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  1. “Oh sure, all the officer spectators get safety glasses, but not the sergeant who has to actually shoot this monstrosity….”

  2. Another attempt by the Brady gang to protect criminals from those evil assault rifles.

    Why do I have to wear these terrible leather gloves?

  3. “Three up and three down and those idiot officers have me posing for the camera with this stupid thing…”

  4. U.S first draft of a heavy duty dildo has you can see helga wore it down to a nub…

  5. “Don’t worry men, I’ve got the left flank. But I’ll need somebody to cover my right. Any volunteers?”

  6. Early attempt at what later became the ‘remote control’, rejected due to safety issues and damage to components from impact.

  7. The Army’s experiments with flexible rubber barrels proved to be ballistically unsound, but did yield the first less-than-lethal barrel adapter, the slap-o-matic.

  8. it reminds me of the German STG44 with a similar devise because apparently some tank destroyers were fielded without externally mounted machine guns and pintles.

    Once the bullet curves at that angle, wouldn’t it become highly unstable and prone to fragmentation?

    • Yeah, the Germans were messing with this during WWII. I always thought it was for street fighting.

  9. Notice the protective gloves the Sargent has on. His gun is firing special fire bullets that burst into flame once hit by the firing pin. This is a special weapon designed in the 1950s to kill alien ice monsters that hide around corners.

  10. Please bear in mind as you conduct your research, that seemingly good ideas may not have real-world application.

  11. “As you can see, the Hun’s weaponry is no match for the Allies’ new heat ray. Let’s see old Adolf fight a war with guns firing down the line rather than down range!”

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