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A big boy duty gun for those who want to carry something that starts with a ‘4’. You can read our full review of the compact version here.

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  1. If the trigger needs to be replaced for it to be a great gun, it’s not a great gun, it’s a mediocre gun. Just my humble opinion.

    • It doesn’t need to be replaced. You could spend the same amount of money on ammo instead and the trigger would get to the same place. Bonus: you actually get to practice. Replacing the trigger is just a shortcut.

  2. I have had this full size 45 since mid 2012 and the trigger sucks compared to my 2016 M&p 9c. The M&P triggers have really improved since 2012. The 45 trigger feels like I am pulling a cat that doesn’t want to walk.

  3. Didn’t Smith just come out with a 2.0 version of the M&P 9 millimeter and 40 caliber? Why wouldn’t they make this gun a 2.0 as well with the updated and improved trigger this makes no sense. Both Glock and Smith and Wesson needs to get with the program on offering a better trigger in their Plain Jane guns not the performance center Firearms. I have to agree with the original poster if it doesn’t have a good trigger that gun is crap. And that’s from someone who owns 3 M&P striker-fired pistols and for Glock striker-fired pistols.

  4. You guys need to start video reviewing really bad and really good guns. When all you review is “great guns with a few flaws,” you lose credibility.

  5. Is it just easier to do video reviews than written ones or are you doing it because it is more popular? They seem a bit awkward and stiff to me – just one man’s opinion.

    • Akward and stiff? You are being extremely kind sir. These 2 couldn’t be more boring and less entertaining, or informative, if they tried. To borrow a phrase from the review, these video reviews are “sub-optimal,” err, scratch that, they just plain suck! Farago needs to go back to Police hate posts, he is at least convincing in that role. Nick does very good written reviews n guns and gear. TTAG needs to leave the video reviews to JeremyS, he has the winning formula.

  6. IIRC, the Hartford PD had a bunch of issues with the M&P 45 mostly extractor issues… they got rid of them and got Glock G22s

  7. Would be nice to see some real world testing and reviews done.
    Shooting at a range does not really put a firearm through its paces
    other then to show it fires and ejects well out of the box clean or cleaned
    once out of the box.

  8. That’s not full-sized as it’s not the 4.5″ version that was originally introduced. It looks to be the compact version according to the S&W web site.

  9. I carry the full size, 4.5 inch model, and it is hands down my favorite 45 caliber handgun, and I have had or at least fired most of the major competitors on the market. What I really appreciate about it is that while the capacity isnt the highest compared to the competition, S&W kept the frame slimmer, and it feels much more like a 9mm/40 than a 45 gun in girth. Mine has also been very controllable compared to the other 45’s Ive shot. Ive heard the common complaint that the triggers are bad, but I haven’t experienced that with the ones I’ve had (I’ve had two). I carry mine with a Streamlight TLR1s OWB, and I have also purchased a threaded barrel and have run it suppressed with my Dead Air Ghost-M without issue with all stock parts. Would like to get my hands on an M&P45c, but I have never seen one at any of my LGS’s.

  10. Glock 21 beats this by a mile and that is stock, gen 4. With a 3.5# polished ghost connector, extra power trigger spring and a polished gen 3 trigger bar ($50 in drop in mods), it blows the MP45 out into oblivion, plus 3 more rounds capacity.


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