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What is it with liberals crying rivers for coyotes? Question! If you don’t hunt coyotes, how do you manage their population? Coyotes have a 63-day gestation period. Again, how do you propose managing wild creatures ready, willing and able to kill pets and harm humans? Not to mention spreading rabies. If hunting coyotes is inhumane . . .

then rat poison should be banned. I don’t see any bleeding hearts calling to stop controlling NYC’s rat population.

One Controversial Coyote Hunt Is Canceled, and Another Crops Up

Sponsors of a monthlong coyote hunting contest planned for February canceled the event. Series11 Sporting Goods and the Weston Rod & Gun Club in Southern Vermont cited a lack of interest in a posting on social media.

Meanwhile a different coyote hunting contest, for the weekend of February 10 and 11, is being sponsored by the Green Mountain Houndsmen Club in Franklin County, according to Protect Our Wildlife, a Stowe-based nonprofit.

The Stowe organization is one of several animal rights groups pressing Vermont lawmakers and state Fish & Wildlife Commissioner Louis Porter to ban coyote hunts on the grounds that they promote senseless killing of animals that no one wants to eat.

Green Mountain Animal Defenders circulated a petition to ban coyote hunting in Vermont and called the Series11 planned hunt a “killing spree.” The petition,  on, had attracted almost 8,000 signatures as of Thursday afternoon, although many of those were from people who live outside Vermont.

Opponents of coyote hunting contests have also asked Vermont landowners to post their property to prohibit all hunting as a way to pressure the state to take action against the coyote contests . . .

Supporters of the hunts say they reduce coyote attacks on Vermont’s deer herd and help keep the thriving coyote population from spilling into residential areas where the animals sometimes prey on cats and dogs or scare people.

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    • Well those innocent babies are human. The only humans these people sympathize with convicted murderers on death row.

      • “The only humans these people sympathize with convicted murderers on death row.”

        Not even then. After all, those Muslims awaiting the sword in ‘chop-chop’ square (Deera Square, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) are practicing their ‘culture’.

        (It’s easy to find the spot in Deera. There’s a heavy metal grate over the drain in the square…)

        • Well you throw in the jihadis and the liberal illogic takes yet another twist. It’s OK for moose-lems to toss gays off rooftops (of very high buildings) because that’s their culture, but if a Christian doesn’t want to participate in a gay wedding it’s ‘Off with their heads!’

    • Actually the ultra liberal enclave known as Tahoma Park, MD. Once tried to solve its rat problem by live trapping rats then liberating them in the country. They really couldn’t understand that the surrounding communities objected to the rats they were getting.

      • Don’t you know, rural areas are full of conservative white men, and it is retribution for slavery or patriarchy or Donald Trump or something or another, so they deserve to be burdened with innocent city dweller’s problems.

  1. A more effective argument against the “defenders” is that coyotes are non-indigenous. They are wiping out indigenous species like skunks, opossums, raccoons, etc. They are highly invasive and are disturbing the existing ecosystem.

    Greenies are all about sustainability. Well, coyotes are hybrids who don’t belong in the northeast and are changing the landscape. Protecting coyotes is pretty much the same as advocating for strip-mining.

    • Exactly. And the local would be predator population, long gone due to human settlement, isn’t there to help balance the equation due to outright predation or through competition. Hence the need for 2 legged predators to step in.

      Case in point, is my former state of WI. Once famous for pheasant, bobwhite quail, grouse, and partridge, etc. the feral cat population is so out-of-control the DNR actually, seriously suggested in early 2005, that they have culling hunts. Of course public pressure nipped the hunt idea in the bud, and as such in over 20 years, and have never seen a quail or partridge in the state; I’ve seen 2 pheasants ever, one a female dead by the side of the road.
      Everything from game birds and migratory game birds to common squirrel and rabbit populations have been decimated by shitty, irresponsible cat “owners”. Even in the city of Milwaukee, an average of 600 animals are admitted each month during the winter season at Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission (MADACC). In the summer, during “kitten season,” the average reaches approximately 1,300 animals. In rural areas the problem is even worse; and as anyone with experience with feral cats knows, they are hell on pretty much anything that nests on the ground or in trees.

      • We don’t have any feral cat problems out here in the county, but the little city to the north of me does. Out here in the county we are free to shoot, trap, or otherwise dispose of feral cats (and any dogs creating a nuisance or danger to livestock). In the city, OH NO! I don’t know what they do with them, for sure. I do know that the local animal shelter (privately owned) will not take any cats, and darn few dogs.

        And we shoot coyotes and prairie dogs, as often as possible.

    • Unfortunately, coyotes are indigenous. They actually started in North America and migrated out to Siberia, Europe, etc from there. Don’t get me wrong, I love hunting ‘yotes (longest kill so far is 480 yards) but Greenies love them some coyotes. Something about their “lonesome call”, the mystery of the southwest and being protectionist freaks.

  2. They have a ways to go to fill up that clothesline.

    Better get to shooting some more…..Godspeed.

  3. Plenty of yotetards around here in Illinois. Save gods(gaia)creatures and all that bunny hugger BS. They need for their Chihuahua or fluffy the cat to get eaten…or get rabies. My buddy in Kankakee shoots coyotes with his .243 for local farmer’s.

  4. Don’t kill the yotes! Instead, capture them and move them into the Demtards’ neighborhoods where they can do some good. Rabies and all.

    Stupid people deserve a stupid end.

    • maybe put up a dog proof fence around their neighborhood first to contain the yotes to that area. otherwise i love your idea

      • Tranq them, box them up, and leave them on their doorstep.

        What’s better than a jack-in-the-box with rabies?

  5. I do my part around here to reduce the songdog population.
    It can be a very enjoyable evening.

  6. Considering the fact that coyotes are mass pheasant killers they probably should be mowed down like the Trump supporters in Las Vegas.

        • How about “Mowed down like NYC Hillary supporters by a Muslim driving a Home Depot rental truck”?

          (By the election results, there was about a 70 percent chance those that got squashed voted Leftist…)


        • jwm, I don’t think you’re following here. First, I didn’t say the country music fans in Las Vegas deserved to be mowed down like coyotes (I said the inverse), however, there were people on the left who publicly did rationalize that being country music fans they were probably overwhelmingly Trump supporters who therefore got what they deserved (or something). This is the same left that whines about killing coyotes. So I wasn’t making light of the victims in Las Vegas, but mocking the confused sensibilities of the left. I think it’s called ‘irony’, although I’m pretty sure it’s non-ferrous.

        • The coyotes are really hard on the pheasant population though. As far as I know, pheasants are a lot tastier. And they eat a lot of crickets. Crickets are nasty little vermin. Like noisy cockroaches.

  7. Same thing happened out here in Far Northern California. Modoc County (Which borders Oregon and Nevada) had an annual competition hunt with the person getting the most yotes winning the prize. Then the greenies heard about it, and forced it to be cancelled. I suspect it may still happen, but they don’t announce it anymore. Not a whole lot of people live in Modoc. Its largest town has one light. But coyotes are still a problem for the cattle ranchers. Next thing you know, the ranchers will be complaining about the wolves. (All ten of them that live in Lassen County.)

    Those are some fat coyotes with some pretty heavy pelts. They don’t look like that around here…smaller and skinnier. Are they hybrids?

      • I’ve read about them. The wolves prefer the forest (and usually eat coyotes). The coyotes prefer the open fields and plains (no wolves). but somewhere they met and bred a population of dogs that is equally at home either place. I haven’t heard of any out west, only in the North East.

    • The yotes I’ve seen a little south of you are like you describe. But I see them so regular that even though most of my hunting is for upland birds I always stock my vest with a couple of buckshot loads.

      I’m fat and slow. I don’t want a bunch of hungry yotes getting any ideas.

  8. Blood blood blood, makes the grass grow green, that is the message you all are sending, shooting at animals because killing is fun and paper targets have lost their charm.

    How about we go back to the days when personal responsibility was worth a damn. If you own pets and live stock, fence them in. Until you taken even the minimal steps, you have no room to bitch about wild life.

    Coyotes have never bothered any of my livestock in over 25 years and I’m surrounded by them.

    • Arc,

      Consider yourself extremely fortunate. You would be a fool to dismiss coywolves which managed to kill a horse in very close proximity (as in something like 50 yards) of an occupied home.

      The coyote-wolf hybrids (coywolves) can weigh over 50 pounds and a pack of them are capable of taking down just about anything.

      • Killing livestock at the end of a symbiotic relationship and killing wild life due to your own irresponsibility is comparing apples to a rock on the ground. But no, I don’t kill my livestock. There is no benefit to killing egg layers and milk producers.

        • All your livestock have a happy retirement and dies of natural causes?

          Who knew Disney had a farm? Or is your place a ‘hobby’ farm?

    • Barbed wire cattle fencing is pretty good (most of the time) keeping cattle in, but not very good at keeping anything out, whether that be coyotes, dog packs, wolves, deer, etc etc etc.

      • There is this magical material called welded wire fencing, 5′ keeps just about everything out. It comes as high as 7′. The only thing barbed wire should ever be used for is marking property lines.

        I’ve yet to see coyotes attack any of the neighbor(s) cattle and the packs share the same land. Bobcats on the other hand can’t be kept out with anything short of a 12′ tall electric game fence, and kill just about anything. There aren’t any affordable or even expensive options to keep big cats out, so elimination is the only option. They aren’t scared of people either.

        • lol welded wire fencing hey. either you are wealthy as fuck or you have a very tiny block at least by the standards here in australia. in the better parts of australia as far as soil fertility and rainfall go you still need at least 100 acres (bare mimimum) to be able to survive and make a basic living without an outside income source. that means over 1 1/2 miles of fencing and at the prices for weld mesh here in australia i would not be building a fence out of that unless i had an unlimited budget (something like pine gap here in australia) that needed to be max security and even then i would choose something better than welded mesh. to make a decent living off the land you need at least 300 acres in the better parts of australia and in the worst parts change both figures to square miles

        • ARC:
          You have a bobcat ‘problem’ but no issues with coyotes? In what bizarre ecosystem do you live? Bobcats are rare. . . basically everywhere I’ve ever been, and so human shy that those that are about are rarely seen. . . you have those in problematic numbers, but somehow you have had no issues at all with coyotes? I’m just going to flat out call BS. . . I don’t think you have stock, or a farm, or live in a rural area or know what you’re talking about, but on the off chance that you’re not making this up, I have some questions:

          What is the value of a coyote, what business does it have in the NE (or really anywhere east of the Mississippi or north of the Mason Dixon)? Why is it incumbent on landowners to fence the land to keep out a single, invasive species of essentially no value?
          What do you propose we do when, eventually the coyotes have overbred to the point that they’ve eaten every wild thing that isn’t a coyote and have wiped out entire species (which, without external controls, they inevitably will)? What will you do when they begin to starve in your weird utopia and start digging under your miracle fence? How do you feel about a mass die off of coyotes due to starvation and disease (inevitable without culling)? Is it more palatable that they die of starvation and disease than from hunting?
          Why not cull them? They are a nuisance animal that breeds at such a rate that seriously hurting their populations via hunting is virtually impossible, what arguments do you have against hunting them in light of this? Are you also against culling feral hogs? If so, why?

          Notwithstanding my complete and utter disbelief in the conditions you set above, I really am curious about your thinking on these issues. . . since ‘fence and ignore’ will not, and cannot work, and has not worked anywhere that I know of (please cite examples if you know of any), what do you propose we do about the coyote issue?

    • Arc,

      And should we install fences around every home/yard, around every park, and along every sidewalk, road, and hiking trail where coyotes/coywolves have attacked people, pets, and/or livestock?

      We have an unalienable right to defend ourselves from any creature that invades our territory and harms us, whether those creatures are mosquitoes, cockroaches, rats, grizzly bears, or coyotes. It is natural for a bear to protect its kill (its food) and drive-off/kill anything that comes close to it. Likewise, it is natural for humans to protect our food from invaders that are threats, like coyotes.

      If you like nature so much, you would recognize that all sorts of animals establish territories and drive out or kill anything threatening that invades their territory.

  9. Green group wanted to National Park to catch, de-sex and release feral cats last year. Rather than trapping or shooting.

    As someone at the meeting put it ” their killing wildlife not f***** it”.

    Never underestimate stupidity.

      • duuude that so needs a better term! Cunting sounds like some sort of angry sex act between 2 lesbians or 2 antifa / democrat things (can’t really call them people as they may identify as a 1976 Ford Pinto or something).

        • ” … they may identify as a 1976 Ford Pinto or something.”

          So they explode when getting rear ended?

    • Trapping/killing just results in animals moving from adjacent areas to fill the gap; TSR/TNR gives a population that reproduces at a much smaller rate. I disagree with the green freaks on most things, but not that one.

      • actually TNR might slow the population but it does not get rid of the problem. yes sure hunting may end up with animals moving in from adjacent areas but the ones that were there are no longer killing the natives and it has also reduced the damage being done in those adjacent areas due to some moving out. once those animals that have been neutered die others still move in from adjacent areas so in effect culling is far more effective and immediately so. this is why culling needs to be fairly constant. baiting may get a small number of them but after they see a few die of baits they get wary of anything they dont kill themselves then there is the follow on effect carrion birds and other native animals that feed on the carcases also end up dead and that is from eating an animal that has eaten the bait not eating the bait themselves.

  10. Adolf Hitler was a animal lover just like these animal lovers in Vermont. They show the same lack of respect for human life that Hitler also lacked.

  11. I oppose this hunt 100%.

    Not because I care about coyotes, but because I own lots of stock in ACME. Yotes are my best customers!

  12. Living in a SoCal city that has many coyotes living in parks, old garages, near the wash, not to mention in the foothills, we would welcome some feral cats. They could help keep down rats and mice that live anywhere around fruit trees, with avocado at the head of the list. Even mastiffs, pit bulls need to be kept in at night. Outside cat? not at night, but I have seen kills in the daytime, with bold coyotes walking on sidewalks downtown and in front and back yards.
    They don’t get too many mice, they do not like rats. Possums, skunks and raccoons fight back, so it is altered male pets on the menu, but they will take any pet they have access to.

    • My mother-in-law is in socal and has had standoffs with coyote while walking her dogs. A couple have been bold to the point she was a bit worried, but so far most have left when she hollers at them. From the sound of it, though, none of them were too terribly scared of her.
      As for having to lock up mastiffs and pit bulls, the only reason I can see for having to do that is because they’re lazy city dogs. My husky/wolf hybrid (I think she was 1/16th wolf) used to fight any coyote that came on our property, and they were always the ones running away, so I doubt any decent sized pit would have trouble with one. A coywolf would probably be a different story though.

      • My CAtahoula Bulldog tangles with coyotes here and there and tends to come out on top. Her and the GSDs keep ’em away. But they’re around, lots of pics on the trail cams. so far they have not impacted fawning or turkey population, though I see broods go from 10 chicks to 6 or 7. I see a Bobcat on the trail cam, too, beautiful creature looks to be about 40 pounds or so.
        As long as it stays in balance, I’m not too worried about coyotes, but I shoot on sight. I let the Bobcat walk.

  13. If the city folk want to ban coyote hunts, then we should ban euthanasia of aggressive, dangerous dogs, ban rabies shots, and require these cities let these dogs freely roam their streets. Perhaps after fluffy becomes a doggie snack and a few kids get mauled to death, they will get it.

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