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In what was billed as a protest of the NRA Annual Meeting, Shannon Watts served up a heapin’ helpin’ of the same old boilerplate this afternoon, regaling supporters of the resounding successes of Moms Demand Action’s efforts at “reducing gun violence.” The Moms head honcho addressed a crowd of 110 supporters (more than half from out of town, according to a Moms PR flak) in a downtown Nashville park, six safe blocks from the NRA Convention venue. Press releases before the event claimed that the turnout would exceed 400, but the actual number didn’t match the hype. Imagine that. Civic parks in Tennessee are currently classified as gun-free zones by state law and that may have been behind the choice of location, but we couldn’t possibly comment . . .

The gist of the speeches was to urge Governor Bill Haslam not to sign a new bill on his desk which would end the park prohibition that was approved by the legislature and has the support of a majority of Tennessee residents. Whether Shannon and her hoplophobic harridans’ demonstration will have any effect on the governor’s decision remains to be seen.









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  1. “Press releases before the event claimed that the turnout would exceed 400, but the results were only about 25% that number, and included a good portion of out-of-state participants.”

    Is anyone really surprised?

    • what? that she picked a gun free zone to act like her typical bad-ass self? No. Better question, what about her pimp’s, I mean benefactor’s bald goons? Were they there and armed?

      • dude in white hawaiian shirt with slicked back hair and shades over Shannon’s right shoulder. . . . he is printing badly. I guess the bald dude was not available. wouldn’t it be great for the local sheriff to arrest the guy based upon this?

        • You ain’t kiddin. Your statement is the only reason I even clicked on the video. Adjusted/touched his pistol several times. He is a lefty.

      • This is the exact question I want answered. Sounds pretty typical of her to hide in a GFZ, but I want to know if her sugar daddy’s paid guns followed the law…

      • Her bodyguard in the white shirt, on the left side of the screen, felt for his pistol through his shirt twice during the short video. He is left-handed. So Shannon does understand that even in a GFZ only a gun offers real protection. So she’s not just a PR Hooar for rent. She’s a hypocrite.

        • Sooo, riddle me this, if the park is a GF zone – how is he packing legally? I am going to assume he is either ignoring the law or has some sort of permit that us (filthy) peasants can’t get? Or is it just one of those things that the DA would never prosecute so the cops don’t even bother?

          This unwashed one craves enlightenment! (shuffles back to cave)

    • I’ll guess that they couldn’t figure out a way to photograph 100 to look like 400 (which would be a pretty paltry number itself for an allegedly grass-roots organization with allegedly massive popular support). So they opted for the close-in shots to just avoid the numbers issue altogether.

    • That cameraman in the last picture is doing as best as he damn well can to make the 11 look like 400.

      • @Sixpack70
        Uh, that’s not what he’s doing. That is not the angle he would use. He’s simply taking a picture of those two people. If he was trying to do what you say, he wouldn’t be that close and shooting up, he would be farther away, shooting into the crowd, more like what you see in picture #3

    • Well if you also count the lap dog media members who probably outnumbered the mommies and hen pecked husbands, maybe they get somewhere between 100 and 400.

  2. If MDA was about gun safety they would focus on keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill, period. Not refusing to law lawful gun owners ANYWHERE. Gun free zones have ZERO effect on crime, criminals say IDGAF and law abiding peoples obey.

    It just shows their true agenda, to attack lawful gunowners in America anywhere and everywhere they can.

    • Shannon said that the NRA was helping with legislation that would “FORCE guns into Tennessee parks.”

      FORCE! You! The gun with the double stack mag…GET INTO THAT PARK! Snubnose, and Longslide, if you’re not in the park pronto, there’ll be hell to pay.

  3. The YouTube Video is closed to comments (as it is with most Communist propaganda), but can still be disliked! Mine is dislike #4. Zero “likes” so far. Let’s show MDA how mch we appreciate their efforts.

    • wow, somebody messed up. I expect it will be “corrected” soon. Did my part in the meantime.

      • Nice MDA photo, by the way, and congrats on the new fitness regimen. You’re becoming a lean, mean, shootin’ machine.

    • Accur81, you are absolutely correct. While they may disable comments, likes and dislikes should be there for ALL to see. Those who support as well as those who oppose their message. Time for a pit stop at MDA @ U-tube…..

      • OK there is no tally at the MDA website concerning likes or dislikes on the vids….There is however a meager 800 plus subscriptions to their channel, which speaks volumes as to the truly hardcore commitment of the MDA membership via support of their own You tube channel……..

        • Most of those 800 are probably gun rights supporters trying to keep tabs on what MDA is producing. Most gun control pushers don’t spend any effort keeping up with gun issues (without pay), because any serious observation leads to the conclusion that gun control can’t work for it’s stated purpose.

  4. Speaking of Nashville 🙂
    Watched one of my favorite shows “Nashville” . The show takes place in Nashville. Imagine my surprise when a character in the show was going to be charged with having an “unregistered handgun” There is no such requirement in TN law! Yet writers sitting in CA couldn’t be bothered to do the research. At best its a case of did not did the research, at worst further brainwashing of Americans to believe that all guns need to be registered

    • A similar thing happened on Longmire. Longmire was apparently surprised to see a pistol on the roadkill ladies hip and she quickly explained that is was registered (and was just for euthanizing hit animals I think). CA writers think this would happen in Wyoming?!

      • Making stuff up is easier than doing real research.

        This is one reason we have a peer-review process for many scientific journals…trust but verify.

      • CA writers don’t even get CA gun laws correct; why would they get them right anywhere?

        There are several things movies do on such a regular basis that I think it must be in their Hippocratic oath:

        Tires squeal on dirt.

        Car engines rev up and shift in normal cruising; I saw some movie just a few days ago where a car cruising down a freeway was accompanied by a steady monotonous upshifting sound track for 5-10 seconds.

        Every gun sounds like a pump shotgun or cocking Single Action Army, and needs to be racked or cocked at least several times to show how serious they are.

        Legal actions happen so quickly that they can discuss the charges before the arrest and give their closing arguments that evening.

      • I stopped watching Longmire about 4 episodes in first season. Reason 1, it wasn’t filmed in Buffalo WY. I guess not enough 5 star hotels nearby. Reason 2, stupid cop behavior. ex. Deputy running in woods yelling Longmire when suspected killer is near.

  5. Sure am glad jefe Shannon had security and police protection.
    Wouldn’t want guns around, oh wait.

  6. Hey, is that bearded guy standing next to Shannon the same one that was involved in that dust-up in Austin? Maybe he is her bodyguard for the day; could be they figured out that using the two bald Secret-Service wannabes was just too flagrantly elitist/hypocritical.

      • A star?

        Bloomberg is a star (of the class ‘white dwarf DQ’, perhaps, if you measure by dollars, not by heat or spectral lines). Shannon’s just another PR hooar. Everyone knows it, especially the people who ask her for bus fare and lunch if she wants them to ‘demonstrate.’

    • Between his buttons and his stupid plastic bracelets (I’d shit myself if he could tell me what any one of them was for without reading it first), I’m pretty sure he made it to 37 pieces of flair. Well on his way to taking Brian’s job at Chotchkie’s.

  7. Haslam (TN Governor) has already stated he is in opposition to a bill allowing park carry, so if it ends up that the bill fails I’m sure ‘ol Shannon will take full credit.

    • Alec Jones has a video on youtube where he is trying to interview some of these fools–he kept his cool despite several of them committing assault and battery for asking questions–also the puny turnout is proof that Bloomturd’s group is nothing but worn out astroturf

    • Don’t forget to include paid staff and security. Once you factor that in the actual “supporters” number about 40-50 people.

  8. Guns are fun. Fun will always win over stupid logic and irrational mothers whining.

    Every gun owner needs to make it a goal to introduce 5 new people to shooting a year. Dont talk politics like some autistic conservative as you shoot. Make it fun. Make it safe. When it comes time to vote a one time memory of fun will override these ladies.

    • Don’t talk politics like some autistic conservative as you shoot.

      That there is the best comment that I have read in weeks. You sir or ma’am win the Intertubez for the month!

  9. largest “gun violence prevention” org? – how are they preventing “gun violence”?… oh, wait… “gun sense”…

    “guns for anyone, anywhere, anytime, no questions asked” – damn straight!

    I wish I could carry when I take my kid to the park.

    Results were clear in the midterms?

    Toe to toe? I think they’ll need more toes.

    I think it’s been the gun grabbers who have a record of passing laws in the dark. ..

      • Nick we are all waiting on the pic of you and Shannon together. Or are you too much in the big leagues now and her handlers won’t let you within the same time zone as her?

      • It must have been scary being behind enemy lines…you know all those emotions and irrational thoughts flying around….

  10. These sad women don’t have the ability to function on ANY level but an emotional one. Critical and analytical thinking is beyond them. Operating on an emotional level only is a sign of stunted mental growth. Emotions make BAD decisions. The outright LIES these women believe and repeat are proof they desperately NEED psychiatric help. No amount of verifiable FACTS will sway their emotions. Their FEELINGS supercede EVERYTHING including, decency, common sense, honesty and the constitution. These people are mentally ill and do NOT deserve the attention they are receiving.

  11. Needs a nose job Shannon Watts group managed to gather around 100 people? Putting that into perspective, that’s a huge failure.
    What she said was, that “ALONG WITH Every Town for Gun Safety, Mother Demand Action is the largest gun violence group that is the most organized and passionate…..” So if you don’t include Every Town, what are they then? WOW, “Largest and most passionate” Well golly gee whiz, that’s real earth-shaking!

    When you consider that Nashville has a population of around 610,000 it says it all that she could only get 100 people, including little kids to attend her ridiculous little gathering. When you get some mom to make her husband and kids show up along with her mother, it’s not hard to get 100 folks together, but wow, what a slap in the face!
    Way to go you lying paid mouth!

  12. 110 huh and half imported.
    Even with Bloombergs money they are irrelevant.
    Without his cash. They would never be heard from again. Not that they have anything worth listening to as is.
    But I bet you on tonights news.
    Its going to look like they had 100s there. The lies continue.

    • It might make the local news, but so would a bunch of Girl Scouts offering free doggy baths in someones driveway. 90% of media in America is owned by six companies. They are (notable properties) GE, which owns Comcast, NBC, Universal Pictures and Focus Features. News Corp, which owns Fox, Wall Street Journal, and the New York Post. Disney, which owns ABC, ESPN, Pixar, Miramaz, and Marvel Studios. Viacom, which owns MTV, Nick JR, BET CMT and Paramount. Time Warner which owns CNN, HBO, Time and Warner Bros. And CBS which owns Showtime, Smithsonian Channel,, Jeopardy and 60 Minutes.
      These companies aren’t going to be in a rush to help publicize an insignificant competitor in the media like
      Bloomberg which funds MDA

      • I think Comcast owns NBC….and bought it from GE. I’d be very surprised if the Roberts family didn’t still control Comcast.

        • A quick check shows that Comcast did indeed buy a controlling stake of NBC of 51% in December of 2009.

  13. Is the guy in the white shirt and sun glasses ARMED security for Mrs. Watts?? The one on the left just behind the bearded guy in the red shirt.
    Why would she need armed security? That doesn’t make a lot of gun sense

    • That was our read. He looked like security. They apparently learned their lesson after Indy: no more 300 lb. bald goons in shades, black suits and earpieces. Nothing says I’M A FLAMING HYPOCRITE like a professional gun-grabber with obviously armed private security.

      • That was a gun-free zone, was it not?

        One of you should have acted horrified and pointed and screamed “OH MY GOD!!! HE HAS A GUN!!! He has a GUN!!!!!”

        While video recording, of course….

        Could he have been charged for that?

      • wow, doesn’t that look lonely… And those are the folks going toe-to-toe with NRA?

    • Yeah, I noticed the guy in the white shirt to the left of Watts (to her right).

      I want Ms. Watts to publicly state that she will never have any armed security, ever, anywhere, other than her own home. She demands that we be unarmed outside the home. Well, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

      Let us see her put her money where her mouth is.

      • Won’t happen. Her piece of garbage boss, Bloombag is a huge elitist. He’s got billions and what fun is having billions if you can’t land your own helicopter at closed helipads and rule others lives. Never mind if people don’t like him. Remember, don’t do as he does, do as he tells you to do!
        Oh hey Bloombag, eat sh–!

    • The guy in the white shirt is most likely Ms. Watts’ private armed security.

      Here are the tells.

      *The white shirt that doesn’t match the red shirts everyone else is wearing
      *The hair, haircut, and posture scream “retired cop”.
      *The shirt is a little bit looser than everyone else’s.
      *He is positioned behind Ms. Watts while she is speaking.
      *His body language indicates that he is scanning the crowd and the surrounding people.
      *There appears to be a slight bulge on his right side which indicates he may be wearing an OWB holster (SERPA?) under his shirt, I’ve seen plenty of retired and off-duty cops do that.

  14. Who is MDA? The only anti gun people that affect my gun rights are the Republicans of the Florida Senate and the Republicans in DC. I know what to expect from MDA and the Democrat minority.

  15. “A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. IT KNOWS NO LAW, NO PITY. IT DARES ALL THINGS AND CRUSHES DOWN REMORSELY (not a word Shannon) ALL THAT STANDS IN ITS PATH.”
    -An Author
    Her quote (sources cited like a true anti) kind of makes a mother’s love sound like a bad guy in a park with a gun, just saying…

  16. This is truly a sad group of (I suspect) empty-nesters with too much time on their hands looking to do something, anything to add some meaning and relevance to their lives.

    That there are a few followers of the paid shill what’s-her-name, doesn’t surprise me necessarily. There are feeble-minded folks everywhere looking for magical solutions to the ills of the world. They don’t want to make adult decisions that require them to act like real adults taking responsibility for their lives. The’d rather have ‘someone else’ do it for them to ’cause they don’t want to deal with the icky parts of life.

  17. If you watch the video the body guard on the left with the wide shirt and sunglasses keeps adjusting his carry piece. Looks like he is trying to avoid printing and failing to hide the fact he is carrying lol

  18. They claim to “support the Second Amendment”, but they tell their kids to write “NO GUNS” on the sidewalk? WTF??

  19. IIRC, Shannon and her followers are pro-2A, they just want SENSIBLE gun laws, right?

    That must be why they scrawl slogans like “No Guns” on the sidewalk, right? Because they’re not anti-gun, right?

    (I assume my sarcasm comes through loud and clear, right?)

  20. I wonder what Shannon’s salary is working for Bloomberg compared to what it was working for as Monsanto’s PR person.

  21. If they brush their teeth and wet down that tee shirt they won’t have to demand anything, they’ll get all the action they want.

    • I had to “lol” at this one since I shot skeet at Tennessee Henry Horton State Park this weekend.

  22. I tried to get through that video but after the 2nd time she replaced the word allowed with forced I was well past my limit. Not only do gun-grabbers claim but not really want to have a discussion that I don’t where we compromise by me giving up more rights and them giving up nothing they want to spew lies the entire time. Sounds great.

  23. Want to bet that NONE of the media pukes covering her 110 supporters mentioned that the NRA convention had about 70,000 attendees?

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