The Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is investigating congressional candidate Karen Mallard after she posted a video on Facebook that shows her cutting apart an AR-15 rifle. The school teacher and Democrat is running for Virginia's 2nd Congressional District, hoping to oust Republican Congressman Scott Taylor.
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Elected officials really only know two things: the date of their next election and the phone numbers of their largest contributors. Beyond that, it’s all film-flam, anodyne camera-ready soundbites and kissing babies. If you think they’re actually conversant — let alone informed — on the topics they’re expected to discuss and vote on, I have a bunch of lightly used Broward County Sheriff’s Department sidearms (never fired, plenty of holster wear) I’d like to sell you.

That conspicuous lack of expertise is how you get bills that would outlaw those shoulder things that go up and ban dangerous heat-seeking bullets (but whatever you do, don’t try to point out their ignorance). It’s also how you get video evidence of anti-gun candidates for office violating federal gun laws.

The Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is investigating congressional candidate Karen Mallard after she posted a video on Facebook that shows her cutting apart an AR-15 rifle.

Mallard (“I grew up around guns!”) is a school teacher who’s one of six Democrats vying for the nomination to challenge Virginia’s Rep. Scott Taylor. And if you think the educator and aspiring legislator would be willing to protect the lives the children she’s entrusted with, think again. That isn’t in her job description.

“Our job is to teach children, it’s not to protect them from gun violence. That is the government’s job. And they’re failing at it.”

Who could possibly argue with logic like that?

So, being a Democrat running for office during the current post-Parkland atmosphere of anti-gun hysteria, and admittedly inspired by the hoplophobic harridans at Moms Demand Action, Mallard figured that a little moral preening for the camera would be just what the doctor pollsters ordered. So she got a hold of her husband’s AR, a saw, and went to work on the rifle via Facebook live.

In a matter of hours, the video drew hundreds of thousands of views and thousands of comments.

Many of those comments were negative. Some people accused Mallard of political grandstanding.

Several others said Mallard broke federal law by taking a legal firearm and altering it, making it into an illegal one. Many of them referred to details contained within the Sawed-Off Shotgun and Sawed-Off Rifle Act which, in part, prohibits people (except for those permitted by the act) from having a rifle that has been “modified to an overall length of less than 26 inches.”

Oopsie! Ms. Mallard didn’t take all that criticism well, quacking back at her detractors…

And yes for all the NRA trolls out there, I finished the job according to regulation and turned it over to the police. Why are you more outraged about me taking a gun out of circulation than about our children being murdered in our schools?

What regulation would that be, Ms. Mallard? *crickets*

Sure, the schadenfreude runs heavy here. But If you’re comforted at all by the news that the the ATF is “investigating” Mallard, don’t be. If you haven’t learned by now that there are no consequences for politicians and media types who are on the “correct” side of certain issues — law-breaking or not — then you haven’t been paying attention.

David Gregory wasn’t charged after waiving a 30-round magazine around on the set of Meet the Press despite the “high capacity” magazine being outlawed in D.C. at the time. And presidential candidates who compromise national security never find themselves in the dock, either.

The good news is that despite Virginia having moved from solidly red to purple, Virginia’s 2nd congressional district remains decidedly, deeply crimson. Incumbent Republican Scott Taylor defeated his Democrat opponent in 2016 with 61% of the vote. So even if Ms. Mallard manages to defeat her five rivals for the nomination, she isn’t likely to be introducing any legislation in the House intended to do something about the 93 million Americans we lose every day to gun violence.


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  1. And I hear her. What a dumbass!

    What I want to know if is she poured out all her liquor and is also looking to reinstate prohibition.

    You can make a much better case connecting violence with alcohol than with guns.

    Prohibition (alcohol) would work so well to curb violence.

    • Even aside from violence, the amount of deaths due to DUI and alcohol poisoning (acute and chronic) would far dwarf any homicide rate. Not sure about suicide rate.

      • And how many acts of violence involve alcohol? Most i imagine. Been awhile since i have seen the stats.

        As the great philosopher Ozzy Osborne said ” everything bad that has haplened to me, happened when i was drunk”.

  2. “I finished the job according to regulation and turned it over to the police.”

    Immaterial. Your first cut created an illegal SBR. If the second cut destroys “the gun” you still created and possessed an illegal SBR. You can argue that the possession was temporary but that doesn’t matter. Also, you may well have destroyed evidence, tampered with evidence, impeded an investigation and committed a bunch of other crimes but I’m not a LEO or a lawyer so I’ll leave that up to them.

    Seriously though Ms. Mallard, would you accept a known felon possessing a gun, throwing it in a river and then claiming his possession didn’t really break the law because it was “only temporary”? Methinks not.

    • Hey chubbie bimbo – what was the point of giving the remains to the popo? Put it in the recycling bin. You no greenie?

      Please, a moment of silence for her neutered husband.

      • A moment of silence? Nah, kick him in the groin and see if what reaction you get.

        You’ll find out if he’s truly neutered and you’ll feel better!

    • If she actually destroyed the gun, she probably could not successfully be prosecuted for creating a SBR as part of the destruction process.

      If , however, she stopped and only destroyed later – guilty.

      • How is that possible? She made a video of her manufacture of an SBR. Does her later destruction mean she never made the SBR? Never possessed it? I’d say a video of her making it is pretty good evidence for manufacture, possession and tax evasion.

        Based on her claims of destroying the rifle “later” I’d say they have herbdeadbto rights.

  3. Can we please just have a moment of silence for that AR.

    – + –

    Why are the EVIL POS (D) so against black guns? Could it be their rampant racism blinds them to all things of color?

  4. Technically, Randy Weaver created a short barrel shotgun then turned it over to authorities.

    • And then the popo came and killed his entire family and his dog, and not a single Democrat or Republican politician cared.

    • If he actually did it. He did have a sawed off shotgun, but it was said to be 1/2 and inch over. Many think it was tampered with by the authorities………

  5. Who cares? Seriously she just destroyed between $500 and $2000 worth of rifle to virtue signal that she hates a large chunk of the nation’s population. The ATF won’t find a damn thing wrong with her doing it and come election time she’ll still lose because deep down we all know what a politician’s virtues are worth… They’d set a preschool on fire and nuke it from orbit if they thought it’d get them more votes.

    • Didn’t she just cut the barrel? Husband probably said “that’s nice, dear” replaced the barrel and hid it somewhere she couldn’t molest it further.

    • You’re so silly!!! Obeying laws and/or getting punished for breaking them is for the little people.

  6. So does this mean that I can legally make a full auto AR, shoot it for a day then hand the cut receiver over to the Fuzz?! Thanks for the precident, Biznitch!

  7. What a stupid stunt. If her husband’s AR-15 was going to be used in a crime, who would’ve used it? Hmmm?

    She should have reported herself and her cuck of a husband to the police as a danger to themselves and others, and sold the rifle to an NRA member. Progressives have no standards, so they’d probably still vote for her come election time (and she’d probably still lose). That would’ve been a win for everyone.

  8. Good for the goose, good for the gander. Lock her up and treat her just how we would be treated. Hopefully her dog doesn’t get killed and hopefully her baby doesn’t get a flashbang thrown in it’s crib. Her husband would probably welcome the bullet from a jackboot so I won’t hope either way on that one.

  9. It’s just one AR, thousands can be manufactured each day by each manufacturer. The gun industry thanks her for her valuable contribution to ending the ‘Trump slump’!!!

    Her husband would say something but she has him locked in a wooden chest with an orange stuffed in his mouth and a 12″ rubber c*ck rammed in his *ss! ‘Bring out the gimp’, ‘But the gimps sleeping’.

  10. Is a law enforcement agencies refusal to prosecute a crime precedent for it’s legal dismissal?

    • Of course not. It is proof of a rigged system that we’d expect to find in a banana republic or some Marxist dictatorship though.

  11. 93 million Americans killed every day from gun violence…
    I’d never seen that video before . That was some funny sh!t!
    We should have all been dead 4 days later.

  12. “Our job is to teach children, it’s not to protect them from gun violence. That is the government’s job. And they’re failing at it.”

    I bet she’s a government school teacher. And I bet she’s more involved in school district politics and union organizing than her day job of teaching; we already know she’s not interested in protecting her wards.

  13. Just curious – is it still a SBR if the gas tube is cut rendering the rifle inoperable? That’s what’s happening when these grandstanders cut their ARs in half. It’s no longer an operable firearm.

    • Yes, it is still an SBR, it effectively has been rendered a bolt action rifle but still an SBR. Hence why you don’t see any sweet short barrel lever actions for sale.

    • The rifle absolutely will still operate – just not semi-automatically. You can still chamber and shoot a round from the now short barreled rifle via the charging handle.

  14. It might be the father side of me, but I felt badly for her while watching that video. She’s allowed herself to fall for all of the hype. She doesn’t seem all that bright. Still, she is a thief like all of the others; father’s empathy be damned.

  15. She’s another idiot demanding the government do something about ar 15s. But what they don’t realize or understand is that the government has already done the studies, and the small amount of cases where a ar-15 is used in a mass shooting, are out weighed by how many lives they have saved.

  16. I don’t understand. Her husband had a gun in the house. Doesn’t she know it should have killed her or she should have killed herself with it by now? Maybe that’s why she did it. It was a preemptive strike. But wait, if AR-15s are only used to kill children in schools that means her husband must have been planning an attack. Who would vote for someone married to a domestic terrorist?

    Why is it always the $500 rifles that get chopped up? Why don’t they put their money where their mouth is and chop up an MR556? I guess it could be because H&K hates us so they’re on the same side.

  17. Seems like another cheap trick by a Demorat to draw attention to a non-existent problem!! It’s the people dummy! Not a firearm, but she just proved that, right?

  18. Total idiots … if you knew anything about guns you’d know that that picture clearly shows someone cutting the barrel with the hand guard and gas tube in place which would surely leave the firearm in an unserviceable condition… so obviously whoever is shown in that picture is not making a short-barreled rifle. They are destroying a perfectly good firearm because they are obviously as much of a closed minded fool as the person who wrote this article..

  19. “because they are obviously as much of a closed minded fool as the person who wrote this article..”
    She made a short barreled bolt action rifle. It would function just fine.
    Closed minded fool indeed.

  20. Well if she can make an SBR and not pay her stamp then we are on the verge of a new era. We should all write our representatives and get the NFA revoked.

  21. Well, I guess we know who wears the pants in this family. I guess the husband is submissive to her. Wonder what kind of love life they have.

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