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  1. The guy’s sign should actually read “McDonald’s/Nabisco/insert-food-seller-here made me fat” – the loon’s sign is against providers of the “illicit” goods, not the illicit goods themselves.

    Still, pretty hilarious picture.

  2. They look like they are about to get into a fight. “Move along grampa, this is my corner.”

  3. Using the logic of the dude on the Left (that’s a fitting position):
    – parents and spouses are also guilty by association with a criminal
    – auto makers and dealers are guilty for selling vehicles that are driven by drunks who run over innocent people
    – teachers and clergy are guilty of association and failure to teach and inspire the correct way if they ever taught a criminal
    – food manufacturers, food utensil makers, and cookware firms are guilty for adverse health issues
    – a building manager is guilty for renting to someone who commits a crime later in the future

    The mindset of the new new communists is really amazing.

    • They have to blame someone; the prospect of there being violence and adversity in human nature and the human condition would send their feeble minds into a tailspin if they were forced to accept it.

      • Most ideologies, taken one step too far, are much the same as religious fanaticism. Under the surface I see little difference and just as much potential danger and authoritarianism from ideologies such as political correctness, feminism, new age-ism, etc as I do from any of the major religions all of which have been perverted by those who led their sheeple followers. The more a political-religious ideology has political control the less humane it is in ruling over the people.

        I think the early American Republic’s political ideology was a partial exception to the rule as it called for itself to be practiced with limited powers and to be kept limited in size. Unfortunately, politicians corrupted it and many of the people followed like lemmings.

    • Aharron, I was agreeing with one of your points. You just posted before I could get to it.

  4. He forgot to add knife sellers and baseball bat distributors to the sign, might need a bigger sign.

  5. What about the Bed Bath and Beyond that sells criminals their butcher knives? Why not picket them?

  6. saw this earlier on Memebase, a relatively neutral site as gun politics goes. I was, however, quite amazed to find five times more pro-gun comments than anti-gun comments. as those on memebase would say, “some faith in humanity has been restored”.

  7. Even the totally no-interest-in-guns-whatsoever guy I work with got a laugh out of this one.

    Might be hope for him yet…

  8. The guy on the left is correct. The guy on the right is a typical fat white gun owner who knows he’s in the wrong and uses tricks to deal with it, not unlike many of the commenters here.

    • I guess I’m not as smart as you so please explain to me 1) what is the “trick”? why is the guy on the left correct but the guy on the right wrong? and 2) what does being white have to do with it?

      • Facts, logic, statistics, and parallel counter-arguments are all “tricks” to antis because they confound them so. It’s all black magic that they can’t comprehend.

        • It appears that a missing link between simple primates (chimpanzee) to man (homosapien) has made themself known.

          They apparently have some level of intelligence, and even opposable thumbs.


But just like lower primates, are unable to grasp or process emotions in a human, much less adult fashion. 

          These anti gun extremists, which represent the aforementioned missing link, have a rather entertaining habit of slinging insults and lies, just like chimpanzees fling poo.

          These missing links always seem to believe that everyone else should be just as scared as they are.

          You can see this inability to control their emotions in any documentary on lower primates, seeing how one gets afraid and stampedes the other family members of lower primates into a frenzy, something biologists have known for years.

          Their brains just arent developed enough to comprehend how developed intellects can control and overcome their emotions to recognize facts, and actually apply that as the decision making process for a solution to a problem.

          Or it could be evidence of devolving, as like the Romans, who sweetened their wine with lead, the progressive mind set has been drinking that prozac/lsd laced kool-aide for several decades now, and shows mental symptoms similar to chronic lead poisoning in their actions.

          We highly suggest such individuals submit themselves for testing and treatment so that they can rejoin the public in a safe fashion, or prove that the missing link truly exists.

    • Just because you agree with the idiot on the left doesn’t make him right. It just means you are of like mind, if you get my drift.

    • So, in order to be a “typical” gun owner I have to stop working out and go on a strict diet of beer and bacon? Interesting.

      • Mikey now exposes his bigotry toward ‘gravitationally challenged people’. He has expressed his close-mindedness and prejudice toward other groups in the past, but to target older GCP’s is going a little far. As a well qualified member of the National Association for the Gravitationally Challenged, I warn him; our next sit-in may be on him. That is if we can put down our guns, Bibles, and baby-back ribs long enough to drive over to his house.

        • Hahaha, I never heard that one, ‘gravitationally challenged people’.

          Guys who claim to be extremely concerned with safety and protecting their families and yet allow themselves to be obese are hard to fathom. Doesn’t that represent a terrible failure in prioritization?

    • So if the guy on the left has a valid logical argument, then whenever a DWI is committed, the cashier at the last gas station where the DWI driver bought gasoline is an accomplice. So is the good ol’ boy who put the last set of tires on the DWI’s car. And so is the the car salesman who sold the DWI driver the car.

      And on and on and on.

      Guns don’t cause crimes, and guns don’t kill people. Culprits cause crimes, and people kill people.

      When law-abiding citizens don’t have guns for self-defense, it is child’s play for criminals (culprits) to victimize these law-abiding citizens.

      Not only that — if those criminals ever get caught, we law-abiding citizens have to pay thousands of dollars to prosecute those criminals (culprits). If we’d had a firearm and could have shot the criminal in lawful self-defense (whether or not we shot the criminal to death) the cost of prosecution would be much lower, because the burden of proof for the prosecution is much lower.

      The lawfully carrying citizen: “Your honor, the alleged culprit stuck a gun in my face, and I stuck my lawfully carried gun in his face and pulled the trigger first.”

      His honor: “The shooter is not guilty by reason of the criminal being a dumb douchebag.”

      The criminal: “” Naw, he had nothing to say because he got shot dead by the victim in self-defense, and the grand jury no-billed him, as they almost always do, except in Illinois, DC, and New Jersey (all where organized crime owns the courts and the government).

      And that doesn’t address the issue that criminals will NEVER commit a crime if they think their victim might be armed and prepared to defend himself.

      Criminals are lazy, but NOT stupid. And they don’t want to get a cap busted in their ass.

      • Re: your first paragraph,

        Texas (and I imagine other states, though I can’t actually confirm any) actually have an “enabler clause” written specifically to allow DWI victims to sue a bartender if they can prove that the bartender negligently sold alcohol to the DWI suspect when they shouldn’t have.

        Not saying it’s right, just saying there *is* a precedent for it.

        • If a gun retailer were to sell a gun to person that should have been denied a weapon by reasoning that is as obvious as serving liquor to a drunk guy, then there would be a parrell. That Texas law does not target all sellers of alchol, only irresponsible ones.
          Legislating the ability to determine the reasoning to deny the sale of alcohol or weapons is problematic however IMHO

  9. This picture was on the top of the front page of Reddit with more than 2,000 comments (Reddit is a very liberal community typically) and I would say the vast majority of American posters were pro 2A to at least some degree. The foreign posters….not so Much.

  10. Is that Larry The Cable Guy holding up the spoon sign?!?!?!?

    That seems exactly like something he would do!!!

  11. Few things are more ridiculous than the guy who takes himself too seriously. Ridicule is a powerful weapon, which is perhaps why some of these folks would like Speech Control as well.

  12. Few things are more ridiculous than the guy who takes himself too seriously. Ridicule is a powerful weapon, which explains why some of these folks want Speech Control as well.

  13. This is a sad state of affairs we have found ourselves in. I see this mentality in my kids, and in many others around me.
    This is simple people.
    This is really easy. Admit when you are wrong and learn from it. I smoke, I drink, I spend to much time on TTAG, but you know what, I don’t drink and drive, I never mix alcohol and guns, and I do my best not to get to worked up over life.
    I ask my kids why is this plate left here. The first words out of their mouths are not sorry, and it won’t happen again but anything under the sun other than that.
    So don’t sue the cigarette makers because you got lung cancer.
    Don’t sue the gun makers because some punk shot your family.
    Don’t sue the car manufacturers because you drove drunk.
    And please don’t sue McDonald’s because you are fat. You chose to eat Big Macs three times a day, then it is your own problem.
    So to Mike, if gun retailers are following the law and running a legitimate business it makes them no different than spoon manufacturers or anything else.

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