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“In a Facebook post directed at her 16,000,000 fans, [actress Jennifer] Lawrence commanded: ‘These are the faces of hate. Look closely and post anyone you find,” and added, “You can’t hide with the internet you pathetic cowards!'” As writer Stephen L. Miller points out at, there are two things wrong with J-Law’s post-Charlottesville call to action . . .

First, the people ID’ed in her pic were hardly camera-shy. Acknowledging them gives (more) voice to their cause. Second, her post is guilty of “organizing a digital mob with the power to misidentify people, to single out and punish the wrong people.” Which is a thing.

Kyle Quinn, an engineering professor in Arkansas, fell victim to such a mob this past weekend when he was mistaken for one of the men at the rally, thanks to one of the marchers wearing a T-shirt with “Arkansas” on it who bore a resemblance to him. His home address was posted and, fearing for their safety, Quinn and his wife evacuated their home to stay with a colleague.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not leaving my house if an Internet flash mob vilifies and threatens me. Nor would I leave home without it (a self-defense firearm). And you can bet I’d have plenty o’ firepower handy at home.

Don’t get me wrong: the odds of a celebrity sending a homicidal whack job or two to your doorstep — by mistake or on purpose — are only slightly higher than the chances of being attacked by a shark while making a piece of toast in the bath.

But there is good reason to be armed against a “mistaken” attack, whether that’s a J-Law-inspired loonie, a geographically-challenged rip crew or a racist lynch mob.

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  1. It’s sad how many people care what she says. Very sad.

    BTW, I’m guessing from the pic of her with the SG that she will soon be supporting the right to keep and bear arms. No?

      • Meh. (Thankfully) we all have different taste in women. To my eye, she is 100% hair, makeup, and wardrobe. If she were my waitress at a greasy spoon, she wouldn’t rate a second look. For proof, look at those, ahem, photos that she has floating around the interwebz.

        She doesn’t even look good in flagrante delicto.

        • ‘To my eye, she is 100% hair, makeup, and wardrobe.’

          Well, for the record I was referring to her tits.

        • Fair enough. Also meh, with (at least) half dollars, and a very dull pencil eraser. I would offer they are mostly wardrobe too, they look horrible without the required sculpted support.

          Again, not my bag, but there’s plenty of guys who dig silver dollars, and a barely perceptible mosquito bite. To each his own.

        • Well 16V, something you should take into consideration, some men actually prefer natural tits to silicone.

        • Gov., I very much prefer naturals. I just like dime-sized aerolas, with jumbo erasers and the upper (and lower) lips that come as part of the package. Not to mention the little man in the boat…..

          Good ones are still naturally perky.

  2. With how vicious and violent the antifa are, mistaken identity is something to be concerned about. Those people would have no problem burning your house down whether you were “guilty” or not. This country is going down a dangerous road, and I’m afraid to say there will be a lot of innocent blood shed. These celebs must be held accountable if their actions lead to an attack on an innocent.

    • Yea, it’s funny how celebs loooooove to play “make believe” an live out fantasy land as some action hero, when in reality, they’re just cowards and full fledged libsh!t crazy.

      Being a true believer liberal is one of the most gutless life choices you could make. It’s always someone else to blame for not having achieved things in life or not having what you want, group-think is required, rugged individualism is absent, insert any -ism to those who disagree.

      The feelz are what Ho-wood values most…thinking is for little people like us “worker class folk”

  3. So are we worried more about the remote chance that a misidentification will happen?

    Or that somebody is actually doing something about this pond scum?

    • Actually, a professor in Arkansas was already misidentified as being a racist in Charlottesville, because a person with similar features was wearing an Arkansas Engineering shirt at the rally. He received a barrage of abuse on Twitter and Facebook, including death threats, so he called in the police for protection, and called press interviews to clear his name.

      I’m not opposed to public shaming. But I am opposed to collateral damage. Always be sure of your target.

  4. 2 words:Spike Lee. That POS nearly got George Zimmerman’s parents killed. No fallout for the ugly little troll. At least JLaw has some “interesting” pics floating around the interwebz-forever. Mobs should be met with force…

  5. Misidentification has happened before, most notably when Spike lee tweeted the address of George Zimmerman. Only it wasn’t that George Zimmerman. The address was actually that of Elaine and David McClain of Sanford, FL. They were both in their 70s and Elaine had a son named, well, you know. And that son never met Travon Martin.

    Some day, one of these twitter-obsessed self-promoting “celebrities” will get someone killed. And we know that they will say all the right things, but deep down inside, they really won’t give a shit.

    • The ends justify the means…

      If I remember right, Spike Lee bought someone a new house as part of the settlement.

  6. ‘I don’t know about you, but I’m not leaving my house if an Internet fl ash mob vilifies and threatens me.’

    Sad to say, but these people are ripe for a hard lesson. Of course, when it eventually happens, the leftist media will turn the dead from the mob into martyrs and will demonize the victim for defending him/herself. (i.e., no lessons are about to be learned here.)

    • It’s increasingly sounding like that’s exactly what happened the other day in South Carolina;
      Step 0) A political group registers to protest a leftist pet-cause well in advance (removal of an old statue)
      Step 1) Leftist agent-provocateur* scares up some ‘radicals’ to defame & distract from the stated message (“NAZIS!”)
      Step 2) Shortly before the event, too late for the opposition to prepare, hostile rent-a-mob is bused in & pitted against the controlled opposition from Step 1, such that the original group from Step 0 is caught in the middle both literally and figuratively.
      Step 3) Predictable violence is laid at the feet of the original group from Step 0, and used to justify silencing them in the future, through either official action (you think McAulliffe is gonna approve another right-wing protest application now?) or redoubled mob violence (those fat walruses holding shields & helmets in solidarity for their fallen komrade…and also aluminum baseball bats). It really doesn’t even matter who gets hurt, as the opposition will be blamed for their own wounded, and the mob hailed for its martyrs.

      This is textbook stuff from the Bolshevik playbook seen in countless nations over the last century, and is especially obvious given the background of the money men supporting these leftist groups (you’d think they’d have to be at least a little more subtle than to openly try duplicating European & South American Communist uprisings)

      *The Kessler tool wrangling the white supremacist tards used to write for CNN and the Daily Caller (not the Stormer) and was supporting Hillary & Occupy Wallstreet as of…the day of the election. Suddenly he ditches every trace of his liberal Democrat/socialist past & becomes an outspoken face of White Nationalist groups dutifully associated with Republicans by the media in the course of several months.

      • South Carolina or Virginia? If you’re referring to SC, I guess I missed that. If you’re referring to VA, I don’t think ramming your car into a crowd of protesters is quite the same thing defending your home.

      • The gang in Charlottesville was National Socialists and proud of it. Look at the flags, dumb *&%$!

        Stop defending them. Their right to speech, sure. Defend them personally? No ^$#*(@! way.

  7. I dunno about all that, but I do know her arm’s gonna be in a world of hurt with the way she’s holding that 12 gauge. Down too close to her armpit and that chicken wing flapping way out to the side like that.

    I’ll bet a real woman like Liberte Austin doesn’t hold a shotgun like that…

  8. Charge that little Celebitch with inciting a riot, and make sure that the fine she is given is equal to her net worth. Then boycott any further movies that Hollyweird is stupid enough to cast her in.

  9. Let’s think about the whole 1st Amendment thing for a moment.

    It’s worth noting that Milo Yiannopoulos was not ostracized for his right wing views, although those drew plenty of protests and direct action from ANTIFA types. Milo was ostracized because of a recorded interview where he claimed that some underage boys were mature enough to engage in sexual relations with older men.

    Now let’s suppose that Milo organized a “Man-Boy-Love” protest, and all sorts of wannabe pederasts and sex offenders crawled out of the woodwork, some of them in well regulated militias bearing modern sporting rifles and wearing protective vests.

    Would that be OK? Would you expect violence to break out?


    • “It’s worth noting that Milo Yiannopoulos was not ostracized for his right wing views, although those drew plenty of protests and direct action from ANTIFA types”

      So violent opposing mobs coming to your speeches intimidating anyone they disagree with them with threats and actual violence and a hefty dose property destruction isn’t ostracization?

      As for your second point you seem not to grasp free speech. Anyone can show up and spout off whatever they like. Better example than your strawman, Some neo-nazis can line up blather on while waving their torches, ya sure whatever fine and dandy now at least people know what they stand for from their own mouths Now the instant they start throw themselves a kristallnacht then they have crossed the line and its open season on their a$$es.

      • The 1st and 2nd are so bloody simple that it takes willful ignorance to get them wrong. They are both all or nothing. Either they exist completely and we have freedom or they are infringed and we have tyranny. Privileges have stipulations, rights are absolute.

    • Yes, that would be fine. If violence breaks out, it should be met with more extreme violence (gunfire) unless the po-po are present and are arresting the violent ones. That isn’t so tough, is it? It is called “freedom”, try to learn to live with it.

  10. It appears to me frequently that these celebrities only read the portions of the scripts where they have lines and then the director tells them what to do. If that were not the case don’t you think a couple of them might get the idea that the stories they are acting in are EXACTLY different from the way the go about their daily lives and 180 from their ill-considered political views?

    Movie after movie where the good guy/gal saves the day with semi-legal ballistic intervention when the police or government can’t (or won’t). The actors get paid millions to play their role and then they go out in public and work for “gun control” groups. J-Law has definitely gone over to the dark side in my book and her films will never see another dime out of my pocket since she has determined to take the exact opposite side of the political spectrum from pro-gun and (tolerate) Trumpers.

    Dump J-Law, call Gal Gadot. Now THAT’S a real woman.

  11. I genuinely despise white supremacists and think that being shunned by the public for their views comes with the territory. But the second someone starts trying to hurt them, they’ve gone too far. Even misguided dipshits have the right to self expression as well as the right to not be attacked by people.

  12. Or the executive’s finest come knocking down the wrong door. Oh well an intruder is an intruder and if they have flashbangs for your baby crib they might just earn some return. Just saying bad guys of all kinds get the “wrong house” all the time.

  13. Years ago, “White nationalists” angered by my [truthful] recitation of their history of pedophilia and child molestation started posting in usenet what they thought were directions to my home.

    My response? “You think you know where I live. How come you’re not here yet? Too dumb to follow your own directions, or just too damned SCARED?… By the way, I have a shiny new AR15 and more loaded thirty round magazines than you’ve got branches in your family tree.”

    It’s been something like fifteen years or more and they haven’t shown up yet.

    Cowards avoid known threats to their personal existence. They go after the weak… or those whom they mistakenly perceive to be weak.

    • You should check out Usenet newsgroups. There is this white nationalist who threatened to “holocaust” someobe because he “thinks” that someone is Jewish.

      He kept making excuses of why he has not bothered to show up.

  14. Jennifer lawrence, or any else stupid enough to send out a tweet like that, should be held fully responsible if someone get hurt because of it.
    End of story. What an @$$hole.

  15. Oh I bet there are plenty commenters on this site that’d be spotted at a Nazi or Klan rally. Shoot em down like the dogs they are.

  16. It’s interesting that you should post this about mis- identifying people on the net
    So far the discussion has been about true mistaken identity
    What about when someone deliberately mis-identifies a target for the mob with evil intent?
    Over at the ” thisainthell ” blog, Jonn Lilyea is a veteran who runs a military blog about veterans and military affairs
    He is in a legal dispute with a man named Ric Bucklew who claimed to be a Navy Seal whom Jonn exposed as a fake
    This man deliberately posted Jonns’ name and home phone number as the man giving a nazi salute in Charlottesville
    Other blogs have picked it up and without bothering to check, have re blogged the information
    Now Jonn Lilyea is getting death threats from morons who think he stood up giving a nazi salute
    What should be done about Ric Buckew inciting a mob to harass and maybe attack his enemy who is an innocent man?

  17. “her post is guilty of “organizing a digital mob with the power to misidentify people, to single out and punish the wrong people.””

    It ain’t legal to organize a mob to punish the “right” people either! The issue here is mob violence, not right or wrong ideologies.


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