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President Donald Trump (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
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When my son was three years old, I could get him to do just about anything I wanted. All I had to do was tell him not to do it.

You’d better not put that toy away. Boom. Done.

Whatever you do, don’t eat the rest of your applesauce! He gobbled it right up.

The commander in chief seems to have figured out that strategy works just as well with his political opposition, too. Over the last couple of weekends, all he had to do was issue a couple of provocative tweets and Democrats reflexively took the other side, no matter how that makes them look or who it aligns them with.

Trump: Elijah Cummings’ Baltimore district is a rat-infested urban mess.

Boom, the media and every Democrat in Congress immediately issued statements proclaiming that Cummings’ district in Baltimore is a veritable Paris on the eastern seaboard, where pedestrians stroll the boulevards and sip drinks outside cafes while discussing art and literature.

No matter what the reality may be.

The next weekend, the target was MSNBC host Al Sharpton.

Trump: I’ve known Al for decades. He’s a troublemaker who hates whites and cops.

Instantly, prominent Democrats posted tweets supporting Sharpton. The same anti-semitic grifter who cooked up the Tawanna Brawley hoax and incited riots in Harlem and Crown Heights that left buildings destroyed and a pile of dead bodies.

It seems all Trump has to do is mention that he’s against something and Democrats will instantly, reflexively come out in support of it…whatever it may be. So why not use that to our advantage?

How about it, Mr. President? Another weekend is upon us. Get your phone out!

Let’s see a tweet this weekend announcing your desire to see suppressors outlawed. Maybe you could let people know that you think a federal “assault weapons” ban is a fine idea. And while you’re at it, would you mind just one more announcing that you’re opposed to concealed carry licenses being honored by other states?

Nancy Pelosi house speaker
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Nothing would make us happier than reading an announcement that Speaker Pelosi has re-thought her position and is now foursquare behind the Hearing Protection Act.

senate minority leader Chuck Schumer
Senate Minority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

We’d like to see a clip on the news Monday of Minority Leader Chuck Schumer proclaiming in a press conference that the federal “assault weapons” ban bill introduced in the Senate by Diane Feinstein, Chris Murphy and Dick Blumenthal would have a disproportionate and negative effect on poor and minority populations…so he’s opposing it.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer
House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

And we’d probably jump for joy when news breaks that the National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill that’s been languishing for years in the House has suddenly been fast-tracked by leadership.

All it would take from you, Mr. President, is a tweet or two this weekend. That’s not really asking too much, is it?


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    • Remember when President Bush said he hated broccoli? The media collapsed into hysterics, nutritionists demanded more broccoli for school lunch programs, cooking shows glorified all of the delicious attributes of the Presidentially maligned and under represented vegetable.
      People are stupid. Liberals are stupid crazy.

      • When Bush (the first one) said that, I encouraged my wife to send him a brief message, “Dear Mr. President: I’ll eat your broccoli if you’ll eat my peas.” (She hates peas.) She declined and I still think she missed her opportunity for 10 seconds of fame.

    • It’s clear that this OP is tongue-in-cheek. Nevertheless, there IS an implementation of the idea that could be deployed deftly. Suppose Trump told ICE to put a priority on deporting illegal aliens found in possession of firearms. No exceptions. Even the illegal alien father of American-born children living in a dangerous neighborhood. No gun to defend hearth and home for these defenseless Americans!

      Where will the push-back come from? From Constitutionalist PotG? Hardly.

      First, those who can remember the words of the 2A will see that the right to arms is guaranteed only to “the People”. Aliens need not apply. Congress has already legislated illegal aliens are felons in possession.

      Second, the argument will be that any such illegal alien ought to be deported for violating immigration laws. He can exercise his God-given right to arms for self-defense in his home country. (Mexicans, at least, have the right to keep arms at home.)

      Third, even the Natural Rights extremists who will not acknowledge the nationalist exclusion of illegal aliens from the 2A will take so much pleasure in the push-back from Democrats that they won’t object.

  1. Ain’t that the truth, anything at all to resist Trump in any endeavor is pounced on by the politicians and MSM.

  2. Hmmm…drumph is a sleazy NY billionaire. He’s been a dim,independent and a Republican. He banned bumpstock’s when Barry Soetoro said he couldn’t. And Donnie don’t like silencers. I’ll still vote for him as of NOW but he’s a populist/opportunist flim flam man with 4 bizness bk’s. Don’t tempt the orange guy😫

    • I voted for him because he sticks up for himself, and his country. Bush always turned the other cheek. Where did that get him? Just more attacks from the media. A girl wants a man who’ll stick up for her, not apologize to the bad guy for not agreeing with him. I would fight for my family…something Obama didn’t do. Who in their right mind would do an apology tour in foreign countries? Certainly makes one look weak. (Every country has done bad things in the past, move on.)

  3. Yes, but he also said “let’s ban the bump stocks!” as a joke, too. Unfortunately, the NRA and the Dems jumped all over it with joy instead of shock, and look what we got in return.

    Now there are rumblings of another tweet coming regarding suppressors…

  4. I think your theory is correct on most other issues, but not this one. Gun control is the heart of the left wing cause. Their of hatred Trump is insane for sure, but their hatred of guns is possibly deeper. I think for it to work you’d have to have him support gun control, but then also for openly and purely “racist” reasons. I think then a good portion of the left would have an amazing conflicting aneurism. However… even then, I bet the media would simply never report it.

    • “I am in favor of a gun control bill that will disarm all the black gangs in our inner cities that make our murder rate hardly better than that of a third world shit hole. Then maybe we can get them out of the drug business and back in school where they belong.” Will that do it?

      • Haha yes, though could also end it with, “after our deportation of all the Mexicans, we can put the blacks back to work in our fields across the country…”

        • Over the top, my friend. There are many blacks who are patriots. We need more allies, not less. I don’t care what color they are—just as long as they are for freedom and the 2A.

  5. Y’all worry way too much about the political BS from either side. Some advise: Ignore them all. Live your own life however you see fit, but don’t be stupid about it. Live as well as possible for as long as possible.

    • Yea? I ignored the gender bending and the men claiming to be women. Then they came into my public restroom. Now what do I do? Glad I’m not a teen girl.

      • Victoria,

        Be glad that pervert cross-dressers only came into your bathroom. Other women have had the unpleasant surprise of having a pervert cross-dresser come into their women’s locker room and disrobing.

        Of course the real answer is to call out “transgender” men for what they really are: pervert cross-dressers with psychological problems. And we should most assuredly NOT tolerate them in women’s bathrooms and locker rooms.

        • uncommon_sense
          After you call them out, since they want to look like a woman, cut it off, shove it in their mouth and let them suck on it until they choke to death, then dump them in the ocean and feed the sharks.

    • Tell em’ Gunny.
      I see it like this – it doesn’t matter who you elect because you’re gonna get fucked either way.
      Would the Dems have tried a gun ban already? Bet your ass they would’ve.
      No bump stocks as of now and suppressors are on the board.
      I’ll live best I can with what I’ve got and be content.

  6. It would have to be more extreme like, “I agree we need gun control now. We have to do something to protect our precious white children. We can’t have black nor Muslim people running around with guns anymore. We need to require licenses so only white Christian men can have guns. We can’t have military weapons anywhere in this country, thus I will sign an executive order to stop all police from owning weapons of war because we can’t have such assault weapons on our streets anymore. Matter in fact, I think I will just confiscate all weapons and use the military to police the country as commander and chief. Yeah, let’s do that! I hear by announce the repeal of the 2nd Amendment and the abolishment of all policing forces. The military will be ordered to confiscate all weapons from the civilians. Your welcome, Democrats.”

  7. That strategy is too late. Had it been planned and introduced at the right time, when the left could hope for defectors is over. Like adding to gun free zones might have worked.

  8. The typical Trumptard mentality on display. We don’t oppose Trump’s policies out of hatred or reflex action. We oppose them because he’s an incompetent moron who has done great harm to our country.

    • Case in point concerning TDS. Thank you verenwhatthefukk. When Trump gets his second term it will, in part, be thanks to guys like you.

    • Whatever. You’re not oppressed. Name even one way your personal life is different now then when NObama was ruining this dump.

      • For me, it hasn’t changed. I still can’t afford health insurance. Now the State of California has passed a law, similar to the one Donny dumped, that will raise my taxes unless I pay $1000 a month for insurance I will probably never use before I am old enough for Medicare.

        • So a left winger thinks Trump is “doing great harm to our country” because he can no longer use his bump stock? Shouldn’t lefties love Trump for that? They would have praised Obama for it.

        • Yeah, User1! It’s only hundreds of thousands of fellow POTG that got fucked over by Trump. Does it really matter? Optics. Sausage making. 3D underwater chess… and all that. Like, lighten up, man.

  9. @ Dan Zimmerman.
    You’ve got to be joking! And, I hope The Donald isn’t stupid enough to try a stunt like what you’re suggesting.

  10. Every time Trump puts his big foot in his mouth he always says “It was a joke”. How stupid can one man(?) be. Gotta get him out of the WH.

      • It worked for her in California. It got her elected to the Senate because she signed off on a law that has prohibited the introduction of any new semiauto pistols in the state since May 2013. And our Governor, Greaser Gavin, thinks his efforts to ban all ARs and any other guns he can will get him elected to the WH. The Gilroy shooting gave him just the excuse he needs.

      • Trump would do it if he thought it would make him popular. He’s not on our side. He only has one side, ever, and that’s his own.

  11. The most vile rats are those that inhabit the district of corruption,there was once a party named after them the DemocRats now known as the CommiecRat party.

  12. Lol… more likely response is that the day after he tweeted that there’d be a line of MAGA cucks lined up around the block from their local PD trying to turn in all their firearms.

  13. I love peas and all kind of vegetables…….what I hate is gun control and the left wing socialist who are trying to take over our government . Hitler tried to take over the world…..don’t try…Japan tried and stopped because every American had a gun .we true Americans have guns ,amo and the courage to stop you idiots. You just try . A true American and texan.

  14. Be careful what you ask for, Dan. If the Prez did as you suggested, it would probably backfire because the ProgLibDems are so single-mindedly in favor of gun control that they’d jump right on it. Better that Trump just lets it lie, and veto whatever gun control bills they manage to pass.

  15. Given how FACAL MATTER for Brains Democraps HATE and fight everything Trump supports it would. seem to be a good idea but I fear the Democraps would go with Trump on this one and SCREW over Americans big time.


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