1. Major manufacturer M4 rifle with tactical attachments: $1,800
    Major manufacturer DSLR with lenses and accessories: $2,000
    Finding which one points and shoots better: priceless.

  2. I want to see my smiling face on the cover of the Rolling Stone!

    I am posting too quickly! Slow Down!

  3. Recruiting Ad pic for the next generation of some fascist government’s Storm Troopers.

  4. Wait, aren’t we supposed to take photos showing your flash hider’s capabilities after dark?

    Now, did he fire 30 bullets into the rioting crowd or was it 29?

  5. The professional instructors demonstrate the proper positioning taught at James Yeager’s school of photography.

  6. It seems the ATF has finally had enough of Fox News’ coverage of Operation Fast and Furious…

  7. Photographer thinking to himself, “I am still not quitye at the angle I want for this shot.”
    Police officer thinking to himse;f, “I know the boss said to cooperate for this magazine photo shoot, but if I just shoot the ear ring off this guy, maybe he will pester someone else the rest of the day.”

  8. Photographer: Yeah, you may think you’re cooler, but I can delete *my* bad shots!

  9. This photo would later be taken out of context, sparking protests across the nation.

  10. My CF card has a higher capacity than your magazine, but yours is longer than mine. Can we agree on that?

  11. “No photos” my ass. See? Everything is fine. Now to move the focus three feet forward…

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