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Responding to rumors that the cops opened fire on Dzhokhar Tsarnaev without ballistic provocation, Watertown Police Chief Edward Deveau told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that the Boston bomber was shooting at his troops when they shot him. Who shot first? Who knows? But still . . . why didn’t they withdraw? It’s not as if Tsarnaev was going anywhere, was it? Not for the first time, the Bay State’s bomber-seeking po-po launched a whole bunch o’ lead in a densely populated neighborhood.

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    • Explain it to me. Seriously. How do you think this should have gone down, tactically? I know the real world is not a white board, armchair warriors don’t eat lunch (or something like that), but in an ideal situation, do you engage in a firefight with a guy in a boat surrounded by cops, lit up by a helicopter?

      • How many and what types of explosives did he or could he have had with him? He bombed the marathon, do you think he would have hesitated to take out the houses and families around him if given the chance. He’s only contained, regardless of his position and numbers opposing him, if he’s dead or in custody.

        The cops didn’t act fast enough at Columbine and apparently not at Sandy Hook and they drew fire for that. Now they act fast and they get fire for that.

        This is a great site but your prejudice agaunst the cops comes thru.

        • He was bleeding out in a boat, and I’ve not seen any reports that say he had explosives on him. I also doubt he had a gun on him. Some cop probably popped one off negligently and so everyone unloaded. This is not uncommon.

        • Doug, you’re approaching a man wanted for bombing the marathon and murdering a cop. You better assume he’s got bombs and bullets.

        • He had the chance to take out the houses long before the cops arrived, he didnt. How do you know he bombed the marathon? Has he been convicted or publicly confessed?

          They didnt act fast, they overreacted as usual. They enacted martial law and proved that 25,000+ cops and military cant catch 1 guy. It was a civilian who told the cops he was hiding in the boat.

          And when did he murder a cop? When did officials state which of the Tsarnaev brothers shot him? And once again was either of them convicted of this.

          Presumption of innocence is thrown out the window, so people like jwm can feel safe under the jack boot of the government.

        • You have a presumption of innocence when you go to trial. In order to get to trial you surrender without shooting at the cops. And once you throw in the jack boot comment that proves what?

          All kinds of ways this could have played out, think Iraq or Astan. The cops did what they could with the mess these 2 idiots started.

          Get a job matt and start a fund to provide legal help to the surviving brother.

        • What evidence was there that he shot at the cops? Oh right… none. But hey, keep on screaming USA, USA at the top of your lungs.

          How is Iraq or Afghanistan in anyway relevant?

        • With jwm on this. The police officers had no way of saying what he had with him and they had to try and stop him. He had no hesitation in bombing the marathon and killing children, or in killing an innocent police officer who was in his car and had no idea what was happening when he was killed. It is not easy to understand the feelings of the police officers on the scene. Let’s give them, and not a murdering slimebag. the benefit of doubt.

        • Think of the possibilities!!! He could have a suitcase nuke! The boat could be disguised as a tank! He could be working with the North Koreans! He could be omnipotent! The possibilities are endless!

        • lookup the definition of a terrorist. tell me what this guys political motives were without speculating.

        • I’ve been critical of police in the past as well, but c’mon. Are cops often too trigger happy? I think so. Did they probably do the best they could here under the circumstances they thought themselves to be under? I think so.

          Matt keeps pointing out that they are innocent until proven guilty, that no one knows which one, if either one, really did any of the things they are accused of. Ok, given. Innocent until proven guilty. The police don’t have the luxury to think that way when they are acting, though. They take the intel from the previous contacts, integrate it into their plans of action, and do the best they can. If I was in the hunt for these guys, and my life was potentially on the line, you can bet I would assume the worst case scenario too.

          That is not to excuse any police abuses, or corruption. But you have to give a little leeway to human beings acting in the heat of the moment the best they can. Jeez.

        • To Matt. He ran. He fled to cops. Innocent people don’t do that. And reports indicate that the police went door to door before the fire fight and told people to get outa dodge. So there’s that.

      • Why don’t you tell us, Robert? You’re the expert when it comes to tactical warfare and gunfights. I mean you are a SWAT officer, right? Marines? Navy? Anything? You were also there so you would know.

        I find it funny how the media is so trustworthy to you when it lends to ragging on police. Go pick up a BA degree and get a badge already.

        • How is being a welfare queen relevant? Ask your self this, if you were in a defense gun use situation and squeezed off hundreds of rounds at a target who is likely unarmed and who you couldnt see, would you go to jail?

        • Based on the many news reports which surface in spite of the pro-cop sentiment, I’d say cops sure aren’t the experts on how to be cops, and considering how many demonstrably corrupt cops get away, literally, with murder, for SWAT raids on grannies based on crap informants, wrong addresses, student loan fraud and raw milk sales, I wonder very much how many bad cops never surface at all.

          Isn’t one of the four rules to be aware of what’s behind your target?

          If he was bleeding out in the bottom of a boat, how could the cops even see the target?

          The episode smells beyond fishy to me, like typical overreaction and poor fire control in every sense of the word.

        • So, are we to turn on all citizen gun owners who engage in DGU’s in cities and towns? Or just the cops.

        • Ask your self this jwm, if you were in a defense gun use situation and squeezed off hundreds of rounds at a target who is likely unarmed and who you couldnt see, would you go to jail?

        • Wrong matt. The police have different laws applicable for use of force than civilians. I know I know, “jack boots jack boots”, but that’s how it is. Civilians would have the duty to retreat in that situation. Police have the duty to affect an apprehension. Now sit back and relax with your silver ion healing bracelet and non-fluoridated toothpaste.

      • I am pretty much with jwm on this.

        You are not an expert just because you went to the SIG-Sauer Academy for a couple of days. This was not an ordinary police matter. These two fellow were not on the lam because they were dealing weed. They were stone cold terrorists. You ought to read up on Chechens before you make pronouncements on Police tactics. I suppose if he had a suicide vest and took out a bunch cops you would view that as a win-win. We complain about the militarization of the police for every day events. This wasn’t an everyday event and that apprehending these kinds of criminals is what the SWAT mission is all about.

        As far as Matt goes, he probably thinks the bombers are cool.

        • If they were terrorists then what was their political goal they were attempting to further? Look up the definition of the word before you use it again.

          And you ought to read up on white Americans before you make pronouncements. A awful lot of them have bombed places and shot up unarmed people.

    • Yup, and if the cops had withdrawn and waited him out we would see a post today that says “Why did the cops sit idly by and give the bomber an opportunity to escape??”. That’s how we do here.

      • He was wounded, and how is he going to escape a cordoned off area with surrounded by hundreds of cops? Is a helicopter going to magically descend from the sky and air lift him away?

        • They also believed he may have knowledge about additional bombs in the Boston area, which may be why they were interested in apprehending him alive if possible.

          Edit – Holy balls. I just read your comment about “was he convicted??”. Do you understand that someone has to be apprehended before they can stand trial and be convicted…? Are you suggesting the police only pursue convicted criminals…? Or do you simply spend an inordinate amount of time slapping infowars bumper stickers on your 87 Buick?

        • What evidence is there that there are additional bombs? Oh right, none, just baseless speculation.

          I am suggesting the presumption of innocence, as everyone here all ready considers him convicted in their minds.

        • Again, police had *probable cause* to take these two gentlemen into custody. In attempting to take these men into custody, they were met with gunfire and explosives. This legally allows the police to meet the threat with deadly force, while still attempting to take them into custody. Is there anything else you still don’t understand here?

        • The cop who got shot is dead. And how about you post a link stating these eye witness accounts.

        • No Matt, there was another cop shot, Richard Donohue, who was brought to the hospital for treatment. Try to stay up on the story here.

        • Yes good point. When the cops were being fired on, I can’t believe they didn’t stop what they were doing and provide written statements about who shot whom. You don’t understand much about police procedure do you.

        • Neither do you if you think a quite likely unarmed suspected accomplice can be summarily executed.

        • Wait who says the cops summarily executed anyone, or attempted to? Presumption of innocence, remember Matt? That goes both ways.

  1. Living on the south shore I was yelling at my TV for the guy who found him to just take his gas can out of the shed and set the boat ablaze…..

    • Would of been cheaper for the tax payers. Now we’re probably gonna pay for his medical treatment, I’m sure there will be a special place for him in jail probably with at a minimum of constant survaillence , plus special security whenever he’s moved outside the prison along with court costs and he will probably appeal the decision.

  2. I believe if it wasn’t for the feds showing up, he probably would have been killed in short order… After all, between his brother and himself, there was law-enforcement that was wounded or killed the previous day.

    • Just saw a post on Breitbart that the older brother was alive and being cuffed when the younger brother ran him over and killed him. Source is CNN so 90% chance it’s BS.

  3. Hey, it’s like the movies, ain’t it? Don’t worry about the backstop, EVERY SHOT hits the mark, right??

  4. They should have killed this scumbag!

    He gets tons of tax dollars spent on hospitals, lawyers, and shrinks while decent Americans are taxed to death!

    He should get a MILITARY TRIAL since this was an ACT OF WAR.


    • When did an individual become a sovereign state capable of declaring war? Do you know what war is?

      • You’ve never watched Invasion USA have you?
        Even back then Chuck Noris knew who the enemy was and what they would eventualy do to the USA

        • When did Chuck Norris films become a reputable source on anything? Right here folks is irrefutable evidence of the level of intelligence of your average American.

    • Obvious troll. His name is “2nd Amendment rules” but he ends his xenophobic rant with a call to violate the 4th Amendment.

      Troll or caveman level idiot.

      • I’m fairly confident it’s just Piers Morgan desperately fishing for content for his show.

  5. Granted, things are confused, but the story as of last night was that the cops looked into the boat, he shot at the cops, the cops shot back, and then they were told to withdraw.

    It seems like there wasn’t much shooting by the cops. After all your typical boat is concealment, not cover.

  6. From everything I seen and heard so far, I can not fault the police in this matter. They appear to have acted correctly.

  7. How great would this have been if an average citizen armed with a scary black rifle took down this terrorist? I would love to see what MSNBC and CNN would have to say about that. I’m sure they are already upset by all the patriotism thats been going around the country this week.

    This kid is ultimately the product of American liberalism. He was never taught to be an American or to value what this country is about. Instead he was indoctrinated at our public school system that teaches to hate America and everything it stands for. I see it happening all the time in my state with the illegal immigrant Mexicans. They don’t care about this country at all. They still fly the Mexican flag at their house and hanging around the rear view mirror in their vehicle. They have stickers that say Hecho en Mexico (Made in Mexico) and the democrats condone and favor this behavior. It’s disgusting, but in the end this country will pay the price for what the liberals have been allowing to happen. Our second amendment is more important now more than every.

    • That was what I told my wife as we watched the coverage all day yesterday. I said if that’s my boat I’m going upstairs getting my AR and unloading the contents of one of my “pre-ban” MA legal 30 rd mags into the boat while she calls the cops.

    • Do you know what a terrorist is? What were his political goals which he attempted to further by the bombing? Look up the definition of the word “terrorist”. In addition when was he convicted of this?

      • I never said he was a terrorist nor did I imply he was convicted of anything. Reading comprehension is your friend.

        • Are you really that dumb? What, were you not calling him a terrorist in your very first sentance:

          How great would this have been if an average citizen armed with a scary black rifle took down this terrorist?

      • You sound like a broken record Matt. Give it a rest. He was a terrorist by most people’s standards. Ever seen the Harley episode of South Park. The one where they change the definition of the term fag. It’s kinda like that

        • …staring at a pile of feces on bike seat with a flag sticking out that reads: Fag. “ah! Someone shit on my bike!”

          “Hey! Look at that! There are little flags in the sheeeit!”

          Cartman flips off bikers.

          Oh! You mean that episode? Gotcha!

  8. There are so many boot lickers here who love to invoke the constitution when it comes to their rights, but when it comes to the rights of others they are more than willing to presume guilt and demand a extra-judicial summary execution.

    • I hear what you’re saying. My wife was pissed that he didn’t get Mirandized as a citizen. But also living just south of Boston and watching the video of Suspect #2 walking through the crowds on Patriot’s Day with that smug look on his face does not engender ANY goodwill.

    • When was his brother convicted, and of what crime? Has a trial taken place in the past couple days in absentia?

      • Matt: you are a FOOL (I bet you voted for Obama too!)

        When this thug ran from the cops he confessed!
        When this thug shot at cops he confessed!

        They should have blown his MUSLIM HEAD OFF~


        • Were you yelling to search all the Christian churches around OK City? Oh wait, that’s what Waco was all about.

        • Timothy McVeigh was an atheist. You failed, try again. Liberals always trying to re-write history.

        • Once again Leo, are you really that dumb to have missed the second sentence entirely:

          Oh wait, that’s what Waco was all about.

      • matt, i’m confused, you’re a self avowed anarchist that has talked about hoping for the system to collapse but yet you keep talking about this guy not getting a trial. Or are you just that guy that when someone says blue you have to say yellow?

        Or have you suddenly decided the system works and you support it? See my confusion.

        • Pointing out that everyone here is saying that his rights should be violated, while they bitch and moan about their rights being violated, somehow makes me a statist?

    • Also he was Identified by eyewitness Jeff Bauman who got his legs blown off when they dropped one of the backpack bombs at his feet, looked into his eyes, and walked off.

  9. This whole thing shows how incompetent both federal and local law enforcement were. A day long dragnet searching house to house misses the guy and an ordinary citizen finds him in an obvious hiding spot (owner saw blood where the guy crawled into the boat under the tarp). How the hell did they miss that?

    • If they wanted to catch him faster they should have cleared the streets of cops and given a bounty no questions asked…. he either would have turned himself in for his own safety or he would have been dragged in…. might not have been alive though.

  10. “… the Bay State’s bomber-seeking po-po launched a whole bunch o’ lead in a densely populated neighborhood.”

    Why not? They have qualified immunity.

    More importantly, they were doing something for public safety — which always trumps our unalienable rights.

    (Funny thing: I have yet to find an asterisk in the Declaration of Independence that says our unalienable rights are indeed alienable if public safety is involved.)

    • Inalienable rights huh? So can the state not imprison someone (taking away their liberty) if they’ve committed murder?

      Feel free to throw out 200+ years of constitutional caselaw while you’re at it. Just don’t expect to win converts to your extremism.

  11. “I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, then questions the manner in which I provide it.”

    Those officers got the job done. Bad guy is in custody in a condition where he can be questioned (eventually), no innocents killed, situation ended quickly enough that the area doesn’t have to be under lockdown for days. The hindsight armchair quarterbacking is silly enough when things go wrong, but here is just seems petulant.

    • When did a cop ever provide freedom? Do you know what a cop’s purpose is? It is to enforce laws. Laws whos only purpose is to limit freedom. Freedom is inherent in man, governments do nothing but limit it.

      • But yet you keep saying these boys haven’t been tried or convicted of anything yet. You’re confused matt.

        • Can you follow a thread? How is your post in any way relevant to mine? I swear, arguing with people here is like playing chess with a pigeon. Care to rage more?

        • Tell you what matt, since you’re so concerned with this alledged suspects rights why don’t you start a fund to raise money for his legal bills?

      • No arguing with people here is great. Many times have I been proven wrong only to be glad I opened my mouth in the first place. It is good to give yourself a mental workout. Try thinking other people’s differing opinions some thought; it just may help you achieve enlightenment.

  12. If you Leftists will stop whacking off over your self-important rants for a minute and look at the pics of the boat in question you will clearly see bullet holes that were exiting from the same side as police bullets were entering. The perp was shooting wildly from inside the boat.
    RFs biases are becoming quite clear, even down to siding with arab gun companys and Islamic Terrorists

  13. Sheesh, you really never can satisfy cop-haters can you?

    The police were chasing a man who not only committed a terrorist bombing, but also gunned down one of their own. He was heavily armed and clearly was not going to surrender without a fight.

    Yet in spite of all this, the police still managed to arrest him alive, and without hurting anyone else in the process. It was the best possible outcome, yet Rob still finds something to whine about?

    If it’s revealed that he didn’t have a gun and never fired at the police, then Rob would have a point. But without any such information he’s going out of his way to for no reason other then griping.

    I swear if they saved 50 children from a burning building on the way to arrest Tsarnaev, Rob would still find something to bash them for.

    • The police were chasing a man who not only committed a terrorist bombing, but also gunned down one of their own.
      What evidence was there that he did either of those things? If he was heavily armed, what specifically was he armed with?

      If it’s revealed that he didn’t have a gun and never fired at the police, then Rob would have a point.
      Oh right, no one knows if he was armed, but you seem to be saying so no reason at all other than to feel good about this situation.

      But without any such information he’s going out of his way to for no reason other then griping.
      Pot, meet Kettle.

      • The media routinely fails to report what type of weapon was used in their stories. You should know that as well as anyone. At least not till it’s revealed to be something they arbitrarily label an “assault weapon”.

        All evidence at this point says he was armed. He and his brother killed a police officer earlier and he was wounded in a police shootout. What was he armed with to do such acts, a nerf gun? How did he get wounded if he wasn’t shooting at the police earlier? Did he just walk into their gunfight for a breath of fresh air? Again, if it was revealed that he didn’t have a gun on the boat, the you’d have a point. But until there is evidence the police shot an unarmed man, there is no reason to reach that conclusion.

        I’m not the one griping about police actions here. Rob is, and so are you. I guess arresting a violent terrorist/cop killer without any further harm to innocents isn’t good enough for you. Perhaps they should have done this while reciting the lord’s prayer.

        • All evidence at this point says he was armed.
          Provide links.

          He and his brother killed a police officer earlier and he was wounded in a police shootout.
          One of them is suspected of doing so. Or are you saying they recreated the scene from boondock saints where they both pulled the trigger on seperate guns at the same time?

          How did he get wounded if he wasn’t shooting at the police earlier?
          Cops arent known to shoot anyone they see just like the Dorner manhunt? Are you saying he botched shooting at the police and shot himself?

          But until there is evidence the police shot an unarmed man, there is no reason to reach that conclusion.
          Its called reasonable doubt. You seem to default to that if the police shoot someone, they must be a rabid heavily armed murderer.

          And once again how is he a terrorist? Lookup the definition of the word before you reply.

        • Every news story I’ve seen on this says he shot at the police. They also say both brothers killed the MIT officer. Perhaps you might be shocked to hear this, but it’s possible to shoot someone more then once in order to kill them, and the guns don’t have to go off at the same time. If two people shoot the same person, then they are both responsible for killing him.

          And no i’m not saying he botched shooting at the police and shot himself. I’m saying the police shot him before he escaped and hid in the boat, just like what happened in the Maurice Clemmons case. Is that really so hard to understand?

          News stories all over the place are reporting Tsarnaev involved in multiple shootouts and you are refusing to believe them for no reason other then you don’t feel like it. Would waiting for evidence to contradict the stories really be so much to ask?

  14. Wouldn’t this have been the appropriate time to deploy those SWAT snipers that are always appearing in Blackhawk! and tactical scope ads??

    My understanding is that one of the main reasons LE snipers/sharpshooters exist is for situations exactly like this where the risk of collateral damage is too high to engage in a fire fight.

    Maybe when more details emerge we’ll find out that sharpshooters were involved…but if they weren’t, why the hell are we footing the bill for $4,000 rifles and $2,000 scopes if they ain’t even gonna use ’em appropriately?

    • We’re footing the bill because how else would the cops pay for their toys? Out of their own pocket like low class tradesmen do?

    • Actually a “Heavy Caliber Weapon” is exactly the wrong tacticle response when you know nothing about the target, besides the bomber was White and you know cops only shoot non-whites

      • Not heavy caliber, just a .223 or .308 designed for urban use. Lord knows we see enough gun companies catering to this exact application.

        • According to your goverment both those cals are Weapons Of War
          but back to the pics; the bullet holes appear to be 9mms

  15. I think I’m the numero uno cop-basher on this blog — when they deserve it — but frankly, I don’t believe that the cops in this case did anything wrong. I know that there are some among us who would excoriate a cop for rescuing a cat from a tree, but in this case all of us should hold our fire.

    The younger Tsarnaev was a suspect in a bombing that killed and injured hundreds, a carjacking and kidnapping, the shooting of a police officer and the murder of another. I wouldn’t expect the cops to try to end this manhunt with harsh words. They did pop off a lot of rounds — I heard them — but it doesn’t seem that there was any “collateral damage.” Maybe they actually were aware of their target and everything behind it.

    In any case, none of us was there, and the facts in this case are far from clear. Besides, no newspaper delivery women were harmed during the capture of this suspect.

    • LOL 🙂
      It is a perfect case of Global Jihad, the perps were taken down despite their desire to go down shooting, killing as many Kaffirs as possible. They were following the MB’s Plan, this will not stop until the current Regime is forced out of power for our greatest enemy is there. Diane Fienstien again announced (Thursday) that ALL GI’s are mentaly ill and Must be disarmed. This is All outlined in Rules For Radicals a book Obama taught to his classes as a Educator

      • PS
        the 2 perps admitted to their kidnap victim that it was they who were personaly responsible for all the attacks associated with the Marathon

  16. This one is easy. If the homeowner was armed, as I would have been, a couple of quick bullets in the terrorist would have been a whole lot safer than inviting several hundred kitted up LEOs over for a firefight.

    • Personally, I wouldn’t have investigated my boat unless I was carrying — but then again, I’m always carrying.

      Still, if the homeowner had lit the guy up and the punk was no longer armed, then the homeowner would be the one in prison. It’s Boston.

  17. Google earth should provide some idea of what was beyond the boat in all directions
    , can somebody provide a link to the birds eye view picture of the area?

          • the cops did the obvious right thing. this is one time a government agency will be saving us tax payers money.

            • when you declare war on your fellow countrymen, and mainly its women and children, the Constitution no longer applies to you. That may not be the universally accepted truth, but that’s how I feel, and that’s how I am going to act.

  18. That’s an awful lot of armchair quarterbacking in a really short paragraph, RF. Sometimes the best thing to say is nothing at all. I dare say your “tactical knowledge” only exceeds mine by a couple of SIG Academy courses, and I know I’m light years away from being able to Monday-morning this one.

  19. Matt, I agree with some of the others. You aren’t making sense. You are starting to sound like someone from the UK, with an axe to grind about America, and we’ve had plenty of that before- so get a grip, or some new material, wouldja?

    Robert- didn’t the police evacuate this neighborhood? I seem to remember hearing one of the relatives of the guy who discovered him saying so in a news clip.

    And I agree with Ralph and jwm- these guys had already killed one cop, and shot another, and thrown bombs in the car-chase, and since the older brother reportedly had explosives on him, when taken, then I think its only common sense to expect the younger brother would do same, and who knows how much he might have stashed in advance, or been able to trigger from his final hidey-hole? Frankly, that is what I’d expect from someone wanting to go out in a blaze of glory, to take more cops with him.

    Obviously, the cops wanted to take him alive- there was several mentions of same on TV during the day. But once he started shooting, the gloves come off, for officer and public safety.

    Until we get a detailed after-action, not just media and arm-chair expert speculation, I dont think theres much point in debating this to death.

    I’m more interested in what the cops or operators here with real-world experience have to say, and I’d like to suggest that a continuing stream of bad-mouthing, by well-intentiond readers or trolls, is more likely to cause them to leave in disgust.

    That would be a shame, because there aren’t that many gun-sites where it seems you get that insight.

    Just my two cents.

  20. I’m with JWM. So you’re willing to side with the TERRORIST BOMBER breather then the police, who are trying to apprehend a possible bomber, who already killed one officer and was tossing explosives at the police earlier.

    You are about as unbiased as the democrat underground. I’m actually ashamed to be here reading this crap.

    • Some people, Dude. Too PC and head up their own ass to realize what is happening. Crying about freedoms being taken away and at the same time trying to make it that police officers have to get a warrant to have a coffee. Hypocritical is my word for the day.

  21. Don’t forget that the surviving perp ran over his own brother while the fuzz was cuffing him. That the surviving perp was probably wounded by his own bombs, was and is still a dedicated, cold blooded, murderer of children and unarmed citizens (at the age of 19)

  22. Well, my perspective starts a bit further back than the launching of lead hither and yon by the police.

    Here we have a truly low-budget attack, something that when done in a dozen other cities around the world has never resulted in the shutdown of the entire 1+ million population of the area. That alone gave these two low-budget bombers a hugely outsized impact on the region. The only reason I could possibly contrive to order everyone to stay inside after such a small device explosion would be a dirty radiological bomb, or a chemical/biological device. That’s it. A couple of IEDs? Shut down the immediately affected area and people get on with their lives. That’s how it’s done the world over.

    One can only imagine what will happen the next time an attack happens in the gun and bomb phobic northeast: Someone dumps a M-80 into a public toilet and they’ll shut down a three state area in the northeast?

    Next, the circumstances under which the suspect was found in said boat: The homeowner had been cooped up in his house all day, courtesy of the hyper-active civic “leaders,” and when the “shelter in place” order was lifted, he goes outside, sees the tarp flapping on said boat, sees the hold-down strap cut, blood in the area and calls 911. Betcha he would have called 911 sooner if the oh-so-terribly-competent police hadn’t told everyone to stay indoors all day.

    Calling the police to account for launching rounds hither and yon in an urbanized area is nitpicking. Sure, it’s dangerous, but it’s par for the course from cops now. Shutting down an entire city for a day and costing the local economy in excess of a quarter billion dollars is a bit more salient point to be making here.

  23. You all do realize that RF will post controversial items to elicit comments, right?

    I think the lock down and massive police response was over the top, but then none of us have the real intel that drove those actions.

    If I didn’t know that the 2nd subject was captured alive, I would think he was riddled with bullet holes and dead. Hey Matt, they captured him alive and didn’t appear to shoot any innocent citizens or their dogs. I call that pretty decent police work by today’s standards.

    Let’s fire up the false flag “they were just innocent choir boys” conspiracy theorys while we’re at it.

  24. I’m an agnostic and I like to apply that to non-theological situations when applicable.

    None of us know what really happened and we never will. Did the police overreact? Was the bomber armed? Who knows. Between the police, government, and MSM, the story we’ll get is the one they want us to hear.

  25. Matt’s nonsensical posts follow a common liberal moocher-class pattern: all questions, no answers. Look at all his posts above. “how do you know x?” “are you saying y?” “have you read the definition of z?” It’s as juvenile as the kid whose response to any directive is, “why?” What a troll.

  26. I’m just glad that when the SHTF, we don’t have you keyboard commandos protecting us. Although we should, since you have all the answers. Is your chair comfortable?

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