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  1. The spare magazine is carried next to the pistol! This is gun fighting 101. You’re going to swap hands with your pistol, reload and swap back? That’s plain stupid. The only time you reload with your strong hand is if you’re shooting a revolver. That holster? Not on a bet.

    • In the top pic with the leather holster, I don’t get it. Assume you’re right handed – hold gun in strong hand, reach over with left hand, grab magazine, release magazine from pistol, and insert new one. How would the holster above not meet your criteria in the comment?

      I will admit, I don’t carry spare magazines and due to work I carry very infrequently so I don’t practice or set up my kit with a spare.

      • Kahilil, I have carried professionally, on and off duty since 1991. I carried before Florida issued CCWs, because, well, fuck the government. A holster like that is meant to be carried behind the point of the strong side hip. So, unless you have arms like orangutans…

        • I have a similar holster to this from Versa Carry that I got for like, $30. I wear it at 3 o clock under my suit. I have used it in IDPA without any problems. The mag is well within reach with my left hand. If you were carrying it past 4 o clock, might be a problem.

    • Gadsden Flag,

      If the spare magazine ends up in the 2:00 O’Clock or 2:30 position, I believe it would be easy to “cross-draw” that spare magazine. If the spare magazine ends up anywhere between 3:00 O’Clock and 8:00 O’Clock, it would be next to impossible to retrieve with your left hand. (Above assuming a right-hand dominant person.)

    • Reality 101: If you can’t stop the threat with the load you have in your gun then you have short changed yourself by having…
      1. Not enough ammo
      2. Not the right ammo
      3. Not enough gun
      4. Not enough caliber
      5. Not enough proficiency

      • Mack, 1. I’ve got tens of thousands of rounds stacked in the spare room. It still ain’t enough. 2. If it goes bang it’s the right ammo. 3. An M1 Abrams ain’t enough gun. 4. See above. 5. That I might give you. Profencencey comes with practice. That comes after proper training. Wait! Training! We don’t need no stinking training! We were born with all the innate knowledge of shooting we need.

    • I believe that’s an appendix holster. If so the magazine is correctly on the support side.

  2. I won’t buy a any holster from a company stupid enough to put a mag carrier on a gun holster. Mags belong on the support side, not the gun side.

    Based on the number of garbage holsters on the market, I am willing to be that most holster designers/makers have never carried a gun.

  3. Why is a product review tagged as an editorial?

  4. My first AIWB rig was an all in one, but it did put the mag on the support side just enough and faced it as such to grab with my weak hand. It was NOT a bad setup at all. These setups you guys share with these leather holsters, most definitely are terrible setups. If you are going to do an all in one AIWB rig, do it right with something like the Alpha Concealment Minotaur V2 or the T.REX Arms sidecar. At least then, your setup is essentially the same as an AIWB rig at the 10-11 with a mag on the support side from 1-2. Surprisingly, that holster is VERY comfortable too. I still use it from time to time, depending on what I wear, but most times I chose the separate setup because it creates less of a print when wearing thinner tee’s. Anyways, here is a video of the setup.

    • The video, why does he chamber then immediately press check? Looks like a nice holster set up. For AIWB, I started with CYA, then AnD Designs with mag carrier, then Freedom Holsters, First Priority and now I’m on a LLOD, my favorite so far. The CYA is the best for suit and the, I wear a vest to conceal the gun. For everyday, wearing a T shirt, the LLOD is best.

      • All T Rex videos are like that. I think it’s habitual with him maybe even compulsive.
        The kid can shoot and he’s quick as Hell.
        Back on topic, I’d wouldn’t buy this holster with someone else’s money.

        • Have you tried one? If not, would you try one? If not, why? If yes, you have tried one, what was your deciding factor in avoiding them? Because I was skeptical at first too. If you have some actual feedback other than just a snarky remark about not wanting to use or try one even if it was free, then let us know.

      • To ensure the round actually chambered? Just because you caused the slide to go forward and it closed doesn’t mean it actually stripped a round and put it in the pipe. Why do you carry a flashlight? So you can see in the dark. Even if it’s daylight you could go into a building and be in a room with no windows when the power goes out. I’ve experienced that in the Navy. It’s amazing how dark the inside of a ship can be. Especially when the batteries go out on the emergency battle lanterns! Another safety check I do to make sure a pistol is empty is eject the mag, work the slide a few times, lock the slide back and visually confirm the chamber and magwell are empty. And if it’s too dark to see well enough I stick my pinkie in the chamber. An extractor or ejector can fail and leave a loaded round in the chamber. It’s the unloaded ones that get you.

      • Yea I dunno… it’s a T.REX thing. He can press check 15 times and I’d still be impressed.

        I do like your holster selections and have seen them on EDC, but the LLOD for me wouldn’t work. The reason I chose Alpha Concealment’s version was for the dual belt clip and the cant on the mag. All the same, they do the same thing and give you the mag on the support side of the carry.

      • To make sure it’s chambered.

        Sig Sauer academy taught us all to do that. Every time a pistol goes in a holster, double check to make sure it’s chambered VISUALLY, not just tactile.

        If you fuck up, draw, and the gun doesn’t go bang, you have to ring the Gong of Shame.

  5. What happens when one goes to reholsters? The holster opening would have closed due it being an IWB holster? Aside from that I’m lovin’ the brown leather.

  6. That’s a pretty neat idea and I like it. However for convenience and expense I just use a sock with a string tied to it.

  7. I have VersaCarry’s Rapid Slide S2. Love it – it’s quickly become my EDC holster. Took about 15 minutes of practice to manage reholstering and I tightened up the tension screws for good retention. Great holster.

    But there is no mag pouch/carrier with the Rapid Slide S2 holster. I’m a right-handed shooter. Reload mags with my left hand. Holster with firearm at 3:30, mag on the left side at 9:00. This design would make reloading pretty awkward.

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