Claire McCaskill debate gun control common sense gun safety
courtesy St. Louis Public Radio
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“…common sense gun safety…”

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    • You expect different than lies to come from her pie hole,my fervent hope is her reelection bid goes up in flames on Nov. 6 th.

      • And Iā€™m going to leave this right here. And I encourage everyone to watch it and share with the people you know.


    • Being a hypocrite is a requirement to become a successful politician. From the Mayor or council member of a small town up to the POTUS.

      • Not *always*.

        I’ll wager the smaller the stakes, the better the odds are of someone honest being elected.

        Town council, dog catcher, a fair shot. By the time you get to federal offices, most likely, you’re corrupted…

      • Oh idiotic BS. Have run for office (and won). 2min after entering race idiot progs like this twit come up with “politician”. Before 1st parade, Rotary meeting, or hand shake.

        Get of YOUR ass and run for office rather than sitting whining and letting the demtards run.

    • Even the ACLU is against using the “terrorism watch list” to prevent gun sales to those on it. you don;t know if you are on it and there is no judicial process to be removed from it. She just throws terrorism and NRA together to conflate them in that audience’s mind.

      Also, well over 90% of deaths caused by terrorists are from non gun means. Does she say anything about maybe DEPORTING the mfkers since the danger of terrorists to American here has virtually nothing to do with access to guns?? If the ‘terrorists on the watch list are so dangerous why are they even here?? bout 2/3 are not natural born citizens and can be deported if they are terrorists.

  1. Want to see more of her lies and the lies of other politicians, check out the YouTube videos by Project Veritas Action. Need I say more?

    • Real Clear Politics has a new item about her husband that looks bad for her. He has received millions of dollars of federal subsidies since she was first elected senator. He was also a wife abuser during a previous marriage and has been defended by McCaskill for his bad behavior.

      • Hehe.. funny.

        October, Halloween, scary critters running amok, and they all seem to have a D by their name and want their candy. Even if they get their candy (vote) they will still play a trick. Take all your candy. Ohhhh more bogeymen, the NRA, OFWG’s with guns. Hopefully she just goes bye bye, off into the sunset of her political career.

  2. Since we’re just leaving shit here, I (vaguely) remember when my legs worked like this;

      • “Gov.?
        You have interesting taste in music.”

        Now, I’m starting to wonder if the Gov. like movies about Gladiators… šŸ˜‰

    • I find the opening scene of that video strangely threatening. I don’t like the way those guys are walking toward me.

      • Manly men, doing manly things.

        Hey, Serge – What’s the song about?

    • Well Governor, I don’t remember my legs ever working like that, or my arms, or my musical talent either. But I do remember being fluent in Russian once upon a tome. I actually enjoyed the video a lot. Really good musicians, just wish I could remember what the lyrics translate to.

      • Well, maybe my legs didn’t ACTUALLY work like that, but they were certainly once capable of working like that with practice.

        You Tube tossed those guys out to me because of some alt-bluegrass stuff I’m into. But it’s been mentioned here that I have interesting taste in music.

  3. It is obvious she likely just got a huge donation from Bloomberg, or Evertyown that won’t show up now on FEC site until after the election.

    She is telling gun owners that she does not support additional gun control but then is secretly telling people she thinks are left wing that she will support a whole bunch of new gun control. And not just bump stocks but an array of gun control

  4. By the way if you are in this state make sure to get all your friends out to vote. it is VERY close:

    The broader polls show her slightly ahead.

    Also note that the libertarian may cos the Gop this election. i sometimes vote libertarian, as in my jurisdiction it makes no difference. if you are in deep red or deep blue jurisdictions than voting libertarian wont hurt.

    But in purple jurisdictions and close election it can really hurt. The studies show Green party votes are 85% drawn from others wise Democrat voters, and Libertarian votes are drawn 87% from GOP voters.

    In this race the Libertarian candidate is polling 4% while the Green is polling 2%. That means McCaskil has about 2 point advantage from those third party candidates. This is why you see some typically Democrat founders drop money into Libertarian candidates in close elections, since they know it mostly robs from the GOP candidate.

  5. “Common sense gun safety”?

    That sounds an awful lot like “common sense Jim Crow”, “common sense Nuremberg Laws” and “common sense anti-sodomy laws”.

  6. Store owner in Florida who shot shop lifter charged with 2nd degree murder and in jail without bond

  7. Get Rid of McCaskill. VOTE HER OUT!!!… Get to the polls Republicans… VOTE THE CROOKED MOB RULE DIMS AND THEIR VIOLENCE…OUT!!!!!…ā€¦..To save our Country…VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!!

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