VIDEO: BulletProof Everyone Founder Shoots Himself to Demo Jacket

VIDEO: BulletProof Everyone Founder Shoots Himself to Demo Jacket

Dallas Jolley, CEO of Bulletproof Everyone, decided to demonstrate his company’s bulletproof jacket by shooting himself at point-blank range. Check it out:


(It is worth nothing that Richard Davis, founder of Second Chance – the guy who invented soft body armor whose back-story is awesome, by the way – used to do demos being shot with a .44 Magnum while wearing his vest.) Here’s Davis’ video:


  1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    I don’t care what the fanboys say, .45acp just ain’t no .44mag.

    1. avatar New Continental Army says:

      .44 mag is a real mans round. Big, AND fast.

      1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

        There’s a reason Thomas Acp lived out his life in anonymity.

        1. avatar frank speak says:

          actually remember a video of him testing out his top-of-the-line second chance vest by being shot with a .308 from only a few feet away…and surviving….amazing!

    2. avatar el Possum Guapo ect. says:

      I’m a .45 acp fanboy, but .45 acp ain’t no .44mag thast for sure.

      1. avatar binder says:

        It is a revolver vs pistol argument. And in the real world, how many people really carry .44 Magnum wheel guns.

        And there is always, +p, .45 Super and .460 if you want to get crazy.

        Wonder how the vest would do against Civil Defense 50 grain.

        1. avatar raptor jesus says:

          Desert Eagle comes in .44

          Not a wheelgun.

        2. avatar el Possum Guapo Standartenfuher " they think we're making pizza's Oberst von Burn says:

          .44 mag is for 4 legged critters, .45acp is for two legged critters

      2. avatar Dustin says:

        What about 460 Rowland?😎

  2. avatar Rusty Chains says:

    I don’t care what anyone says, I wouldn’t do that with a .45 or a 9mm, or a .380 for that matter! I don’t know ’bout the rest of you, but I am positively allergic to getting shot with much of anything!

    1. avatar Widdler says:

      I’m with you on that, getting hit with a paintball pisses me off.

      1. avatar Adam says:

        Paintball? Hell, I don’t even like going outside on a cold day. No way I am letting someone shoot me on purpose.

        1. avatar Rick the Bear says:

          As a member of the Free State Project, I like your avatar.

  3. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Good way to bruise a liver or start an appendicitis attack.

    1. avatar Andrew Lias says:

      Was thinking more of having an AED on hand just in case you needed your heart restarted

    2. avatar Geoff "Mess with the Bull, get the Horns" PR says:

      “Good way to bruise a liver or start an appendicitis attack.”

      Isn’t the kidney in that area as well?

      I may have 2 of them, but I want both in good working order…

    3. avatar barnbwt says:

      IIRC, the Second Chance guy’s doctors/insurance eventually made him stop doing the demos for this sort of reason.

      That’s how Houdini died!

      1. avatar Eric in Oregon says:

        “That’s how Houdini died!”

        Exactly – Houdini was killed by a single punch that he wasn’t prepared for. Apparently the ability to take very hard punches to the abdomen was part of Houdini’s show, and some jackass decided to try it when Houdini was out and about.

  4. avatar Jaykob Owens says:

    This is awesome!

    1. avatar Hannibal says:

      this is stupid.

      1. avatar CCityGuy says:

        This is awesomely stupid.

        1. avatar double b says:

          This is stupidly awesome

  5. avatar Paul says:

    Wonder what would win, 6.5 creedmoor or creedmoor body armor?

    1. avatar el Possum Guapo ect. says:

      That’s a Schrödinger’s Cat question.

    2. avatar Hannibal says:

      The question of the cannon or the wall has been tested for centuries. The cannon always wins out eventually.

    3. avatar Nigel the expat says:

      Singularity created devouring this portion of the galaxy.

  6. avatar DaveL says:

    Whenever I see or read about somebody testing armor by volunteering to be shot, I always have to wonder: “What’s your Plan B?” If everything goes right you walk away with what, a great big bruise? A couple cracked ribs? Now what if things go wrong?

    1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

      Well, it’s still better than using a phone book to stop a .50AE bullet.

      1. avatar DapperGunsmith says:

        Too soon? NOPE!

    2. avatar barnbwt says:

      You forgot all the money you walk away with

  7. avatar Ansel Hazen says:

    Is it me or did he just about shoot himself in the nads?

  8. avatar NJ_DOC says:

    What an idiot!

  9. avatar johnny go lightly says:

    Davis is smart enough to stick a phone book under the armor.

    1. avatar CZJay says:

      I wonder how he figured that out…

      1. avatar VerendusAudeo says:

        As any Chicago police officer will tell you, a phone book won’t leave bruises.

  10. avatar Ivan Dolgoryukii says:

    In Soviet Russia jacket shoots you.

    1. avatar el Possum Guapo ect. says:

      That’s funny

  11. avatar Leigh says:

    So people just have to get better at head shots.

    1. avatar New Continental Army says:

      Or crotch shots!

      1. avatar pwrserge says:

        Joke about it all you want, but a standard failure to stop drill is two to the chest, two to the pelvic girdle, and then one to the head.

        1. avatar SAFEupstateFML says:

          When I was still in it was overwhelmingly 2 to chest and 1 to the head but that was 5ish years ago in Kandahar with any likely issues being within 50 yards on the long end. Personally I always thought the pelvic girdle was a good idea but army logic often overrides good sense.

        2. avatar Johnq says:

          Sorry, but no. The ‘fail to stop’ drill is just a more PC term for the Mozambique Drill. The standard is 2 rounds center mass, then one to head (since in theory it shouldn’t be moving around as much after the two to the chest) OR one round to the pelvic girdle if the head is not a viable shot. Hence the ‘hearts and minds’ comments about 2 to the heart and one to the mind.

          Having suffered a fractured pelvis (crush injury in country), you can still walk around and interact unless you hit the hip joint, which is about the size of a kiwi for all intents and purposes.

      2. avatar frank speak says:

        crotch armor is optional!…..

  12. avatar darkstar says:

    Sorry, violates every safety rule. There are better ways to test their armor. I get the sensationalism of this stuff for a you tube video, (and marketing) but so many levels of wrong.

    1. avatar Hannibal says:

      I agree. I find it all to run counter to everything we should be aiming for as responsible gun owners.

  13. avatar Sheer Hawai'i says:

    Dallas did an excellent job of not cussing, afterwards. I probably would’ve tried to be family-friendly but would have failed, eventually…

    1. avatar The Rookie says:

      I suspect I would have been able to avoid cussing, but not the leaking down my pants leg that would surely occur after I purposely shot myself…

      1. avatar Anon in Ct says:

        As long a it’s only urine, that’s still a win.

  14. avatar Nanashi says:

    If the armor was defective, would it be a suicide?

    1. avatar Evey259 says:

      It might be chalked up to death by misadventure.

    2. avatar Geoff "Mess with the Bull, get the Horns" PR says:

      “If the armor was defective, would it be a suicide?”

      A quality control issue. The QA manager will take the responsible QA tech out back and have them shot.

      The manufacturer will replace the vest with another one…

    3. avatar Pat Carver says:

      That would be an accidental lead overdose.

  15. avatar Ragnar says:

    Tailor: “How about the lining?”
    John Wick: “Tactical.”

  16. It was interesting. There are a couple other YouTube videos from other companies showing the company CEO shooting themselves. Pistol bullets just don’t have that kind of energy. It’s not going to knock you down. If the energy goes kinetic. Like an experimental kinetic energy weapon. Like say shooting small ball bearings at 20000 feet per second or more. That’s going to translate into explosive energy. Bodyarmor wouldn’t stop that. Matter of fact you explode like a water balloon. Most likely have a crater in the ground about the size of a watermelon. And surrounding foliage would probably catch fire. From the exothermic reaction. So the 9mm 124 gr+P ,the physical impact, blunted by soft body armor, is equivalent to someone being hit with a ball peen hammer by a large man.

  17. avatar el Possum Guapo Standartenfuher " they think we're making pizza's Oberst von Burn says:

    Mongolian silk no doubt

  18. avatar AaronW says:

    Maybe he and the guy from Texas Armoring Corp should take turns shooting at each other whilst protected by their products.

  19. avatar BLAMMO says:

    I wouldn’t buy body armor from anyone definitively that stupid.

  20. avatar Jay in Florida says:

    Idiotic is all I have to say. Shooting ones self even for a promotion of a product is so dumb.
    Id rather see a dummy made of say wax covered with the bullet resistant vest after its shot and the trauma done to the wax. If there is no indentation shown then Id be a little impressed…………maybe. It also had better been done with a full power brand name cartridge.

    Edit: Just saw the vid. What an idiot. I like my kidneys Id never have done that.

  21. avatar Chip Bennett says:

    No. Won’t watch.

    I don’t encourage stupid people doing stupid things, and intentionally violating firearm-handling rules is stupid.

    1. avatar Joatmon says:

      Same here. Not even gonna watch.
      Read some comments and that’s it.

    2. avatar Skp5885 says:


      What firearm handeling rules are you referring to? Are you referring to the “4 rules of gun safety”?

      1) Treat all guns as though they are loaded. – He did.
      2) Never point the firearm at anything you are not willing to kill or destroy. – since he pointed it at himself, I assume he was willing to kill himself or destroy his kidneys.
      3) Know what is beyond your target.- Himself.
      4) Keep your finger off of the trigger until you are ready to shoot. – Looked like he did this to me.

      It may be stupid, but not a violation of the rules I am aware of.

      1. avatar Chip Bennett says:

        Yes, those would be the 4 Rules. He violated #2 and #3:

        #2: He pointed his firearm at something that he ostensibly does not wish to destroy: himself (or one of multiple, vital organs that in part constitute him).

        #3: Assuming his target was the vest, he pointed his firearm at something beyond his target: again, himself.

        1. avatar Skp5885 says:


          I respect your comments on this site. I do disagree with this violating 2 and 3. He was fully aware and willing to accept the consequences of his action. The rules are there to prevent NDs and accidents. I don’t think had he shot and killed himself, anyone here would consider it an accident. It was a fully aware decision. Shall we say “agree to disagree”?

        2. avatar Chip Bennett says:

          I do disagree with this violating 2 and 3. He was fully aware and willing to accept the consequences of his action.

          That he knowingly and willingly violated Rule #2 and Rule #3 does not change the reality that he did, in fact, violate Rule #2 and Rule #3.

          The rules are there to prevent NDs and accidents.

          I disagree that the only purpose of the Four Rules is to prevent negligent discharges and accidents. Rule #1 and Rule #4 directly address negligent discharges, but Rule #2 and Rule #3 do not.

          I do agree that the purpose of the Four Rules is to prevent unintended harm resulting from firearm handling. Thus:

          I don’t think had he shot and killed himself, anyone here would consider it an accident. It was a fully aware decision.

          I agree with you on this point. Any harm that might have resulted from his unsafe handling of a firearm would have been an expected outcome of his actions.

          Where we disagree, however, is the conflation of the intent and consequence of violating the Four Rules. He knowingly and willfully violated the Four Rules – which makes his violation not a matter of ignorance, but rather a matter of stupidity.

        3. avatar Skp5885 says:

          @ Chip,

          That is why I respect your opinion. I may not agree with it (this time) but it is always well thought out and articulate. I think I am a buyer of this product. I have always wanted soft armor that looks like somewhat normal fashionable clothing. I am a big guy 6′ 7″ so I hope they make a tall version.

  22. avatar Jaypee says:

    what are the chances that was a custom load with a biiiiiit less powder than usual?

    1. avatar DontShootYourself says:

      He says it’s 9mm +p in the video, but could just be marketing.

  23. avatar John Galt says:

    Boy………where have the men gone?

    Many of these comments are. (Or should be) embarassing.

    Are we not Americans?………..awful lot of commentors sounding french.

    You won’t even watch because it might offend your delicate sensibilities???? There are many lessons here about being an American and building a successful business….taking risks to make your product stand out…….

    I feel sad for America……..Where are the Men? I watch as America becomes a nation of pussies

    1. avatar 0351 says:

      See that’s just it. I’m not thinking I’d be willing to do that myself. But if you’re a salesmen willing to throw your life on the table for your product, that’s just proof of concept. I can respect it if you don’t screw it up. Plus, he has balls of steel.

    2. avatar UsedToBePun says:

      Indeed. Instead of anyone even commenting on the fact that the jacket doesn’t look super bulky, just stopped a 9mm +p at almost point blank range, guy only has a serious bruise, they’re whining and complaining about violating gun safety rules and the “stupidity” of this guy.

      It’s one thing to make a product. It’s one thing to try to sell that product. You go to a whole other level when you have enough faith in it to demonstrate it’s effectiveness on yourself.

      Elon Musk won’t even go on his first “rocket to Mars” but he sure wants everyone else to go and be guinea pigs.

      Methinks I now know what “+p” stands for…

  24. avatar Craig in IA says:

    I remember a video of some inventor in Sweden, I believe, who had his old lady holding up a sheet of “bulletproof glass” he’d developed while he shot at her over and over. Now that was true love.

  25. avatar jimmy james says:

    He needs to carry talls to get my business and fire his web site designer.

  26. avatar Scott says:

    I am genuinely impressed, but not impressed enough.
    I would not buy the product unless I see the results of a round impacting the zipper at a 90 degree angle.

  27. avatar Ralph says:

    I’m so glad that he doesn’t make bulletproof jock straps.

  28. avatar zerofoo says:

    This is how you test body armor:

  29. avatar Buster Rhymes says:

    I ordered one of his jackets almost a year ago and it never shipped.

    1. avatar Cary says:

      My wife ordered me one in October to arrive for Christmas. We finally received it January 11th. Well, I wear a large jacket and she ordered a large, and it won’t even close enough to snap the buttons. Even without the plates installed. No big deal, I will send it back and exchange it for the Extra Large. Well we have been emailing and calling the company since the 11th with zero response. She had a similar experience when trying to contact them to find out where the shipment was, since it was supposed to have arrived before Christmas..

  30. avatar EHH says:

    Beware, I have personal experience. Mr Dallas Jolley and Bulletproof Jackets are a scam. Two month delivery time promised. Fifteen months later, no product. RIP OFF.

  31. avatar Rick says:

    I’ve had 3 kidney stones,trust me thats not where you kidneys are located.

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