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Chadwick was last week’s winner. He’ll be getting a package in the mail soon with Swab-Its new Star Chamber swabs. This week’s prize is a GLOCK Range Kit with eye and ear pro. Enter your caption for this pic in the comments before midnight Sunday for a shot at the title.

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    • General Mattis: (face palm) Thats not what I meant when I said “carpet bomb” the m$&@&$?!?$

  1. “Have you seen the video of that firearms instructor?(you know which one) Well this is his cousin”

  2. While the Wright brothers were experiencing some success in the USA, On the other side of the globe,…..

  3. Besides algebra and the modern decimal numeric system, early arabs also invented the pogo stick, using gunpowder imported from China along the Silk Road.

  4. To his dismay Omar discovered he couldn’t shoot the infidels through the earth.

  5. Worried about peak oil, Abdul tests yet another way to fuel his flying carpet following the explosive failure of methane from camel dung.

  6. The new .90 caliber Infidel Slayer Mark 3 only gets a 4 star review because of its slightly “snappy” recoil.

  7. Khalid confused two of the 1970’s greatest hits when he tried to play “smoke on magic carpet ride” with his sitar.

  8. Hillary takes off on her custom broomstick after apologizing to her investors for the results of the 2016 election.

  9. A flawless re-creation of the early Saudi space program, here depicting a successful lift-off.

  10. Quality Control at for Authentic Persian Rugs is more complicated than you would expect, and they aim to please.

  11. Sand: the boring frontier. These are the caravans of the camel herder Ibn Prizz. Its 14 century mission: to explore strange new lands, to seek out non-believers and infidels, to boldly goat where no man has gunned before.

  12. What no glock with the glock kit? How does that work? What you want us to comment on the first photo? Oh…the rubber scorpion is always good for a laugh!

  13. “Then Pharaoh also called for the wise men and the sorcerers, and they also, the magicians of Egypt, did the same with their secret arts.” Exodus 7:11

  14. “And that, officer, is why I don’t appendix carry anymore.”

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ this was last weeks winner?????????????????????????

    Something tells me that these “contests” are rigged. It wasn’t even close to the best caption.

    Just so that we know, what determines the winner?

    Accuracy? comedy? Truth? Fiction? Hate? Love?

    looking at past winners very few choices make sense. Who is deciding and under what parameters?

        • We can tell. That’s the only thing that could even Make a little sense based on past winners.

          Makes them all look like trained monkeys! Enjoy your bananas!!

  15. *A rare photo of the last step in the magic process to make a compact 1911 ALMOST as reliable as a Glock.*

  16. Circa 1880…

    When Fakhraddin-willywallybobbob Sr. denied Fakhraddin-willywallybobbob Jr. the use of the family flying carpet for a Saturday night date with Fatima, Jr. (presumably the hottest cheerleader at Riyadh High though her face had yet to be seen due to her hijab), Jr. decided if HE couldn’t use the family carpet no one was going to use the carpet…

  17. At all times, Hakim honored Shooting Rule #2, pointing his muzzle only at things he wanted to destroy. The rug his mother-in-law bequeathed him was one of those things.

  18. “…then continue jumping and shooting until the falafel, goat milk, butter ghee, tahini, couscous, figs and pomegranate are thoroughly blended.”

  19. During the Quidditch championships Weasley’s broom backfired before he could join the match.

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