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The home page is shrouded in ominous shades of pitch black and an odd carnelian red more reminiscent of dirty oranges than the crimson red one would expect. Their opening salvo looms large when you open the page:

After Sandy Hook we said never again. And then we let 1,917 mass shootings happen.

From there the viewer is advised to scroll down. The next group of text is, of course, about Sandy Hook:

On December 14, 2012, a gunman walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, and killed 20 children, six adults, and himself.

Further down the page you find the following misleading claim:

Studies have linked stricter gun laws to fewer gun deaths. But the US has the weakest gun laws in the developed world.

And this:

Since 2013, there has been only one full calendar week — the week of January 5, 2014 — without a mass shooting.

The longest respite was 11 days between January 8, 2013, and January 18, 2013, when no mass shootings were reported, according to the Gun Violence Archive.

How is Vox defining a mass shooting? I’m glad you asked.

Mass shooting data comes from the Gun Violence Archive, which defines mass shootings as events in which four or more people, excluding the shooter, were shot but not necessarily killed at the same general time and location. GVA’s definition differs from other definitions of mass shootings, which may require that four or more people are killed or exclude certain shootings, such as gang-related and domestic events.

The “same general time and location” leaves an awful lot of wiggle room to skew data to suit your purposes. It’s unfortunate Vox is using the murders of small children to further their anti-gun agenda.

How many mass shootings do you believe have occurred since Sandy Hook? Is the number even relevant?

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  1. all part and parcel of the deep-state communists wanting our guns. it is time to start boxing in the democrat/communists and start drowning the bastards..

      • Is he wrong? Communists have killed more people than any other ideology. They are currently cutting up political prisoners for their body parts in China and have turned Venezuela into an open-air concentration camp

        • You aren’t wrong. I also don’t think mcarthy was wrong either. Sure seems like a lot of commies in this country since the hippie movement.

        • Cleverness is not equivocal to intelligence, and your wittiness expresses nothing of value to the subject matter. Hipster yourself over to Vox and we’ll all be better off.

          Vox is doing it’s part to demonize guns and gun owners. Theirs is not a search for truth, clarity or a constructive compromise. It is a witch hunt, and there are only winners and losers in a witch hunt.

          I like winning.

        • Even better, the connections between the NRA and KGB colonel Vladimir Putin demonstrate how shallow the patriotism of the NRA really is.

          Just look at the all expense paid junk at the NRA leader ship took to rush it as Vladimir Putin’s guests.

          Even better, General Michael Flynn got a free dinner and a check for $40,000 from Putin all as part of the Russian government support for Donald Trump. Just read the emails released by Don Junior.

          To the public, it looks as if the NRA and it’s right wing supporters are in bed with Vladimir Putin, the world’s premier dictator.

        • Oh look. Commie vermin is back ranting about “muh’ Russia”. Here’s a wacky idea… Russia is a conservative Christian country. They are far closer to the US in values than the Eurotrash.

    • 90%+ plus of people shot with guns are people that NEED to be shot (i.e. gangbangers) and people who WANT to be shot (suicides).

      I’m all for the former happening and Japan proves that the latter will unfortunately happen even if there are no guns.

  2. Since standard capacity magazines are now blamed for ‘ causing ‘ all gun crimes its nice to see a New Jersey resident OPENLY Defy the new 10 round ” Murphy Mag. Ban.

    Ship Bottom , NJ resident send open letter to police with picture of many magazines , asking …. ” What are you going to do ? ”
    Lists address as 1211 Long Beach Blvd.

    This could get interesting .. ( )

  3. so you are saying…there were….none? their definition of mass shooting is perfectly acceptable. you just can’t handle the facts when you don’t like what they say.
    now if you want to say that most of those are gang related, your token BS response, then PROVE that. but you can’t so you won’t even try. you’ll just spout out some blame shifting bullshit.
    all we can really do is tally this against DGUs. how many MORE would there have been if the people REPORTED did not stop the shooter. notice how i said REPORTED and not DREAMT UP.

    • Except that they conflate two ganbangers shooting at each other (a net benefit to society) with Sandy Hook. The way I see it, since 80% of “gun violence” is criminals shooting other criminals, I have exactly zero problems with the criminal vermin saving the state a bullet.

    • MSM = ” there has been a ‘ school shooting ”

      Facts later confirm = ” well , it was a gang dispute ” NEAR ” a school a few blocks away.

      ( And they were good little ‘ teens ‘ and aspiring rappers , too ….. )

        • In the parking lot of a school that had been closed for four months, no less.

          And Everytown counted a school bus’ window getting hit by a pellet gun as a “school shooting.”

          When even NPR is calling bullshit on your shenanigans, maybe the jig is up?

        • If a cop shoots a rabid fox on school grounds, the gun grabber groups call that a “school shooting” and add it to the list.

    • You change the definition of mass shooting in the USA but then compare it to others country’s not using the same or even close to same definition. That is why we say bullshit. Also the 5 states with the most gun control have the highest crime rate. Notice I used crime rate not gun crime rate that you libs try and push.

    • Not to mention, most shootings occur in Democrat controlled cities. This country has a “democrat controlled city gun violence problem,” not a “gun violence problem.” Look to the plank in your own eye, and all that…

        • Citation please, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Otherwise, it’s just empty speech meant to miss lead the reader.

      • Speaking of which, how many total neighborhoods were those 1900 mass shootings in? I mean, if you have the data required to make that claim, then you have to have that fata right at your fingertips. My guess would be a max of 200 neighborhoods, with 90% of them having 10 or more shootings. I think 75-100 is more likely.

    • It’s acceptable to you but not the FBI which is the keeper of the data. It’s easy to prove that mass shootings by a gun control group are mostly gang shootings. Most murders with or without guns occur in a small number of zipcodes. I suggest you identify the neighborhoids as an excercise.

    • So, what you’re assuming is that the author said there were none, even though they didn’t? Their definition of a mass shooting is actually completely unacceptable. Like most gun-grabbers, you just can’t handle real facts, and you very clearly don’t even try. The only shifting bullshit here is coming from you, anyway.

    • The FBI has been collecting information on mass shootings, defined by a consistent and reliable standard, for decades.

      Vox and their leftist sources are just making shit up. The Gun Violence Archive list has been exposed as garbage by various mainstream outlets, including CNN and WaPo.

      If you want to know the true number of mass shootings, go look up the FBI statistics. It’s public information.

    • I completely agree with [<entervalue:NPC= "little horn"] about [<entervalue:NPCtalkingpoint: "mass shootings"]!! You people here at [<entervalue:targetgroup= "TTAG"] are a bunch of radical bigots and racists!! If you even cared the slightest bit about [<entervalue:expoitationgroup= "children"] then you would support [<entervalue:NPCpoliticalposition= "gun control"] and not waste all of our time arguing with [<entervalue:NPC= "little horn"]!! You should be ashamed of yourselves!!

    • “their definition of mass shooting is perfectly acceptable. ”
      Who is “they”? Vox, CNN, Bloomberg’s minions? Because not do they all use a different definition, but each one changes “their” definition periodically.
      So which one do you find “perfectly acceptable”, yesterday’s, today’s or tommorrow’s? Even more to the point, since neither “mass shooting” nor “school shooting” has a definition, how in the hell is anybody supposed to know what anybody’s saying?
      It doesn’t take a genius to notice that all the confusion they create works in the antigunners favor, now does it?

    • Agree 100%…Sandy Hook and Las Vegas were both “Hoaxes”!

      Also, i fully expect more Staged, Hoax mass “shootings” between today ( FBI likes to Try and stage false flags on Friday’s ), Wednesday’s 6th week anniversary of the staged Thousand Oaks “Shooting” ( FBI known to Try and stage hoax events every six weeks ) and next Friday’s Sandy Hook Hoax anniversary!

      • You can’t pull off a hoax with dozens of elementary school kids who witnessed the event. Even with that many adults involved it would be almost impossible to keep a hoax under wraps. At one point I had my suspicions about Sandy Hook but after watching documentaries with the surviving kids who are now ~10 years old there is no question that innocent kids lost their life that day.

        • I question HOW… A 100% fatality rate is more than a bit hard to believe. Even Columbine had wounded.

        • It had a lot to do with multiple gun shot wounds at point blank range. He was not content to shoot each child once. It was an expression of his inner rage.

        • I agree that seemed odd. But from what I heard he wasn’t running class to class trying to shoot everyone once or twice. He was mag dumping into one class like fish in a barrel.

        • Except that all the autopsies and crime scene reports are sealed and there’s no evidence that’s what happened. If the events 100% match the narrative, why seal the autopsy reports, crime scene photos, etc…

          My theory? Most of the victims bled out while the popo sat on their asses worrying about “officer safety”. Wouldn’t be the first time.

        • @pg2 @ pwrserge — It’s not really such a fantastic feat when you’re only trying hit someone not even the length of a small room away, that can’t run fast enough, hide long enough, or effectively attack him. Some of them were shot and killed with his 10MM sidearm, too, which means he must have hit them multiple times and missed a few. That, and he shot his way into the building, as well. On top of this, I don’t recall any reports specifying which particular type of ammunition he used, either. Not that it would really matter all that much, anyway, given that they were all effectively contact shots and children are quite easily expired almost regardless of the kind of trauma they’re exposed to.

          This wasn’t anything clean, neat, or orderly. But, he had all the time he could have ever needed before the po-po showed up, which might as well have been all the time in the world. This is what happens when you choose a soft target like a suburban or rural sk00l, which are too often completely undefended.

          It really happened. Real people really died. Accept it, or have a psychotic episode chasing down phantom explanations to the contrary. That’s your call.

        • The reality is that the M855 round has documented issues inflicting crippling injuries on small statured targets. Something the Rangers in Mogadishu found out the hard way. A 100% fatality rate seems highly improbable as it would have required several center mass hits on each victim. So the scumbag in question magically managed to achieve this without any sort of training and without missing a single victim? Yeah… pull the other one, it’s got bells on.

        • The hoax is not under wraps. It is out in the open. It is, most certainly, a hoax. There were “memorial” sites set up to receive donations with their SSL certificates dated days before the event. If you understand even a little bit about web security, you know that can’t be possible if there was no knowledge beforehand.

        • Excedrine- far too many inconsistencies, along with Robbie Parkers video of him laughing before the interview before he cries, and who could forget the bus driver, Gene Rosen…you have to be a special kind of dupe to believe the official narrative if you’ve actually taken the time to look at it. Wasn’t there some very pro-gun legislation about to be voted on just prior to sandy hook?

        • I won’t argue against the fact that there are many inconsistencies, but they aren’t nearly enough to disprove the fact — yes, the fact — that 1.) it really happened and 2.) real people really died. Some people also have very strong and equally strange swings of emotion when a loved one has died. I’ve been on that roller-coaster myself (though thankfully not with the loss of a child). Depression, especially if it’s severe, doesn’t mean someone is always sad all the time. There was also some state-level legislation that would have allowed the shooter’s mother to involuntarily commit him to an institution that the DemoKKKrats there torpedoed just two months before he went off the rails.

        • ‘The reality is that the M855 round has documented issues inflicting crippling injuries on small statured targets.’

          Serge, I’m not sure a six year old even qualifies as a ‘small statured target’. That M855 is probably more like a .300 Win mag to a child that size.

        • No, but m855 relies on target body mass to destabilize and fragment. Less body mass == less chance of destabilization.

        • M855 actually relies more velocity to fragment than anything else (2,700 FPS seems to be the threshold), and the SS109 projectile is not known to fragment very often even in ideal targets, anyway. Gel testing produced a dismal 15% chance of frag even out of an M16, unlike the lighter and much faster M193 which fragments about 6 times as often. One cannot expect it to fragment at all past 200 meters from the M16, and just 50 meters from an M4. After that, it’s nothing but ice picks all the time.

          Oh, and I still have yet to find anybody actually specifying the ammunition he used, either.

    • And the moon landings were faked, the guy on the grassy knole did it, 12-7 and 9-11 were inside jobs, and the holocaust and Holodomor never happened.

      • Except that none of those events had all the evidence behind them sealed by court order. Show me the autopsy reports and crime scene photos and we can talk.

        • Most of the information about Pearl Harbor was hidden from the public until the late 60s long after the principals were dead. A lot of information about 9-11 will be classified for at least another 20 years so yeah the equivalent has been done in at least two of the cases. I am sure that faked moonlanding is also filed away at the CIA and we all know there is no real evidence for the other two events to hide.

          Now that I finished ridiculing you and other conspiracy theorists I am going show you wny conspiracies are impossible to pull off. There was a secret conspiracy to destroy President Trump and it fell apart because people talk caught. Nobody may go to jail and the conspiracy might end up being successful but we have all the details of the conspiracy. Somebody talks and somebody else leaks. You guys have become an embarrassment to the firearms community.

        • The conspiracy is rather simple. PD held back first responders. (FACT) Kids died from blood loss in the meantime. (Probable) Everybody at the higher levels of authority went “OH SHIT” and buried all evidence of the fact that some of those kids could have been saved. Again a 100% fatality rate with a 5.56×45 rifle is not believable.

        • These small children not adults. My experience with shooting 40lb coyotes with a 223 is a 100% fatality rate within a very short period of time.

          Stop embarrassing the gun community

        • Find Lanza’s handler you find the truth. The Vegas shooter was killed by his handler. Who probably used an LSAT firing caseless ammo.

        • It needs to be clarified what y’all consider a hoax. If it’s “no one died that day” then that’s a tin foil conspiracy. If it’s “there are a lot of inconsistencies in a poorly documented mass shooting” then sure. As for the statement about cops worrying about their own safety while hiding outside, I thought that was already an acknowledged fact. It wasn’t as bad as the cops at parkland but I’m sure some victims probably died while they were waiting a few minutes. I would go as far as to concede that it’s possible that people knew about the psychos plans ahead of time and did nothing for whatever reason. But the bottom line is over two dozen innocent people died that day. And politicians waved bloody shirts to push a tyrannical agenda.

        • Without direct evidence my belief is just as valid as yours… Funny how I’m not the one trusting a bunch of politically motivated democommies to be 100% forthcoming with critical details that would make them look bad.

        • If there is any false flagging going on it is by those who introduce these conspiracies into the discussion. They are probably paid by Bloomberg.

        • @balais I agree that conspiracies do nothing to benefit the gun community. We have facts on the side of pro gun arguments so there is no point in falling back on talk of conspiracy theories.

        • If you believe Sandyhook was a hoax, do as the pizza gate idiot did and show up to Connecticut state police headquarters with your A.R. 15 looking for the truth. Wreck and how far you get with that.

          Clearheaded American citizens have valid concerns about conspiracy theory fans owning semi automatic rifles and handguns.

          These conspiracy theories are what fuel the anti-Semitic killer in Pittsburgh, and many other mass shooters.

        • These guys remind me of the “experts” who claim Oswald couldn’t get off three shots in that short of time. I was watching Jack Parr with my dad when Mark Lane made the claim. My dad, who was a pre-war regular said anybody in his company could have made the shot. Parr had a Marine demonstrate how doable it was using the same model Mannlicher

      • Agree. These alex jones sounding idiots who think sandy hook was a hoax are embarrassing. 99.9% of conspiracies only exist in the movies. SH wasn’t a hoax, yes a wackjob did kill those kids and adults.

        Oh, 855 can’t kill kids. You people are f’ing morons. Cho at VA tech killed 32 adults with a 9mm glock and a 22 Walther pistol. That wackjob killed 49 adults at the orlando nightclub.

        pwrserge and others are absolute loons. Stop posting here, you’re an embarrassment to all gun owners.

        • You have no idea what you’re talking about.

          It’s not that it can’t kill kids. It’s that m855 has DEMONSTRATED ISSUES inflicting immediately lethal wounds when shot at people who don’t have the body mass of the average westerned. (Such as a half-starved Somali terrorist or a kid.)

          The sane people don’t argue that nobody died. We argue that most of the people could have been saved if they weren’t left to bleed out because, as usual, the popo didn’t do their fucking job and run towards the gunfire. Instead of putting the blame where it belongs, on the shit response of the local PD and the utter insanity of mental healthcare laws that wouldn’t let a family member commit a known psychopath, we get to deal with Democommies waving the bloody shirt for six years over an event they are largely responsible for.

  4. When you count every “mass” shooting in places like Chiraq of course it’ll never stop…and VOX will continue to spew their BS.

  5. You’d think that the Catholic Church would be taking action about all these people being shot at mass…

      • Which brings up another question – how many of these mass shootings are initiated with a recital of Allahu Akbar?

        • In the US? Not many… but then we don’t let in crazy people from crazy countries, for the most part. In Europe? 3/4?

        • Well there certainly aren’t a lot of Vikings roaming around pillaging Christian churches these days, so what’s responsible for all these ‘mass shootings’? (BTW, the Vikings are pussies these days, they can’t even play outside in the cold like the Packers.)

  6. If people who vote Socialist would stop shooting other people, the number of ANY type of shootings, “mass” or otherwise, would plummet. Obviously.

    But then VOX would be outraged about knife deaths, beating deaths, hit-and-run deaths, etc.,etc.etc. Never blaming the murderers, always blaming the instrument.

  7. In that same time frame 600,000+ abortions each year…250,000-400,000 deaths each year by medical mistakes….you do the math…MILLIONS!!!

  8. I was in the Army Special Forces followed by 10 years of Law Enforcement (5 yrs as a SWAT Team member/sniper). There not one liberal that will survive if someone comes and tells me to turn in my gun, ammo, magazines, or anything else that will protect me from harm in any form. This country was founded and has survived because of it’s armed good citizens, and was founded to rid itself of over taxation (the last 2 years I’m being taxed at a 58% rate so FU,) and over-regulated BS. So my dear libtards .. you are not the average citizen. You are the ones who are getting the benefit of being protected from the big bad wolves who live in Iran, China, Russia, and Korea … suck it up buttercup, and arm yourself if you want to take mine.

  9. Vox: 1,917 Mass Shootings in America Since 2012 Sandy Hook Shooting

    Seems inflated and emphasized for the purpose of an agenda.

    How many mass shootings do you believe have occurred since Sandy Hook? Is the number even relevant?

    I have no idea. And it tend to believe the total number killed is more important than a construct of “mass shooting” in order to further an agenda.

    The number is relevant. It’s relevant because it pulls on the heart strings of people when horrible things happen and people suffer. People suffer when they watch other people suffer. And the left makes it a point to show the suffering. They want people to see the suffering and to suffer themselves so they can leap to alleviate it. And of course they want people to leap in the direction of the method they prefer. And the method they prefer is a reduction of freedom (and hence individual responsibility) over all the people in the US, disincentivizing gun ownership, and ushering in their perceiving utopia (which is a gun free/hate free society where everyone smiles and hugs each other in endless peace). The reason is because they believe that society cannot rise to the challenge of being responsible, moral, or principled, individually. And maybe they are right – for some people. But their alternative is every bit as horrible. Take away people’s burden of seeking responsibility, morality, and principled behavior, by making the decision for them. They pass a law and you obey. You don’t get to make the decision voluntarily to be moral. Instead, they attempt to declaw you, by taking away your guns, not so you will be moral, but so you will be helpless.

    And helpless people… get preyed upon.

  10. You know, for a blog called “The Truth About Guns” you seem to publish a lot of uncontested or anemically contested “Bull Shit about Guns” clipped from other sources. Are you familiar with the term Churnalism?

    • Well, its a blog. It’s not a news agency.

      Maybe you could go to vox and do an interview there for TTAG and then report unique and original material for TTAG.

      Otherwise this is it. Random gun related discussions about other people’s reported news.

      • Anonymous commenters…Too insecure to use their name…too lazy to make one up. Unless of course they are some kind of “double-naught” spy.

        • You know, for someone who wants to bitch about anonymity on the internet, you’re clearly not using your real name, either. Are you familiar with the term hypocrisy? I hope so, because you are practicing it yourself. Also, this blog has thoroughly debunked every bit of propaganda coming from the gun-grabbers almost since day one. If you don’t think so, you haven’t been following too closely.

        • I think it was CNN that made a similar claim that was debunked by NPR. Vox’s claim, without sources, is merely propaganda intended to add fuel to the fire for the ban of “assault weapons” and universal background checks notwithstanding that most shootings involve handguns illegally obtained.California has had universal backgruo9nd checks for almost 20 years, yet there is not a shred of evidence that the law has had any effect on the crime rate. Chicago had a 20+ year handgun ban and still has a requirement that all gun owners have a FOID card, yet there is no evidence that those laws were effective in stemming the inner city murder rate. Then there is Baltimore, D. C. and New Jersey with similar bans and restrictions, yet these are some of the most violent places in the country. Tell me again how gun control and stricter gun laws will change anything, in view of the undisputed evidence of their abject failure to do so.

  11. I’ve done my own research and discovered that there have been eleventy billion mass shootings in the last two weeks, killing everybody on the planet except me. And all the other commenters here are bots.

  12. Come on Vox. You need to step up your game. If you’re going to just make shit up, go all the way. What’s today, the 14th? Go for 140,000.
    Shit, I’m thinking too small. Go for counting up every time a gun gets fired more than once within 30 seconds in the USSA. Let’s call it…140 million multiple shootings just since last year! That ought to impress your zero IQ ‘readers’!

  13. Just warming up for the anticipated gun bans the House will conjure up starting in 3 weeks.
    Let us stop calling it gun control, they want them gone.

  14. I just love how morons like this scream and yell to get everyone’s attention in order to say … nothing. What is the suggestion, here? What “stricter gun laws” does the guy have in mind? Since no law is going to make any difference, other than strictly requiring people to carry guns, I understand they cannot suggest anything which would help, but watching them try would be so entertaining, and would introduce another opportunity to discuss The Truth About Guns.

  15. False Flag Warning!

    I fully expect FBI to Try and stage a mass shooting hoax event between today and next Friday for more Gun control!

    “FBI appears to be involved in staging or covering up active shooter and terror hoax events every six weeks”!

    Next Wednesday ( December 19th ), is the six week anniversary of the FBI staged Thousand Oaks California mass “shooting” hoax and next Friday is the anniversary of the Sandy Hook hoax!

    • Did you take your medication this morning? Oh, I see, you forgot. Why don’t you go do that, and while you are at it, loosen up that tin foil cap you are wearing just a bit. It seems to be cutting off the circulation to your brain.

      • So you pull out the tinfoil hat accusation instead of actually debunking his statements….the sign of bottom shelf troll who has no facts or data to back his trolling.

        • Also a clear sign of a govt staff troll.
          “disinformation rule #5. Sidetrack opponents with name calling and ridicule. This is also known as the primary attack the messenger ploy”

        • Next, probably, comes #6:
          “Hit and Run. In any public forum, make a brief attack of your opponent or the opponent position and then scamper off before an answer can be fielded … simply make an accusation or other attack, never discussing issues, and never answering any subsequent response, for that would dignify the opponent’s viewpoint.”

    • Might be easier to guess that no mass casualty event will happen in the next week. Cause you’ve missed on your last months worth of guesses. The wild ass proclamations wont make good evidence when the inevitable does happen again and you’re first in line shouting “see, I knew all along!” Blind squirrel and nuts and the such.

  16. If I start by accepting one false statement, everything that follows is also false. More unsuccessful communist propaganda leading to another meaningless rabbit hole. It’s good to see them digging so deeply into their bag of tricks. Didn’t work yesterday, won’t work today… pretty sure it won’t work tomorrow. I wonder how all of these progressives feel, deep down in their heart of hearts, when they realize that what they are spreading is a lie, a lie that has failed before, and is destined to fail again. What a waste of human lives. It’s truly pitiful. For myself, this afternoon, I’m going to have some fun and go shooting. Go, lemmings, go. -30-

  17. Easy to cite a large number of “incidents” when the definition of the political term “mass shooting” isn’t well defined, remains subjective, and designed to be conflated for a political agenda.

    Other examples are “military style” and “assault weapon”. Utter drivel.

    All pro-gun institutions need to do is introduce functional terminology with clear definitions and you remove the potential for spin.

  18. Sandy Hook like Las Vegas was a false flag. Hard to tell just how many people were killed and wounded especially since the supposed dead keep turning up alive.

    Both the Sandy Hook school, which used NO electricity for the 6 months prior to the incident, and Adam Lanza’s home have been completely demolished. Someone trying to hide something?

  19. Yea, and in the same time frame there were probably 3 million abortions. The Democrats argument and fake compassion is full of holes. 99% of their supposed mass killings were probably perpetrated by gang on gang violence. And who the hell cares about that. I think we should invest in more guns and hand them out for free in all the ghettos in every major city in America. Let them solve their own problem the old fashioned way. LMFAO.

  20. “Studies have linked stricter gun laws to fewer gun deaths”! If that were to actually be true, America’s cities with their strict gun control laws would be the safest places to reside. Instead, they are the abattoirs providing the great majority of our homicide statistics.

  21. Laws Prevent Nothing! That is not a theory, or a empty statement, but a well established FACT. Laws, are simply the means by which a society, attempts to modify or stop behavior and/or stop or control contraband, by means of fiscal and/or penal punishments. Not a single gun law currently on the books or proposed legislation will prevent evil from occurring. Sandy Hook is a good example of gun control not working. The perp kills a legal gun owner (his mother), and steal her guns (at least two felony offences there). He then travels to a school, and carries the guns onto school property (another felony), gains entrance to the school with his contraband weapons (another further felony), and proceeds to commit murder and mayhem upon the occupants of the school (God knows how many felonies). Everything this wacko asshole did was a punishable offense. How would another law have prevented it? The answer is it wouldn’t have stopped him. Nor would any of the proposed legislation have stopped any of the shootings. Laws are just words in print. We have laws against speeding, but people still speed. Laws against theft, but theft still happens. Laws against drug use, but drug use is still a huge problem. So another law, or set of laws isn’t going to change the behavior of someone intent upon murder.
    You folks on the liberal side of things want answers, but you’re asking for answers to a question that can NEVER be answered to any degree of logical thinking. The root causes of behaviors exhibited by individuals who want to maim and murder can’t be legislated away. At one time in our history we’d institutionalize them, but the Left saw that as to severe and changed the Mental Health laws to the point of idiocy. As a result, people are out among the general population that would as soon kill you as look at you. The repercussions of these changes have been manifest since the mid to late 70’s, as evidenced by the increased drug usage, homelessness, and criminal behaviors. No, this isn’t the only reason for some of this increase, but it hasn’t helped the situation at all.
    Every time an event like Sandy Hook occurs, we stand around wringing our hands, calling upon the very political bodies, who’ve failed us time and time again, for answers and legislation so it won’t happen again. Every time they’ve failed with their legislation to stop another “Sandy Hook” from happening. Multiple laws are broken by the perpetrators before they ever set a foot inside a school or business. In the case of Parkland, multiple agencies, including the school, the county Sheriff’s Department, and the FBI failed to act, in spite of multiple interventions by all three agencies regarding the perp’s behavior, threats and warnings. The very agencies that were in place failed to act appropriately to the potential threat the shooter presented not just once, but multiple times in their interactions with him. I’d be willing to bet, that Lanza, the Sandy Hook shooter, gave out warnings signs too that were either missed or ignored. My point here, is that we can’t depend upon the authorities to prevent these tragedies.
    The only thing that stops someone intent upon committing murder and mayhem, is an individual(s) equally intent upon stopping such from occurring, with lethal force if necessary. In other words, the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun. That’s been a maxim throughout mankind’s history that too many fail to recognize or acknowledge.

  22. If laws prevent nothing then we must be living in anarchy. A more accurate statement is that laws don’t deter every one.

  23. We’re damn close. Sat on a jury lately? It’s a real eye opener. Laws prevent nothing. The majority of us follow the law because we don’t want society’s retribution for one, two, because of our Judeo-Christian upbringing, and three, because of our conformity as herd animals. Laws are simply words upon a piece of paper. Maxim’s hold true regardless of the words upon paper. Anarchy is a complete and total absence of any law.

    • Laws spell out what is illegal to do and what the consequences for breaking these laws. Only law abiding people pay attention to this. Rational deduction from this is they are not much of a deterrent to lawless criminals. If we had judges and prosecuters that would not plea bargain on most cases then the law abiding would be much safer.

  24. Two years ago Everytown for Gun Safety claimed “203 school shootings since Sandy Hook.” This was fact checked. Some of the claimed instances had no record of occurring. Other were only vaguely related to a school. As example, a jogger was running on the street when he was shot. In another, an 11 PM on the edge of a campus was counted. A student committed suicide at home, counted. A man was shot at 3 AM at a school, counted. Finally, remember the sniper murder of the 5 Dallas police officers? Everytown counted it as a school shooting! Why? The parking garage was used by a community college.

    In the end:
    “ Everytown has claimed a grand total of 203 school shootings since Sandy Hook.

    Of those, 75 seem to meet a generous definition of that term, which includes on campus student housing (the “dorm rule”), even well after hours and on weekends and even when students aren’t involved).

    Of those 203 “school shootings,” only 44 meet the common perception of a school shooting, where someone came to a school campus to shoot faculty, staff, or students.

  25. I think the Yankee Marshal is a tool but nailed it with these conspiracy nutjobs. It would nice if TTAG would denounce these people as not reflective of the gun rights as a whole. Do really want this kind of ammunition in the hands of the anti-Second Amendment lobby? Let them rant but make it clear that they are a fringe element.

      • How about you admit that there are question that need to be asked and that denouncing people to satiate the mob is retarded? But sure, throw yourself to the mercies of the democommies, see how well that works out for you.

        After all, what possible motivation could a democommie department responsible for letting children bleed out on the floor have to lie? Show me the autopsy reports and the crime scene photos and we can settle this. Oh wait… those same democommies sealed the records to make sure nobody ever gets a real look at their little coverup. Funny that…

    • Mostly ignore the nuts, ridicule them when it suites your fancy and remember no one takes them seriously. Besides, compared to the lefties these guys are weak sauce.

    • Lol! Right, because the people looking to disarm us might speak slightly better of gun Owners as they disarm us if we keep our mouths shut about the blatantly shady and inconsistent narratives that support gun control. You can’t make shit like this up. You might as well hand in your guns now tdiva.

  26. “Since 2013, there has been only one full calendar week — the week of January 5, 2014 — without a mass shooting.

    The longest respite was 11 days between January 8, 2013, and January 18, 2013, when no mass shootings were reported, according to the Gun Violence Archive.”

    Hmmmm. Wouldn’t 11 days straight include one full calendar week? I’m not sure what the point is here, other than filler material. Is it that one is without the shootings, and one deals with the reporting of them? Odd.


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