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Roymond won last week’s contest and he/she will be receiving a pack of Swab-its in the mail soon. This week’s prize is a three-pack Peltor Sport SecureFit shooting glasses in clear, gray and amber. Just enter the a caption for this pic in the comments by Sunday midnight to be eligible.

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  1. Just like in ” I Dream of Jeannie” , no naked navels allowed Ma’am. Thanks for your understanding.

  2. (thought balloon):

    This stock is way too small for a good cheek weld unless I point shoot from behind my back.

  3. Maam – my lewd reference to murdering your bits my pump gun and 2 ball shot were…. um… Figurative.

  4. Joe Biden, you touch my arm or whisper sweet nothings in me ear one more time, I Will shoot a couple rounds off my back porch into your azz.

  5. I like my guns like I like my skidmarks. Black.

  6. “Do you know there’s a girl in her underwear on your roof shooting a rifle?”

    “No. But if you hum a few bars maybe I’ll catch on.”

  7. “i bagged you two wild liv- a- snaps, one puperoni and a milk bone for afters. if only those damn frosty paws would hold still…”

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