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When a “report” on the politics of gun control takes over a minute to get to the point – any point – you know you’re watching anti-gun agitprop. OK, that and the fact that you’re forced to endure a “greatest hits” news file compilation of spree killings establishing the [supposed] need for anti-ballistic brainwashing. In fact, this video is, itself, a piece of anti-gun agitprop. The fact that the Washington Post posts PostTV propaganda without labeling it editorial betrays the paper’s deeply-held prejudice against Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. But you knew that. The real question here: where are the pro-gun PSAs?

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  1. Companies and groups have made pro-Second Amendment PSAs and have found many outlets will not put them on and the Post Company is one of those. Other media outlets will put them on after the groups paying through the teeth and put them on at 2 am….of course everyone knew that as well.

    • BTW- the link here didnt work, so I had to google to get to the WAPO Post Tv section to get it to load-
      It starts out innocently enough, “25 years ago, when President Reagan was shot…then posits a couple of weak assertions about how no gun laws changed, blah blah,
      and wraps up with a sales pitch for Everytown…

      Which all of us here already know is Nanny Bloombergs third iteration after the first two failed sockpuppet grassroots groups have fallen apart, “Mayors Running Away from Bloomberg”, and “Mommies Fakebooking Hysterical Demands Across America”.

      But credulous or new readers of the WAPO might not, and be taken in by the set up as “news”.

      This looks entirely too slick for a 20 something to produce in one day…see post below.

      Pretty sad when WAPO has to take some obviously pre-cooked , highly polished production material thats basically propaganda for gun control, with Bloomberg money behind it,

      and put it up on the Washington Post tv or any other part of their site under the heading of “News”….

      Ben Graham must be rolling in his grave…
      Jeff Bezos, call your office…

  2. where are the pro-gun PSAs?

    They are languishing unseen in film cans and on hard drives because the MSM won’t run them. Ever.

    The Democrats control the MSM, and the MSM controls the message.

    • Thankfully the mainstream media is also on the decline in its general use and popularity. The internet will eventually prevail.

        • With NET Neutrality, the government is pushing really hardest that, they already now have the power to determine who is and who isn’t a journalist. And you can just guess who are journalists and who aren’t. Yep, Conservatives that don’t work for Rupert Murdoch aren’t journalists and ALL LIBERALS ARE JOURNALISTS. Funny how “transparent” the Obamunists actually have become.

  3. Isn’t this what the intertubes are for? I have to endure commercials for stuff I don’t want or need to watch a video these days. Why not a pro-gun commercial in it’s place?

  4. That’s OK cause there are enough how to be a better parent PSAs. Apparently opinion is that parents are incredabily stupid. I took care of my baby brother from 2 months to 5 yrs. old, most of it without adult supervision and never once needed a PSA to tell me how to keep a kid happy and healthy. If I ever saw a PSA regarding guns, would probably spontaneous implode due to sheer annoyance at condescending bastards that produce PSAs

  5. “where are the pro-gun PSAs?”

    Estan prohibito. Don’t expect fairness from statist deck-stackers. They are to be beaten, not reasoned-with!

  6. The news media is left, why would anybody broadcast us, that’s the facts. Our only media is the Internet. I couldn’t care less about NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC and the other liberal outlets. I really never put them on my tv, they are too bias. I would say watch our backs, but this time all of us have to spread the word and the truth!

  7. And they’ve either conveniently ignored or intentionally neglected the immutable and inescapable fact that they’ve been losing, in large part, over the last 15 years. But, the so-called lamestream network “news” media will keep that dystopian daydream alive until they’re finally forced to close their doors as they slowly and inevitably slip into the annuls of mediocrity, where they rightfully belonged in the first place.

    They’ll try to make the internet and alternative media just as censored and controlled as everything else was, but by then, the old days will be long gone — and permanently. The internet is a Pandora’s Box that was opened long ago, and will forever remain beyond the power of a feckless and impotent State to control.

    They have already long since lost. They just haven’t let it dawn on them yet, and if only to save themselves from having to live in the real world as the rest of us do.

  8. I was hoping Jeff Bezos was going to really change things at WAPO, with hiring Volokh, and letting Klein go, but I really wonder if there are any adults left in the sand box over there.

    Here’s a quote from Julie Percha, the 25 year old who bylined this at WAPO, in the NEWS section, and per her LinkedIn profile shows that her news reporting experience includes writing on the U Pittsburgh student paper and a series of internships (oops I mean fellowships) since-

    “Everyone on our team is what I call a “predator” – we all write, shoot and edit. It’s kind of the whole package to do all of these skills. Basically, we have the day to execute our stories and to put it online and traffic it out. It’s really the whole nine yards of journalism. It’s something that looks daunting at first, but then I thought, “Hey, that’s what j-school teaches you to do.”

    Yup, thats what j-school teaches you to do, produce agitprop and call it “news”.

    In the old Soviet Union, the people had a saying- referring to the two main StateRunMedia organs there- Pravda (Truth) and Izvestia (News):

    ‘Viu Izvestia Ne Pravda, Viu Pravda Ne Izvestia’.

    Looks like we can simply substitute NYT for the one, and WAPO for the other.
    “In the Times there is no truth, and in the Post there is no news.”


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