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  1. Concerning the flashlight topic,

    I do have an issue with flashlights that require you to cycle through the different settings to find off. I have found one that has made me happy for a few different reasons.

    Mag-Lite LED XL50

    Has 3 different settings
    A high of 139 lumens, a Low of “25% Power”, and a 139 lumen strobe. (Mine is slightly different, seems they keep tweaking them a little)

    The ease of use is you pick a setting by clicking once (high), twice (low), or three times in a row (Strobe). After you are on a setting, if even a second, the next click is off.

    Another benefit is that of the small body, it is a mere 1″ in diameter. That makes mounting easy with just an extra scope ring.

    It is powered with 3 AAA batteries. The benefit here is that they are easy to find, cheap, and in a SHTF scenario you would probably be able to find these batteries unused in remotes because they are less utilized in other electrical items.

    It is also “water resistant” I find that it works well underwater. The company, as far as I can see, does not give a depth rating. It has interesting seals, unlike most that use a simple o-ring these have some sort of a v shaped seal. It would seem that these would be superior because as the more water tries to get in the better it will seal.

    I do however have an issue with this light. It is the reason that is has not become my EDC. Often when inserted into the pocket, without any other objects even, it manages to get turned on.
    It would also be nice if the low setting was the first setting (Low, High, High Strobe).


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