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“Congresswoman Gabby Giffords never resorted to the kind of squalid campaigning this ad represents,” protests. “She won her fights with energy, ideas and a disarming good nature. She didn’t do nasty. So concerned was she about the breakdown of civility in politics that only a week before her own shooting, she was at a New Year’s Renaissance Weekend retreat expressing her desire to improve it.” Of course, Giffords suffered severe brain injury from the shooting; it’s unlikely that she approved of, or maybe even knows about this ad. azcentral finally goes there: “Perhaps the Tucson shooting changed Gabby Giffords. Perhaps she is the one who controls the message. But we doubt it. That’s not who she is.” For the record, here’s‘s fact check on ARS’ character assassination . . .

“It’s the law,” she said. “I mean, the law is clearly based on the Second Amendment that we all have the right to keep and bear arms. And I have the right as a private citizen to sell my possession to anyone I want to. It’s my lawful right. So, just like I can sell my car, I can sell my gun. And so, that’s the law, and that’s not a loophole. It’s freedom. And absolutely, it needs to stay that way, because any restrictions on that, at gun shows or other places, is just absolutely unconstitutional.”

Her campaign, when asked to comment on the new ads, provided a statement emphasizing the need to support existing laws.

“While we may have legitimate differences of opinion about how to best reduce violence and keep Arizonans safe, we all can agree that we need to do more to prevent tragedies in our communities,” McSally spokesman Patrick Ptak said. “Martha believes we need to enforce those laws already on the books and place a greater emphasis on the cause of gun violence by addressing our broken mental health care system and enhancing our ability to recognize and treat signs of mental illness.”

Are there any depths to which the gun control lobby will not sink in their campaign for deprive Americans of their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms? Responsibility? That’s not their policy.

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  1. Something similar happened here except the creep didn’t have a gun, so he used what was at hand, a piece of firewood. He bludgeoned his eighth month pregnant ex-girlfriend to death. So far no calls for firewood registration.

  2. There is no depth they will not sink. It should be common knowledge for The People of the Gun. It’s also why we should be armed because uncontrolled and unchecked emotions of our opponents will find a violent outlet eventually.

  3. Ummm, about that “fact checking;”

    “But the background check program established by the law applies only to licensed dealers. It does not apply to private sellers at gun shows or to individuals who sells guns on the Internet.”

    Now, MAYBE they understand the interstate vs. intrastate technicalities of the internet sales issue, but I bet it’s more likely they are implying you can order a gun and have it delivered to your home without a background check. Thus transforming their “fact check” into mere propaganda.

    EDIT: They also rated the offensive ad as “true.”

  4. Giffords is barely not a vegetable and is being used by her husband (presumably from the best of marital good will) and others to promote their own agenda.

    • We don’t know her mental condition. She is clearly impared physically, but her mind may be in better shape. She had a very low NRA rating while in office, and she wouldn’t become any friendler to gun owners after the shooting, so the agenda being promoted could well be her agenda too. We may as well just focus on the issues.

      • +1. There may be a temptation to mock Giffords for her reduced capacity, but without the facts, it would be both unfair, and despicable to do so.

        Those are the characteristics and tactics of the left, as TTAG has documented many times, outing MDA and their supporters in the progtard press, HuffPo, MotherJones, RawStory, to name a few of the worst.

        Lets not sink to their level, here. The more we speak to the truth, and maintain the “clean, well lit room” (Hemingway) the further the reach, and ability of TTAG to inform, and convert those seeking the truth.

        And the more obvious the occasional troll who comes here to stink the place up.

      • I have seen numerous videos of her since she “recovered” from the shooting. From what I can tell, she has the ability to repeat back what is said to her, read something from a teleprompter or piece of paper, and is handicapped to where she is at about the cognitive level of a preschooler.

  5. I’m so tired of these “American’s For Responsible Solutions” commercials…they are playing these things all the time here…they are still screaming about a “Gunshow loophole” and its pathetic…and I’m sick of it.

      • The short answer is no, they do not reflect the electorate as a whole. About 3 1/2 years ago, AZCentral (a website for the local NBC affiliate and the AZ Republic Newspaper) changed their format from open access to a paid subscription (Thanks Gannett!). I, among many other pro 2A posters, used to comment quite a bit on the formerly open comment section. When they shut down their comment section (eventually going to Facebook postings only) and made a viewer pay to read more than a handful of articles a month, I switched over to other local news websites. The Republic has always had a left slant as long as I have been reading it, but not as pronounced as others. They even published one of my counter op eds a number of years ago that was pro 2A. Since the change in format, the readership has drastically shifted leftward. There are quite a few pockets of proggies in AZ including Tucson, Flagstaff, Sedona, the Prescott Valley, and Central Phoenix, but the majority of people in this state that I have had interactions with are very pro-2A. It is not uncommon to see people of various ethnic/racial backgrounds OC’ing at the local supermarket or clothing store. So if by “special section”, you mean those that would pay to read a Gannett publication, then they are very special.

  6. Back in 2013, Alan Gottlieb got vilified for suggesting that the background checks issue was unwinnable and should have been traded away for the best possible deal. In some sense, the coming elections will be a test of his view.

    • I think Gottlieb was vilified for going off solo on his back-room deal on Manchin-Toomey, and when it fell through, apologized profusely for same. I’m speaking here as a new at that time SAF life member, who was very unhappy with that tactic, vs the long succesful financial support by SAF to winning litigation. Gottlieb has made a couple of rash moves, again, on his own, since, which led me to contact the Board, and say WTF?

      We can debate background checks as a separate issue, and I would only observe that elections are won not only on issues, but more on get out the vote. Read Christian Adams at PJMedia, on CATALIST, and remind your 2A friends it no longer optional to “sit it out” waiting for the perfect candidate. In fact, if we dont put our petty differences aside, and instead work together, independent, tea party, and GOP, when its down to the wire, then we will have no one to blame but ourselves. This means, vote, and walk your neighborhood getting others out to vote, give money, even if its just a little to the pro2A candidate in the key swing senate seats, even if your state is not up this year, and take back the senate. Its going to be close, as is, and if you dont, we will be in for a really bad two years, and I’d argue, anti-2A SCOTUS in 2015…

      • Gottlieb specifically predicted state-level referenda as the likely fallout, and it seems to be coming true. More broadly, it is possible that with the background checks issue defused, the anti-gun forces would not have gotten as well-organized and well-funded as they seem to be now. But then, who knows what else would have happened if Manchin-Toomey did pass.

  7. “Are there any depths to which the gun control lobby will not sink in their campaign for [sic] deprive Americans of their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms?”

    Answer: no.

    (Suggestion: correct the typing/grammatical error in bold above.)

  8. And I will say it again: humans are fragile and easy to kill — any determined stalker/domestic abuser would have no trouble at all killing the object of their obsession with a hammer, pick-axe, knife, car, or steel pipe. Eliminating firearms will NOT save women from stalkers and domestic violence.

    • And will cause the deaths of those victims of violent stalkers and domestic abusers, who have successfully defended themselves.

  9. Martha McSally is a great American. Among her many prestigious accomplishments and history-making firsts, she was also a USAF Colonel with thousands of flight hours and hundreds of combat hours piloting an A-10 and leading a squadron during multiple tours in Iraq. I think she knows a thing or two about being targeted by dangerous people, certainly enough to take great offense at this deeply scurrilous ad.

    • Wow. I did not know that about McSally. AZ citizens would be fortunate to have her.

      No wonder ARS and their big-bucks east coast elite money spent so much on this well produced, but misleading ad, to try to keep the incumbent democrat in place.

    • No dispute over her Military record. However, I was talking to another 2A enthusiast about the upcoming election and asked his opinion about her. Surprisingly, he seemed hesitent about her since he claimed she was part of McCain’s election campaign machine and would probable be beholden to him. He also said this wasn’t her first time running, and she seemed to take too many marching orders from the Republican establishment. He said that with Haley Barber you know what you are getting, and he hasn’t been anti-2A either, unlike his predecessor.

      • I don’t know. McCain’s old news. You know AZ politics better than I do, but I can’t see he’d have much influence going forward. Besides, McSally did serve as national security advisor on AZ Senator Kyl’s staff, who had a very strong 2A record. Kyl retired from Congress in 2013, but he’s now a high powered D.C. lawyer/lobbyist. I’d figure he has some sway in things.

        Overall, I bet she’ll do her own thing. She doesn’t strike me, with her history, as a go along get along girl. I’m ok with her.

    • Yes, and also this, from Wikipedia: “McSally was represented by the Rutherford Institute in a successful 2001 lawsuit against the Department of Defense, challenging the military policy that required U.S. and U.K. servicewomen stationed in Saudi Arabia to wear the body-covering abaya when traveling off base in the country.[7][8] At the time of the lawsuit McSally, as a Major (O-4), was the highest ranking female fighter pilot in the U.S. Air Force. McSally’s suit alleged that “the regulations required her to send the message that she believes women are subservient to men.”

      She’s a role model for women’s rights, and yet here she is being targeted by a version of that tired phony baloney #waronwomen bullshit. It’s an outrage.

  10. I don’t understand why anyone objects to some kind of regulation of gun ownership. Do you have objections to all background checks? Should crazy people have guns? Is it their “natural right”?


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