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Everything sells at a (government subsidized) price . . . More than 2,000 guns turned in at Camden buyback

A gun buyback effort in Camden Friday and Saturday, the first since 2012, brought in more than 2,000 guns, and paid the owners of those weapons a total of $222,000.  …

Gun owners were given $200 for assault weapons; $120 for handguns and $100 for rifles or shotguns.

Think of what Guns Save Life could have done with that kind of per-gun return.

Cottage industry . . . Lexington-Based Website Counts Gun-Related Deaths in the US

When gunshots make national news, Mark Bryant’s phone rings in Lexington.

Bryant, 62, is neither a law enforcement officer nor a trauma specialist. He runs a private website, Gun Violence Archive, that updates on an hourly basis, with street-level details, most of the gun-related incidents that have occurred in the United States since 2013.

Want to know how many people have been killed by guns so far this year nationally? In your state? In your city? Last year? The year before that? The number of people wounded? How many shooting victims were children? How many mass shootings there were? Police-related shootings? How many times guns were used in self-defense? How many shootings were unintentional?

Operated out of a small home just off Richmond Road, Bryant’s GVA answers such questions for journalists, policymakers, even law enforcement. And despite the public-safety menace of gun violence in this country, few others do this kind of work.

The nine most terrifying words: ‘We’re from the government and we’re here to help’ . . . Deputies confiscate a CNY veteran’s guns. They were wrong. What happened?

When Hall told police he’d never had any mental issues, Hall said, deputies told him he must have done something that triggered the order under the New York state’s SAFE Act.

The deputies left that night with six guns – two handguns and four long guns.

Hall, who lives in the Oneida County hamlet of Taberg, hired a lawyer and secured affidavits from local hospitals to prove he hadn’t been recently treated. At one point, he was told he’d have to get some of his guns back from a gun shop.

Eventually, his lawyer convinced a judge that authorities had him confused with someone else who had sought care and that his weapons should never have been seized.

You’re guilty until you hire an attorney and prove you’re damned well innocent under New York’s SAFE Act.

Because he can . . . A gun that squirts molten metal? Certainly, sir

Technology wants to do things to you. It wants to show you who’s boss. It wants to pierce you and reveal your innards.

But you are that watermelon. Keep your skin thick and let it all roll off your front.

Breaking news: internet tough guy spouts off on Facebook . . . Trump-loving gun nut calls on ‘armed conservatives’ to shoot protesters at West Virginia rally

Police and federal authorities are reportedly investigating a West Virginia man’s social media threats against protesters at President Donald Trump’s upcoming rally.

The president is scheduled to hold a campaign rally Thursday afternoon in Huntington, and one of his supporters warned protesters they would be shot for blocking roads, according to local news website Downtown Huntington.

The website posted a screenshot of the threatening comments posted by Dana Capron, a gun-loving Trump supporter who frequently comments on online news stories.

The wages of corruption (not to mention administrative discretion) . . . Sheriff says revoking Bentley’s pistol permit ‘justifiable’

Tuscaloosa County Sheriff Ron Abernathy has responded to former Gov. Robert Bentley’s appeal of the revocation of his pistol permit.

In a response filed with the Tuscaloosa County District Court, Abernathy said state law gives sheriffs discretion to revoke pistol permits in the interest of public safety.

“The Sheriff believes that justifiable concern for public safety exists in this case because the criminal defendant has not completed the terms of his criminal sentence imposed by the court,” Abernathy attorney Robert Spence wrote.

Bentley pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor violations of the campaign finance law as part of his deal to resign on April 10.

Looky what they found . . . Cops seize cartoonish machine pistol

No, this cartoon-looking gun wasn’t found in some video game — it was taken off the New York streets by the NYPD.

Cops on Sunday put out a tweet saying that officers in The Bronx’s 52nd Precinct seized this bizarre-looking semiautomatic machine pistol over the weekend. …

Cops also showed off the 34 rounds that the extended magazine is capable of holding. It was not clear exactly what kind of gun it was.

OMG! More campus carry! In Texas! OMG! . . . Your community college classmate might have more than a laptop in his backpack

Community college life in Texas changes Aug. 1, when — for the first time — guns will be allowed on campus.

That means anyone with a handgun license will be able to carry concealed weapons into classrooms, libraries, offices and most areas on community college campuses, including parking garages and lots.

Some areas on campus will be off-limits, and colleges such as Tarrant County College have already put up signs designating gun-free zones.

“I have mixed feelings about it,” said Leslie Galey, a 53-year-old Burleson woman helping her son register recently for his first semester at TCC’s South Campus.

And yet, as even the anti-gun Austin American Statesman noted, the first year of four-year school campus carry was problem free.

Don’t bring a fork to a, well, you know . . . Man attacks gun carry permit holder with fork at Nashville hotel and it doesn’t end well

According to arrest records, the gun owner and another individual arrived to the Suburban Lodge on Central Pike after church Sunday afternoon. They then entered the elevator along with 48-year-old James Grisham, who it turns out did not have a room at the hotel.

The victims told police they exited the elevator and went towards their room while Grisham also exited and walked in the opposite direction.

A few minutes later, the victim says he opened the door to the room and found Grisham attempting to stab him with an object. Believing it was a knife and fearing for his life, the victim knocked Grisham down, retrieved his Glock 19 handgun from the table and shot Grisham in the left bicep.


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  1. My brother still lives in Huntington. He’s never been political enough to show up at a rally for or against.

    He did use his Blackhawk to pistol whip a burglar once.

    • The post sounded to me like an invitation to exercise your right to carry a firearm. And if needed to defend yourself with it. The only “threating to kill” BS was posted by the progtard.

  2. Sure looks like a post-clinton Intratec pistol… it lacks the barrel shroud.
    Absolute crap – the only thing I’ll ever give credit to Intratec for was hiring smokin’hot girls to hawk their wares at SHOT show and in their promotional materials.

    • Looks like a Tec-9 to me as well. Unclear to them what kind of gun it was because they can’t read the writing molded into the frame. Or, because clearly stating it would tell everyone it’s something NY banned years ago, but here it is.

    • The unidentified cartoonish pistol appears to be a TEC-9 which in that configuration was semi-auto only and fired from a closed bolt. The old (banned) open bolt semi-auto version had muzzle threads.

      Also, is it just my old eyes or do some of the ammo displayed appear to be .380ACP?

    • I’m sure they’re not all “sheeple”. Certainly at least a few of those guns turned in were stolen for the occasion or had been used in crimes and needed to be disposed of.

      • Wish they’d do that around here. For over 10 years I’ve been saving a .22 single shot bolt action assault weapon for just such an occasion.

  3. ‘We’re from the government and we’re here to help’
    The NY translation of this: ….and we’re here to steal your guns and snoop around in your house to see if you have too much cash laying around, so we can steal that too. You do keep your cash in your required safe storage gun safe, don’t you?

    The lefties always seem surprised that the rest of America doesn’t trust government any more than used car salesmen!

    • I’m from New York, and I don’t have any guns. I lost them all, it was this horrible boating accident, I was fishing, the boat went down in international waters, the guns were all lost. Tragic.

  4. “officers in The Bronx’s 52nd Precinct seized this bizarre-looking semiautomatic”

    Whoa. That was my precinct when I lived in The Bronx.

    I guarantee that my home-made guns looked better than that one.

    • We have that done to the walls of the combuster at our co-gen plant. Hell of a process.

      Expensive but beats replacing sections of tubes in there.

  5. Molton metal guns?!? Yeow!Try and rob me and you’ll get a hail of boo-lits gubmint-azzwholes…?

  6. The comments of the man in question (the worst one was, I think, “kill them all #zerosympathy if you read the article) were definitely bad enough to warrant at least an investigation.

    … but are no worse than the stuff we see coming out of Antifa on a weekly basis.

  7. “Yo, dawg how’d you get shot homie?”

    “Dawg, the Tec jammed up on me and homeslice from down the block gatted me while I was workin’ on it!”

    “Shit son, what did homie shoot ya with?”

    “A Cobra .380 yo!”

    “Dawg… That’s… That’s fucking embarrassing!”

    “I know right? Fuckin’ Cobra’s more reliable than the Tec homie!”

  8. I can’t say that the screenshot post was a good idea, but that stuff is going to start happening more and more. People are done putting up with hardcore crazy lefties.

    That intratec is AWESOME. I love how the guy diversified his ammo too. Why have 34 rounds of all the exact same ammo. Multiculturalism (ammo from different countries) is a great idea! /sarc

    • Apparently the mixed ammo thing is pretty common among criminals (exactly what kind of ammo criminals use is a really underresearched subject. Found one report by a evidence room cop that while valid data wasn’t as detailed as I like and only mentioned that as comment on the data). What isn’t common is the owner having a full magazine.

    • “Cops also showed off the 34 rounds that the extended magazine is capable of holding.”
      It doesn’t say those are the rounds found *in* the magazine, only that the rounds shown show how many rounds the magazine can hold.
      Although I believe they are the rounds found in the magazine, the article doesn’t say that. This is “journalism” today.

      • All appear to be FMJ, which is probably good for everyone else involved. But is one of the bullets steel? Or maybe not jacketed? Or maybe even silver, JIC a vampire jumped out of the alley.

  9. It pretty much has to be an Intratec.

    I figured no one was stupid enough to clone the KG-9/KG99/Tec-9/Tec-DC9/Tec-9S/AB-10/Tec-9M and some Googling reveals this to be the case.

    If I was a betting man I’d say that’s a AB-10 with a stainless receiver.

    Here’s one that was up for sale on Armslist, so far as I can tell it’s exactly the same except that this one has a stainless mag too:–rare–intratec-tec-9-ab10-in-polished-stainless-steel-

  10. Regarding the gun “buyback” at Camden: anyone notice how all those firearms look like old jelly-bean rifles and shotguns? Where are all the “assault rifles” (whatever that means) and handguns that people supposedly turned in?

  11. Maybe it is for a WV candidate but it doesn’t read that way, so why is the POTUS holding a campaign rally in Huntington,WV? Maybe Kelly will be able to explain to him that he won already.

  12. I don’t see how anyone can read that guy’s post as ‘threatening to kill protesters’? He simply calls on other supporters to bring their weapons to fend off the protesters by show of force. 😀

  13. Someone declared their intention to defend their First Amendment rights by any means necessary … and government declared that person is a “threat” with a negative connotation.

    How far we have fallen as a nation.

  14. “When Hall told police he’d never had any mental issues, Hall said, deputies told him he must have done something that triggered the order under the New York state’s SAFE Act.”

    Most Po-Po would do exacty this. Think they’d use any discretion and not enforce that order? Of course not. Regardless of how inaccurate or downright stupid it is, once a bureaucracy issues a command it must be obeyed. And NY state will insist that its gun-control measures are “reasonable”.

  15. have heard of mixed ammo in banger guns to make the crime scene harder to document. Guess that’s the case there. All ball too, guess they couldn’t get hollow points.

    • Many gun guys rag on the TEC9 but don’t really understand the nature of the beast. HP rounds do not feed reliably period. The manual states not to use them. The gun functions smoother when rapid fired. There are many videos on YouTube demonstrating how reliable they are. They have actually gone up in value since they can predominately be had on the secondary market. If you don’t own one haven’t shot one or even seen one in person. Just lower your hand and have a seat knowledgeable people are speaking.

  16. “You’re guilty until you hire an attorney and prove you’re damned well innocent under New York’s SAFE Act.”

    That’s not a bug it’s a feature. Also one way they’re driving everyone out of upstate, which is not a bug, it’s a feature.

    I do wonder when the denizens of the nexus / hubs of information work and personal networks realize that such things can exist everywhere, including now virtually, and none of this actually feeds, houses, heats, inoculates, or even clothes anyone.

    You can’t grow apples without an apple tree, but there’s no need for what NYC does to be in NYC. Without someone actually making stuff — I’m looking at the new fab going into Wisconson — there’s nothing for traders to trade, nothing for gossip-wranglers to gossip about.

    I actually prefer weather like upstate has. But when certain personal entanglements disappear, I’m gone.

    What’s the weather like in the deep, dark hills of Eastern Kentucky?


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