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Scooter won last week’s contest. This week’s prize is a pack of Swab-Its Bore-Tips for .22/.223/5.56. All you have to do is enter the best caption for this photo in the comments by midnight Sunday. Good luck.

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  1. You want to know why your most loyal henchmen are about to kill you? Because you wanted us to be the toughest Triad in Hong Kong but only gave us .380s!

  2. These new smart guns are unlocked with passwords. All I have to say is “Dadgum” and (click) Dadgum. (click) Dadgum! (click click click)

    (Thanks to the next article for inspiration)

  3. And here we have a vintage promotional photo of the first season of Formosa Five-0, the inspiration for the spin-off series Hawaii Five-0.

  4. Size matters.

    Oh wait. I see Won Hung Lo, Ho Lee Fook, Bau Too Eat are in the house.

    Mouse guns love you long time .

  5. “Saracen pig! Spartan dog! Take this! And this! Roman cow! Russian snake! Spanish fly! Anglo-Saxon Hun!”

    (Anyone who understands this movie reference has spent way too much time watching bad ’60s films.)

    • “No bullets? Ah, but if all of you in the audience who believe in fairies will clap your hands, then my gun will be magically filled with bullets.”

      “haha! i just shot five guys with four bullets!”

  6. The PF Changs security team is always on guard of the secret orange chicken sauce recipe. Nobody messes with flavor

  7. Today Kim Jong Un reveals his very secretive intelligence gathering organization. He is quoted as saying that he’s ” very sad that they missed the parade”…

  8. “Ma’am, you have to change your dress, or we’ll have to take you in — that outfit is just criminal.”


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