usually like his vids. I enjoyed this one.

      4. avatar Guy22 says:

        I always get a laugh with FPS. Good old boy Kyle is also laughing all the way to the bank.
        I’d like too shoot some of the guns he does.

  3. avatar VA Pete says:

    What could possibly go wrong?

    “Bummer! I thought that was the beanbag tube!”

  4. avatar Will says:

    Nice, but for $2400 I could have a nice Saiga 12, and another AR with cash to spare!

  5. avatar Joe Grine says:

    I love how his accent comes and goes in this video. Pretty funny. Wish I had thought of that schick . Maybe FPS Jamaica? Ja, Rastafari!

  6. avatar J- says:

    I’d rather have 8 to 9 rounds strait than 16 in which I have to turn the mag ever 4 rounds.

    1. avatar bontai Joe says:

      +1 My pump is set up for 9+1 in the chamber. With one conventional magazine tube, there is a lot less to go wrong, like not indexing that rotary mag fully or correctly.

      1. avatar Jsorr says:

        The advantage is being able to select desirable rounds by selecting the appropriate tube, ie. slugs, OO buck, OOO buck, #4 – whatever…

  7. avatar jwm says:

    in kalifornia that detatchable magazine would have to be limited to 10 rounds. gues i’ll just stick with my pump gun.

    1. avatar SRM_Arms says:


      This is not true.

      Our CA compliant version has all 16 rounds. It’s not technically 1 magazine with 16 rounds. It’s 4 magazines stuck together. The CA version also includes the bullet button.

      More info is on our website.


  8. avatar Bill says:

    This guy is not really thee most intelligent. YOU SHOULD NEVER MIX LETHAL AND NON-LETHAL ROUNDS IN THE SAME WEAPON! EVER. Think about it.

    1. avatar JDH says:

      True, but not. With a shotgun, definitely never mix because the insert in the end of the barrel would need to be different for slugs and bean bags than you would use for buck shot.

    2. avatar SRM_Arms says:

      This is true.

      The less than lethal rounds can only be shot with our less than lethal bolt anyway.

      Our shotgun breaks open like an AR and you can easily switch out the lethal bolt with the less than lethal bolt.

      you cannot mix them like he mentioned in the video.

  9. avatar Leigh says:

    The sources are given without cost up to a specified recreation degree,
    nonetheless, to guard your clan from the rivals, the assets get exhausted within the blink of an eye.

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