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Jerry’s back, this time with a modified VTAC 1-5 drill. Six rounds on three targets in 2.17 seconds from the buzzer, including RT. Time from first shot to last… 1.26 seconds. “Get some!” indeed.

The Gun Rights Across America’s Guns Next Door event in October has been mentioned here previously, as well as Moms Demand Attention’s reaction to it: “As a mother I am outraged that they would try to teach my children that not only should they not be leery of strangers, but they shouldn’t be leery of armed strangers…” Now comes evidence that these loony women are going to try to drag Starbucks into it. An NBC article mentions MDA’s “Skip Starbucks Saturday” on August 24th, an “event” that was met with a collective yawn by, well… everyone, and then follows it with the note that Watts said her group will “double their effort” on Saturday, Oct. 19 to prevent coffee drinkers from purchasing Starbucks’ products. I’m sure Starbucks is both thrilled that MDA has chosen their stores to make its stand and simultaneously indifferent to the impact of their protest. [h/t: DrVino]

Someone came to a man’s house in Monterey, CA on Friday and knocked on the door. The resident didn’t feel like answering. A few minutes later he heard his back sliding door open, and in the dry language of the police report, “He encountered the suspect, at which time he shot the suspect.” Good guy: 1, bad guy (in critical condition): 0. A neighbor said, “We have a message for the crooks, and I hope they are listening. We are becoming more vigilant up here.” Roger that. [h/t: David P.]

The Racine (WI) Interfaith Coalition recently hosted a gun buy-up (I refused to call it a buy-back) during which nearly 100 people showed up to dispose of firearms. A few examples were mentioned, notably “An NRA member who laughed as he traded some ‘worthless’ BB guns for donated cash.” They explained this by saying, “Our decision to buy back BB guns was also a deliberate choice. [A recent event] proved BB guns can be used to commit a crime and are often hard to distinguish from the real thing.” Hmm… The only thing it proved to me is that they’re gullible.

And finally, it remains true: Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight. Even if it’s a really big knife. A man attempted to rob a North Little Rock, AR (or is it AK?) pharmacy recently, but when he raised his machete the shop owner pulled out a .45 GLOCK-brand GLOCK, and the would-be robber (and his lookout) beat feet. Police are still searching. [h/t: Steve S.]

Urge California Governor Jerry Brown to VETO gun control bills here:

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  1. The groupings are better than i see a lot of people do on a good day with a rifle that’s easier to shoot, and he is “improving” because hes only 25 rounds into it. Get some, indeed!

  2. Y’know, I just rewatched that video, and in the slo-mo section on the right target, you can hear the sound of the second shot starting before the bolt is fully closed from the first shot. Almost like it fired as the bolt closed.

    I don’t know exactly how it works, but if he had already released and redepressed the trigger before the bolt fully closed, would it then fire as soon as it was in battery?

  3. ‘worthless’ BB guns for donated cash? If they’re dopey enough to accept them, this is a brilliant idea. Go to the local box stores and buy up their entire supply of cheap BB or airsoft guns. Then immediately turn around and sell them at the buy-up. Turn a tidy profit AND dry up their funds while saving some poor innocent guns from the furnace.

  4. Hey now burnin the lil red riders just ain’t cool!! How many of us got our start on old beat up pellet and BB guns?? Them things are far from worthless they are a great pest deterrent

  5. I’ve got a raven .25, a Jennings .22 and a cheap Chinese pellet gun I bought at a garage sale. Total costs= $5.00.
    Trade up value at the next event, priceless!

  6. I don’t think anyone’s actually advocating that children not be leery of strangers.

    Whatever is wrong with MDA, it is no small thing.

  7. Huh. A DGU in CA. Who would’ve thunk it? After all, guns never serve any legitimate purpose, they are used solely for killing babies.

  8. Watts said her group will “double their effort” on Saturday

    Okay, I was absent from law school the day they taught math, but doesn’t two times zero equal zero?

    • Congratulations on not getting it.

      Oh, and for not bothering to read the other comments (where it was already explained) before rushing down here to correct me.


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