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Last year there was a flurry of coverage about the Massachusetts Bruen response bill that was introduced via the State House and passed. Representative Michael Day hosted a dishonest, several months long, dog and pony show called the “Gun Law Listening Tour.” Day pretended to listen to the public on gun policy. Two weeks after the tour ended, he dropped a 129-page bill that would completely gut the Second Amendment in the Bay State. The senate just introduced their version of the bill, S.2572, and it is different from the House version – that could be good or bad.

The house version of the “carry-killer” in Mass., dubbed by the Gun Owners Action League as the “Lawful Citizens Imprisonment Act,” would effectively end the Second Amendment in the Commonwealth. To say the language and provisions were contentious is an understatement. The bill is so bad the Massachusetts police force representatives wouldn’t endorse it – even though Rep. Michael Day continually lies about that in his talking points and social media posts.

Some lowlights of what the house version of the bill would do: Define strict “sensitive areas” making carry close to impossible throughout the entire state, “Assault Style Firearm” definition could ban all semi-automatic long guns, there is a live-fire training mandate, a so-called “ghost gun” mandate requiring serialization of all firearms and much more.

I read the senate version of their Bruen response bill and at first I was thinking, Man, that’s not that bad. Then I woke up to the reality that it is “that bad.” All of it is. Being from an occupied region myself, New Jersey, we’re used to getting rights stripped from us, so when a final version of a bill comes out “not as bad as the other,” we feel good. That’s malarkey. We won in June of 2022 and the pinkos need to get over it.

No, the measures are not quite as strict as the house version, there are still some serious liberty restricting elements in there. Lot’s of provisions dealing with so-called “red flag” laws as well as “assault weapons” law changes that would completely obliterate modern sporting rifles from existence in the state. Ghost guns, homemade firearms/3d printed guns and reporting provisions are also injected into the bill.

The “not so bad” portion was the sensitive locations portion. The house version went full on scorched Earth. The senate version would only affect municipal and government buildings/property locations.

“A state, county or municipal administrative building or a judicial or court administrative building,” including a carte blanche for municipalities to add to the list of sensitive locations:

Nothing in this subsection shall limit the authority of any state, municipality, county or judicial body from adopting policies restricting the possession of firearms, rifles, shotguns or other dangerous weapons in areas under their control.

Aside from the senate version not banning arms from virtually everywhere, the other upside is a provision in the law that allows municipalities to vote certain areas in the municipality to not be considered sensitive. “A municipal administrative building in a municipality that votes pursuant to section 4 of chapter to exclude its administrative building from the prohibition in paragraph.”

GOAL, the Massachusetts state gun rights organization does not endorse this bill. While they openly admit that the senate leadership was up front with them, and discussed the measures with them, that does not mean the organization would acquiesce to approving of the freedom limiting measures.

“The fact that legislators are constantly telling us, well it’s better than the House bill, does not forgive the substantial assault on our civil rights,” said Jim Wallace, executive director of GOAL. “Like the House bill, there is absolutely nothing in this bill to address crime and mental illness. The senate’s proposal would produce massive authority to create limitless regulations and authority of the Attorney General to use the proposed laws in a punitive manner even against people outside of the 2A community!”

GOAL further stated in a release that, “Senator Creem, had an open-door policy with GOAL. We actually met with her and her staff on several occasions as well as other senators. The end product was very bad, but that part of the process was indeed better. At least the Senate did not lie to us like the House leadership consistently did.”

The fact that the bill is different from the house version might end up being a bad thing, rather than a good thing. The way everything could be staged if the bill is passed, it might end up being only an edit to the house version. GOAL elaborated on this.

Furthermore, regarding the process, is the concern that this bill is actually an amendment to the House’s version of the bill. This means that, if the Senate decides to vote for this bill, it will then move to a Conference Committee where the House’s version comes back to the table where some of the most egregious proposals still has a pathway to becoming the law. We will have more of an explanation about this on the GOAL website soon.

The timeline on S.2572, in typical progressive Massachusetts fashion, has been fast-paced. The text only came out on January 25th, amendments were due in on the 29th and the measure is due to go to a vote on February 1st. “Not that bad” is not good enough. Massachusetts gun owners need to reach out to their senators – and representatives – ASAP. And if this measure is passed, let’s all hope for the sake of Bay State patriots that the house version does not get to come along for the ride.

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  1. Sure the senate bill sees the writing on the wall. The out of control everywhere sensitive places was already struck down by the appellate court in NY, and would never stand up to legal scrutiny. YET the laws NEVER stop the anti gun dems from going over the top. Reality testing is not in their cognitive skill set!!!

        • “The left are imbeciles!”

          And, all the while, it’s *you* who’s 2A rights are trampled on.

          For a bunch of morons, they are making you dance, not them.

          Pretty smart, on their part, it looks to me…

  2. The mental illness behind Slavery, bigotry, Jim Crow, Gun Control, Eugenics and other democRat Party race based legacies remains alive and well in democRat States like Massachusetts…

  3. Is there a Lexington and Concord still on the map in MA? Seems there needs to be an assembly there by the citizens/subjects of the MA. Their ancestors of 1775 would be shocked.

  4. The Leftists aren’t even trying to be coy anymore.

    NY had their “Bruen response” law based upon the strategy of declaring everything as “sensitive spaces”. It was declared unconstitutional and enjoined.

    CA recently had our own version called SB2, also following the same strategy. It was declared unconstitutional and is currently stayed.

    Now MD wants to toss their hat into the ring and have a go.

    It’s interesting to note that Democrats of today never, ever speak of defending our liberty. It’s always about dismantling what our Founders gave to us. Yet somehow we have enough cheaters supporters across the land that we ended up with Joetato and Mrs Potato Head in the White House.

  5. If border crossings can be used a measure of a failed state the unending flood of Massholes across my southern border indicates Mass is dead and gone.

    • Inability to control incoming is a guarantee of coming failure? Definitely.

      Keeping people in is not an option in a few society.

      What I am wondering about is; at what point does welcoming refugees just enable a dictator or dictatorial philosophy?

      • “What I am wondering about is; at what point does welcoming refugees just enable a dictator or dictatorial philosophy?”

        Here’s the deal on that –

        The Leftist Scum ™ are ignoring the voting trends that will doom them. It seems that the ‘huddled masses yearning to be free’ are more and more seeing them for what they are, fascists.

        At this point, in two voting cycles, they will be voting for us, not them. The pesky ‘fly in the ointment’ is the the new arrivals are devout Catholics, and have fresh memories about what happened in places like Venezuela. They want no part of it. This change is accelerating.

        As far as we are concerned, lets not stop them for the fatal error they are making, even as we speak… 😉

        • In addition, our enemy is going even harder to left than they currently are.

          The normal folk are waking up to this, and want no part of it… 🙂

        • I was not precise. The regime in Venezuela is stronger, in part due to our suicidal immigration policies.

          Further, I believe that much of what we see at the border is not a gold rush, but a land rush. Someone is telling folks “There is nothing for you here, but what happened here, can happen there. Go there, there will be people who will help you.”

          Sort of a ground floor deal.

          That said, l hope you are right.

    • The Andromeda Strain, it spread to California in the 60’s then onto Oregon, Wash., Nev., Colorado, now to Arizona & Texas. It was already in Md. when I got here.

  6. These traitourous misfits seem to have taken the stance that removing ONE arm from me is a good thing… when compared to taking them both.

    God gave me wo, thank you very much, and anything/one attempting to take either will be met with whatever means I can commandeer to retain them both.

    What I wonder i WHEN are these freaks going to begin upholding the oath of office they all swore upon stepping up to their positions. They seem to esteem themselves as godlets or some such folly.
    Abyone else remember what happened when the supreme poohbah in Massachussetts set out to confiscate the personally owned/possessed arms, powder, shot, held by the citizens of that area?

  7. This sensitive areas nonsense won’t hold up in court. The whole shebang sounds like a court loser minute one.

  8. How about a Bill that would remove any elected official from office that proposes, signs or backs any bill that is unconstitutional. This would prohibit them from ever holding any public office and right to serve on a jury.

  9. I didn’t read the entire post LOL but I can guess what the grand ole Bay state is doing with Ms. Healey at the helm.

    I’d like to remind us all how successful some of these actions can be and they are once again on the band wagon. Back in 2016 when everyone knew Hillary would be the next President Miss Maura made her mark in a run for uber AG by changing the definition of assault rifle in the current MA law to add every make and model of AR. No vote. No democratic process. The RINO Gov at the time signed off on it and to this day there are no AR type rifles on the shelfs. Except maybe a Ruger Mini. You know. Cause Ruger is within the state. MAGOA and NRA made one pitiful try at suing. They lost.

  10. I would never have thought a state that fought for our independence would stoop to this kind of schitt!

  11. IWNC. (I will not comply)
    Gas stoves
    Electric veh.
    Real meat (not grass clippings)
    Ceiling fans (ceiling fans for Christ’s sake)
    Light bulbs

    Do you still think its about “gun Violence” and crime, or is it about control?

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