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NBC news in Dania Beach, Florida spreads FUD about ammunition in a house fire. (“[It] could have fired off wildly!”) The deceased resident was a collector and had more than 100 guns, some dating back to World War I (More FUD: “…and even a grenade launcher!”). But oh, those guns. Those poor guns. Someone forgot to tell the poor reporter (“Each individual bullet could have gone off?”) about the instructional video that SAAMI did (and apparently the fire chief, as well). Also this: “Propane tanks were also found around the home, but firefighters say those weren’t as big of a threat as the bullets, that were seconds away from shooting off.” The stupid, it burns, and is likely more dangerous than that ammo. . .

Today’s ridiculous overcompensating response comes to us from LAX, where last night a car crash triggered (from some really criminally stupid people) reports of gunfire. Not long thereafter, an anonymous caller reported a gunman at a gate in terminal 4. There was the expected overwhelming police response and evacuation and sweep of the terminal; some 2,000 people were evacuated from the terminals, hundreds more were affected, dozens of flights were delayed and a few were diverted Friday night, airport officials said. Again, the police can’t not respond at this point, so it’s the idiots who thought “loud noise from car crash = gunfire” that need to be taken outside and tossed into a spinning jet engine. Except that’d just cause more delays.

Orlando has been a gun thieves’ paradise lately, though it’s not really new. Last year Florida ranked third in the number of gun thefts, according to the ATF. Twice in the past week residential burglaries have put multiple guns in the hands of criminals. Five guns and a pile of ammunition were stolen from an apartment on the south side Tuesday, and that was followed by 23 rifles, shotguns and pistols disappearing in a daytime burglary from a home in Audubon Park on Wednesday. That guy also lost a laptop, two TVs, and a couple of document-filled fireproof boxes. A partial list of the firearms stolen showed that 17 of them were worth about $9000. Stupidity stings, don’t it? Lock up your guns.

In West Philadelphia (“born and raised…”) a woman was the victim of an accidental shooting on Friday afternoon, suffering shrapnel wounds to her face and arm. A man was rustling through a duffel bag on a bench nearby when she heard a loud boom and felt a sharp pain in her face. The man, who is a security guard and licensed to carry a gun, quickly gathered his things and walked away. The young woman spoke to a SEPTA employee, who told her she was bleeding and called police. The man later saw himself on television and called 911 to turn himself in. No charges have been filed at this time.

Joerg Sprave makes a “rifled” slingshot by mounting the assembly inside a spinning sewer pipe. I would have really liked to see better slow-motion on this one.

And I know it’s not guns, but it is the weekend, so a little Tullamore Dew is not out of order.

Goodnight, and joy be with you all.

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  1. Lord, thank you making me born in the USA, where I can shoot guns and I’m not limited to slingshots and rubber band powered devices.

      • Nice job leaving the .243 in the background along with the Geissele hat. Most people would say you staged that just for TTAG, but I know you just haven’t cleaned up the dining room table in the 2 weeks since I came and saw you. Slacker.

        • ‘Tis true. I’m a slacker.

          Also, if the .243 has been on the dining room table since you were here, I’m clearly not obeying my own admonition to “Lock up your guns” from the Orlando story.

    • Irish Whiskey, as opposed Scotch or Bourbon, was the most popular whiskey in the US until prohibition and the Irish War of Independence impacted the US market. I’ll take Bushmills Black. It’s made in County Antrim, a lovely place, and it tastes just fine.

  2. The sad SAAMI video is the first thing that came to mind.
    Maybe somebody should email it to the hose draggers.
    (I say that with great affection, I have some good firefighter friends).
    I shared that video with my local volunteer group for a training session.

    Thank goodness for alarmed safe rooms with safes.

    • Germans are amazing engineers. At first, I swore that guy was a professional engineer (as an engineer, we can typically spot our own), but I seem to remember him saying in the comments of one video that he isn’t an engineer (by profession anyway). Some people just have a natural engineering talent.

      • He is quite crafty and has the ability to turn his ideas into reality limited by the equipment at his disposal but I think his creativeness far exceeds those limitations. True, we can recognize our own.
        He has a large amount of subscribers and is doing well on YouTube with lots of views for each new video which he makes often. He’s selling what he knows and doing well at it.
        At the rate he makes and posts videos of his new creations that he makes himself I don’t see how he can have a full time job and do both at the same time. It takes a lot of effort and time to turn ideas into reality when done solo then there’s the added time and effort of making and editing the videos.
        He does a great job of selling himself with a sense of humor and a good laugh.

        You can check his YouTube status here,
        along with others like Hickok45 with an A rating and ranked 810th in subscriber ratings which is not bad at all considering the vastness of YouTube where an estimated 60 hours of video is uploaded every minute of every day.

        YouTube is the new eBay of the 21st century, a venue to sell what you know to a much larger audience for those that don’t have or want to bother with selling physical products. Fortunes are being made with video cameras.
        Sell what you know and know what you sell and you could do extremely well.

        There you have it, the current key to fortune, break out the video camera and make a bundle so you can purchase all the overpriced guns and ammo to your hearts desire.

        The door of opportunity is wide open, much more so today than 150+ years ago during the infancy of Colt, Remington, Winchester and Smith & Wesson.
        Whatever you can conceive you can achieve rings more true today than any other time in history.
        All that’s required is inspiration, determination and motivation with a bit of creation.

  3. Propane tanks were also found around the home, but firefighters say those weren’t as big of a threat as the bullets.
    -That’s why they get the big bucks. Deep knowledge. “Hey, look, there’s a huge airliner stuck in that building!” “OK, let’s all go there!” If a hurricane drowns your family, you get nothing. If an airplane bomb takes your daddy, you get “tort damages” curtesy of the taxpayers. If he was makin’ nothing, you get nothin’. If he was a bond trader, you’re set for life. ‘That’s why I love NY, NuuuuYoooork.’

    some 2,000 people were evacuated from the terminals, hundreds more were affected, dozens of flights were delayed -some guy was thinking, “I’m not in school anymore. Anyway, bomb scares are lame. Ah! ‘It sounded like a gun shot!’….’I can’t make the flight, boss. They closed the airport.’ ” They never grow up.

    In West Philadelphia (“born and raised…”) a woman was the victim of an accidental shooting on Friday afternoon,
    -This is definitely a man-bites-dog story. I often drive through this area going from the western suburbs to Penn. An intentional shot is much more common, which helped Philly beat Chicago one weekend this month in Major League ‘people shot’ stats. Chicago!! It’s all in three neighborhoods. Team Spirit! “It ain’t easy, bro!” If only the Sixers could, well….

    residential burglaries have put multiple guns in the hands of criminals
    -and a bunch of cash in somebody’s hand. Wholesale Straw Purchase Agreement. Again. Beats selling them one at a time outside MacBurgers.

    A nation in which every child is above average will naturally be incessantly full of win.

  4. Stupid should hurt. Every time a reporter gets it wrong about guns he and his editor and his station should face steep fines. And don’t hand me that 1a crap. When my 2a rights are protected and respected I’ll reciprocate on 1a.

    Singapore style canings also come to mind.

  5. Just watched the entire linked video by SAAMI. Very good information indeed, but it also saddens me to see good ammo (“over 400,000 rounds,” they say) being destroyed in the name of research.

    That being said, am I the only one thinking about the sound of popcorn popping as they ignite?

  6. Getting a bunch of guns stolen doesn’t just sting for the person losing them, it stings for all of us when those guns are used by thugs.

  7. This is getting old… these idiots that keep calling on false gunmen/shot/ect… need to be charged with terrorism. They are causing mass fear in large groups of people for no legitimate reason.

    • Bill them for the cost of response. When they owe the municipality several thousand dollars I guarantee they’ll think twice and look hard before they drop a dime…

  8. I read the gun theft story too.they had a window of like 7hrs to take all his stuff, astack on case will just make it easier to grab multiple guns in a thorough job like those guys did. Secure your safes if you can.

    • FUD = Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. The standard anti playbook. In this case, NBC spreading FUD (mostly the Fear part) about “OMG your next door neighbor could have ammunition that could go off in a fire and kill everyone with a three-block radius!”

      Common FUD words you hear regularly are “high capacity assault clips” (well, “assault” anything, really) and “armor piercing” and the like. Scary words that induce fear in the ignorant.

      • The fear of armor piercing ammo is interesting. As if the person in question is likely to know the difference between armor and non armor piercing ammo should they be shot. Especially considering they usually support banning the armor also. If you want to ban AP ammo wouldn’t you want armor for your self? And if you banned the armor the AP ammo becomes a non issue.

  9. I believe the Irish would angrily reply that Irish Whiskey definitely is NOT that awful bourbon. The Irish know how to make a great whiskey that one can sip and enjoy, not the terrible _____ that the colonies use for getting dreadfully drunk.

    Loved the video! Until the end, I thought it was about death or mourning the death of a friend. Instead it was about the end of his single life, and the beginning of his married life. Gotta love that dry Irish humour.

  10. Couple night tricks back caught a nice worker with tons of ammo cooking off. Did sound like pop corn.

    Chief o/s ordered everyone out, I told him it’s does not going fire….
    He knew that but with lots of guns in there he was concerned with how many had a round chambered . Hey his call.the good thing was my crew got to go knock down the fire while others stayed back ,where it “was safe”.

    Personally I don’t think any burning building is safe to begin with.


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