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The steady drumbeat of American politicians eager get involved in a hot war halfway around the world continues unabated. The latest is a New York politician who wants to collect rifles and shotguns for Ukrainian citizens to use against Russian invaders.

The politician, Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman, doesn’t even have the necessary export permits, yet he’s moving ahead with requests for donated guns or people to purchase (New York State compliant) guns for export.

Blakeman thinks (hopes?) that Joe Biden will help him expedite the export permits. Unless “the big guy” is getting 10% of the proceeds that seems dubious at best.

WABC has the story.

Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman announced a gun collection drive Thursday for Ukrainian citizens fighting against Russian forces.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has repeatedly said his citizens are in dire need of weapons to protect themselves after the country was invaded.

Blakeman said residents will be able to donate unloaded legal weapons to SP Firearms Unlimited, located at 804 Hempstead Turnpike in Franklin Square.

“We want rifles, AR-15s and shotguns,” Blakeman said. “President Zelenskyy for the last few days has been begging weapons, begging for help. How could we sit by silently and not do our part?”

Blakeman was cheered on by Ukrainian-Americans.

He was joined by leaders from the Long Island Ukrainian community, making a plea to legal gun owners to donate their own firearms or buy one and donate it.

The effort is specific on the guns they’re asking for people to donate, in that they should be working rifles and shotguns. But then he acknowledges the obvious:

“There is a tremendous amount of red tape trying to get this to the Ukraine,” he said. “So we’re going to need the president’s help, we’ll need the help of our partners in federal government.”

We’re certain that gun-loving Biden administration officials will drop what they’re doing to expedite Mr. Blakeman’s gun collection endeavor.


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  1. So why aren’t the people pushing this just going to all of the local gun shops and cleaning them out of their inventory to send to Ukraine? Are they worried about getting turned down for a gun permit so they need straw purchasers to do the dirty work? Why not instead call up Smith & Wesson and ask about buying 1,000,000 guns and sending them to Ukraine?

    • “So why aren’t the people pushing this just going to all of the local gun shops and cleaning them out of their inventory to send to Ukraine?”

      Export ‘permits’, Department of State ‘permission’, just for starters.

      I wouldn’t trust them to arrive, anyways. I could imagine a convenient ‘shipping accident’ being arranged in 6,000 + feet of water happening… 🙁

      • And tell the Ukrainians to call the Taliban. I hear-tell they’re holding a yard sale of $200 billion worth of primo DoD heavy armor, attack helicopters, heavy machine guns, and 10 billion rounds of ammo.

        Going fast!

      • Geoff PR,

        Why waste time and energy with the U.S. State Department? Just pay a modest “expediting fee” to one of the Mexican drug cartels and they will get those rifles over to Ukraine lickety-split.

        (I hear that Mexican drug cartels have plenty of submarines which should have no trouble sailing right up to a Ukrainian beach on the Black Sea somewhere.)

      • Okay great. Now that we have heard from this ‘man’, can we please get the perspective of some who’s actually had a job in the last 2 decades, and who isn’t a *complete* drain on society?

        • Weapons we send over there that survive may be used against us once Europe becomes an Islamic Saria State in about 15 years.

    • Too bad Dick’s Sporting Goods destroyed all those guns a while back. ‘Cuz they were only designed to be tools of evil, amirite?

    • Better plan: Just go into the large American inner cities and recruit the various gangstas and other hoodlum types. Offer them a fully-paid “vacation” in Ukraine, along with all the 9mms, ARs and ammo they can carry. Free Nikes, too. Toss in a few RPGs and other various personal launchers as well. Maybe toss in 1 real Hummer per 5 “warriors”.

      No laws, total anarchy, anything they can pick up they can keep. Kill anyone they want. No arrest, no bail.

      Bet there’d be plenty of takers.

  2. Should have taken all the corrupt millions of $$$ they paid to Hunter Biden and bought some damn rifles that they won’t let their citizens own.

  3. Sounds like a “gun grab” to me. Oh wait we can’t export them, and we’re really not sure where each gun came from, we’ll just melt them down.

  4. Maybe, if story came out of Nassau County, FL I might say the weapons might make it to the Ukraine. That may be just a small bit of real estate between Jacksonville and Georgia, but those boys over there paddle gators instead of kayaks. Nassau County, NY? No, a leftist just trying to move legal firearms out of the U.S. (to be lost in a boat accident in the N. Atlantic I’m sure.) and gain a little political favor for a popular cause. He probably hopes.

    • Well probably would have the same issues getting them from Florida to Ukraine at the Federal level of legal games but would probably be fewer fees attached at the State level. Might see them get there if they are serious about defending the biowea…………errm biological research labs over there.

      • SAFE, I thought they could be moved kind of like in the novel The Dogs of War. Not a bad movie either.

    • “No, a leftist just trying to move legal firearms out of the U.S. (to be lost in a boat accident in the N. Atlantic I’m sure.)”

      You beat me to it…

    • Well it did say New York………..but good luck to anyone trying to figure out a Thorston stock for room clearing.

  5. Well Ukraine could have had the tons of the US Munitions left in Afghanistan by Jim Crow Gun Control joe and his worthless ilk.

    Unfortunately No civilian arms should leave US Shores until the Rats are out of The White House. Bright side, The Russian military and the Russian people do not appear to be all onboard with the little big bully putin.

  6. One small problem, ITAR. Exporting firearms has to require .Gov permits etc. At one point our .Gov was banning the possession of weapons programs that could do 3D printing. So, we are supposed to hand over guns to send to Ukraine?

    It may take a year or more. That is not timely, that is just moving guns out of the open market and reducing the number NY might purchase for themselves. But there is no hint this could be an underhanded way to restrict gun ownership?

    I’ve got three masks and a 6 foot distancing rule for you if you believe that.

    That 1 million rounds donated by the ammo makers may wind up being months late anyway. And in war, things like sinking freighter vessels happen. The Open Seas are a war zone, too, if the two parties are in conflict. How many Liberty ships and tankers litter our own coastline? They just found another, following the oil slick back to it’s watery grave.

    NY politician who typically votes 2A policy or someone beating the drums just before the Mid Terms to look good? Ukraine is a false flag to replace the damaged Covid scam, and by all indicators the naive have taken it hook, line, and sinker. Again.

    • “And in war, things like sinking freighter vessels happen. The Open Seas are a war zone, too, if the two parties are in conflict. How many Liberty ships and tankers litter our own coastline?”

      About 1,500 built, 200 sunk from what I found…

      • Only for the past 8 years or so. The Neo-Nazis overthrew one corrupt government, only to install another corrupt government, and they haven’t stopped fighting about it since.

  7. LMAO! The retardation about jewkraine in USA reaching peak levels. 😀
    It’s funny seeing all the people that for the last few years were crying that the left and media are lying 24/7, only up to destroy them and the country, are now swallowing their poisonous lies like grandma’s pie and lining up themselves gleefully in the line arm in arm with them.

  8. Say what? According to the propaganda, err news I mean, there should be 1000’s of arms left from all the dead and surrendering Ruskins.

  9. Oh, if you send them anything, send 7.62X39 AK variants. Logistics! Ammunition, magazines, parts, etc.

    • A lot of AR15 and M16 in use in Ukraine. Screw the AK shit.

      Biggest drawback of vol to the idea of going help them fight, is that some idiot would issue you some piece of crap AK

  10. Well then… that’s one way to disarm a leftist.

    I condemn the Russian aggression but I’m not going to blindly support and stand for another country. I also will never intrust my firearms to any government or foreign citizen I never met.

  11. Turn off Tucker Carlson that guy is POS. No we don’t want to fight Russia or get involved directly. But hell yes let’s help Ukraine – it’s a land war in Europe for fuck sake. How many of the so-called “conservative” slurping up Fox News here were all in favor of fighting ni the Middle East… for what purpose.

  12. “Turn off Tucker Carlson that guy is POS”


    “But hell yes let’s help Ukraine – it’s a land war in Europe for fuck sake”

    Maybe Europe can step up to the plate then……

    • I’m with you there, Slip Right – You-rope has a war going on, You-rope can danged well deal with it. Who noticed that only now does Germany step up to the plate, pledging 2% of GDP for defense? Them bastids have had a free ride at our expense for far too long.

    • In the Balkans, in the 90s, we missed a golden opportunity to do nothing (and force the EUnuchs to put up or shut up). Let’s not miss another.

  13. I’ll trade 1 Anderson/PSA with a shot out barrel and 2 40 round pro mags full of wolf .223 55 grain fmj for one functional full auto Russian AK12.

    Let me know when you’re planning on dropping that off.

  14. 1940 the NRA collected tons of donated firearms arm the Brits after Dunkirk. They used NONE of them. A few high $ items were returned to the original owner after the war. A very interesting story on the project in “American Rifleman” a few years ago.

    Nassau Co NY – isn’t that demtard central for the hoipoi of NY prog “intelligencia” and similar leftwing kooks.?

  15. Nassau county. New York. He ain’t exportin’ nuffin’ nowhere. He hopes to collect a bunch of firearms, then most likely, have the police destroy them. Fok this clown. Hard. Bend him over, and stick a porcupine tail up his arse.

  16. Fuck off. Ask Clinton to run an embassy into the ground for the purposes of illicit arms exporting and then abandon those inside. That would be more in line with your party does.

  17. Arming civilians to shoot at armed soldiers is a sure way to get them killed and their neighborhood wiped out.
    the U.S. dealt with armed civilian snipers in Iraq very harshly.
    the average civilian has a full plate when trying to deal with two or three armed “teens.”
    It is still possible for American civilians to fly into Poland, travel to Ukraine, receive an automatic rifle and a pat on the back to go confront the dirty “Moscals.”
    Go for it!

    • William McGrath,

      Whether or not Russian forces will quickly wipe-out armed Ukrainian civilians depends on how clever those armed Ukrainian civilians are.

      If an armed civilian jumps into the middle of the street, whips out an AK-47 and starts shooting at several dozen armed Russian soldiers, of course the Russian soldiers will take him/her out in short order. On the other hand, if an armed civilian employs “shoot and scoot” tactics and/or coordinated ambushes with overwhelming numbers, they will decimate Russian forces.

      One last comment: urban combat is a bitch if nearly every local is armed with a rifle and willing to use it.

  18. “We want rifles, AR-15s and shotguns,”

    So does half the planet. Well, then there’s the ones that just want Glocks.

  19. I don’t trust ANY New York public official! How do we know this isn’t just a clever way to collect AR-15’s and then destroy them? I’d need some sort of conformation that this is legit before I donated any firearm!

  20. A gun “buyback” with no “buy”, just your donation. They can’t export anything to Ukraine.

  21. I seem to recall something like this being arranged in WWI and again in WWII, only for the guns to end up getting dumped in the sea after it was all over. Both times.

    Besides that, we might need them here any time. Who knows where the Russians might attack next?

  22. Actually exporting the guns may not be that big a deal. I found out by accident years ago just down the road from my house a basement gun dealer had the legal permits to export guns and that was his only gun business, exporting firearms. The point is there are far more people legally exporting guns than one might imagine.

    • “had the legal permits to export guns and that was his only gun business, exporting firearms. The point is there are far more people legally exporting guns than one might imagine.”

      Calling BS moron.

      I would be surprised if there are over a dozen home FFL/basement gun operations that ONLY export firearms, yet fund the home mortgage and support the residents of the home 100%

      Provide a citation, or you’ve just been called out for talking BS once again.

      You’ve posted so much BS on TTAG, you can’t even recognize your own BS anymore.

  23. lol no I’m not turning in a damn thing to the government, for any reason.

    Y’all dumb mother****ers falling for a stealth gun buyback.

  24. Pure 100% Scam. Even if he ever bothers applying for export permits, the war will be over before the paperwork would wander through the State Department.

    Then when the permit is denied or the application rejected as moot, the guns will all be destroyed — which is exactly what Nassau County wants.

    This is just a “Gun Buy Back” program in disguise.

  25. I’m using mine, neighbor’s using his. Let the corrupt bastard solve his own problems. This whole clusterfuck is only a burning bag of dog shit on our porch, because we let Obama piss all over Ukraine, and we let his boys blanket the country in corruption. Do you know how many dual citizens are in their current administration? Do you know how to tell the difference between Russian and Ukrainian explosive ordinance detonating? Can you tell who’s sappers planted bombs in the rivers, or who’s mortars shelled the schools?
    No, the Ukrainian government is receiving it’s comeuppance; and it’s people are as usual footing the bill for it, but now they pay in blood and tears.
    And some of these fucks want to send them our guns. Haven’t we let our politicians do enough damage to the people of Ukraine?
    You call out the media’s lies on Covid, J6, Truckers, and Trump, but you think they’re showing you the truth NOW?

  26. I say we dress up the idiot manchild up here in Ottawa in one of his many costumes from his part time substitute teacher drama class acting days and ship him off to the hot zone to arrange a peace deal. Maybe he can pass out rainbow Armbands of Diversity and then decree that weapons are now Prohibited™ in times of war. Or something equally woke. And the hotter the zone the better.

  27. Leave out the ” For Ukraine ” and the book of truth is opened.
    Told my girlfiend about this, she thinks it would be a good idea if the U.S. secret service and BATFE donated their gunms first.

  28. Yet again we see that all immigration has been bad for America and Americans. We have Ukrainians trying to get the US intangled in the affairs of their homeland. Anything “-American” is not American.

  29. A worthy ambition no doubt but the standard weapon in UKraines is the utterly reliable AK series from Soviet Union days. Ukraine has a considerable arms manufacturing industry itself and tens of thousdands of them left over. It’s not much help to in a whole inventory of disperate weaponry without the required ammunition. Any conm mbat vet will tell you that mixing ammo on the battlefield is not a good idea and neirther is the nessessity of retraining with unfamiliar weaponry. The AK has proved it’s worth in exacactly this type of warfare and tghere are tens on f millins of those about the place Maybe 12 gauge repeater shotguns/submachine guns might prove handy in the likelyhood of Fighting in Built Up Areas [FIBUA] which anybody who knows anything about will tell you that FIBUA is THE most diffiicult of all types of warfare against a determined adversary. What Ukraine really needs is manpad AAA missiles and AT, the US Javelin and the NLAW have proved particularly effective apparently especially the Swedish/UK NLAW. [Germany has somewhat insultingly sent 3500 shoulder launched 30 year old Soviert man-pad AAA missiles from stocks held over from the Soviet/East Germany era. Good old Germany and The UK and Sweden have increased production of NLAW and UK JAVELIN [AKA STARFIRE] Man-Pad AAA. I fully expect the UK to increase Defence spending by at least 1% of GDP and maybe to the level of the USA of 3.4% of GDP in the forthcoming budget and the rest of NATO will almost certainly feel a obliged to do the same . I have no arcane knowledge but I would expect that the TEMPEST PROGRAM will be getting a considerable boost.
    Meanwhile Russia is showing every sign of desperation in the way both the physical war and the economic [sanctions] repercussions are going, This is being shown in the use of HYPERBARIC and other ‘banned against civilians weaponry’ as in ‘cluster’ bombing.
    Much is being made n some w quarters by Western Politico’s thatbthe West is not taking action against the Russian People and the actions they are taking are against the PUTIN REGIME and thatvthis war is NOT a war ofn the Russian People,.
    BOTH SUPPOSITIONS are completely WRONG this is a war of the Russian People and it is mthey that must pay the price
    I will explain.!
    PUTIN may well have given the orders BUT IT IS the RUSSIAN PEOPLE that are pulling the trigger and dropping the HYPEBARIC BOMBS on civilians NOT VLADIMIR PUTIN and PUNTIN has far more support in Russia from the Russian People that we have been informed. In fact according to polls PUTIN’s popularity has rocketed in recent weeks.
    The West obviously has ‘sources’ within the Russian Intelligence apparatus that are unhappy with all thissssss. Information nowemerging suggests that these agencies werer NOT made aware of PUTINS intentions and had done their own assessments as regards likely Western reactions. and those reat ctions have been even more draconian and widespred then even they forecaste In their forcaste they assessed that Russian cannot win that, they will need up to HALF A MILLION permanent military personnel to conterol a nation theat doess not want them there and which will find all kinds of ways to be exceedingly un=cooperative. PLUS another 100,000 administration staff and the cost of re-building a nation. Any financial advantage that Russia my think it can accrue form Ukraine will be eaten uop for well over a DECADE. The assessment came to the conclusion that if this war was not a done deal by June 1st 2022 Russia may well sink into an economic/financial depression from which it may never recover.
    In the meantime I cannot help but think Russia has been suckered into an almost nightmare scenario where his forces my well become engaged in several wastful FIBUA situatiions at the same time whilst, if the maps mean anything 90% of AGRICULTURAL. Ukraine remains practically untouched. At this moment in time the actually quite extensive and modern Ukraine Armour and Artillery has hadly been seen. The amount of ‘gear’ being picked up and salvaged by Ukraines is quite astonishing if what we are informed of i even only partially right.
    Russian apparently has offered ceasefire terms’ the ONE require the recognition of CRIMEA as Russian. TWO the recognition of DONETSK and LUHANSK as independent . THREE that the Ukraine constitution be changed to ensure Ukrainian military neutrality in perpetuity [ie no joining NATO OR a greater Russia ] and FOUR. Not to apply to join the European Union.
    On the face of it these conditions do not seem too bad but, to me. it’s a sign of Ukrainian confidence that they have refused absolutely.

  30. Fuck you, no.
    This is just feel-good gun confiscation.

    Besides – nobody in NY has any weapons of war anymore.

  31. Anyone who falls for this needs to be sold some oceanfront property in Kansas right after they turn over their guns.

  32. Ukraine’s government is currently occupied by a Jewish tyrant- installed by Jewligarch Kolomoitsky and dual Jizzraeli citizen. And just as Jew coordinate internationally, the Jews who occupy our government can advance their Jew World Order agenda – the agenda of the parasites. They will continue to gaslight so we never address the real problem. One must ask – who exactly is at the forefront of anti-gun legislation and lobbying? Who is behind repressing freedom of speech to protect Lucifer’s Chosen? Who attacked USS Liberty? Who did 9/11? Who assassinated JFK so that LBJ – a crypto Jew who had a completely JEWISH AGENDA much like FDR and Biden could take the presidency?. We live in perilous times as the Jews have built the infrastructure for their Messianic Jew World Order where Christians are eradicated first, the rest either become Jewish Communists and enslave yourselves to Jewish tyranny and allow your children to be raped and defiled by Jewish pedophiles or become eradicated like the Christians.


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