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Have you seen this violent left wing insurrectionist? . . . Police hunt for gun theft suspect with manifesto for Trump – “The hunt continues Monday for a man suspected of stealing firearms from a Wisconsin gun store who sent an anti-government manifesto to President Donald Trump and has threatened to carry out an unspecified attack, sheriff’s officials said. Joseph Jakubowski, 32, has been missing since Tuesday, when authorities believe he stole a large quantity of handguns and rifles from the store in Janesville, 70 miles (110 kilometers) southwest of Milwaukee. He also acquired a bulletproof vest and helmet, and a burned vehicle registered to him was found nearby.”

Gun control in a purple state . . . Post-2007 gun ownership rules changes jammed up – “In the past decade (since the Virginia Tech massacre) Virginia has seen the repeal of a 20-year-old state law that kept (Seung-Hui) Cho from purchasing multiple guns at one time and the addition of some new background check measures. Now, with a Republican-controlled General Assembly and a Democrat, Terry McAuliffe, in the governor’s mansion, few, if any, gun measures have survived. Virginia is at a stalemate when it comes to gun laws, said Tech shooting survivor Colin Goddard.” How effective was that dearly departed law in stopping Cho from murdering 32 and wounding 17 more?

The perils of Israeli carry . . . This Man Carried With An Empty Chamber, And It Cost Him His Life And His Son’s Life – “In an armed robbery that took place in Bakersfield, California, the store owner and his son quickly found themselves up against a few armed robbers. The store owner had some things that he did correctly, such as being armed, but his biggest –and deadliest– mistake was not keeping a round in the chamber.”

This might not do much for maneuverability . . . This Device Could Soon Be “3rd Arm” For US Army Soldiers – “The U.S. Army is testing a device that would lessen the physical burden placed on soldiers on the battlefield.  Many of the weapons used by the military are heavy, and the weight of new weapons is expected to increase. A mechanical third arm is being tested as a method for managing the load and freeing their hands for other tasks.”

Jesse James Takes Aim at the Luxury Gun Market – “Former ‘Monster Garage’ star Jesse James is taking his talent for building customized motorcycles to crafting specialized firearms. In an interview with FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo, the creator of Jesse James Firearms Unlimited Opens a New Window said all it took for him to start the artisan firearm company was a simple move from California to the state of Texas. ‘I don’t like being so repetitive so I moved to Texas and just kind of the fire(arm) industry found me and it’s like oh my God, this is what I am supposed to be doing,’ he said.” And all it took was getting the hell out of California.

New from Ruger…With an 8-round capacity, the .22 LR LCRx is the perfect revolver for range practice or to take with you on that fishing trip. The 3-inch barrel, adjustable sight and low recoil make for a tremendously fun shooting experience. The newest addition to the LCRx family features a fully adjustable rear sight, full-size smooth Hogue Tamer grip, polymer fire control housing, aerospace grade aluminum monolithic frame and an extensively fluted stainless steel cylinder.

Maybe this one will do some actual jail time (assuming they catch him) . . . Judge shot to death in Chicago, manhunt on for suspect – “Chicago police are searching for a gunman who they say shot and killed a Cook County, Illinois, criminal court judge this morning outside his home on the city’s South Side. First Deputy Superintendent of Police Kevin Navarro this morning called Judge Raymond Myles’ death ‘another senseless act of violence.’ Chief of Detectives Melissa Staples said the shooting happened shortly before 5 a.m. A woman, described by Staples as a ‘close associate’ of Myles’, walked out of his home, exchanged words with the gunman, was shot once and suffered a non-life-threatening injury, Staples said.”

Boy, 14, tried to buy sub-machine gun on the dark web, court hears – “A 14-year-old boy has appeared in court in Northern Ireland accused of trying to buy a sub-machine gun and 100 rounds of ammunition from the dark web. The boy appeared in Ballymena Magistrates’ Court in County Antrim. He is charged with attempting to possess a firearm and ammunition with intent to endanger life. A police officer told the court that she believed the boy’s intention was to intimidate another person using the weapon.”



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  1. Now the feds(FBI) have offered a $25000 reward for the Chicago judge’s killer. My opinion is it was a hit. Stay tuned…why oh why do gun shop’s keep getting pilfered? Other than driving a dump truck into a wall why don’t gunshops have better security?!?

    • COST…

      California government is pushing to institute a mandatory list of security measures for gun shops. They want to regulate gun shops out of business just as San Francisco did.

      Most gun shops are mom and pop size. My favorite is about the same size as my home (1500 sqft). The state wants them to add pillars and a vault. So much for room for display cases. A gun shop is so much more than guns. They already have alarms, bar on the windows, and more.

      The option is to increase prices, which in turn sends customers to the big stores who get bigger discounts from manufacturers and can cut prices below the local store’s abilities. The profit margin for a local store is not as great as many people think. If the profit margin was that big many customers would already have gone to Cabela’s.

      • “The profit margin for a local store is not as great as many people think.”

        Speaking from personal experience, a competently run pawn & gun shop can earn the mom and pop who own it several hundred thousand dollars in profit per year.

        That’s after *all* the overhead is taken care of…

        • Trump is asymmetrical. Leftists hate him but so do many rightists. Using your speedy label machine to lump people and actions into convenient boxes might make the news easier to digest by those with irritable bowl syndrome, but it just keeps the angry waters muddy but the swimmers thinking the water is crystal clear.

          The Ruger looks like the first proper “kit gun” I’ve seen since the 1970s. Good on you Ruger. I’m all over this one because my 1970s kit guns are now too valuable to carry in my kits.

      • the particular store that got robbed in Wisconsin is a SOT that also had dealer letters. Mom & pop shops typically aren’t SOTs with dealer letters.

    • If it was a hit, I would think the shooter would wait until the judge was outside and shoot him first; not draw the judge’s attention to the crime by shooting the female first before the judge even left the house.

  2. I still say the LCRx is an ideal gun for noobs – particularly nervous ones. The .327 version would be darned near perfect if the ammo were more easily available.
    As far as military weapons being heavy – yes, that’s another good reason to kneel or lay prone when shooting (along with making yourself a smaller target).

    • Do they have a 327 lcrx? That would be a great gun to have.but last I checked they only had the lcr

      • No, they need to make all of the LCRs in the X model, IMHO. Still, personally I’d rather see them bring back the 3″ SP101 in .327.

        • Gov, my first handgun was a 357 sp101 which was a great gun however it’s a little heavy for for ccw.

        • As I understand it, so is the recoil of a .357 magnum LCR.

          Personally I carry a GP 100 Wiley Clapp which weighs about 10 ounces more than an SP. Not a problem, at least if you have a leather belt. Besides at 26-27 ounces (2-1/4′-3″) and a payload of 2.5-3 ounces of ammun ition, that’s as light as most compact double stack pol ymer pist ols carrying 6-8 ounces of am mo.

        • As I understand it, so is the recoil of a .357 magnum LCR.

          Yes, the recoil of the .357 LCR is brutal. I’ve shot plenty of guns that have a hefty kick before, but that one is just plain painful.

        • No & No. The SP101 is not too heavy for CC & the LCR .357 does not recoil too heavily. I own Ruger revolvers in .357 from the LCR to the GP100, great shooting guns.

  3. And about that carrying with an empty chamber? If your gun isn’t fully loaded – it will be unloaded when you need it most. I’ll never understand why folks do that except because they are still afraid of their own gun…

    • Still, for as much as people-of-the-gun preach about the evils of Israeli carry, this is the first time I think I’ve ever heard of anyone actually coming to harm by it. As opposed to the scores of stories of people getting injured or killed by negligent discharges.

      That said, I keep a live rou nd in all six chambers.

      • First off, if it was glock I understand not having one in the chamber, otherwise no. All my revolvers are fully loaded & semi autos (all Rugers). 17 +1 in the SR9C & 9E makes a good start if you are forced to fight.

        • “Still afraid of their own gun” from the comment above is the only reason a person wouldn’t carry a Glock in condition 0.

          Guns with manual safeties and short trigger pulls are the ones that make me nervous TBH, although at least I can admit that I’d get over that after a while. 🙂

          • I think it says a lot when friends of mine that even build guns won’t carry a glock with one chambered, they DON’T TRUST them.

            • Snapping together a Lego AR doesn’t qualify someone’s opinion on defensive carry.
              I know auto mechanics that won’t drive a hot rod.
              I know an architect that won’t stay in a skyrise.
              I know a fisherman that won’t eat seafood.
              I know a Constitutional law professor that thinks gun control is hunky-dory.
              So…no. That doesn’t say a lot. Doesn’t tell me a damn thing.

        • Again with the Glock thing! My boss sounds a bit like you, all the time with “Glocks are dangerous, no manual safety, etc, etc.”. Of course, he’s a big 1911 guy, so everything that came about since then is crap.

          Keep your booger hook off the bang switch, use a proper holster, and everything will be a-ok.

    • Some are afraid. Others think it’s somehow “tactical”. Others, lots of normal people, just think it’s normal.

      Do. Not. Israeli. Carry. The carry method was introduced as a bad solution to a problem that doesn’t exist for almost anyone. If you have a gun that can’t be carried safely with a round in the chamber, you need a better gun. Safe guns are cheap! You may not be able to get the sexiest new HK, but you can easily get a used or new firearm that meets your need (external safety or good passive safety) under $400.

      If you need a gun, you need it right now. And when now rolls around you’re probably going to be under all sorts of pressure to do lots of things at once. Don’t add unnecessary complexity to an already deadly complex situation.

      • I’d make an allowance for off body carry and pocket carry without a holster. I’d recommend against both of those styles of carry, but if you do carry that way the risks of a negligent discharge or unauthorized access to the fi rearm are more than high enough to negate the tactical disadvantage of Israeli carry.

        • If your method is off body carry, especially with kids, I can see carrying in Amber/Israeli carry. A lot of vets carry without a round in the chamber because that is how they are taught unless they are outside the wire.

      • That’s what I keep telling my wife. We’ve got the perfect carry guns for it: Springfield XD and XDm. But she’s still nervous about it for some reason.

      • IIRC the original mainstream use of what we call “Israeli Carry” was introduced by William Fairbairn when he trained the Shanghai police department during the period between WWI and WWII.

        It was in response to three factors: First, there was no uniformity in the weapons the police carried because, again IIRC, they bought their own. Secondly, the police were generally unused to the concept of carrying a sidearm and finally numbers 1 & 2 had already resulted in a number of deaths due to negligent discharges or scared officers firing their weapon in a panic.

        • You are basically correct re. Fairbairn, though his reasons for advocating Israeli Carry (20 years before the Israelis…maybe we should be calling it “Shanghai Carry”?) were a little different. The Shanghai Municipal Police were issued their service pistols, generally 1911s with some Colt 1908s in .380 for smaller-statured officers, often Chinese, who indicated a preference for them (the SMP was a very international organisation, with British/European, Chinese, Indian, and later Japanese and Russian officers).

          Gunfights in Shanghai were common, quick, and close (over 650 armed encounters in 12 years, with over 450 baddies shot just with pistols in that time, not including long arms or other weapons, compared to less than 150 police killed or wounded). With those two firearms, the safeties were small and not especially easy to manipulate in a hurry. The 1908, in particular, has a small, almost flat, tab and even that era’s 1911 had a much smaller and less ergonomic safety than today’s civilian models. Fairbairn was concerned about officers getting injured or killed by criminals because they couldn’t get the safety off in a hurry. He actually had the safeties pinned down and trained the officers to draw and rack at the same time, reasoning that it was a less precise, more certain, easier to perform movement. He was generally pretty down on mechanical safeties as a matter of principle, saying that there was too much risk of them being off when they should be on, and vice-versa, as well as being prone to “fumbling and uncertainty” in quick action. I’m not necessarily advocating his ideas about empty chambers, but overall his thinking (simplicity over complication, training and practice over reliance on mechanical devices) was very modern and relevant, it was just that the application of it required a different method with the equipment available at the time.

      • For me the empty cylinder began in 1967. The USAF issued S&W K15s for duty. You loaded 5 rounds and aligned the cyl so that if you had an “accidental” discharge, the hammer fell on an empty space. Unfortunately, many could not keep it straight which way the cylinder turned. Smiths turned one way and colts turned the other. They had the same mandate for the 1911 regardless of how civilians carried them. Even our rifles were carried with an empty chamber.

        • Right….. and if you died trying to get your weapon in to action, then the bad guys gun fire was tantamount to signalling the alarm. In a systems approach, individual lives dont matter, but stupid teenage privates/airmen/seamen ND’s can put an officer’s head on a block. Win-win as far as the OIC is concerned. No ND’s/false alarms and the security apparatus remains intact…… not putting this in to perspective, seeing yourself through the eyes of people who dont trust you, thinking in terms of corporate security (i.e. communism), etc are all bad habits when it comes to personal protection.

  4. That 3rd arm thing reminds me of some of the gear the US Colonial Marines had in the movie “Aliens”.

  5. If the robbery happened a week ago then Jokubowsky can be anywhere. There is no place in the lower 48 that is more than three days drive from Janesville. Janesville is about a three hour drive from my front door.

  6. “Have you seen this violent left wing insurrectionist?”

    Something tells me this fella will turn out to be a sovereign citizen. If so he is as much right wing extremist as left.

    • ‘Jakuboswki writes in his manifesto about “injustices he believes that the government and society and the upper class have put forth onto the rest of the citizens,”…’

      Left wing.

      • I’ve always thought it sort of wraps around and meets at the back, ideology-wise.

        • Depends on your definition of left and right. People claim fascism and Nazism was right wing but they were Marxist in nature. The exact opposite end of the spectrum was our founding fathers, who did fight a revolutionary war, but I’d hardly compare them to fascist and communist regimes. By my definition if you support individual liberty over government power you’re on the right and if you support government power over individual liberty you’re on the left. By my definition you just don’t see much violence from the right, and they certainly don’t rail against society and the upper class.

        • It’s a one dimensional argument when two dimensions are required.
          Left and right is a straight line, not a circle. You don’t go so far right that you meet the extreme left. The further right you go, the less you agree with leftist ideas.
          Where the confusion lies is with the forgotten dimension. Up and down. It doesn’t matter how you chart it but one vertical direction will be authoritarian and the opposite direction will be libertarian.
          Gandhi was a leftist but also a passivist. Hitler was slightly right of center but almost off the chart authoritarian.
          So arguing strictly in terms of left and right leaves out the most important information.

      • I have a feeling he’s neither, and that he’s most likely pretty apolitical. He sounds like the kind of guy who’s been a loser his whole life, and blames everyone else for it. I’d bet dollars to donuts his “manifesto” has no consistent political basis, but is just a bunch of vague anti-authority ranting and airing of personal grievances.

        • ‘He sounds like the kind of guy who’s been a loser his whole life, and blames everyone else for it.’

          Well that much we can agree on. And I doubt he has a well thought out political ideology, but if you blame others for you lot in life you are not a conservative. Conservatism preaches self reliance while (modern American) liberalism preaches dependency and grievance. So he might not clearly identify himself as left wing, but his thinking is certainly dominated by left wing philosophy.

      • Bubba, Hitler was anti-Marxist and sovereign citizens believe the government and the wealthy are conspiring against us.

        • Hitler was a different flavor of marxist, “national socialism” is pretty glaring evidence of that….

        • Surprising how many people don’t realize that the National Socialist Worker’s Party was socialist. The difference between Hitler and Stalin was nationalism vs. globalism, not communism/socialism vs capitalism.

        • The father of fascism, which the nazis were, Mussolini was a socialist/communist before he was kicked out of the party for supporting his country’s right to fight in WW1 and his changing views on egalitarianism. Trying to put all political movements on the same plane regardless of time distorts the underlying realities.

    • Jakubowsky’s anti-Christian rhetoric also echos the ravings of leftwing anti-Christian trolls invading numerous conservative websites like the Federalist and Pajamas Media. Such language is not very common in the sovereign citizens movement.

    • Where do you think all good ideas start out? Maybe one in a hundred actually work out but someone has to imagine something first before it can be made real. Most of our technology was seen in movies and tv decades before it couldnbe made for real.

    • Always R&D $ for crap but can’t purchase decent boots. Low crawl, 3 second rush, grenade, bayonet?

  7. 17 year olds in WW2 could carry M1’s weighing over twice that of an M4 and didn’t bitch nearly as much.

    • Soldiers bitch. When they don’t there’s real trouble.

      If it’s not the weight of the weapon it’ll be something else.

      They were the greatest generation. But they bitched up a storm.

  8. The U.S. Army is testing a device that would lessen the physical burden placed on soldiers on the battlefield. Many of the weapons used by the military are heavy, and the weight of new weapons is expected to increase.

    Here is a novel idea: stop using 100 year-old strategy/techniques and REDUCE THE WEIGHT of a soldier’s load.

    If a solder has to carry much more than 25 pounds of stuff, use MECHANIZATION to carry the load. And when I say “mechanization”, I do NOT mean a mechanical arm. I mean motorcycles/ATVs, cars, armored vehicles, tanks, boats, helicopters, airplanes, etc.

    And before anyone says that soldiers need to be able to carry 80 pounds of grenades, mortars, explosives, heavy machine guns, 1000s of rounds of ammunition, etc., that is where we should use light armored ground support and/or air support.

  9. Israeli carry has a place in concealed carry
    It is indeed slower and requires 2 hands
    There is no doubt that it has less chance of an N D
    The danger of a negligent discharge is always there with a loaded chamber, especially with Glock type striker fired guns without a thumb safety
    Everyone has to draw the line somewhere between safe carry and readiness for action
    Most times you have the extra 2 seconds it takes to rack the slide
    As mentioned by another poster,
    our Army carries loaded magazine, empty chamber for routine carry
    The Israelis have stopped lots of terror stacks and ordinary crime with empty chamber carry
    This is the first article I’ve seen where empty chamber carry was a problem
    The first rule is to always have a gun!

    • The army is not a valid example for civilian CC. They carry far more effective weapons than pistols as their primary.

      “This is the first article I’ve seen where empty chamber carry was a problem”

      Nah, not possible. You’re around here too much to have missed that many articles saying exactly the same thing 😀

  10. Of all the possible points for disagreement, why oh why, do empty chamber guys & gals get so much grief from their own kind? It seriously defies logic.

    And the link to the empty chamber carry video is dead.

  11. The military should ‘fess up. The third arm isn’t needed because guns are heavy. The third arm is needed because too many “soldiers” are women who just can’t handle what a male soldier can handle.

  12. That guy doesn’t really sounds “left wing” other than one reference to the upper class. He sounds like more of an anarchist or die hard libertarian which would make him against the whole left-right spectrum.

  13. I leave my glocks loaded but unchambered if I’m not carrying. AR is loaded and chambered on safe.

  14. “The U.S. Army is testing a device that would lessen the physical burden placed on soldiers on the battlefield. Many of the weapons used by the military are heavy, and the weight of new weapons is expected to increase. A mechanical third arm is being tested as a method for managing the load and freeing their hands for other tasks.”

    Or they could, y’know, do more push-ups. 😛

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