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Today’s video review: the economically priced Smith & Wesson SD9 VE. It’s a lot of gun for not a lot of cash. You can read the full-length write-up here.

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  1. I have argued with snobs all over the place that trash this gun. I owned a Sigma and sold it and liked it so much I bought the SD9ve version. It has a better trigger and I did the spring replacement to give it even more of sweet trigger. I also replaced the sights. I paid 289 for it new. For the money its hard to beat this full size pistol. If your on a budget and want as much gun as you can get for your dollar this is it.

    • I’ve heard some favorable things about the SD9 VE, but the original Sigma was the Yugo of the gun world when it first came out. I had never heard so much disdain heaped on a model from a major American gun maker at that time.

  2. I’ve had mine since shorty after they were introduced. It has been flawless and I like it a lot. It’s almost a Goock 19 in size and weight and I like it better than a Gen 3 Glock. I would not hesitate to buy it again. I bought mine on sale for $289.99.

  3. Have one of these, the biggest difference to me was a bit of slight polishing on the internals a bit. I did the Apex Springs and am of the opinion they help but 30 seconds of polishing the stamped sheet metal piece that engages the “safe action” plunger then polishing the back of the striker where it engages make worlds of difference.

    It’s a damn accurate gun, save for the shooter too.

    Any one ever grip tape one of these? That’s probably my big gripe right now, but I feel traction light on the Glocks I’ve shot too.

    • I have the SD in 40 & 9mm. Great value and very accurate. Try Hogue slip on grips, they work for me. Apex springs worth it.

  4. The first time I fired one of those I thought it misfired. Turns out the trigger pull was a mile and a half long. I understand apex makes some kits for it. Overall good firearm and even after a trigger job you should still be under the price point of other full sized pistols.

    • Tried this horrible pistol when I was shopping, one of the most awful triggers ever. Glad to have gotten a Ruger 9E for $285, at least 10 times the gun.

      • Hey I held a 9e today at my local gun shop. Feels great in my hand. And everything I’ve heard is great. May have to get one..

        • The Ruger 9E is absolutely perfect from the box (I shoot everything straight from the box). Gun feels like a natural extension of your hand & provides amazing accuracy. If the SW would have been $100 I still would not have wanted it.

      • You guys that bought the 9e, please let us know if you see any barrel peening on it after you get past 500 rounds or so. I have some on my SR9c. Still functions 100% , but it annoys me and I wonder if it affects lockup and accuracy. I would consider a 9E at the right price but only if Ruger has figured out how to prevent that.

        • So far no signs of any issues, functions 100% perfect. There were some running changes made to the SR series for product enhancements. Also have a SR9C that has no issues that is older than my 9E. Both were flawless out of the box & exceptionally accurate.

  5. Have they fixed the sear block on these newest batches? My sister has one with a trigger that fails to reset. When I opened it up, it turned out that the sear block’s crosspin had fallen out, and after putting it back together, I found that it has nothing at all keeping it in place; even after reinserting it, the little bastard simply wiggles itself out of the block again with 5 or 6 pulls of the trigger. Since the sear block itself appears to be discontinued, I couldn’t fix it and told her that she’d have to call S&W and see if it’s covered by the warranty.

    I’d definitely pounce on an actual, pre-lawsuit Sigma for that price, but the idea that a critical piece can just fall out of position like that doesn’t endear the redesigned version to me much.

  6. If I needed an economy “duty-sized” gun, I’d go for the right Ruger P Series long before that Smith…like say a P93DC or P95DC. No mag disconnect, SA/DA, and cheap Mec-Gar 17s and 20s available aftermarket for cheap. Giving that Smith 5 stars is overrating it.

    • I like the way you think. Have Ruger P 90, 89 and 94 all great although very heavy handguns, when I put them in my daily cc rotation I feel very secure.

    • ONE star would be overrating; an absolute pile.Seriously, one of the worst guns I have tried. I have people who shoot SW at our backyard ranges try my Rugers; they are no longer happy with their SW.

  7. This is my first gun. Not the best trigger as since I’ve started shooting, I’ve had the opportunity to experience much better. With all that being said, given the price point, the SD9VE is a PERFECT first gun! Upgrading to a Mod.2 shortly after the new year. Seriously debating if I should keep it (2 is 1, 1 is none and all).

  8. I bought an SD9VE from PSA for $270. I have added the Apex trigger and spring kit ($60), Tru-Glo sites ($40), had the slide Cerakote black (free), and stippled the frame (DIY). My SD is now an absolutely stellar performer and for less than the price of a stock Glock.

  9. I have a Glock 19 Gen 4. It’s my favorite gun. I wanted a different less expensive gun to have on hand and I bought the SD9VE. Even without the trigger change the gun is great and I would trust it in any situation. No it’s not a Glock but I have never had a single problem out of it and after over 2000 rounds still shoots the same as when I had only put 100 rounds through it. I’m not a gun snob I just know what works for me and these two guns fit the bill for what I need right now. So don’t let negativity for the SD9 deter you from at least checking it out….it is a sold gun.

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