PPS M2 recall
Image: The Truth About Guns
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By Anner

Walther issued a recall of their PPS M2 pistols in November 2018, as TTAG covered here. Walther’s website covers the recall and return process here: https://www.waltherarms.com/recall/#.

My PPS M2 was in the affected series of serial numbers. A quick visit to the Walther website produced a prepaid shipping label. Less than a week after I shipped the PPS M2 it was back in my hands, with a free Walther sticker and some minor tattoo work:

PPS M2 recall
Courtesy Walther

I admit I was concerned. Following the XD-S recall, many owners reported heavier, grittier triggers than prior to the recall work. I feared that some lawyer-riffic re-jiggering on the great PPS trigger at the Walther factory could tarnish an otherwise excellent handgun.

Happily, my fears evaporated when the PPS M2 returned. I can’t tell a difference pre- to post-recall. The travel, break, and reset are still well above average among handguns in the single-stack striker-fired class. My PPS M2 has burned through 1,000+rds prior to the recall without a hitch. I fed it another 100 rounds post-recall to search for any gremlins, and I found none.

TTAG’s original review from 2016 stands true: if the ergonomics suit your mitts, this is an outstanding handgun, especially for the price. Plenty of online sites offer the PPS M2 for a mere $270 (3-dot sights) or $300 (LE edition, with night sights).

PPS M2 recall
Image: The Truth About Guns

From the original product, to the handling of the recall, to the service performed—good work, Walther!


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    • Staff is way too formal of a term. I write some stuff and DZ has to go hunting down all the spelling errors I made.

  1. I own a PPS M1 and prefer it all except the trigger, which I removed and polished, but it is still the worst I own probably owing to the rear moving loaded chamber/firing/cocking pin and mechanism that is attached to the striker and protrudes noisily and uselessly from the rear of the weapon every trigger pull.

    The recoil is VERY manageable even with 9BPLE and Gold Dot +P+ and accuracy is fine. I can place head shots into targets at 10 yds. from the concealed draw all day long.

    I also like the ‘squarish’ shape as it is very concealable and I can feel where the gun is in my hands.

    • I wish all striker fired handguns had a striker that protrudes from the rear of the slide if the trigger is pulled. It makes it a lot safer to holster the handgun, especially when carried IWB. I often have to remove my pistol from it’s holster and leave it in my car, then reholster later. If you keep your thumb over the striker hole on the back of the slide, you know that the trigger hasn’t been caught on anything as you push it into the holster.

      I’ve got two of these and so far I’ve sent one back. It came back pretty quick. I’ll probably send in the other one next week.

      • That striker indicator is one reason I prefer the PPS M2 over other models. Holstering is safer knowing the trigger is free and clear once the trigger guard disappears into the holster and I can’t monitor it.

  2. Same here…2 weeks from sending it back to my door again and it’s exactly like it was before…only safer. Great gun and great service by Walther.

  3. My gun is in the affected recall serial number. I registered months ago on the website to send it in. The email I received did not have a shipping label. Does it come separate? I suppose I need to contact Walther again.

    • The first email I received didn’t include the actual shipping label. I sent them an email, and within a couple hours a service rep replied with the label. Walther’s solid about replying to customers in a timely manner.

      I haven’t received nearly this level of service from some manufacturers. I’ve had excellent experiences with Walther, Ruger, Kel-Tec, and S&W.

  4. They need more plastic. There isn’t enough plastic on guns today. Maybe eventually we can get fully plastic triggers and springs too. Plastic roll pins sounds awesome too.

    • The PPS series actually has quite a bit more metal in the frame than most polymer pistols. Looking down into the frame with the slide off, the rails and locking block look like they are brazed together. I haven’t tried to pull the guts out of the frame, but it looks more like a chassis system like a Sig P320 or a Steyr M9.

  5. My PPS M2 is my first semi for CCW. I can do anything with it. When the recall came I was happy actually Walther found it and very quickly got it back to me. The quality, fit, finish, and ergonomics fits me perfectly. I chose it over a Glock 43 because of Walthers reputation, how it fit me, and the LE sights are perfect. It’s on me everyday and I trust it 100%.
    Thank you WALTHER.


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