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Last week’s prize went to MadeInUSA. This week’s champ will receive a metallic can koozie courtesy Winchester Ammunition. Just enter the best caption for this photo in the comments by midnight Sunday to be eligible. Good luck.

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  1. “I told ya, pa, I ain’t never seen her before an’ I don’t care how late she is.”

    “That’s a double negative, Hoss.”

    “I know, pa.”

  2. Guy in middle: These here are our cows and we’ll be the ones milking them!

    Guy on left: Wait, you’ve been milking the steers?

    Guy on right: *burp* I don’t feel so good

  3. Ben: “Hold yer fire, boys! I think that’s another one of Little Joe’s tragic fiances.”
    Little Joe: “Aw Hell, looks like I need to go crawl around on the ground with an anguished look for another episode….”

  4. “Don’t make us shoot you with these empty Henrys!”
    (You can tell they’re empty by the lack of the follower tab. On the Henry the tab is on the magazine follower and will be up by the muzzle on a full mag, and against the receiver on an empty. Under Hoss and Little Joe’s off hands in this example. With a higher resolution photo we’d also be able to see Loren Green’s revolver has no bullets showing in the cylinder…)

  5. “Take the shot already — we can’t hold these poses for long!”
    “We’re waitin’ for the kid to look mean.”

  6. “Dammit Hop Sing! How many times we told you we don’t eat the dogs! I don’t care how tasty it would be!”

  7. Boys, I’ve told you a thousand times. DON”T make fun of Hop Sing’s Italian cooking!!! He’s very sensitive about that and he does his best but he gets cranky when you do . Now, look at the mess we’re in. If Adam were here he’d skin you alive personally.

  8. Yeah, they’ re leaving now, but they’ll be back. We’re gonna be dealing with the BLM for a long time.

  9. Ben: “So……’re a man that is dressing up like a woman?”

    Hoss: “I don’t think so, Pa!”

    Little Joe: “Hmmmm, you’re kinda pretty!”

  10. “Alright Boys! As soon as you see Ed Sullivan, BLAST ‘IM!!!!
    Then we’ll win this time slot for good!”

  11. They look like liberals Pa, you still want us to shoot em? I heard they were pretty stupid critters.

  12. “Steady, Boys! I reckon that thar injun’s just doin’ that crazy, wild dance out thar koozie can.”

  13. When we only had three tv channels to choose from, this was the best thing on. Now that we have unlimited channels, this is the best thing on.

  14. Boys, word on the plains is public enemy #1 is on the way here, riding the horse of one of the many she killed. Git loaded for Hillary…

  15. You Common Sense Gun Safety folks aren’t from around here, are you? Now, maybe you ought to just mosey on down the road, ’cause your kind aren’t welcome in these parts. go on; get along, now. — Boys, get ready to repel invaders!

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