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  1. You’re right, I don’t defend my little sister, she’s OK all by herself, and who are you calling 4-eyes?

  2. The nuclear family was superseded in American culture by the bust-a-cap-in-ya family.

  3. Mom and Dad have a little oopsie in their records. They can’t keep guns so me and baby sis have to take up the slack.

  4. Young Steven Weissman and his little sister Susie proudly show off two of Steven’s Bar Mitzvah presents as Zayda & Bubbe Weissman lovingly look on.

    • Ding Ding Ding I think we have a winner!!! Or is that a young senator Wiener lol

  5. Longing to star in their own reality show, the “Real Crips of Orange County” were a little confused about their ethnic identity.

  6. Secret revealed:
    Photographic evidence supports theory that Agents 99 and 86 were actually siblings.

  7. No bed time and all the cookies we can eat, yeah grandpa and grandma give us anything we want….or else!

  8. Gunnar and Nadine Tell head out with their dad and gramma to their parent teacher conferences in Newtown, CA.

  9. Getting on in years, Ma and Pa did all they could to make sure the young’uns could care for themselves when they were gone.

  10. Try as they might, maw and paw just could not get their daughter to practice proper trigger discipline. Here’s a family pic taken “before the tragic accident.”

  11. Dad and grandma say I need to be proud of my small arms. They can do anything the bigger kids’ can just fine.

  12. The kids here – God bless ’em – heh heh! – they got Mother and I goin’ to church again!

  13. Shortly after the Picture was taken tragedy struck and the cause would be poor Trigger control and a hyper dog named Rover.

  14. Ma nags, “Timmy, you better smile. Tammy, keep that finger off that trigger and don’t point that muzzle at your brother.”

    Kids both whine, “Ah, Ma….”

  15. I turned to sis and said, “It’s a new generation and our voting liberal parents need to learn a thing or two”!

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