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People who harm dogs have a special place in Hell all to themselves, and that special place just got a new tenant.

This happened on Monday in Mantoloking, NJ, an area known for multimillion-dollar homes and (usually) peace and quiet. A 39-year-old man named Edward Walsh had driven his girlfriend’s stolen vehicle from Sayerville to a home in Mantoloking, which wasn’t owned by anyone he knew. It’s suspected that he went there because he was previously married to a family member of a prior owner.

Police were informed by the current residents that Walsh had entered the home, and were dispatched to serve an outstanding arrest warrant. In addition to vehicle theft, Walsh was wanted for unlawful possession of a weapon, aggravated assault of his girlfriend, and kidnapping.

About 45 minutes after arriving, police entered the home with permission of the current owner. Inside, they found Walsh brandishing a knife. After refusing to put the knife down, a K-9 officer named Kane was released from about 20 feet away. Walsh stabbed the dog with the knife, at which point the officers fired.

Walsh died shortly afterward, although it has not yet been determined whether he died of the gunshot wounds or of a self-inflicted knife wound to the neck which he’d already been suffering from.

“K-9 Officer Kane was transported to Red Bank Veterinary Hospital in Tinton Falls,” Prosecutor Bradley D. Billhimer said on Tuesday, “and thankfully is expected to make a full recovery and be released tomorrow.”

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      • Anyone who will kill a police dog will latter kill a human. I glad this criminal is dead. But the double standard on killing to protect government property, and you can’t kill to protect yours, just makes me shake with anger.

        Uniformed police and national guard were deployed to ONLY protect government buildings in Ferguson Mo. Civilians you are on your own. And no you can’t shoot to protect private property.

        • Actually, no. Dogs are property at the end of the day (police dogs or otherwise). It is unlawful to use deadly force to protect a dog. Its a bad shoot if the cop cant justify the use of deadly force against a human, if there was no imediate threat to human life. The department is manipulating your love of dogs to get their cop off the hook. The cop can no more shoot a citizen to protect a police dog than a citizen can shoot a cop to protect their dog.

    • Sorry but I can’t get behind shooting someone for stabbing your dog 20 feet away from you. I have shot dogs, feral, threatening etc. and have no problem with it but you have to realize that it is a dog. Besides, as some have observed, the government shoots dogs for barking, wagging there tail and other non threatening acts based on the very useful defense of “I was in fear of my life”. Now the fact that this dirtbag was shot by police and expired is no loss to humanity and I have no sympathy for him has nothing to do with this. Had he stabbed the dog then come toward the police they were completely justified to cap him but not for merely cutting the dog. This is akin to the absurdity of the charge of lying to the police. If they can do it to us we can do it to them. The state does not have more power than the people they serve. If they do it is tyranny.

      • Not to mention, if a dog is aggressively running toward you with the obvious intent of taking a bite out of you it is natural to respond by employing a weapon against it whether it is a wild coyote or a trained police dog. The police put this dog in harms way by sending it in when there were plenty of other methods that could have been employed (for example waiting for the guy to pass out from blood loss from the neck wound).

  1. Expect chris mallory to show up and proclaim that the police dog needs to have its teeth pulled. Citizen dogs have a right to their teeth. Police dogs are employees of the citizens and have no right to teeth on duty.

    • Cops have the right to shoot your dog, but you have no right/reason to shoot theirs. If you attack the police attack dog you will get shot dead for attempted murder of a K9 officer. If you attack the dog in anyway you can be charged with assaulting an officer; a much greater crime than assaulting someone that doesn’t work for the government. Your personal dog is considered property to the government, whereas the government’s dog is considered a K9 officer of the law. They can destroy your property for whatever reason and at most will have to pay you for doing so.

      I guess they will argue their dog is worth more than yours. Your dog is worthless…

      • It appears people have their priorities mixed up.

        So ridiculous. It seems these animals are worth more to them than you are.

        I wonder if Jemel Roberson we’ll get as much attention and respect as these animals. Will they show up to salute him at his funeral? Will they honor him as a hero?

        • I know humans have the ability to humanize animals and dehumanize people.

          Even the human you righteously hate the most, as horrible as they can be, is still a human being. The animal you love the most, the one you have a strong emotional connection with, is still an animal not a human. You have to remember that to stop yourself from behaving like an animal to a dehumanized person or group.

        • What has Jemel Roberson contributed to society that makes him worthy of such a funeral as suggested by CZJay. Dogs are a living creature and it is not a matter of priorities rather a choice made by the officer to protect the life of the dog. I am not glad Jemel Roberson died in this encounter, but he placed his self in the wrong situation at the wrong time and unfortunately paid the ultimate price for being the thug. I am glad to hear that K-9 Kane will survive. The officer was protecting the life of a living thing and made the right decision and did the correct thing at the time…..Had Jemel Roberson been an upstanding citizen he would not have been in that situation.

        • And many privately owned dogs have tens of thousands in obedience and competition training.

          Winning dogs and lines can be worth much more, and are often hired out for stud services. In the case of a business, the dog is livelyhood.

          Your point being?

      • In the eyes of the State, especially that of police offices, the average citizen is worse than worthless. We are nothing more than a barrier to their “safety”.

        The true irony of this is that police are estimated to kill 25-30 dogs per day (1). They have no issue with doing a no knock raid where they don’t even hesitate to pull out the guns and murder your dogs. You kill one of theirs though and you are leaving in a casket. It is truly sickening how much power the police in our nation have accumulated over the years. We never even noticed it but they long ago stopped being a peace keeping force and transformed into a military organization despite that they lack the training or discipline to use the surplus gear that we foolishly gave them.


      • Your bias is showing, big time, cz. No surprise there. Did the cop dog just randomly attempt to maul a passerby? The guy wasn’t shot for attacking a dog. He was shot for resisting the cops with deadly force.

        You hate cops. You hate white guys. You hate your own tribe for not accepting you. I get that. Your hatred colors your opinion. You should get that.

        • Thats the impression I got as well… I would be scattered in a billion pieces across Afghanistan if not for a trained K9.

        • The guy wasn’t shot for attacking a dog. He was shot for resisting the cops with deadly force.

          This guy was resisting and was capable of deadly force. He was much closer than 20 feet.

          Did the cop dog just randomly attempt to maul a passerby?

          Who is more valuable: The human or the police dog? Why allow the dog to harm the innocent humans? Why not shoot it when it won’t listen?

          You hate cops. You hate white guys. You hate your own tribe for not accepting you. I get that. Your hatred colors your opinion. You should get that.

          I guess you missed this part:

          Even the human you righteously hate the most, as horrible as they can be, is still a human being. The animal you love the most, the one you have a strong emotional connection with, is still an animal not a human. You have to remember that to stop yourself from behaving like an animal to a dehumanized person or group.

          Personally, I hate hypocrisy, not people. I don’t take part in supremacy like the alt right does. The alt right bases their movement on whiteness instead of a person’s virtues. To judge those people harshly doesn’t make me a racist. It’s not my fault they happen to be white and want to get rid of people like me. Sure, you can call me a “hater” in the sense I don’t like their ideas and actions. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

          I also don’t like the BS blacks, SJWs and Mexicans spew out. Don’t forget that a lot of Mexicans are indigenous to America yet I will criticize them just as harshly as I do the alt right and I have been doing so a lot longer than the alt right has been around. I criticize most black people because I don’t like their bad behaviors and they constantly blame white people for their personal failures when black people have more opportunities than Asian-Americans and Native-Americans. Unfortunately most SJWs are white; so if I criticize them, like I do the alt right, I will be labeled as a hater of whites, regardless I still do it.

          Being a cop is a government profession. Once you put down that privilege you become just another person just like how Obama isn’t the “most powerful man in the world” anymore. Some people will still grovel to them, others will not, a few won’t even when they still possess the authority/privilege. I would like to believe Americans won’t grovel to titles of authority, but it’s clear that isn’t the case anymore.

          By the way, I was never rejected by a tribe. I never felt the need to claim one or have one claim me because I considered myself an American. It’s only fairly recently that white people have told me that I am not American because I am not white like them. Before it was the brown Mexicans that would talk down to me because I didn’t fit their requirements, but that was “okay” because I am not Mexican and don’t want to be. I don’t support Mexicans turning America into some Spanish shithole. Also, I’m not a government loving socialist like those two “Native-American” women that were elected this midterm.

          When I am being honest you feel I am being hateful and bias. Facts don’t care about your feelings, darling.

        • The fact, sweetie, is that the guy that got shot was involved in an active and ongoing home invasion. The cops were there because the residents called them in to help. Which they did.

          Now dig up some more unrelated videos to justify your snark on this particular post.

    • No, but I will say that the cops should not be using dangerous animals against citizens and that the life of a citizen is more important than that of an animal.

      I know, you love you some blue genitals.

  2. Indeed ” people who harm dogs have a special place in hell ” Best wishes for a speedy recovery K9 Kane , rot in pieces Walsh.

      • This is self-explanatory.

        Dogs aren’t one of the greatest extinction events in the earths history.
        Dogs don’t genocide their own species over ideological differences.
        Dogs don’t wholesale rape and pillage their own kind.
        Dogs care about their owners regardless if rich or poor, fat or otherwise.

        Dogs are better than people in every possible way except the ability to destroy.

        • You clearly know nothing about dogs, or nature in general.

          Feral dogs are well known to eliminate all pretty within their hunting area. If they are hungry, they will kill. If they are threatened, they will kill. If they are bored, they will kill. If they feel they need to show dominance, they will kill. Dogs have never created an “endangered species act” because they don’t care if it’s the last one. They’ll kill it.

          Wild dogs, as well as domesticated dogs, often kill pups for food, to encourage breading of the mother, or to reduce another male’s genetic line.

          Dogs, both wild and domestic, constantly initiate rape of both sexes, both for procreation and purely to establish dominance.

          Dogs will kill another dog, or person, if it literally looks at them too long.

          All of these behaviors are expected and acceptable to other dogs. Because they’re dogs.

        • Dogs are primitive pack creatures incapable of language or civilization
          Dogs do not have any creative capacity
          Domesticated dogs are only loyal to their owner for shelter and food
          Dogs can and do kill their own kind
          Dogs hold no moral values and are incapable of understanding concepts such as equality
          Dogs are strictly non-monogamous (and yes, they do rape)

          If humans were as bad as you thought, society on the worldwide scale would’ve collapsed long ago.

        • Simpler take: I consider my dog an adopted member of the family. We provide her a safe and comfortable home, and she brings happiness and an extra measure of security into it. I value her safety above that of anything or anyone who would seek to harm her, especially anyone who unlawfully enters my home. I will therefore use the same level of force to protect her that I would for any other member of the household.

        • That’s nice. They can also be as mean and vicious as any dog could, and would be put down in the same manner if they presented a great enough threat to mine. I protect the members of my household, to include our adopted animals. Simple as that.

        • Thats cute Taylor & L. Exaggerating and misrepresenting generic animal behavior.

          Just about any creature is going to defend its self If it has no means to escape. Humans included. Every feral dog I’ve come across has run off as soon as its seen me.
          Just about any creature is going to forage and or hunt for food. I have coyote packs everywhere and more deer and rabbits than I know what to do with. Clearly they don’t wipe out all prey in their hunting grounds, maybe all easy prey.
          The only instance of killing or fun I’ve seen documented is in wolves in the deep countryside, and cats. Usually they eat the kill afterwards.
          Most animals are territorial, humans much more so.
          Rape for procreation and dominance in the animal kingdoms have legitimate utilitarian purposes. Unlike people who rape purely with malice and greatly harm the subject. Even an animal raping for pleasure doesn’t kill the victim.
          Elimination of offspring is a trait of many species, including humans. Shit, humans will kill each others kids for even pettier reasons than genetic lines or taking leadership role in a pack.
          Not dogs, or any other animal degrade the opposite sex and make them huddle together behind buildings, nests, what have you. At the worst, females will eat the males and that behavior is limited to some spiders and insects.

          Dogs might not have complex moral values but they damn well understand good behavior and bad at a primitive level. They are also loyal to their pack and not purely because someone is a treat vendor. Dogs also have social relations and in the case of AWDs (Cape dogs), have a fairly complex patriarchal structure.

          I will make this simple.

          A dog is worth more than a human because a dog is going to do what comes natural to a dog, which usually entails meeting its immediate needs. It kills to feed its self and its own, it kills to defend its own, and it breed without a care, none of which involve malice.

          A human is worth less than a dog because it does far more than fill its needs, or even basic pleasures. It never stops wanting more, it never has enough, it destroys anything in its path to have it all, even if it already has more food, shelter, money, sex partners, prestige, you name it, than any other human on the earth, it does anything it can get away with to get more. It kills for money, it kills for difference of creed, it kills over opinions, it kills over skin color, it kills for nationality and country, it kills just because it doesn’t like the way another creature looks, human or otherwise. I watched people abuse others, and kill animals both in america and overseas purely because ‘they can’. People kill not even for pleasure, but simply put because they can. Animals do not do that.

          Humans are worth less, because they actually do have the intellectual capacity to understand their behavior and actions, well above any animal. They can even understand their entire nation’s and species actions as a whole. Humans also indeed do have the benefit of a complex moral compass that out right tells them that their actions are having a negative effect on themselves and the people around them. A human is worth less than a dog because even knowing full well that its actions and behavior are harming others, a human will still conduct its self in an abhorrent fashion. For this single reason, a human isn’t just the bottom of the barrel… its the sticky crud you scrape off from under the barrel.

          If the point is still going over your head. Then a dog is worth more than a human purely because its my opinion. If humans want to be worth more, they can start behaving like it.

      • Its more of a case of THIS dogs life is worth more than THIS humans life as most people are looking at it. You are over generalizing it.

        • So, been seeing you around here a bit.. pretty sure the L stands for Liberal or leftist. You seem to regularly have very strange views on things… you cant be serious… you gotta be trolling!

        • K-9 is an indicator. If perp tries to kill the dog, he is going to try to kill the cops. Good shoot. Couple years back, one of the crazies jumping the fence at the White House punched out a doggie sent to stop him. I was very surprised and a bit disapproving that the guy was not promptly shot. At that point it became obvious that he was not out for a stroll and got lost, he was up to no good. I hope it was because POTUS was not in residence.

        • I’m not trolling. And I think you’re the one with strange views to think a dog’s life is higher value than a human’s.

        • I think it’s strange to insist that any dog’s life is less valuable than any human’s. I’d rather have my dog in the world than the kind of person who would break into my home, for example, so I’d value her life above theirs if it came to it.

  3. In Florida, killing a police dog is a death penalty crime.

    Not because it is a dog, but because *police* dogs are more equal to all the other non-police dogs…

    • No. Come on, how could you think that is true?

      “Any person who knowingly and willfully and without lawful cause or justification inflicts bodily harm, permanent disability, or death upon a police dog, fire dog, SAR dog, or police horse commits a felony of the third degree…”

      “…For a felony of the third degree, by a term of imprisonment not exceeding 5 years.”

  4. kane has stated repeatedly that he would like to be removed from fayspook but no one will advocate for him. woof! he turned his nose up at the kibble, but must be feeling better as he did have a little of his strongheart.

  5. “People who harm dogs have a special place in Hell all to themselves…”

    What about Asian cultures that eat dogs?

    • Meat is meat however they cross a line with their barbaric treatment. Boiling them alive, dragging them by the neck until dead, etc…

    • If I was in any position of power to order military invasion or nuclear strikes, there would not be an asia to speak of. Or a Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, or any other shithole.

      • Destroying east Asia would lead to the collapse of America. The U.S. is highly dependent on Asia now for its survival.

        • We would recover as we always have. It might be a depression for a few decades but factories will open, manufacturing will boom here or elsewhere, and we will get our cheap disposable trinkets again.

      • We have a name for people like you. They are called “psychopaths”. Might want to give up your guns and seek mental health as someone calling for the murder of millions should not be allowed in the public domain.

  6. I have somewhat mixed feelings about this one, if the crazy guy won’t put down the knife, did you do anything to gain a tactical advantage for the dog? Tazer, pepper spray, whistle, yell real loud, ANYTHING? If not, what outcome did you expect, other than stabbed K-9, and shot bad guy? Couldn’t you have skipped the stabbed dog part and found another reason to shoot the guy?
    Seriously, don’t endanger yourself, but give your dog some kind of edge over an armed criminal.

    • They released the dog knowing what this guy was going to do without regard for the dog. So they could justify shooting the perpetrator. It was a way to set things and make it look like a good shoot. Who’s going to monday morning quarterback this one? The guy was surrounded. They could have waited him out, maced him, tasered him, whatever. I’m not defending the dirtbag perpetrator.

      I like dogs. I have several and compete in many venues with them. This was a situation where the dog was used as a sacrificial anode so they could justify shooting the perp. There was more than one dirtbag here.

      • And Huntmaster wins the Intertubez for best comment of the month!

        That was a grand slam Huntmaster. I had the EXACT same thoughts. You were eloquent enough to state it in 1/4th the amount of words that I would have spewed.

        • Bravo Huntmaster, well said

          Huntmaster says:
          November 16, 2018 at 12:09
          They released the dog knowing what this guy was going to do without regard for the dog. So they could justify shooting the perpetrator. It was a way to set things and make it look like a good shoot. Who’s going to monday morning quarterback this one? The guy was surrounded. They could have waited him out, maced him, tasered him, whatever. I’m not defending the dirtbag perpetrator.

          I like dogs. I have several and compete in many venues with them. This was a situation where the dog was used as a sacrificial anode so they could justify shooting the perp. There was more than one dirtbag here.

    • Dogs are tools. In some situations you send them in to die instead of you. In Iraq and Afghanistan dogs were used to clear the way of IEDs.

      • It wasn’t necessary. Well in this case the dog was used to clear a cop. Glad he’s not my partner.

      • I worked with K9s in Afghanistan while doing route clearance, they are NOT treated like tools to throw at IEDs. Time and time again you prove that you know nothing about things you chose to comment on.

        • You risk the dog’s life instead of yours. That makes them a tool for humans. You could be the one leading or you can make the dog do it. Don’t sugar coat the purpose of the dog. The animal was to take most of the risk off the human. They wanted them to better detect IEDs than a human, which would get less men killed.

          In some situations you send them in to die instead of you.

          In this case, the cop sent the dog after a dangerous armed felon to disarm him, which they are trained for. The logical conclusion is the dog will get stabbed and could die, which would be better than a cop getting stabbed to death. Or was the dog wearing body armor?

        • CZ, some dogs get soft armor, sometimes they get hard inserts, sometimes nothing at all. It probably depends on the situation and how much preparation time there is.

      • Had a few working dogs overseas, they weren’t tools. The dog also has a smaller footprint, weighs less and has its weight distributed to four legs rather than two. It has much better odds of not setting off an IED.

    • The dogs are smart enough and trained to go for the arm that holds the weapon, whether it be a knife or a gun. Their jaws are powerful enough to break the arm bones. If they are chasing a suspect, they go for the legs.

  7. I have a recurring fear that someone might harm my dog. I *know* that is not justification for shooting the mofo, but I am not certain he wouldn’t have some new orifices before I got myself under control.

  8. Okay, I’ll be that guy.

    Dogs are not humans. Dogs are not as valuable as humans. Applying deadly force to a human because they are applying deadly force to a dog is NEVER righteous, even if the human initiated the event.

    Should humans face fines and/or jail time for attacking/torturing/killing dogs? Sure. Should humans go to the grave for attacking/torturing/killing dogs? Absolutely not.

    And this is coming from a dog lover who has had dogs for over 20 years, including one “dangerous breed”.

  9. I remember when I was in Vietnam with a Combine Action Platoon unit, we had a Marine and his guard dog (a German shepherd) attached to our squad. We were in an entrenched compound. The Marine instructed us that nobody – and he meant nobody – was to interact with his dog, except maybe to taunt him from beyond the end of his chain. He trained that dog to kill ferociously on command. Nobody went near this Marine’s spot in one of the sandbag emplacements – especially our Vietnamese militiamen, for whom stealing American gear and food seemed to be a special pleasure. One day the dog got loose within the compound, and I’ve never seen so many guys scatter so fast. Guys were jumping into the perimeter wire or baricading themselves into bunkers, and one guy climbed the radio mast. We respected the hell out of that dog and the harm he could do. But when the dog and his master would go on night patrol with us, he was an asset because of his superior sense of smell and hearing – he’d give us advance notice if the enemy was around.

    My view of dogs is that they are a savage species that are domesticated because they need our companionship and the food we give them, in absence of other dogs – we are their pack. Some human cultures eat dogs (as well as anything else that walks, crawls or flies) – Asians, Native Americans and starving people. When I was in Vietnam, we Marines were often ate dog meat (young tender boiled mongrel puppy, usually) when dining with local dignitaries in the ‘ville – we knew what we were eating, and it wasn’t bad, in a chicken sort of way – depends on the sauce. My girlfriend has an old Jack Russell terrier – he’s usually very friendly and well-mannered. But if my lady and I were to die suddenly and the dog couldn’t get food any other way, I know he’d feed on our cadavers. That’s just the way nature is.

    It’s the same way with us – civilization and culture are only skin-deep facades – in the primitive parts of our brain and under the right kind of stimulus (like self-defense), we’re all savages, hard-wired for violence and natural-born killers. This is a trait we’ve inherited from our ancient ancestors. Some people hold these impulses under control better than others (like the guy with the knife, above). Read Desmond Morris’s book, The Naked Ape, to get some good information on this aspect of “us.”

  10. I wonder what kind of life some of you weirdos live to have so many encounters with police K9 and to be the alleged victim of law enforcement abuse.

    • You could easily have an interaction with a police dog if you refuse to allow a search of your vehicle. They will bring the dog in to run around the car to see if they can get an alert, thus giving them a reason to search your car without consent or a warrant. It’s a tactic some cops use. They are also used for intimidation.

      Don’t forget some people live in a border state. Check points do exist.

  11. Up in Paradise (where the fire was/is), a wanted felon fleeing the police was stopped near one of the campgrounds after a chase. The officers released a K9 to get the guy, who had a very long rap sheet, out of the car. He released his pit bull, which promptly killed the K9. When he advanced on the officers, yelling that he wasn’t going back and they should not have come looking for him, even though he was unarmed, they ended him. Given that he was being sought for a double homicide, I suspect the Butte county DA will conclude that it was a good shoot. Me, I have to wonder.

  12. Nothing quite like using your “police” dog as a sacrificial lamb to justify your murder and then turning around to the cameras and pretend crying about how the dog ,which you treat as a tool, was injured.

  13. Robbery/breaking and entering is wrong. Full stop and no excuses.

    But if you’re trying to get me to feel outrage or remorse over the death of a nonhuman animal used by tyrants to conduct illegal searches, and whose life is valued by those tyrants above my own, you’re barking up the wrong tree. One fewer police dog in this world is a good thing.

  14. Dog lives are not equal to human lives.

    Police making dogs into attack weapons is cruel to both people and the dogs.
    The practice should be done away with.

    • I wonder where PETA is on the use of dogs as tools for law enforcement. Training dogs to attack humans.

      If you can’t get an officer to adopt the dog, isn’t it irresponsible to let someone else take on the risk of adopting an attack dog? So, wouldn’t they have to kill the dog? You can’t have such animals roaming around.

  15. A lot of folks commenting here seem to think that the guy that got shot was the victim. You know, the guy that was involved in an active home invasion. The legit residents of said home called the cops in to deal with said home invader.

    Way to support the bad guys, guys. Makes me wonder about your motivations.

    • I think you fail to realize people are not defending the criminal rather they are questioning the conduct/standards of government and the morality of current day America.

      In this case, some people think there is hypocrisy in the story.

      A person stabs a police attack dog because it was sent to attack him. That person is then shot dead for defending himself from a vicious animal attack. Some people think that is wrong regardless of that person being a criminal because a cop can illegally come onto your property, kill your precious dog out of fear and nothing will happen to them. The police might not even reimburse you for shooting your dog or help you with the body/cleanup. You know that one incident where the SWAT team came into someone’s house and shot the dogs when they were in their cages? People think there’s a double standard being applied to Americans, that the government can get away with something and the people can’t. They want things to be uniform, no extra “rights” just because you work for the government.

      If a cop can shoot a fleeing suspect, then a citizen should be able to shoot a fleeing suspect. Some of us have “stand your ground,” the government has something more powerful: The badge. That doesn’t mean people hate the individual who is employed as law enforcement or that they are giving a pass to a criminal. They don’t want government to be able to behave like criminals and not be treated like one. The concept “because you work for government you can infringe on the rights of others without punishment” doesn’t sit well with some Americans.

      Remember how, in California, the police were looking to charge a man who shot an armed robber from the drive-through? Carrying a loaded gun concealed and using it to kill an armed robber is not allowed unless you got special permission by the government.

      It’s interesting to see what is going to happen in Brazil now that the socialist/communists are not in power and the new government claims they are going to return the right to protect life, liberty and property with guns. No more California style laws. We 2A guys have to pay attention to that country now.

      • You win the internet today. 100% nailed it.

        Government agents get to act like criminals while citizens have to toe the law.

  16. “People who harm dogs have a special place in Hell all to themselves, . . .”

    Stupid comment, a sign of the times. I’m not for harming animals, but let’s make a clear distinction between humans and animals.

  17. Seems everything worked out alright-bad guy is dead and police dog is recovering. I get all the back and forth about dogs versus humans and which are more worthy of life if one had to choose; that’s a no brainer.

    That said, I’d take my dog over most humans I have known in a nanosecond. But that’s just my experience. Most of us don’t deserve the loyalty and love coming back to us from our dogs.

  18. Dipshit wasn’t shot because he stabbed a K9. As much as we love dogs, patrol dogs are a tool in the Use Of Force paradigm. The dog was sent in as an attempt at taking said Dipshit to jail to answer for his alleged crimes.

    The tool failed when dude stabbed the K9, and Dipshit (and Dipshit alone) escalated the encounter to the level of Deadly Physical Force. Just like when a person hopped up on PCP pulls good Taser probes and grabs a weapon.

    It would help if some people here would read an article or two. Things like UOF v. ROE would be a good start. And police K9’s do have a bit more protection than the family pup. They are generally there for a reason, and attacking them is a bad thing.

    I love my sable GSD. He’s a freaking lug though. He’s not mean at all, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t LOOK like he’s going to take your arm off. It’s MY responsibility to keep him from getting shot, not his.

    You don’t want you dog shot? By the cops or anyone else? Control him.

  19. It saddens me that people have degenerated to the point that they have no comprehension that we are more valuable not because of ourselves but because we are made in God’s image. I am not shocked that Godless people can dehumanize orher people, which is especially helpful when you want to justify mass murdering “those people”, their just animals don’t you know, not special like “us”. It never changes. I love “good” dogs but there is also a special place in hell for those who would sacrifice/kill an “innocent” human life to save a dog or any animal. For actual criminals and “evil-doers”, well the ruler does not bear the sword for no reason, and rulers SHOULD include law abiding citizens as well.

  20. You break into my house and threaten my family, the cops will show up to take my statement near a cooling corpse. I live in Texas where we have a stand your ground law. Outside of my home I will try to de-escalate the situation if possible. I value human life and will attempt to give even a criminal a chance to back away or cool off. If a criminal attacks, all bets are off in about 17 hundredths of a second. If you move toward me when I state that you should stop or I will respond, be aware that my response will be based on the situation. If you are bigger, stronger, younger, armed, appear to be on drugs, or are angry enough to be dangerous, or any combination of the above, then my life could be in danger and I choose to do whatever is necessary to protect myself and those with me.

    • That’s kind of what I was thinking while reading this post; had this had happened in a state with a good Castle Doctrine, the cops would be there just recover the invader’s body.

  21. Bad guy armed with a knife… sending the dog in to attack him… what the fuck do you think is going to happen? Then using the entirely foreseeable result as justification for deadly force? Cute trick. This is how cops screw themselves over. Eventually the courts will step in and make broad caselaw because of stuff like this.

    Hey, next time maybe just let him stab himself to death and only shoot him if he charges.

  22. Knowing the criminal had a weapon, and the cops send in the K-9. If I was concerned for the welfare of my k-9, I would have used a taser. That seems less likely to cause damage to the K-9, the cops, or the criminal.

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