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Last week’s winner was tsbhoa.p.jr. This week’s champ will receive a package of Swab-Its .22/5.56 Bore-whips to keep his or her barrel clean, shiny and like-new. All you have to do for a chance to win is enter a capitol for this photo in the comments by Sunday midnight. Good luck.

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  1. Private Smith knew he was in trouble when he heard Rod Serling’s voice beginning a narration.

  2. “Bollocks! I ask for armor to break the stalemate and this is what I get!”

  3. Hey did you just finish a shower ? While wearing your armor , or is that towel for wiping your arse ?

  4. With his men surrounded and outgunned by the invading Ice Warriors, Sgt. Atkins had no choice but to surrender and ask for an alliance from the Ice Lord. As he cautiously shook the Ice Lord’s hand, he carefully noted every detail of his new but temporary overlord, for, as soon as possible, he would escape, and he must be ready for the intel debriefing. If only there were a specialist “unit” to deal with this sort of thing! Naturally they’d have to be armed with the very best in modern repeating sidearms…

  5. The duel began with all the dignity expected of two well-bred gentlemen. The Seconds inspected their weapons. The duelists shook hands, and properly paced off to opposite sides of the field of battle…
    But the Mediator never expected what happened next after he called “Begin!”

  6. British infantryman relieving his French counterpart from guard duty near Commercy.

    September, 1914. (Colorized)

  7. “For God’s sake, you wanker, a skirt with armor? Don’t you know it’s after Labor Day?”

  8. Private Smith was put in charge of the platoons new tea kettle.

  9. “Truth be told, when they said they were sending an armored unit, you were not what I was expecting.”

  10. Do you really think that is bulletproof? Do you want to find out?


    SMLE beats sword any day.

  11. Deleted early scene from the movie Space Balls where Lord Helmet’s great, great, great, great, great grandfather meets Princess Vespa’s great, great, great, great, great grandfather.

  12. It was only a flesh wound. You did not have to over react from the last time we taught the bayonet class.

  13. “I fart in your general direction, your father was a hamster, and your mother smelled of elderberry. Now go away or I will taunt you a second time”

  14. NY City police respond after reports of two tigers with assault weapons reportedly spotted.

  15. “Yes, this armor is uncomfortable and difficult to get in and out of. No, I am not interested in using Bore-Whips to clean out the intimate places whilst wearing it.”

  16. Assad, the Wizard said now that we’re here you don’t have to worry about America!
    Thanks Tinman. How’s Putin doing? He never comes to see me anymore!

  17. Sir. I believe based on the new UK laws, your weapon of choice is illegal, and therefore disqualifies you.

  18. “Good Sir, I see you have a novel, soon to be banned, repeating arm with a multiple round, detachable box magazine. This here pickaxe? Well, it is all any commoner will ever need for defense or sport. It will be well over 100 years from now, and you can bet your biscuits that edged weapons will continue as the legal choice of royal subjects.” Last words of the official spokesman for the British Cutlery & Silverware Association circa 1914

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