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As you may have heard, the US Army just selected the SIG SAUER P320 as the winner of its modular handgun procurement competition. Here’s our take on the compact version of the gun (you can read the full review here).


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  1. Hmm. Might have to give one of those a try, if I can find one at a rental range or something. Truth be told I’m not a fan of most striker fired handguns. But I do like pretty much everything else about that design. And I do love my Sig 2340.

    • 2340 is a good one (even over the 2022, and even the early ones with the proprietary non-rail mounting system).

      I put many .357 Sig rounds through one and the slide release / take-down pin combo started walking out while firing. Factory says return for overhaul I am saving up to send it on that vc.

    • I don’t like striker-fired pistols either, so I carry the P-320’s older but almost identical brother, the hammer-fired P-250 subcompact. Same size, capacity, caliber, etc., and it’s a lot easier on your wallet. Like all SIGs, it refuses to misbehave. I’ve put several thousand rounds through the P-250, much of it low-budget stuff, and never had any failures of any description. The only striker-fired pistol I own is a Walther CCP (I bought it because I like the blow-back operation), but I will not carry it with a round in the chamber; I simply don’t trust it enough to do so. The P-250, just like my other carry firearm, the S&W 642, cannot fire a round unless made to do so by a deliberate, long trigger pull. An added advantage, in my estimation, is that’s the ONLY “safety” on these two weapons; there are no levers to pull or push if, God forbid, I ever have to draw either of them in an emergency. Simplicity is the soul of survival.

  2. Talk about representation…

    I have watched a lot of SHOT Show coverage out there and there are a sh_t-ton of solid douches out there with blogs, claiming they represent the shooting community or a segment of it, and I don’t know why the manufacturers don’t beat the living crap out of the rude aholes, much less give them the time of day.

    Please TTAG be professional with the presenters (as I’m sure you sll are) and kick the other blogetteers in the freekin junk for us.

    The Sig is a good gun, but it was a stupid ORD, we got the Space Shuttle solution (best of pieces of what too many different groups wanted) and the gun, even for the $$$ isn’t as good as the mk25 or the 226.

  3. I got to shoot one at the range during my buddy’s bachelor party. Only put a few rounds through it but it shit pretty well. It’s on my list. Considering the red dot equipped version.

  4. So Sig is copying the Hi-Point pistol? That design is way too thick and way too chunky to be relevant in todays market. Sorry, but that’s the truth about the P320 compact. That looks like something that would have come out in 1983.

    • They are working on a new magazine safety system that will bring that compatibility to the table. That is the only thing stopping it, all the other dimensions allow for both.

      • Check is in the mail, I’ll only put….. Nevermind. I don’t believe the opening is big enough on the non .45 fire control group to allow a .45acp mag to be inserted, the ejector would also have to be reworked which is part of the rear guide rail, the slide release would also have to be changed out to be converted over to a .45acp configuration, it sits inside the slide guide rails/frame of the FCG. They have already changed the slide release design once, guess the engineer is on an extended coffee break who has been tasked with designing it. We all fell for it early on. MPX will be able to be converted to fire _______ too. Gen II maybe after they enlarged the ejection port. We’re going to offer the MCX in .300BLK and 7.62×39, finding a .300BLK conversion kit is like finding an unicorn, 7.62×39 is like finding Bigfoot riding an unicorn in middle of Times Square.

        • This was straight from SIG back when I was sponsored by them. The only change is the magazine safety block. Everything else is the same.

  5. Video shows the 320 subcompact variant, while the presenters call it a compact. I dare to suggest some editing.

    There are currently 5 production variants of the basic 320 (RX, Fullsize, Carry, Compact, Subcompact) 3 variants of 320X5 (Fullsize, Carry and VTAC) and at least two XM17…

  6. Well as mentioned that is the sub compact. I had no interest in the P320 series but I did try a P320 Compact at a LGS factory shoot last March and I was very impressed shooting it being a soft shooter (regardless of silly comment on bore axis) and being able to put 8 of ten shots in a 1 inch group on center of target, though at 15 feet, first time shooting it. I would have bought one on the spot if I did not already have a Glock 19, Walther PPQ, and HK VP9 but the P320 Compact is next on my list. I use thumbs forward grip and really appreciate the current small slide stop on the P320 series. The P320 Compact will also fit in the subcompact frame. SIG hit a home run with the P320 series.

    Pictures of P320 Compact in subcompact frame at link below.

  7. I carry a p320 compact with a small subcompact grip module. Great gun, easy to carry and can put the larger compact grip module on when my wardrobe allows.

  8. After comparing most of the 9mm handguns at my local range, I bought a P320 Compact with the Tritium night sights. IMO it’s definitely a five-star gun in everything that matters: Accuracy, Ergonomics, Firing & Reliability. Customization – eh – probably four stars (there’s not a lot available yet … BUT! You can use the same chassis and swap in any other part to make a different variant of the P320!) One other four-star rating I would give it is Concealability: maybe the subcompact variant is easily concealable, but the compact version WILL print if you don’t dress appropriately.

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