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Just don’t say ANYTHING about her breasts. The last time I pointed out that Ms. Falia was a babe capitalizing on her babe-osity I got into a comment war with the gun gal that left me bruised and battered. On second thought . . .

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      • I am 72 years and a recent gun owner. I viewed Ms Falia’s reviews on some firearms and consider them very good, easy to understand, objective, and orderly.Remarks by some of my male fellows reek of a stench of sexist pig morons.

  1. damn gun, getting in the way of my view!

    If the reviewer actually wants to be taken seriously she should pay attention to the typical camera set up used by some of her male counterparts such as Pete @ The Armory Channel. I can’t think of the last time he held a gun up to his nasty, sweaty, manchest.

  2. Babe – how can we tell? She doesn’t show her face! I like boobs too, but I prefer a bit of package deal with them. They can only get your so far.

  3. This is a good review- if I was interested in purchasing a gun like this, it’s exactly what I would want to see. Where Nutnfancy blabs on and on about useless crap for 45 min (in part 1 of 5), Falia stays on point and mixes the gear review with range time. I especially like the comparisons to other full size 9mm and the ammo comparison.

  4. All joking aside, it’s nice to see a good review from a woman. One of her earlier videos actually helped me get my wife back into shooting. I be willing to bet my wife wouldn’t sit through to many tactical review videos.

  5. I’ve been subscribed to her channel for some time. I first found her reviews of concealed carry holsters (and sent links to my wife). Her holster reviews are also very thoughtful and complete, although not quite up to the level of her PPQ review.

    I was quite impressed with her Walther review and think it her best effort to date. I too mentally compared her to Nutnfancy, and this review comes close to his efforts.

  6. No, she’s clearly not the new Nutnfancy. First, she’s aware that someone other than Glock has made a good firearm. Second, she can post a video that’s shorter than the age of the universe. Finally, I’ve actually gotten something useful out if her videos before.

    • +1

      I do enjoy a Nutnfancy vid now and again. But a steady diet of people running around for 15 minutes (clearly having a lot of fun) followed by 2 minutes of actually reviewing, then repeating it over and over again. . . It does wear on me.

  7. I like this woman far more than Nutnfancy. Has anyone else noticed that he sounds like a Valley Girl? This woman just sounds like a girl. Much preferable.

    Also her review was thorough, informative and blessedly free of “Uhms”, “…Like”, “Dude” and other mangling of the English language.

    Also, to all the nitwits that felt the need to comment on her chest. Have you not noticed that the internet is filled with actual Free Porn. Go watch some of that instead of posting silly comments.

    Mr Farago, its a little disappointing that you can’t resist mentioning her boobs in the VERY First line of this post. Bad form. Really, you could have just posted this video and left it at that.

    Maybe you felt the need to add the boob comment because she makes better reviews than you do?…and appears to be a better shot.

  8. I found Falia’s detailed revelations quite engrossing. But she’s no Nutnfancy. Imagine the work required were she to seek that vaunted status. She’d have to get a really dopey scooter thing. She’d have to remind us that she and her viewers were there to save all the other people who don’t have any armored-ninja skills. She’d have to learn to spout definitive judgements on equipment she doesn’t understand. Lastly, she’d have to change her videos so that when viewed in a Ft. Bragg rec hall people would laugh and shout “can you believe the wannabee bullshit that little wanker spouts!”

      • Why do we need them at all? I don’t see the point of his videos. Some guy running around in the desert pretending to be a Seal, blabbing some inane shit about combat this, tactical that. I don’t see his appeal but I guess I’m not the target audience for most of the guy video’s on youtube. I’m not a doomsday prepper nor do I care about zombies or the end of the world.

  9. Intelligent and well spoken. The technical information was very detailed without talking down to the viewer. One of the best presentations I have ever seen. She is better than most professional instructors or facillitators I have seen too.

    Well done!

  10. An outstanding review. When the camera was in front of her while she was shooting, I couldn’t see her blink at all when she fired. I think she has what it takes, for sure.

  11. This juvenile behavior is sort of embarrassing. TTAG should be asking women like this to write articles on her areas of expertise to expand the reach of the site, instead of making tacky comments about her appearance. She was right to be upset by your original article, Robert, and deserved better. Articles endorsing more concealed carry for women are frequent on TTAG- let’s not scare those women away with cringe-worthy internet leering.

    • +1

      We want to normalize guns, we want to call ourselves the Armed Intelligentsia and we want other to support us but a women does a gun review and I see a lot unwarrented bashing.

      Kudo’s to Falia and I will be subscribing to her channel. Watching some of her videos I believe would help my GF to get involved.

      We need more encouragement and more people like her to be involved so that I gun rights will be carried forward.

      Some of the 13yr comments belong to a video game blog and not here

  12. A good rule of thumb – don’t say something anonymously about someone on the Internet that you wouldn’t say to her face, with your mother standing next to you.

    Excellent review. I don’t care for blocky plastic pistols, but she makes a good case for this one. Very well photographed and edited, as well. The POV shot over the sights was extra nice. I’ll check out more of her vids.

  13. The video opens with a closeup of her breasts and it stays there for several minutes. Then she wonders why we’re staring at her breasts!

    Duh! Get a clue girl.

  14. She knew exactly what she was doing. She could have started the video with the gun on a table and with the camera focused on her hands.

    At least Faith from that Colorado TV gun show was straightforward and honestly flaunting her sexuality and not pretending otherwise.

    • Seriously, dude, half the people in the world have breasts, more if you count man titties, which I’ll feature prominently if I ever make a gun video. Surprisingly, women don’t generally spend all their free time thinking about their breasts. She was holding the gun the way tons of guys do in these sorts of videos. Should she wear something different? Strap on an Ace Bandage? And assuming you’re right, so what?

      Too many of y’all got issues with women. Grow out of the high school locker room.

      • If a woman is going to play-off on her sexuality with a youtube video then I’ll write whatever I choose.

        I was responding to Falia’s current and prior videos that Robert posted about and how she ‘plays’:
        “unbuttoning your shorts, reaching between your legs and pulling out a gun [5:59]”

        Too many dudes like you have a white-knight mentality with women needing to butt yourself in and save them. No one cares that you have man titties so save it for your boyfriend. Get your head out of your fourth point of contact.

        • Wow, you really hate women. Also, you hate me, but I can take it.

          Not sure what I need to butt in and save Falia from, she seems quite capable of taking care of herself.

          But I like the white knight idea. I mean, not like a white-supremacist knight, I’m picturing me on a handsome steed (do they come in black?), with a sword, or maybe a pistol, my man-titties bouncing in a manly fashion, defending my sissy leftist views.

          I confess I’ve only seen this one video (though I’ll watch another directly), so you may be right about her horrible Jezebel-ness or whatever, according to your narrow little worldview.

          You, sir, are not a very nice person. Your homophobia is noted, as well. I might turn gay just to spite you. But only if I can have the big black horse.

          Lotta hate you got going there, Aharon. Maybe try to lighten up a bit.

          • Okay, I now realize that I’ve seen a lot of her videos already, didn’t know it was the same person. I pronounce her guilty of being an attractive woman. I suggest death by stoning, carried out by misogynists armed with rocks, while Falia will be armed with the weapons of her choosing. We’ll start at fifty yards.

            Seriously, do you want to be the Taliban?

          • Dude,

            You wrote so much nonsense that I’m not going to waste my time responding point by point. For the record here at TTAG I have no problems with women. Some modern western women with their values and behavior, and definitely feminists are another matter.

  15. Agree with NCG’s ‘rule of thumb.’ My mother also thinks Nutnfancy is a wanker, so it’s all good. As for Falia’s videos, they’re useful and don’t make invalid ill-founded pronouncements about a product. There is one thing which makes me laugh, that so many comments above apparently don’t like the video…because they like it too much.

  16. She sounds like a smart girl. Based on how she handles this and other arms in her earlier videos, I would have no problem sharing a range with her. I was somewhat impressed with the ability she displayed with her open sighted, unsupported “sprinkles” vs. milk jugs.

    • Agreed. After viewing the above PPQ video I found her vid of the BCM AR-15. I was impressed and if I had known nothing about AR-15s I would have learned quite a bit.

      I’m building two ARs, one for myself and one for my wife and I will probably have her watch this video, I think she’ll gain something.

  17. I’ve been subbed to Falia for a while now. I’ve always found her videos to be helpful and informative………… also helps that she’s attractive but that’s not why I stay subbed to her.
    I’ve had chats with her via the comments and she seems like a really nice girl. She’s pretty knowledgeable too.
    I harp on Nutnfancy a lot but the truth is I do enjoy some of his videos. I think when it come’s to providing information relevant to the topic of conversation Falia is a little bit better than Nutnfancy. I like Nutnfany, but the man has gotten to the point where he rambles through most of his videos and tries to talk about some subjects he doesn’t understand (The Rodney King riots in one case).
    A lot of people fault her for showing herself off in the videos………She certainly isn’t helping herself by holding the camera at breast height but I will defend her in saying that the quality information you get in her videos is reason enough to over look that (In my opinion).

  18. One of the best gun review videos I’ve seen in a while.

    She knows her stuff and, very importantly for a reviewer, she conveys important information without blathering.

    Yeah, she’s attractive. Big deal. Not sure why it’s necessary to mouth off about it, but go ahead and engage in some Twainian removal of doubt concerning your idiocy. What’s the Internet for, after all?

  19. Nutnfancy is decent, but i cant watch someone talk about anything for 40 minutes. I think he means well especially with his “philosphy” videos. Idk people buy into his character and sometimes the banter seems forced between the guys. idk, he has alot of videos and alot of followers but he does play a character and he should embrace it instead of deny it.

    • I believe the expression is “stop harassing me with your eyes” or something similar to that effect.

  20. Best person on factual information thus far on guns has been Hickock45. I will make it a point to watch this girl’s videos.

  21. So, wait, are you guys complaining that there are boobs in the gun video or guns in the boob video?

    In all seriousness, after reading the comments i was expecting some bazookas in a deep v neck or something. I didn’t see anything particularly provocative in the video, and she certainly had better info than the other idiots on YouTube who tell you obvious crap like “the gun comes in black”. And she actually held the damn thing still and close to the camera(which is, strangely enough, not horrible quality) so I can actually see it.

    Plus, there are boobs!

  22. I just went and watched a few of her videos, and I’m favorably impressed. Whether you’re a fan or not, she’s an asset to the shooting community because she’s responsible, well-informed and poised. She’s a better ambassador for Gun Culture 2.0 than most self-made YouTube superstars. Compare her to FPSrussia!

    Her videos are a lot better than mine in terms of photography and scripting, and she’s got my respect because making a good gun video is difficult and time-consuming. I’ve only managed to make a handful of good video clips, after spending a lot of time with a camera in my hand trying.

    • As I stated, the quality of the vid was impressive. I’ve been around commercial video production in my time, and it’s not as easy as it looks, even with today’s technology. Someone complained that she sounded scripted, but this is good thing. She conveys information in a clear, straightforward way, rather than rambling and repeating herself. All the photography was sharp, none of the wavy gravy that plagues so much of Youtube. You could see every part of the gun quite clearly as she pointed it out.

      • Yes. Her speech is not filled in with the ums and aahs, stays on track, and progresses along without detour.

        I especially hate when some doofus uses his cell phone to make a video.

  23. When Falia opens up her reviews with a panoramic view of the “mountains”, it causes me to stumble a little bit, I’m not gonna lie. How many times through the years have us guys heard, “hello I’m up here”, when we get caught looking at the sweater puppies. For years I’ve trained myself to look away, and now that is all for naught when I watch the faceless but oh so firm Falia do a firearm review. I’m a happily married man who just wants to lust after his next new firearm, and not the firearm reviewer. Falia makes it hard (no pun intended).

  24. C’mon guys, whats with all the fuss about a common mammal-specific gland? In Europe, Africa, Asia… heck everywhere but puritan America and England nobody makes a big deal about it.

  25. If it’s any consolation she’s mentioned in the past that she doesn’t want to show her entire face on camera. In fact her range session in this video was the most I’ve ever seen on her face.

  26. She does know what she’s talking about, but she’s also deliberately showing a lot of skin – unless you really think that she wears a pistol in her bikini bottom. Also it’s not accidental that so many of her video thumbnails are provocative. She’s choosing those. Youtube allows uploaders to select the thumbnails associated with their videos. It’s not randomly selecting pictures of her flashing her crotch, bottom, and inner thigh. And the fact that she doesn’t want to show her face suggests that she’s fully aware of nature of what she’s conveying.

    Maybe she wants to change her image, or has become uncomfortable with the sort of attention that she’s getting, but it’s disingenuous for her to feign indignance when people notice.

  27. This is baring skin while working with guns. (100% safe for work and no nudity actually shown). It’s for a point but the title grabs pretty much everyone’s attention.

    NH: Open carry topless protest.

  28. Can’t we all get along?

    1. She’s obviously working “it”. There’s no way these camera angles, choice of clothing, choice of thumbnail stills is accidental. Even if it was, what do you think is the first thing her father, brother, boyfriend/husband would say when she tells them “hey, I’m going to post this video on the internet?”

    2. Her videos are informative and well done. I love the time-stamps for each segment. Every gun blogger should do this. She doesn’t ramble, stays on point, and doesn’t have the preemptive-defensive crouch that most males do, where they feel the need to defend themselves against every possible criticism they can think of, which is a gigantic waste of time.

    So, if I can get some gun reviews with a view, what’s not to like?

    • Mike, I am curious….

      How much time every day do you spend reading gun websites?
      I mean that as a serious question.

        • Mike, I have bad news for you (or maybe good depending on how you look at it)…

          1-3hrs a day of reading gun websites classifies you as a “Gun Nut” (maybe you prefer “Gun Loon”, I do since laying awake at camp and listening to loons singing is one of my favorite memories from childhood).

          Your NRA card is on the way to you now.

          Do you want to meet up and go shooting sometime? Maybe Farago can use his industry connections to hook us up with some ammo 🙂

  29. She put 1500 rounds through it? That is a heck of a lot more thorough than most “reviews” where the gun has not even been shot yet.

  30. Yes guys, shes teasing you. It’s cute how naive men can be about women.

    I wouldn’t have bothered commenting on this if I hadn’t read her comments to the prior post. But she goes so overboard trying to deny what she’s doing, and castigating men, that I thought that I should say something.

    I think that Falia has fallen into a trap that a lot of young women set for themselves. She wants to be seen as sexy, but she also wants to control how men respond to her sexuality. Then she gets offended by the sort of attention she’s getting, and is embarrassed because she’s afraid that people think that she’s slutty. So she does a 180 and claims that she had no idea that anyone could have construed her behavior in that way and if they did they must be a pervert.

    Realistically her teasing is very mild. But it’s apparent that she’s gotten some very lewd responses, and that’s probably what has caused her to react so dramatically.

    • Thank you for posting Tina. I enjoyed reading your comments with your woman’s ability to see through Falia’s manipulations.

  31. I saw the video in question in this particular post, before reading this post. I didn’t find it sexual, though it was slightly distracting for the first second of the video. I’m not confused about who made the video distracting for that second–it wasn’t the person in the video, it was the person with the attention span of a magpie watching.

    I’ve also seen the carry options video she made. How dare a young woman demonstrate just how easily it is for any woman to conceal a means to possibly defend their lives without dispensing major portions of the modern young woman’s wardrobe. I found it one of the most informative firearms videos I watched last year. While I won’t be carrying a gun in most of the ways she suggested, I frequently get questions about guns from many different types of people. I am now much better able to help women find ways to carry guns–in fact, if possible, I link them directly to that particular video. I showed the video to my sister, and after picking up another gun and a few holsters for it, she has been carrying on her person more frequently.

    There are easier ways to get “that kind” of attention on Youtube than spending thousands of dollars if you look like Faliaphotography.

    • she’s got a bunch of videos online Levi where she’s flashing her panties and such. Those are what people are referring to.

      • She’s like the woman on a nude beach acting irritated that men are glancing over to look at her boobs.

  32. Yes she’s attractive and the vids are intelligent and informative…what’s not to like?
    Her vids have been very much appreciated by the wife and daughter-in-law, both of whom are finally get’n serious about carry options.
    I noticed that she turned off comments for some of her posts, and judging from the many earlier drooling-teenage-neanderthal responses that I’ve seen, I don’t blame her. I’ve never thought that she was being a tease, rather that she’s trying to best demonstrate which carry methods work for a petite female’s wardrobe. I have a lot of respect for the gal, and so do the women in our family.

  33. She’s faceless she’s firm she’s fit and salacious
    Her T and A on display are a bit ostentatious
    A holster for her hoo-ha her butt and her thigh
    I’m tactically titillated and Falia asks why
    How I wish that I were her Smith & Wesson M&P
    So daily Falia could conceal carry me
    In her van in her hand in the small of her back
    Riding high on her thigh poised for an attack
    Underneath her little striped dress would I hide
    Longing for the caress of her racking my slide

    • This is probably a good example of the middle-aged yet surprisingly immature “men” that that woman probably wants to avoid. You show off your nice body then you are going to get comments. You come up with entire sexual poems dedicated to a woman you dont even know and havent even spoken with then you are going to look like a perverted freak and probably get a nasty response and a much deserved block.

      I guess thats just life.

  34. Actually she knows exactly what she’s doing. Notice how videos with attractive women with firearms gets a lot views. It’s no different than using swimsuit models on beer and car advertisements. I suspect that often times, the husbands and boyfriends are behind the idea to showcase their women for more subs and views. YouTube pimping. Lol. It works though. What man wouldn’t want to see a sexy female fondling their favorite firearms. At the same time, surely these women are mature enough to understand that putting out sexual undertones, they will get responses and they shouldn’t be offended.

  35. Those who only see “faliaphotography’s” reviews as exhibitionistic and salacious obviously need a brain scan or a good psychiatrist. Her video reviews are studied, concise and beautifully made. As a gun writer myself I frequently forward her videos to women who are contemplating a firearm purchase. Sure, she uses her considerable charms to market her videos, but to suggest that her considerable efforts are only meant to tease or titillate is nuts. Those of you who see an ulterior motive in her reviews really need to get a life.

    She provides a wonderful contrast to “Nutnfancy.” While his videos are excellent, he often meanders and dissembles to the point of distraction. (He needs a script and a good video editor.) “Faliaphotography,” on the other hand, rarely wastes a word and focuses her reviews on a woman’s perspective – something we need more of in the gun trade.

  36. My wife found this young lady’s work and appreciates her reviews for the tactical content alone. The fact that I am both still married and still alive means I do, too.These days, holster shopping with my wife and her friend is much more interesting thanks to faliaphotography’s efforts.

  37. The videos that I’ve seen haven’t seemed titillating to me. Rather, they’ve been articulate and well focused. I’ve steered my 20-something daughter to faliaphotography’s holster option video, which helped her with holster selection once my daughter received her permit and started carrying. As Freud supposedly said: “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”

  38. Actually, I found Falia’s video reviewing the 1st Edition PPQ quite professional and informative. It contained more information about the particular pistol that I was considering — than any other site or location on the internet.

    I was searching for a good firearm for my bride (who has a similar body type as Falia) to use in an upcoming 2-day ladies’s handgun course at Southern Exposure Training facility in Lakeland, Florida. She wanted something comfortable and uncomplicated in terms of controls. I initially thought a Glock 19 would suit her well — but she did not care for the aggressive checkering on the backstrap that made it uncomfortable for her to shoot lengthy or repetitive drills.

    She tried a P99QA and liked the grip — but hated the trigger. I thought of the S&W M&P — but then learned of the PPQ. It was the best of both worlds — the ergonomics similar to the P99 with the trigger similar to the Glock (actually better).

    Watching Falia’s video (together) convinced us that the PPQ was the way to go. Seeing the features and “extras” that the 1st Edition offered in her review convinced me to spend the few dollars extra to get it over the standard PPQ.

    In my mind, Falia is not some internet bimbo trying to get guys worked up by producing videos with guns. Her knowledge of firearms, safe gun handling, and proper shooting form & technique is evident to me. Comparing her knowledge and ability to communicate that knowledge effectively in such a video is a far cry from the average gun shop “doofus” behind the typical sales counter!

    I expect that her boyfriend is equally knowledgable and skillful with firearms — as it is clear to me from watching her videos that she has sought out — and completed — quality training from skillful instructors. I am fortunate to have a bride who is also interested in seeking knowledge related to firearms — as well as the proper training to become proficient in carrying and shooting a self defense firearm. With proper mindest being the most important trait necessary for self defense firearm use — I can tell by listening to and watching Falia’s videos that she has such a mindset — and the proper skills and techinque to go with it.

    My only advice to her boyfriend is to make her his bride! Like my wonderful bride, these ladies are quite rare — and a gift to have in your life.

    I look forward to more informative videos from Falia — and my bride appreciates her efforts to illustrate and discuss concealed carry options for women who like to dress classy and trendy — and don’t want to be limited to some ugly “utilitarian” gun purse (most likely not designed by a woman) or a dreaded fanny pack…

  39. Honestly, most people who don’t like her be women… I looked over all of her vis on youtube an she knows what shes talking about. And, shes got a knock out body to boot! I really like her vid where shes showing how and where a a hot young woman can hide her piece… She looks stunning and can talk a mean gun with most guys. Good for her. I’d just really like to see her face… 🙂

  40. Came over from C.J. Chivers’ blog, wandering through this site.

    It’s an interesting review.

    The reviewer is correct on movie trivia; the Walther P99 became Pierce Brosnan’s new personal gun in ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’. The funny thing is in that movie a Chinese woman agent actually had it in her personal arsenal (played by Michelle Yeoh) and Brosnan was sort of jealously looking at it, commenting how MI6 was supposed to get these in next year or something. Yeoh just smirks at him while Brosnan checks the weapon; she looks back at her screen and Brosnan just steals and pockets the gun for himself. (Great demonstration of British chivalry there.) So because of that movie I’ve always though of the Walther P99 as not just Bond’s gun but a woman’s gun as well. I’m glad the reviewer for the PPQ is female, it fits my perception of the weapon better.

    All that being said, I’ve always thought the P99 was a cool but small gun and if you weren’t careful with your grip you’d get slide bite. I haven’t handled the PPQ, but I’m shocked to see it look almost like a Desert Eagle in the reviewer’s hands. Really glad to see she demonstrates that her weapon is empty, how the ambidextrous magazine release works, and a wealth of info comparing this pistol to others. I think I’ll wait for the second edition PPQ and see if they include the chamber indicator. Pretty women are common even in gun sites; smart women are pretty rare. Hope she posts more reviews. 🙂

  41. Ya know… you men make me ashamed to admit that I’m actually a male! I thought Ms. Falia’s review was excellent and was technically spot-on! She did a wonderful job of presenting the firearm and she actually tried to stay off of her face in order to keep people focused on the product being reviewed and not on the person who was reviewing it. Apparently, this concept was lost on the chauvinistic asses among us who thought to twist an awesome review by a well-trained and very firearm knowledgeable female firearm enthusiast into something demeaning and sexual. Personally, I’d like to see any of you undertrained, over-testosteroned, craniorectal inserted, phallically challenged know-it-alls go toe-to-toe with Ms. Falia on the shooting range (or anywhere else for that matter). I have a feeling that she’s show you up so badly that you’d be searching for a purse, a pair of pink Hello Kitty panties, some high heels and a plastic surgeon who could put a cute pair of perky boobies on you! As a professional shooter and firearms instructor, I have had many female students who could shoot circles around the men in my classes, but never once bragged about their mad skills with a firearm, or made lude comments about the mens’ chests! You really are an embarrassment! Grow up!!!

  42. The Walther PPQ has been an absolute joy to buy, hold and most importantly, shoot. With large amounts of training I do in my private time, I try to stick with the 9mm for cost reasons and availability. After deciding I wanted to replace my Sig Sauer P229 9mm I debated, researched and fired the Walther PPQ 9mm, Walther P99 9mm, Beretta M9A1 9mm, Beretta PX4 9mm, Heckler and Koch P30L 9mm, Smith and Wesson M&P Pro 9mm, Springfield XM Tactical 9mm, Glock 17 9mm, Glock 34 9mm and Sig Sauer P226 9mm. All of these pistols were put on trial by me at a local gun range over the course of approximately a month and all pistols had the same manufactured 200 rounds of full metal jacket put through them. The Walther PPQ was the second to the last pistol I tried and it was fantastic. The ergonomics, the recoil, the handling, the superb trigger and the extremely good accuracy. Undoubtedly the Walther PPQ wasn’t at the top of my list for a possible replacement at first but after firing it this pistol is definitely what we call, “On time and on target”. To give a little more weight to my opinion I served in the U.S. Marine Corps from 2001-2005, worked for private contractors through the D.o.D. in the Middle East from 2005-2008, and now I am a law enforcement officer in the State of Florida. In all that time I have shot and qualified and been an expert with numerous pistols and by far the Walther PPQ is the best weapon for me. Today, I put 1,000 rounds of Fiocchi 115 grain full metal jacket through my Walther PPQ without any cleaning during the course and it did spectacular. During the firing I didn’t experience one failure to feed, failure to fire, stovepipe, magazine problem or anything. My Walther PPQ now has 1,500 rounds fired through it without a single issue. This is something I cant even say about my duty issue Glock 22. 40S&W. With my brand new duty issued Glock 22 in September 2013 I fired 1,000 rounds through the same course with Federal 180 grain full metal jacket and experienced 1 stovepipe, 1 failure to feed and 1 failure to eject properly. This pistol is so good I have decided to assist my fiancé and family in getting their hands on one and I would never recommend something to them I didn’t absolutely trust with their lives and mine. If your considering getting a pistol, do yourself a favor and at least look and try one of these wonderful pistols.

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