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From Vudoo Gun Works . . .

Vudoo Gun Works, leader in precision rifles and handguns, announces the release of the Priest double stack 1911. The Priest is the newest flagship handgun for the Vudoo Gun Works line of pistols.

The Vudoo Priest is the next logical step in the precision pistol line-up after the fall 2022 launch of the Möbius 1911. The Priest successfully integrates the highly precise and reliable slide and barrel fit found in the Mobius, with the familiar functionality of a modern double stack 1911. Vudoo customers will enjoy the standard option of a contour matching optic cut for either RMR or DDP with other popular options coming in the future. The Priest is currently only available in 9mm with additional calibers coming available summer 2023.

Each frame features a Nitride treated 4140 steel with Cerakote colors provided at the request of the customer. The slide is a 17-4 stainless steel that can be left raw or finished with a Cerakote color of choice.  

The Priest is compatible with STI/SV family of magazines giving users the option of 17, 19, or 23 round capacity and will ship with two 17 round magazines.


  • 5” barrel
  • Tac Rail Dust-cover
  • DDP and RMR optic cut options
  • Unique Vudoo Textured Aluminum grip
  • Ambi Safety
  • Flared Magwell


  • Cerakote Colors
  • Trigger length and contour
  • Bushing Barrel or Bull Barrel

MSRP: $3095

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  1. The new henry revolver is “cheaper”. The 2A is for poor people too. Thank you to Hi Point, KelTec, SCCY, Heritage Arms, Taurus, Raven, Jimenez, and Cobra. They will do until you can afford something better.

    • S&W did a good job moving closer into that space as well as some Ruger offerings. It will be interesting to see how all the gen 3 glock clones influence prices with newer companies.

        • In a way I kinda hope a lot of the ring of fire, hi point/sccy, and others become collectors items. If they do it will be because low cost equivalent budget options will be at least Glock/Taurus/SW level of reliability and ease of use.

    • I can get 10 damn good Taurus G3’s for that price Chris!🙄🙃🙂 All the other’s not so good…

  2. Another expensive new 9mm 2011, again with the “familiar functionality” [morbidly obese doublestack .45ACP grip frame]. Somebody please make a grip frame for 9mm-size (CZ?) 9mm mags.

    • I haven’t checked out a review yet, but Staccato’s newest has a slimmer grip and a newly designed magazine. They still made it too tall to please the capacity snobs. I’d rather have the 3.9″ barrel with the same height as the old C.

      The DWX compact is probably the ticket for the just right size, if they ever come out with it.

      • Ironically, a review of that Staccato popped up in my YouTube suggestions just after I commented: The reviewer noted, as you did, that it isn’t as compact as many would think / hope. Also, buying reliable magazines is very easy and designing them is very hard; thus, it makes about as much sense to develop a proprietary pistol magazine in 2023 as to start a land war in Asia.

        I was looking forward to the DWX for a long time, but the Compact is even less compact than the Staccato (~G19 size, and heavier). In the meantime, I bought an EAA Witness Hunter and love the way the CZ grip locks into my hand. I can’t claim my trigger job is as good as the best 1911 triggers; however, I can say it’s as crisp, light, and short as one could want for a carry / fighting (as opposed to match) pistol.

        It’s way too big for CCW (especially in this climate), so yesterday I ordered a SAR B6P and hope to tune it similarly. I think it may offer the potential to be a true four-seasons carry. Thus, I have no personal requirement for a 1911 with all the modern upgrades – but I still think it’s stupid that no one has built one.

  3. I don’t think I’d want my red dot to protrude over the ejection port.

    But for that price? lol no. Buy a Staccato and be done with it.

  4. They don’t show the other side with “PRIEST” emblazoned on the frame, maybe included in the $3000 you can ask them to leave that off? Otherwise, this will be nice with a Saint (Victor) rifle, Walther Creed, and other silly named guns.

    I don’t want my gun to be named Vudoo Priest, various deadly sins, Satan 666, Jesus 777, Holy Trinity, Crusader, Infidel, skull smasher, demon slayer, hell bat, hellion, vampyr, Legion, Freedom, Patriot, Liberty… just no.

    They should fire these marketing departments.

  5. I just had a vision of what red dots will be in the future… Just a baseplate that emits a red dot above it, with no housing around it. Anyone think thats workable?

      • Smart bullets. Take pic of target w/ your android phone, upload to bullet. Bullet flies around til it sees the target, then WHAM!

        Hard to get the right batteries, tho…

    • That’s an awesome idea. With the prism (and whole body, over the electronics) made out of optics grade polycarbonate, it would be more bulletproof than the rest of the gun.
      Might be hard to adjust, though.

  6. So we go from the Biohazard Boondoggle to the Vudoo Boondoggle? Now I need to go back and reread about the Super Redhawk Alaskan to flush the crap out of my mind…

  7. Why name it “The priest”?
    Let me guess — it’s for giving criminals their last rites?
    At least that’s what anti-gun prosecutors (meaning any prosecutor in my state!) are going to say after a law-abiding citizen has to use one of these for home defense and shoots a criminal dead in a DGU.

  8. I agree with mr Montana. A Staccato P is resting comfortably in my night stand as we speak. Awaiting delivery of a CS. Had to sell 7 guns but i’m happy.

  9. Cut the price in half make it a double stack 10mm and remove Voodoo and priest from the slide. Then maybe.

  10. oh how nice would it be
    to be able to afford
    a $3k pistol
    and another $1k for a light and an optic

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