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The Washington Post makes me laugh. Not because they made me look like a nut case in a front page profile that elicited thousands of flaming comments. The WaPo tickles my funny bone with their ongoing battle between the paper’s dedication to old-fashioned news reporting and their virulent anti-gun bias. As the headline indicates, Getting a gun legally in Europe may be hard, but terrorists have little trouble is a perfect example. The story’s push-me pull-you prevarication starts right from the word go . . .

Europe, a continent long known for the rarity of gun violence, is confronting twin challenges that give the issue sudden urgency: a growing population of radicalized young men determined to strike targets close to home, and a black market awash in high-powered weapons.

I thought Europe was long known for their socialist politics, ethnocentrism and hatred of all things American (even as they consume them with gusto). Anyway, Writers Griff Witte and Karla Adams set the stage: strict gun control laws in Europe have no impact whatsoever on weapons availability for “radicalized young men” (a.k.a., Islamic terrorists).

Sounds about right – except for the unmentioned (unmentionable?) fact that the Eurozone’s gun control regimes leave law-abiding citizens defenseless against the aforementioned Islamic extremists. And criminals. Never mind. It’s a haven I tell you, a heavenly haven compared to America.

In contrast with the free-firing United States, Europe is generally seen as a haven from serious gun violence. Here in Denmark, handguns and semiautomatic rifles are all but banned. Hunting rifles are legally available only to those with squeaky-clean backgrounds who have passed a rigorous exam covering everything from gun safety to the mating habits of Denmark’s wildlife.

Free-firing? What does that even mean? And what up with the qualifiers? Europe’s a haven from gun violence “generally seen” by who? “All but banned?” See what I mean about conflicted? The anti-gun Post is trying to tamp-down the pro-gun blowback that logically follows from the failure of European gun bans.

But if you want an illicit assault rifle, such as the one used by a 22-year-old to rake a Copenhagen cafe with 28 bullets on Saturday, all it takes are a few connections and some cash.

“It’s very easy to get such a weapon,” said Hans Jorgen Bonnichsen, a former operations director for the Danish security service PET. “It’s not only a problem for Denmark. It’s a problem for all of Europe.”

Yes! A problem! A big problem!

European leaders have made tighter controls on weapons trafficking a priority in recent weeks, following the killing of 17 people in Paris by three attackers. The shootings in Copenhagen this past weekend, which left two people dead, raised the ominous prospect of copycat attacks across Europe.

But officials acknowledge there is no clear solution. The same open-border policies that allow people and goods to flow freely across the continent also make it extremely difficult to crack down on illegal weapons — a fact that arms dealers have been all too eager to exploit.

“You can find Kalashnikovs for sale near the train station in Brussels,” acknowledged a Brussels-based European Union official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on the record. “They’re available even to very average criminals.”

In the case of the Paris attackers, they were able to obtain an entire arsenal: AK-47 assault rifles, pistols, a Skorpion submachine gun and even a rocket-propelled-grenade launcher. All of it was purchased in Brussels for about $5,000, according to Belgian media reports.

The obvious answer for a paper that’s pro-civilian disarmament in The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave? More gun control! But the WaPo can’t say that. It would be stupid. In fact, now that they’ve brought up the subject, there’s nothing to do but acknowledge the insanity of calling for still more European gun control. I love this bit . . .

. . . it is a particularly challenging issue for Europe because of the continent’s open borders. With 28 countries in the European Union, each with its own rules and regulations, controlling the flow of weapons has been nearly impossible.

“A firearm that is illegal in one country may be legal in another,” said Raffaello Pantucci, director of international security studies at the London-based Royal United Services Institute. “You have continuous land all the way through to Russia and into the Balkans, which of course until a few decades ago was a war zone.”

Even assessing the scale of the problem has proven too difficult for Europe. A comprehensive European Commission study released last year cited an estimate of 67 million illicit firearms across the continent. But it also noted that the total was probably overstated and concluded that “no accurate quantification of the problem is feasible.”

U.S. law enforcement has long maintained an extensive database of lost and stolen weapons. But Europe has only recently begun to do so, working in concert with Interpol. So far, the database is believed to contain only a small fraction of the total.

Controlling the flow of illegal weapons is not impossible. It’s “nearly impossible.” Europe needs an international database of lost and stolen weapons to [somehow] stem the tide of 67 million illicit firearms.

I don’t know about you, but I find this writing entirely giggleworthy. The writers know they’re fighting a losing battle against themselves on this one. Hence they inserted following ‘graph to try to recover lost ground.

One country that has largely succeeded in keeping illicit firearms out is the United Kingdom. Because Britain does not participate in the continent’s open-borders program — and because it is an island with strictly enforced weapons laws — guns are rare. Out of desperation, criminals and would-be terrorists in Britain have occasionally turned to antique weaponry — flintlock pistols and Wild West-style revolvers — as the most deadly options available.

Do WaPo writers have access to the Internet? Google “number of illicit guns in the UK” and the very first hit yields “Estimates of illegal weapons [firearms] range from 500,000 to a million or more, perhaps many more” [via]. This is not the gun control success the WaPo is looking for.

Time to tidy-up and go home. But not before adding one last completely ridiculous plug for gun control.

Even with the high-profile gun attacks of recent weeks, there’s been no major push in Denmark or elsewhere in Europe to loosen the gun laws. While American firearms advocates preach the necessity of self-defense, the argument holds little sway on a continent where citizens have seldom had to worry about gun violence — and hope the recent killings prove an aberration.

“As I see it,” said Rigby, the Copenhagen gun dealer, “more guns on the streets only means more trouble.”

As I see it, Europeans are going to see gun rights very differently very soon. Oh wait. Maybe not. Maybe they’ve completely abandoned the idea of personal protection. Maybe they’ll turn to their respective governments for protection, who will be more than happy to [continue to] transform the Eurozone into one great police state. And by great I mean large, not good. Not good at all.

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  1. Wapiti and others may have to come to terms with the fact that “gun violence” isn’t a direct result of guns being available. It’s a result of conditions that naturally foster crime and societal strife. In America, even if you banned guns overnight, our gang problem would continue to generate violent crime and murder. For many decades, Europe simply didn’t have thus problem, being largely a homogeneous society defined by centuries old borders and distinct cultures. Now that Europe has let the floodgates of poor immigrants flow openly for some years – surprise, now they have their own gang problems comparable to America, as well as a burgeoning Islamic extremism issue.

    Now Wapo and others get to see, controls on weapons and laws against violent behavior mean nothing when a violent minority group have no intent on following them. The only preventative measure is to allow citizens to have the of tools of self defense available to them.

    • In Denmark, rape, robbery, assault and murder has jumped in the last ten years over 80 to 90 percent.

      This tied to the influx of legal and illegal immigration, mainly from Africa of which mainly consists of muslim immigrants.

      Of course, it’s not just Denmark experiencing this phenomenon.

  2. Robert,

    VERY well written on the inability of Europe to control anything at all! They point at their laws and say “Hey! Look at all our laws!” Then even those tasked with upholding them point to their failures.

    Everyone needs to read the WP article and the comments. This is how the left demagogues anyone and everyone they disagree with about any thing!

  3. As I have debated anti gun extremists on one site in particular I keep making this point…..Europe has less gun violence only because their criminals for some reason “choose” not to use guns… this article shows, and another one from a few days after the attack on the French Journalists, criminals can and do get guns when they want or need them…..their gun control laws work no better than ours do and their guys can get 30 round magazines ( the latest front on the gun grabbing war) fully automatic rifles, pistols, hand grenades and rocket propelled grenades….and they can easily cross international borders to do it… go to countries with just as strict gun control as France…..

    So their criminals choose not to use guns….but they can and do get them whenever they want or need to….gun control does not work…..Europe shows us this…as does Puerto Rico…and island nation with the strictest gun control in the United States and it’s territories, and one of the highest murder rates in the world…..

    • Puerto Rico pales in comparison to the communist State of New Jersey. NJ is the worst in the U.S.A. followed by CT, NY, MD and Cali.

    • @Billc–“Europe has less gun violence only because their criminals for some reason “choose” not to use gun.”
      The real answer Bill is very simple to why the european criminals CHOOSE not to use guns publicly is just the same reason as in America, because blood is bad for business. Street criminals can kill each other and it never makes that much news because it is usually concentrated in certain minority populations, and the good sheeple do nothing but sprinkle fairy dust for protection until the racist authorities come to kill misunderstood 21 yearold boys. What we don’t see in America is mutilated corpses thrown on mainstreets as a criminal organizations business merger, because of our massive federal government that goes after their money. It is just like how in Mexico cops and their families are killed as a necessary business expense, but thankfully in America if you kill a corrupt cop or a good cop, there is no rock to hide under from the police or from the citizens that have respect for men that have personal discretion along with their granted authority.
      The mafia never targeted state agents that went after them because money would have stopped flowing in. John Gotti killing the drunk that ran over his young boy is an example of a violent man taking care of a personal matter not business, since these organizations only issue with violence is if it is cost beneficial. My state invites outlaw motorcycle enthusiasts once a year with not many major gunfights and it is well known that Fedcoats and cops go after the innocent family members of these innovative folks, who are at least honest about their greed in their business dealings, when the authorities are not smart enough to catch their subject. The bad guys don’t retaliate back because these organizations only care about the bottom dollar, since they tend to kill their own for small infractions.

  4. Lead (Pb) is also tough to get legally here in the U.S (ask your neighborhood reloader supply). due to Nazi EPA, where do you get your lead? China.

    Buy your guns now, if you can’t afford Sig by Zastava. If you can’t afford Zastava by HiPoint. Remember who pushed you to into this corner and if/when it should come to civil war (no it couldn’t happen here [except that one time that it happened after it couldn’t happen then]) you’ll have plenty of time to go after the people that set you to it, round ’em up, their kids, their pets, etc., etc. They’re going do it to you, but first they have to make sure you don’t have a gun.

    Anyway, buy your guns now, but buy some ammo too.

    • “Common sense will tell us that the power which hath endeavored to subdue us, is of all
      others the most improper to defend us. Conquest may be effected under the pretence of
      friendship; and ourselves, after a long and brave resistance, be at last cheated into
      slavery…. Wherefore, if we must here-after protect ourselves, why not do it for ourselves?
      Why do it for another?” ( Paine Common Sense pg. 47)

    • “Lead (Pb) is also tough to get legally here in the U.S”

      Go to a self-service automobile junkyard.

      The ground will have lots of tire balance weights to gather up.

      • I think he meant large scale manufacture, all the smelters moved to China. Recyclers are all we have now. Junk boats are another good source of huge amounts of lead.

  5. The writer thinks America is “free-fire…”

    Okay, get a pistol and start freely popping off rounds. See what happens…

    You’ll either get some free ventilation holes and you’ll feel free to get to know your new cellmate.

      • To be fair, sexual assaults are actually really rare in prison. That’s not to say they don’t happen, and I ABSOLUTLEY don’t want to sound like I’m dismissing those who it does happen to. But it’s not the massive rape-fest that movies and TV portray it as, and here’s why. In prison, homosexuality is massively frowned upon (primarily due to the lack of privacy; nobody wants to worry about some guy checking out his johnson when he’s in the shower or on the toilet), and this obviously included male-on-male rape.

        • @jake–Ignorance is the worst value that we men possess, but thankfully most can distinguish when theoretical thinking is used as a supplement, instead of a compliment to learning from experience. If your knowledge on this subject comes from only books or from the mouth of a corrections officer please do some further research. Also be leery of using an information source that is paid and takes pleasure from dominating another human being like an animal, which is the exact reason most criminals are receiving three hots and a cot.

          The Catholic Inquisiton was more honest and civil about showing mercy than our corrections system is. Burned at the stake is more merciful than locking a man in a small dark box until they lose their minds from isolation or being constantly preyed upon. I happen to be vengeful Christian who would never allow an evil savage to live a full life if they hurt someone under my protection, so don’t confuse my disgust of a corrupt system for pity upon evil men. It wouldn’t be quick for the evil bastard but I would not enjoy or prolong their suffering anymore than deemed necessary for their absolution of the crime they freely chose to commit upon an innocent person..

          “In prison, homosexuality is massively frowned upon (primarily due to the lack of privacy; nobody wants to worry about some guy checking out his johnson when he’s in the shower or on the toilet), and this obviously included male-on-male rape.” Rape is not about sexual orientation it is about domination that is tied to the sexual release for the savage, and humiliation for the intended target that is the cause of rape on the outside. Now imagine a bunch of confirmed emotionally unstable violent men who are full of testosterone and live in a community based on the predatory food chain. In prisons it is considered weak and a well known killable offense to snitch on others no matter what was witnessed, and the guards allow violence to occur. Rape is just a business transaction and a way of punishment through humiliation that is carried out regularly by inmates and guards. Consensual gay sex in prison still occurs because one inmate doesn’t think having sex with an effeminate man is a homosexual act, as long as locked up that is.

  6. From the Washington Post article,

    While American firearms advocates preach the necessity of self-defense, the argument holds little sway on a continent where citizens have seldom had to worry about gun violence — and hope the recent killings prove an aberration.

    So, the only recourse for the people of Europe is HOPING that terrorists decide to leave them alone going foreward. Yeah, no thanks.

    • If and when you debate anti gunners…ask them this question….if you could go back in time and arm a murder victim with a gun, to stop the murder…would you? Another good one…..if you could go back in time and disarm a victim who stopped a violent criminal with a gun…would you? So far, at the site where I debate gun issues with lefties….not one of them answers either question……..

      It puts the issue in their face and forces them to confront what they are really advoctating……another thing…when they talk about Common sense gun control….hit them with the fact that anti gunners do their best to block gun safety lessons in grade schools…where it just might save a child’s life…..and then I hit them with the fact that in reality….a dead child is their greatest propaganda tool…so gun safety would defeat their agenda…..

      • “when they talk about Common sense gun control….hit them with the fact that anti gunners do their best to block gun safety lessons in grade schools…where it just might save a child’s life”

        If the President is unwilling to sign the basic (Stop! Don’t touch it! Get out of the area! Tell an adult!) safety taught by local LE, we need to pressure state and local government or school districts to do it.

        I want to hear the reason WHY they won’t sign it. Just the bare-bones, taught by local LE: : (Stop! Don’t touch it! Get out of the area! Tell an adult!)

    • Same crap the anti’s spew here…

      Bad things don’t happen, but when they do, just lay there and take it.

      Just let the lion eat you, it’s for the good of the herd.

  7. I dunno. The death by guns rate really took a sharp downward turn in Europe after 1945. Must have done something right. 😉

    • The entirety of Europe was positively awash in guns after 1945, look for a different reason. America had guns and gun rights, to some extent, but no one had sent tens of millions of men, with machine guns, killing each other and littering battlefields with their guns for 5 years, across America. If all those guns caused murders, their murder rate would have skyrocketed after 1945, climbing until 1955-60 before enough guns were collected up to cause the rate to begin dropping.

  8. “In the case of the Paris attackers, they were able to obtain an entire arsenal: AK-47 assault rifles, pistols, a Skorpion submachine gun and even a rocket-propelled-grenade launcher. All of it was purchased in Brussels for about $5,000, according to Belgian media reports.”

    So why can’t we purchase the same things here for that bargain price? UNFAIR!!!!

    And I would like to ask the disarmed Europeans at Charlie Hebdo how that “hope the recent killings prove an aberration” strategy worked for them. Oh wait, that’s right – they’re all dead, so I guess we can’t ask them.

    • “So why can’t we purchase the same things here for that bargain price? UNFAIR!!!!”

      Same reason illegal drugs cost less than prescription, even when they are the same.

      • Same reason that illegal marijuana in Washington is still being sold and selling for a lot less than what is legally available, the government is involved and the huge amount of regulations drives the price northward.

      • 120 tablets of 5mg. generic prescription Oxycodone is about twenty dollars USD.

        The street price on heroin/synthetic is a many times more than that.

    • “In the case of the Paris attackers, they were able to obtain an entire arsenal: AK-47 assault rifles, pistols, a Skorpion submachine gun and even a rocket-propelled-grenade launcher. All of it was purchased in Brussels for about $5,000, according to Belgian media reports.”
      So why does not Bud’s Gun Shop in Kentucky have this selection and pricing? I mean we are in the free-firing United States

  9. RF, WAPOST. ‘Dedication to old fashioned news reporting…’ I couldn’t read another word after that statement. Unless you mean by old fashion news reporting is state sponsored propaganda.

  10. Stop making sense RF. 5000bucks for all that stuff. I feel gyped. BTW I just saw a report on CNN about the greatest threat to America being home-grown right-wing terrorists. The so-called “sovereign citizens” and the KKK. Not Muslims, gang members, drug cartels or the mass of left loons and criminals rioting and looting in places like Ferguson. Basically anyone who disagrees with the left-wing diatribe…

  11. This is a cause I can rally around:

    What do we want?
    A database of lost and stolen firearms!
    When do we want it?

    • You forgot;

      What for?
      Who knows?
      What will it change?
      Absolutely nothing!
      What is our goal?
      REGISTRATION leading directly to CONFISCATION!

  12. “ They ’re
    available even to very
    average criminals.”

    so… if the criminals were highly trained and organized it would be OK?

  13. RF, isn’t it interesting/sad/pathetic/ironic/disgraceful that the states most profited by civilian guns in 1776 are not among the most insipid in terms of freedom, liberty and individual ruggedness. and for what? more control over individual lives than their ancestors would tolerate from a king. all in the name of, uhmmm, like, you know, i mean, uuuhhh whatever.

  14. In the US we have a gang problem, so the left wing politicians try to take guns away from good people. In Europe they have an Islamic terrorist problem, so their left wing politicians try to prevent good people from having guns. This is the essence of what passes for leftist “reasoning.”

  15. RF, after reading the WP article, I didn’t see you made out to be a nut case. Maybe a little on the passionate side, but that’s to be expected anytime a particular passion is paraded. If they showcased some oldster who spent all her time and money quilting for the homeless and her reasons why, however valid, many if not most would see her as a nutcase. Your passion is a badge of honor.

      • Couldn’t care less what 3,000 comments say. I know how to read and have been doing it for 50+ years. I also learned to read between the lines and put things in context and I’m rather opinionated. That’s the benefits of having a mother who was a teacher with a masters in education and a major in English. I also have an older brother with a masters in journalism graduating Magna cum laude. To make a short story even shorter, I picked up a few things along the way.
        “Don’t try to spoon feed me dirt and tell me it’s sugar”

        • (Commence Dick-Waving)

          Both of my parents have multiple degrees. Both siblings are degreed.

          All of it completely irrelevant, mlloyd, as NONE OF THAT changes the fact you were either unable or incapable of ‘reading between the lines’ as Farago’s flaming was in the comment section that YOU NEVER READ but were apparently able to absorb via osmosis.

          “Don’t try to spoon feed me dirt and tell me it’s sugar”

          Do tell me how dirt tastes, you must have vast experience eating it.

          Read the comments, I’ll wait for your apology…

    • I agree, that was about the fairest and most unbiased profile I’ve seen on anyone in quite some time.

      That being said, I’m sure the general population sees it differently than a potg.

      That’s the best publication of “our view” that I’ve seen. Your comments were well quoted and logical. Your demeanor was portrayed as non threatening and non aggressive…..

  16. The Antis’ keep trumpeting, “Not one more…”
    Well I agree. Not one more, infringement on our rights. Rights protected no where else.

  17. I would like to point out a lie in the article, the European commission DID NOT say the 67 million was over stated, the conclusion was that number was understated meaning there are probably over 67 million in circulation that the governments of EU know nothing about.

    If ISIS does attack Italy as has been stated over the last few days, it will be interesting to see if Europe finally wakes up.

      • No, they do not have more lenient laws, but they do not believe the AR-15 is not an evil ugly gun and it is considered legit for hunting. Also, much of Italy is still farms and agriculture. As least in the part of the country my family lives in, having a gun is normal and government be damned. Since the police are far from reaching any of the farms in any reasonable amount of time, many of the gun laws are ignored by the police. Inside Rome, Milan and other big cities, they believe in no-gun utopia but outside in the country, not so much.

        However, to your question, ISIS has specifically called out Rome to be under attack in its latest set of videos. ISIS has moved into Libya a former Italian colony and home to a large Italian oil company. Libya is only 300miles from the Italian coast and Italy has taken the threats serious enough that it has deployed 5,000 troops to the coast line, 500 additional police in Rome and an additional 5,000 to cover potential targets inland. There have been boat loads of people fleeing Libya on boats and landing on Italian shores. Many intelligence people believe a few ISIS fighters are among them and even US Intelligence says that an attack on one of the hundreds of cruise ships that call Italian ports home are vulnerable to attack and that the attacks may already have been planned. Remember the Somalia Pirates, they are Sunni Muslims and reports are that ISIS has reached out to them.

        If ISIS successfully attacks a cruise ship it will be huge international incident. It is considered a highly likely scenario because it would be huge for recruitment reasons for ISIS.

        I only know what I have been reading and what my family in Italy is telling me from their local news, but the military expert seem to believe it is a likely scenario and Italy has gone to the UN Security Counsel and NATO for help. A few minutes of googling will backup my assertions. I have no idea how real it is however.

        • Damn. Thanks for that info. I wish your family the best. Too bad Italy won’t reclaim the rest of thier colonies from when they ruled all

        • Damn. Thanks for that info. I wish your family the best. Too bad Italy won’t reclaim the rest of thier colonies from when they ruled all of Europe.

  18. strict gun control laws in Europe have no impact whatsoever on weapons availability for “radicalized young men” (a.k.a., Islamic terrorists). Per Obozo there is no such thing as Islamic terrorists; this is just all work place violence!

  19. and hope the recent killings prove an aberration. The Europeans have Hope and Change so they can click their heels 3 times and wish they were in Kansas. And they may actually wish they were in Kansas when this is all over.

  20. Unfortunately, this may yet prove an issue for some Europeans.
    Here in the Czech republic, the only current threat to our established gun laws is EU legislation. There are already such tendencies in the EU, asking for uniform gun legislation across the EU – on a restrictive level, of course. This could give these people the push to go forward with it.

  21. It is academic about gun ownership and defending against muslim terrorists at this point for most of Western Europe and England.

    It all about demographics and who is having enough children to replace themselves.

    Native Western Europeans are below the replacement rate at something like 1.1 children per couple. The Muslim birth rate is 8 to 9 children per couple. Muslims will be the majority in most W.E. countries by 2050.

    The establishment of Sharian law and the mass slaughter of the remnants of the Caucasian population, from history in other countries with this demographic change will probably happen at the 25% -35% population range.

    Either way, the 1400 year history of Islams attempt to conquer europe will finally be complete within a few more decades.

  22. Wait, the Charlie Hebdo monsters got all of their hardware for only 5 grand? Shit, I just might need to take a trip to Belgium….

  23. A gun owner is a free person. Europeans are slaves. Seventy years ago Europe was a murderous hell hole. Now they are comfortable happy slaves. Socialist in America and Europe have been trying to make heroin and pot legal so even more people can be comfortable and happy. Socialist are for intoxication and against firearms ownership. In America advocates for the inner city want all drugs legal and all firearms illegal. Michael Bloomberg and others would be very pleased.

    • Err, nope. A few days ago I read about a young man, a “criminal”, caught and detained by police, with 0.2 grams of marijuana. In theory he faces up to 3 years in prison for that horrible “crime”. In practice I suppose he’ll be given a suspended sentence – 1 year. But for a long time he will be treated as a criminal. If he’s going to be looking for a job that could be a problem. A bank loan – probably the same. And, obviously, he has to forget about a firearms permit. You have to be squeaky clean for that. All that punishment for one lousy joint.

      It is a gold mine for our police. Instead of dealing with real crimes they go after the easiest, safest prey. They are shooting fish in the barrel. And college or university students make for easy targets. A bar, a pub or a dance club and they can have their harvest. Music concerts or festivals are exceptionally fertile. Statistics are everything for them. That’s the real problem with our pathetic “drug busters”. Making crimes of, more or less, harmless activities. It seems like a tremendous waste of resources and money. From our own pockets.

      Sadly, not all EU countries have sensible drug policies and sensible laws. Some of them are as stupid as that infamous “war on drugs” (as well as wars on other nouns). And one more thing. The freedom to own a gun is the same freedom which allows you to decide whether or not you want to intoxicate yourself with drugs. As long as you’re not hurting anyone it’s nobody’s business.

      But what a socialism has to do with it? 😉

  24. “Europe, a continent long known for the rarity of gun violence…”

    “…and a black market awash in high-powered weapons.”

    How can that be? If guns cause violence, as the disarmers want us to believe, then those are two completely incompatible statements. It just doesn’t make sense!

  25. Don’t worry guys, if the antis have their way the only people able to get guns will be… the very worst terrorists who want to kill us all.

    So… good?

  26. Sweden is like a miniature variant of the US in regards to gun violence. Rare in small towns and remote places and more common in ghettos around the big cities. Most likely the same reasons all over for this. Social issues breeds criminal behavior and illegal guns will never go away. And of course the authorities go after the guns they can, the legal ones. The guns that are not an issue. Because they are populist idiots.


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