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I’ve been testing ATI’s .22lr M4 clone, the VK-22.  Some, ahem, controversy was sparked when I let slip that my 8 year-old daughter was behind the trigger when it lost its minerals.  I contacted Chiappa and ATI for help, and they got right on it…

We’ve all been told “It’s in the mail” before, but when Chiappa said it on Monday they weren’t pulling my hogleg. I emailed them on August 7th, they replied on August 8th, and the replacement bolt carrier was on its way via UPS by the close of business. The Big Brown Truck dropped it off at my door today (August 12th), and tomorrow morning we’re all off to Big Sky Country for a vacation. And lots of shooting.

The new bolt is an exact but unbroken duplicate of the first bolt, with the same weight of 8.6 ounces and the same spring weight, peaking at 4.5 pounds. Time and testing will tell if the original was the victim of its own design, or of a casting or machining flaw. Watch this space.

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  1. “Some, ahem, controversy was sparked when I let slip that my 8 year-old daughter was behind the trigger”

    Hell, if I’d realized that you had stuffed her behind the trigger I would have been abusing you too! There isn’t a lot of space in there. Is she OK? Why didn’t you let her get behind the stock like most shooters?

    (Can’t sleep. Brain is throwing up weird pics at every slightest perceived imperfection. Me having insomnia means you get to share in these brain shots. Don’t you feel special?)

      • Finally fell asleep after 48 hours. At the computer of course. Woke up with QWERTY imprinted backwards across my forehead and dragged myself to bed. Wife reports that I was “A little loopy” last night. So if you spot a post of mine that is nothing but random letters, that will pinpoint the time I fell asleep.


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