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Pay no attention to the fact that the majority of these “children” are gang members, 15- to 19-years-old, fighting over turf, drugs and cash . . . Study: 16 children hospitalized daily with gunshot injuries – A New York university professor and pediatrics doctor said Thursday the number of children who are hospitalized daily because of firearm injuries is ‘horrifying.’ Dr. Alyssa Silver, an attending physician and assistant professor of pediatrics in Children’s Hospital at Montefiore/Albert Einstein College of Medicine Division of Pediatric Hospital Medicine, took a close look at the number of children injured by guns. CNN reported. She found that roughly 16 children a day, or an estimated 5,862 a year, were hospitalized due to firearm injuries in 2012.”

Skynet weaponization continues apace . . . The Military is Using Human Brain Waves to Teach Robots How to Shoot – “Modern sensors can see farther than humans. Electronic circuits can shoot faster than nerves and muscles can pull a trigger. Humans still outperform armed robots in knowing what to shoot at — but new research funded in part by the Army may soon narrow that gap. Researchers from DCS Corp and the Army Research Lab fed datasets of human brain waves into a neural network — a type of artificial intelligence — which learned to recognize when a human is making a targeting decision. They presented their paper on it at the annual Intelligent User Interface conference in Cyprus in March.

It’s high time we arm German Shepherds, Dobermans and Malinois with AR’s . . . Oregon police respond to report of cat armed with gun-shaped stick – “Police in Oregon issued a ‘verbal warning’ to a cat reportedly seen armed with a gun-shaped stick. Newport Oregon Police Department shared a photo of a black and white cat perched in a tree with its paw draped over a stick that appeared to resemble an automatic rifle. Officers responded to the scene and were ultimately able to determine the cat did not pose any real threat.”

Our Continuing Efforts to Help Prevent Suicide by Firearm – “Since suicides account for nearly two-thirds of all fatalities involving firearms, far more than homicides or accidents, the issue also deserves our attention. In recent years, a number of groups dedicated to suicide prevention recognized they could be more successful educating the firearms-owning community about suicide risk factors and warning signs, as well as options to safely store their firearms when not in use, if they partnered with NSSF. As the trade association for the firearms industry, NSSF enjoys credibility with gun owners and is known for its longtime safety efforts such as Project ChildSafe, which has distributed more than 37 million firearm safety kits that include a gun lock in more than 15,000 communities across the country, and has seen firearms accidents plummet to less than 1 percent of all accidental deaths.”

Let’s Money Ball Gun Violence Reduction – “My amazing wife has hit the nail on the head. Like winning baseball games, sustainable gun violence reduction does not come from high-profile arrests like your occasional home run. It comes from unheralded but consistent prevention-focused deterrence strategies and overall violence de-normalization. In large part, the conventional approach to reducing violence has focused on arrests and closing cases as they are both easily observable and sexy (just like batting averages and RBI’s) but may have little impact on actual violence prevention.” This groundbreaking idea is actually a commercial for ShotSpotter.

Chicago’s criminal justice revolving door . . . Chicago police superintendent supports bond reforms for gun crimes – “Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said Sunday he supports efforts to reform Illinois law to make it harder for those charged with gun crimes to post bail after a Chicago Tribune report detailed how the state’s bond system has become a revolving door for violent gang members arrested on weapons charges. The Tribune report found that over the course of five years, 1 in 10 of those who were arrested and bonded out on gun charges committed serious crimes within a year — then bonded out of jail yet again. The vast majority of suspects were arrested on new gun charges.”

Texas officer charged with murder in shooting death of 15-year-old leaving party – “A white Texas police officer faces a murder charge in the shooting of a black teenager after being fired earlier in the week over the incident, authorities said Friday. Roy Oliver turned himself in Friday night, just hours after the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office issued a warrant for his arrest in the April 29 death of 15-year-old Jordan Edwards. Oliver, a former officer in the Dallas suburb of Balch Springs, was later released after posting bail at the Parker County Jail in Weatherford, about 95 miles west of Dallas. His bond had been set at $300,000.”

Report: Spike in number of guns obtained legally by right-wing extremists in Germany – “Around 750 right-wing extremists in Germany have legally acquired guns, up from 400 in 2014, the ‘Welt am Sonntag’ newspaper reported on Saturday. The newspaper acquired the statistics after German lawmaker Martina Renner, member of the socialist Left party, submitted a request for information to the federal government. ‘Police and those responsible for the enforcement of gun laws must deal urgently with the 750 right-wing extremists who have obtained gun licenses,’ Renner said after the figures were released”

Anything to advance the anti-gun narrative . . . IUPUI prof warns about danger of guns — and it’s not what you think – “The study by an IUPUI scientist found that firing a gun at a shooting range, either indoors or outdoors, releases a high level of lead-filled dust that coats the shooter. This dust can enter the shooter’s bloodstream, potentially resulting in elevated lead exposure. Or, a shooter who has young children can bring this dust home on his or her skin or clothes, exposing the children to the lead. Too-high levels of lead can cause poor judgment as well as problems with impulse control.”

Fortunately, New York Staters won’t have to worry about the Dowager Empress of Chappaqua degrading their gun rights . . . Clinton fear fuels jump in NY pistol permits – “Presidential politics appears to have played a role in more people seeking handgun permits in New York last year. Gun owners’ fear of a Hillary Clinton presidency may have helped spur a spike in pistol permits issued in the Empire State in 2016, increasing 34 percent from the 2012 presidential election year and rivaling numbers last seen when the SAFE Act passed four years ago. A total of 29,910 handgun permits were issued outside New York City from January through October of last year, up from 27,547 in all of 2015 and 22,282 in 2012, according to State Police data obtained by the USA Today Network’s Albany Bureau through a Freedom of Information request.”

Hastings Man Accused Of Aiming Shotgun At Man After Beer Pong Loss – “A Hastings (Minnesota) man accused of pointing a loaded shotgun at a man who had just beaten him in a game of beer pong now faces criminal charges. The Dakota County Attorney’s office says Ian Skylar Narow, 26, was charged Friday with one felony count of threatening violence, one count of fifth-degree assault and one count of disorderly conduct.” Wonder if he said, “Here, hold my beer.”

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  1. I’ve thought for years that the sports of golf and skeet should be combined, but I’m not sure how you’d make that work with beer pong.

    • It already exists, we call it Sporting Clays.
      At least I’ve heard it described as “golf with a shotgun”. Putting off trying it until I can actually hit more than four clays in a round of skeet… 😛

      • I always envisioned it as the golfer tees the ball and his opponents line up slightly downrange and attempt to shoot the ball out of the air when he drives it. Maybe use an orange ball for beginners. If they hit his ball he either takes a drop and a 2 stroke penalty or attempts to make the green with whatever’s left of his ball. Throw in a few beers and you’ve got a hell of a pastime.

  2. The cat didn’t _appear_ to be a threat. But they’re always planning…to take over the world.

  3. Shotspotter is bullshit. But it sounds sexy, and that’s why they are advertising it. If it worked they wouldn’t need to. Baltimore, Chicago, these are the places that use it and don’t serve as a ringing endorsement.

    Because why would it work? Once the shooting is done the cops find out about it… cool. A 911 call would also do that. So, assuming the cops are far enough away that they didn’t hear the shots (because if they did you don’t need an massively expensive system) they arrive after some time. “Some time” is more than enough that they probably won’t see a gangbanger still shooting. By that time everyone is scattering or already gone. And if they try to detain someone in the area the shots were fired the ALCU will paste the ‘child’s’ face all over the news.

    So unless shotspotter includes a drone that flies out and drops a net on the bad guy, it’s another boondogle.

    • Can shotspotter pick the difference between firecrackers and actual gunshots?

      Otherwise there are going to be a lot of “false positives” in the summer season. Especially on July 4.

      • They SAY they can. But from anecdotal reports it sounds like a lot of the system isn’t operational half the time anyway. Maybe partly because- and I’m no joking- people shoot them. Because that’s the kind of neighborhood you would place these.

        Here’s a blurb from shotspotter about how well they can tell the difference (which they call ‘pretty good’ but not perfect) “When the computer system can’t decide whether a sound is gunfire, a human ear is required. This is where SST’s incident review center comes in. “They’ll listen to two or three sensors worth of the recording snippet that we have,” Clark said. This process can involve not only listening to sound recordings but also looking at the waveform images, which show the visual representation of an audio signal. Gunshot waveforms tend to look distinct, resembling pine trees tipped on their sides.”

        They say that takes ‘seconds.’ I guess that might be accurate since 600 seconds is still “seconds.”

    • In addition to those reasons already mentioned, I dislike shotspotter because, if it can pick up gunshots, what else is it listening to?

    • In addition to those already mentioned, I dislike shotspotter because, if it can pick up gunshots, what else is it listening to?

  4. Oregon OSHA requires a baseline lead level blood test and one again for every eight hours spent in an indoor range.
    I don’t like indoor ranges.

  5. “i have detailed files on human anatomy”
    “i bet, makes you a more efficient killer”

  6. In a former life I was very involved with industrial safety and health issues. I found a number of non politically motivated studies that showed elevated blood lead levels in people who were chronically exposed to airborne lead dust from firearms. These individuals usually worked in poorly ventilated indoor shooting ranges where the majority of the ammunition fired was lead wadcutter or semi-wadcutter style. So we’re looking at old school law enforcement range masters back when most cops carried wheel guns and qualified with .38 lead rounds. Some of those old indoor ranges had inches of lead dust built up on all horizontal surfaces. So the potential for massive lead exposure was there and many range workers did exhibit symptoms of chronic lead poisoning.

    About 20 years ago a number of changes took place to reduce exposure. The widespread adoption of semi-automatic pistols led to the use of jacketed ammunition as the practice round of choice. Most jacket ammo still has a lead core, but the airborne lead levels are significantly lower where jacketed ammunition is used. Some law enforcement agencies have specified the use of non lead ammunition for practice. There may be a few ranges open to the general public that require the same precautions. The danger is not to the individual officer or casual shooter who may only visit the range a few days a year, but to the people who work at the range and are exposed every day.

    At about the same time the ventilation requirements for indoor shooting ranges were increased dramatically. A modern, well ventilated indoor range is very drafty and enough air is moved through the shooting lanes to reduce airborne lead contamination. The air is well filtered to remove particulates and the HVAC systems should be maintained on a regular schedule. Unfortunately this doesn’t always happen.

    A casual shooter – even one who spends all day – at a modern indoor shooting range is at almost no risk for lead exposure. Good personal hygiene practices such as washing the hands and face thoroughly after shooting will further reduce the risk of exposure. I also wash well after reloading ammunition, handling loaded rounds, or cleaning my guns. Its just good common sense.

    • OTOH, I know of an indoor range nearby that dates for the early 80’s that’s little more than cinder block walls, a metal roof, and big mound of sand 100yards down range). Ventilation is a bad joke, and sound abatement is nonexistent. It’s grandfathered in under very old rules, but I dare say that if anyone has to go downrange, they better be wearing a fulll-body Tyvek suit and a respirator.
      If I have to shoot there, I come directly home, and my clothes go straight into the washer and I jump into the shower.

    • I don’t even smell powder at the range I’m a member at. And they’ll clear the line in the middle of the day to change filters if they gave to. It’s a clean range.

    • At indoor ranges, once I’ve been assigned a lane I put on a disposable surgical mask.

      • Not sure if your comment was sarcasm, but a surgical mask is not designed for that purpose. Generally a surgical mask is designed to keep your spit and germs in your mouth and away from patients. A filtering face piece (FFP) is designed to keep contaminants out of your breathing zone. However some of the lead is in a gaseous form. One would need a tight fitting face piece devise.

  7. Lead dust decreases impulse control. So that’s why I always spend too much money when I go to the gun store after I’ve been shooting.

  8. I don’t shoot enough to get lead poisoning. But even my meager range time I notice being coated in funky dust. It sure doesn’t help refinishing furniture for 20 years with methylene based chemicals. Oh well…

  9. What I want to know is, how did the ex-cop gain an inch and a half in height by turning sideways?

    • You would think they would have mentioned that. I mean hey they felt the need to mention the race of the two parties. What type of shoes was he wearing? What type of ammo? The world holds its breath…

  10. The war on Lead continues. You know what else impairs judgement? Marijuana, but nobody talks about that. In fact, I’ll bet smoking weed causes greater brain damage than Lead dust does.

  11. Speaking of Shot Spotter, someone just emptied a semi-automatic a few blocks away from me. The summer gangbanging season draws near…

  12. Where shotspotter would be very useful is with our troops in places like Afghanistan
    Has anyone else watched combat footage where shots ring out, dust is kicked up among our guys, and everyone is saying ” where’s the shooter”?
    Even when they pinpoint the general direction, then it’s “which window/tree/rockpile”?
    Shotspotter would give them a direction and azimuth angle to return fire immediately

    • Many convoys are outfitted with them. My first team ran with them for a while, but they were constantly broken and useless.

  13. That quote out of Germany should chill the blood of anyone who believes in individual liberty and freedom.

  14. I get tested for lead exposure every few years. So far, it’s been a waste of time and money.

  15. After watching the French election, and all media, including the US media, label Lapin as a right wing extremist, I honestly don’t know what passes for “right wing” in Europe anymore. Can anybody fill me in on what “right wing” means in the Bundesrepublik?

  16. Yeah, those evil right wing germans.
    You know what you have to do to be a evil right wing nazi in germany? They recently took the legal and registered guns from two people because police believed that they had ties to the “Reichsbürger” movement that doesn’t thnik that germany has a valid constitution. Which isn’t even a lie, germany was supposed to get a complete constitution after the reunation of east and west germany in 1990 but it didn’t, instead we still use the provisional constitution from west germany 1949. Which is fine, but if you want to split hairs, they are right.
    And the funny thing is: they weren’t even members and even if they were members, so what? No guns for being right on some law that woul’ve mattered 27 years ago?
    They did sign one open letter to the EU declaring it crap (which it is). That’s it. No secret neonazi combat training. Wrong letters on a piece of paper. Boom, guns gone. Luckily they got them back because some judge finally saw that hearsay about letters can’t make you loose rights, but still scary that they even got so far.

  17. She is a holocaust denier. Bond for a murder charge? Hope the leo has fun with the brothers in prison.

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