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“Hundreds of students at the University of Texas at Austin will protest a new law [that] will allow more guns on campus not with signs or sit-ins, but by strapping gigantic swinging dildos to their backpacks,” reports. Hundreds? Gigantic? Swinging? That remains to be seen. Literally. I am so there. If “hundreds” of students wielding dildos gather on campus on August 24, 2016 to protest against campus carry, the resulting news coverage will reach new heights in anti-gun inanity. And that’s saying something. Even better, there’s a chance that . . .

the protesters could get arrested. Yes, even in Austin. As the Facebook event post points out, Sec. 43.22. of the Texas Penal Code (to to speak) makes it illegal to wave dildos around in public

The idea is the brainchild of Jessica Jin. The UT violin performance created the “Campus (DILDO) Carry” event on Facebook. couldn’t resist pointing out that Jin is promoting “the argument that allowing more guns on campus will make students safe is a fallacy. She’s urging students to send campus leaders that message by strapping on the plastic phalluses.” Fallacy/phallus. Geddit? Jin is almost as eloquent.

“‘You’re carrying a gun to class? Yeah well I’m carrying a HUGE DILDO,'” Jin says in the group’s description. “Just about as effective at protecting us from sociopathic shooters, but much safer for recreational play.”

That makes “just about” as much sense as anything I’ve heard from the anti-campus carry crowd. And why does Ms. Jinn’s dildo have to be HUGE? Methinks she has issues. The hashtag created for the event – #cocksnotglocks – is also bit off-kilter. Anyway, I’m going to dare Jason at Underground Tactical to open carry their “dildar” (a dildo-firing AR-15) at the protest. Seriously.

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    • They are gonna carry rubber dicks……..because we “gun owners suffer from dicklessness/dickheadedness/dick envy”.

      • Totally… Why can’t we just tuck our tail between our legs and whimper for the government to save us from every boogeyman, like real men?


        • For a lot of these young women , a big Dildo is their ‘ real man ‘.
          He’ll do whatever they say to do when they say to do it and how they want it done . They feel so in charge that way , you know it goes along with the Choice thingey .

    • Lefties think gun owners have guns because they are insecure and need them to make them feel powerful, in other words, guns to liberals are an extension of the penis.

      • Guys, I get all that. But seriously, WTF, dildos for a safer America.

        And I got snapped at by the posting too quickly comment boogeyman. Double WTF?

  1. This is why it is difficult to take the left seriously. Everything, and I mean everything with them eventually dissolves into them using sex in the argument.

    • Decades of social engineering, people have been reduced to their primal instincts 24/7, sex and food. No place or time for higher thought.

      • Yeah, except self defense is a primal instinct, and yet that is not ok. I am more and more convinced that the whole liberal philosophy is just to be anti-conservative.

    • I negligently discharged on a first date once. Predictably there was no second date. Regarding the dildos, good for these girls displaying them in public. My understanding is they need fresh air from time to time.

  2. If the women are going to use those dildos, I’m booking a trip to Austin and bringing a camera.

    But I suspect that the metrosexual Beta-male pantywaists at UT will be the ones dildoing each other. In which case pictures may come in handy for us when the fools run for Congress (as Democrats) or apply for those high-paying jobs at McDonalds.

    • Perhaps the only good that can come of this, destroying the potential future political careers of enemies of the Constitution and limited government. At this rate, not only will 2/3 of teens not be eligible for military service, they will also be ineligible for public office.

      • If we have senators and representatives who’ve been busted having affairs and hiring prostitutes who don’t lose their jobs, I doubt having “carried a dildo at a protest” on your resume is going to be a disqualifying mark.

        • aahhh, but consider this…

          if we could get some gun-tottin’ parents to bring very young children to such a rally, the children would be subjected to offensive and objectionable objects. flashing sex toys at youngsters would constitute a sex crime. everyone who is arrested with a sex toy will be listed as a sex offender forever (no appeal), and ineligible for any public job.

      • B, you’ve got this wrong. Within the span of a few short years photos showing prior play with really BIG dildos by the metros will be considered a positive, like the Kennedy-clan staged photos of touch football games at the Hyannis Port compound.

        Ralph: 515 P.2nd at 1. The fact recitation is charming, recounting the judge variously taunting and harassing staff and litigants with, well, a BIG dildo. These UT Austin kids may just be contemplating a future on the bench?

  3. Morons. The anti-gun Left delves to new depths again. This is great, really. It shows the foolz for what they are and have been all these years. More ammo for us.

    Although they really ought to, with truth-in-advertising, dress up as gigantic dildos themselves. Halloween’s just around the corner…

  4. A dildo that large used properly could lead to severe internal bleeding and could be misused as a blunt weapon. Should be labeled AOW

        • I’m also connected 3d to Ms. Jin. I’m beginning to think that Linkedin is so big that it’s become the Kevin Bacon of social networks.

      • Because they are all Whores 😉 = Liberals

        Most young college kids are dildo’s anyways Higher the IQ the lower the common sense.

        When and if they grow up things often change.

    • Perhaps anti-gunners in the US are primarily urbanites, children or grandchildren of immigrants who hit the city and stayed. Urban people experience firearms almost entirely in handgun form, as tools to commit or stop a crime. They also experience guns as totem and fetish in the movies. They miss the target sports, clays, and hunting aspects. Guns, to most urbanites I’ve met, are “testosterone frozen in steel.” Thus even a chick can become High-T if she has a pistol. But if she’s an Austin chick she might want to skip to a BIG rubber dick. I feel fully qualified to instruct Ms. Jin how she should correctly use either a defensive firearm or dildo.

      “Never take a dildo to a gun fight.”

  5. Planned Parenthood a sponsor?

    Oh, that’s right! They want pregnancy so as to sell parts and murder infants….sorry.

    The Progressive Left just defies definition….LOL!

  6. I’m not surprised. I wouldn’t expect anything else from anti’s. Dildo’s… would have guessed right? How does anyone take them seriously anymore.

  7. like letting stupid people continue to talk, self-identification helps sort out who the feeble-minded are. anyone self-identifying should be permanently expelled. but since the faculty and administration are complicit, maybe these children should be made to walk around with their chosen pacifier in their mouths.

    come to think about it, carrying obvious identity marks is very helpful. makes it easy to determine who is too far down the darwinian chain to be defended.

  8. And the real people down at A&M once again dissolve into fits of laughter… (no, I’m not an Aggie, and I don’t play one on TV–but I am so proud of the Ags just now).

  9. These girls are just so funny. Right up there with the ‘Free the Nipple’ lot from my old hometown. Dildos and nipples, oh my…..


  10. In MA you’re limited to one less than 10″ due the assault weapon laws still in place here. Unless it was made prior to 1994. Why would anyone NEED one larger than 10″

  11. I wonder if one should take a tactic from the CGSV book. When one sees one of these protesters, call the cops and say that they are threatening folks. Maybe even adding in that they are committing acts of public sex in front of children.

  12. Who else thinks it might be a good idea (in some, not all venues) in going holstered OC with Airsoft pistols at these anti protests events to impress upon them that their irrational fears are based on the mere idea of guns and censorship of ideas is as fascist as it gets. Put forth the image of Mao & Stalin embracing Bloomberg and Watts in an unforgettable mural; that image will haunt them until they surrender in shame.

  13. They say “students” not just wimmins. I could have a lot of fun commenting on a guy openly carrying!

    • I actually want to get a massive horse-dildo and put it on a broomhandle or hockey stick shaft, then use it as a dickspear. It would be the most traumatic weapon ever developed!

  14. Finally a program where under sexed loners madmen up-gun a campus so his victims can sex show just before a mass shooting.

    Half of the college aged adults are so far from help, give your tutition to an illegal immigrant or better yet an exchange student preferably a Brit or Austrailan.

  15. Nobody needs a high capacity ghost dick that can fire off a 30-ml jizz in half a second.

    (How did they NOT see the jokes cumming?)

  16. So the next time a psychopathic school shooter shows up at your school, just whip out that dildo and beat him with it! Better still, issue dildos to the police and let them take out the shooter with their new “shooters”!

    • Oh lord in heaven, please inspire somebody on youtube to respond to this protest with a video where 100 college girls throw dildos at an armed gunman, and help grandmas foot get better.

      ^my prayers tonight 🙂

    • are we all overlooking the opportunity to recommend UTA offer a gun buy back to anyone who tries to conduct a mass shooting?” trade ya’ a dildo for a gun” ?

  17. I always heard pretty much everyone who lived in Austin was different, but THIS different? How about we let JUST Austin form its own little crazy state…

    • Disney’s Newest Theme Park.
      Just place a fence around Austin and charge an entry fee.


  18. Dildos for a bunch of intolerant dildos… Makes sense actually. I wonder how they plan to duel with an armed attacker? Just as usefull? Have fun with that. I’ll still carry something that fires lead bullets and can kill someone that hopes to kill me.

  19. This is such a perfect illustration of just how completely stupid the Liberal mindset is. Well, I hope when one of them is being assaulted or murdered they can use that dildo to good effect to defend themselves.

    As Colonel Potter of MASH said, “Both useful items, but hardly interchangeable.”

  20. No one needs a dildo over 3ft long. We have to put a stop to these high capacity assault dildos capable of penetrating multiple people. Think of the children! Plus, its obvious this Jin character is compensating for something. A secure adult wouldn’t feel the need to wave something like this in someone’s face, especiall without their consent.

    • I think you’ve got it: Having sex reduces anxiety. MDA members should each get a new, well, member,that they can apply actively anytime they’re frightened by a gun, or even the thought of a gun. After a few rounds of that they may (Pavlovian conditioning) come to associate see a gun with sexual pleasure. Then perhaps they’ll be less troublesome. Gun sense for America.

  21. Jin (the organizer) is one of the New Women, recently released from all handcuffs and whatnot’s that have kept them back since the extinction of the dinosaurs. Therefore, a dildo for her is but oppression in a bottle that can now be waved around with impunity. I wonder how many will show…

  22. Liberals have every right to bring a dildo to a gun fight.
    Let their holy Darwin do his job.

    They might have been mistaken thinking someone is carrying to be the classroom hero..
    Just because someone has the balls to carry in class to protect himself doesn’t mean he has to defend the dildo hugging hipster cowering in the corner.

    This is where campus carry gets hairy..
    People like her can pass a background check..
    We don’t have laws AGINST stupid.

    We all know the first student that fires or drops a pistol and it goes off hitting someone will be the crown of the anti ‘s pointing fingers saying see we told you so..
    I propose this to help keep campus carry alive.

    Must be over 21 to carry on site.
    No gang regalia with guns (just like alcohol)

    Open carry on campus.
    Classroom concealed carry with a CCW.
    Any time a round is fired on campus, accident or intentional, unless defending aginst active shooter gets double the penalty (like speeding fines with workers present)
    Example.. 5 year or $5,000 fine for first offense.
    With penalties extremely severe, carriers will be extra aware and careful while carrying to prevent AD/ND and the students will rather to fight off campus. (Like when we were kids in school)

    That will actually help reduce the stupid dorm shootings they have now, that aren’t supposed to happen in these “gun free zones”

    If dorm carry is allowed, they should give students the ability to keep secure gun safes in their room (bolted to floor)

    Liberals may rather trust their life to some 60 year old semi retired guy on the other side of campus that might have pepper spray instead of a pistol.
    I don’t.
    I have the God given right to defend MYSELF.
    Defending the dildo lickers, or the classroom comes second.

    Stoping me from Defending Myself is where we should attack gun free zones.

    In the name of “Higher education” the basic right of self preservation is being denied and people are dyeing because of it..

  23. Ya can’t make pickle bread if you don’t have dill dough. But seriously, I see Duracell being behind this.
    I think dildos would be a perfect logo for the anti gun movement (specially MDA), cause they are really screwing themselves

  24. “The idea is the brainchild of Jessica Jin.” That’s a bit ambitious and charitable a description. It’s more like the brain fart of an effete brat with no concept of the real world and an exaggerated sense of her own entertainment value.

  25. Maybe she’s taking Teddy’s advice to speak softly and carry a big d–k.

    Perhaps if she’s accosted the would-be assailant will laugh himself silly and she can run away to be a silly, stupid child another day.

  26. Very mature ladies, make sure to hold your breath and stomp your feet so the image of a spoiled brat is complete.

    • RF lives there. I think we can fairly expect video.

      I would guess most UTA co-eds already have a BIG “strap on” dildo, so prepping for the rally won’t require much effort.

      I wonder what the typical UTA woman would think if a man routinely carried a BIG dildo on the outside of his backpack…to class? Equal dildo carry rights? I highly doubt it, but experiment is the soul of science.

  27. Surprise surprise anything even remotely pro gun or questioning of their methods is being deleted very quickly from that page.

  28. Did Underground Tactical get a determination letter from the ATF regarding their DildAR? If so, I may trade in my Can Cannon for a cock cannon. I’m not saying i’m into it, I’m just willing to give it a try.

  29. Wow!, What a difference almost 50 years makes. When the crazed gunman (Charles Whitman) climbed into the clock tower on the UT campus, many students went back to their dorms, retrieved their long guns and returned fire. This would never happen today.

    Texas A&M however is a different campus with a different ideological demographic. Where would you feel safer today?

    I bet the crazies and the terrorists view The University of Texas as a softer target. What do you think? Where will you encourage your children to enroll? Never mind the fact that the aggies just built a new stadium and their team is WINNING!

  30. This isn’t about guns. Sometimes you just need a good excuse to show off your dildos.

    If open carrying dildos is illegal, I’m a little offended that the first amendment doesn’t protect them from carrying dildos in protest of the second amendment.

  31. If they want to take dildos to school that’s fine. They are just embarrassing themselves. I think they should get the president, Bloomberg, and Hillary to join in. Get them to carry around giant pink dildos, and on national television too.

  32. Not sure about the effectiveness of the protest, but Cock Snot Glock sounds like someone used personal lube on their gun.

  33. The fallacy here is very easy to understand. A dildo’s value is not determined by where you are allowed to carry it. A firearm however, is a different story. A firearm’s value is determined by your access to it as it is used in emergencies that you do not plan for. Therefore, a firearm is to be treated as an article of clothing that is on you at all times. The same is not true for dildos or other items people may find offensive.

  34. This is straight out of the Alinsky playbook. When you have no rational arguments, revert to ridiculing the opposition.

    It’s just a bonus for us that their transparent and facile “strategy” makes them look like childish retards.

    Manufacture giant dildos that ‘ screw ‘ together and presto , inside is a Black Widow 22 WMR revolver .
    Dildo Concealdo .

  36. What an absolute perverted and deranged mindset liberals have. Why is it gun right supporters pretty much always defend their point of view with facts and logic, and liberal anti gunners have to rely on emotions, lies, and….dildos???

  37. This is why the last gun store in SF Francisco is closing. Great satisfying homosexual sex is more important than individual firearms ownership and personal protection.

    So now college students think waving a sex toy in the air is “real power”? The rest of Texas can save Austin. But the rest of California can’t save San Francisco.

  38. Parents sacrifice to send their kids to college. So they can wave dildos around.

    You cannot make this shit up.

  39. This is my rifle This is my gun This is for fighting This is for fun…..

    I can’t beleive no one has gone here yet!

    • AND ROTATE. I think I see a business opportunity here, making pink squirt water bottle that look exactly like that one. Sold on campuses only! 😉

  40. Think about this enough, and you will start to think it’s actually our penis’ they are offended by.

  41. If I could shoot 230+ grain loads, they could pack me in their backpacks. But in reality, no one wants to beat a would-be murderer/robber/rapist to death with an open-carry dildo. .45 ACP open-carry for all students and teachers worldwide! Thank me later.

    • dildos and shooting loads are words that should not be used in the same sentence here on TTAG.

  42. Gee, I wonder if waving Gigantic Dildo’s will have any effect against Active Shooters.

    Let’s watch and see.

  43. This is why I firmly believe that whatever political thought process started this is a mental disease.

    • It is called “Liberalism” (or “Progressiveism”, or “Left-ism”, or “Democrat-ism” [is that a repeat?], or “Stateism”), and yes, it is a mental disorder.

    • After two or sexual intercourse sessions, yes, even the best of us does take a break. God is above sex. He doesn’t need any sweet release.

  44. Well,
    The failure is in this assumption that dildos are more effective than firearms in preventing someone from killing you.

    Sure, they might laugh when you “whip out” your dildo and point it at ’em, but they still have no fear of you and will shoot you..probably shoving that dildo either in your mouth or where the sun don’t shine, so to speak.
    How’s mom/dad going to take that as the final picture of their dead child?

    I’d much rather have a picture of my child who defended herself/himself against the bad guy.

    What a bunch of maroons. Symbolism over substance..the hallmark of the Left.

  45. Well, at least your backpack matches your personality, now. Don’t bring a gun to a dildo fight?

    “Much safer for recreation” –what, is she one of those chicks who sheaths a 10″ S&W in nature’s pocket? If the gun is crammed inside you, you’re doing it wrong.

  46. 9 people who went to school in Oregon probably would’ve argued that a gun would’ve been handier than a dildo in their final moments. But what do I know? I’m just an adult with decades of life experience, not an undergrad with mommy’s credit card growing up in Common Core schools.

    Part of me would feel perverse satisfaction reading a news story where several students were beaten up and mugged because their dildos flagged them as unarmed.

  47. ““‘You’re carrying a gun to class? Yeah well I’m carrying a HUGE DILDO,’” Jin says in the group’s description.”

    uhhh. All that told me is someone is carrying a gun to defend their ars while someone else is carrying a toy to destroy theirs…

  48. Little Timmy at the breakfast table. “Gee mom, I found a picture of you in your college days. What was that you were waving around in your hand?”

  49. We should send them Bad Dragon dildos.

    Let’s see how they enjoy open carrying THOSE kinds of toys around.

  50. Here’s my real question: did they shop for those dildos local or did they just on line and not support local businesses.

  51. This is too easy.

    Don’t bring a dildo to knife fight . . .
    Don’t bring a dildo to tomahawk fight . . .
    Don’t bring a dildo to a ball bat fight . . .
    Don’t bring a dildo to a golf club fight . . .

  52. From the Founder’s LinkedIn Page:

    Chief Sadness Officer
    February 2015 – Present (9 months)Austin, Texas Area
    • Revenue: $0.

    yes folks zero revenue. no wonder she’s sad. lol

  53. Freedom of expression, oh well no accounting for good taste. No double standards put DC politicians on Obamacare and SS.Thanks for your support and vote.Pass the word.

  54. I’m confused. The protesters want to promote safe sex, yet they want keep me from carrying my Magnums?

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