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In the post-post-Sandy Hook environment, it seems like the only way to stay competitive is to get a bunch of companies together and team up — pooling resources, offering package deals, and generally supporting one another. Freedom Group was one of the first to hoover up large quantities of gun companies. There’s the ATK agglomeration, and McMillian and Armalite fell in with AWC, and now US Optics and Eagle Eye Ammunition are partnering up to make some magic happen as well. If they can get a rifle manufacturer in the mix as well some interesting things could happen, like perhaps offering a rifle and scope already zeroed from the factory, with the elevation knob pre-calibrated to exactly correspond to the ammunition it is shooting? That I’d like to see, and probably costs a ton less than a TrackingPoint gun. Presser after the jump.

Eagle Eye Precision Ammunition and US Optics are proud to announce the beginning of an official collaboration.

The cooperation between Eagle Eye Precision and US Optics grew from a mutual belief that the firearm, optic, ammunition and shooter are all integral pieces in precision shooting. US Optics represents the pinnacle in firearms optics and accessories. US Optics products offer unmatched tracking precision, ruggedness, optical clarity and engineering innovation. Eagle Eye Precision sets the standard for consistency and accuracy in precision match ammunition by guaranteeing every lot is tested ½ minute of angle or better. Eagle Eye Precision cases also set new benchmarks in metallurgy, dimensional consistency and reloadability.

“For us, the precision of US Optics is critical to help demonstrate the capability of our ammunition” says Justin Brown, PhD – CEO of Eagle Eye Precision. “When we demonstrate sub ½ inch group shooting at 100 yards, factors such as reticle design, optical clarity and parallax adjustment are necessary to provide a clear sight picture to place rounds in ostensibly the same hole. During long range demonstrations at distances exceeding 1,100 yards it is imperative that the optics track correctly. If we dial 35 minutes of elevation but the scope gives us a few minutes +/- we could completely miss the target”. Precision ammunition is also critical in demonstrating the optics capability; especially with regards to tracking. Known consistent ammunition helps demonstrate the precision with which US Optics scopes track throughout the elevation range.

Both companies look forward to the beginning of a mutually beneficial long term collaboration. Stay tuned for upcoming joint events.

Justin Brown, PhD – CEO Eagle Eye Precision Ammunition
Nick Baroldi – Partner US Optics

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  1. Considering US Optics reputation, this lends credibility to a new ammunition company. If US will go in with them, they must see something good in them. US makes some of the best scopes on the market so this bodes well for Eagle Eye.

  2. I would never pay a premium to have a rifle pre-calibrated for me. There are too many variables at play such as air density, elevation, temperature sensitivity of the powder, etc.

    • Its actually really nice when done right. An M16 or M4 with 62gr green tips and an ACOG for example. Pretty much always on point no matter the variables.

  3. US Optics is less than 2 miles from my house. They have great optics, but I can’t afford them. I do have a set of extra low 30 mm rings, rail mount, and scope level from them.


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