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Remember the Pennsylvania man who was convicted of disorderly conduct and fined $100 for making the “finger gun” gesture at a neighbor? He got off light.

Yesterday at the US Open tennis championship in New York, men’s doubles competitor Mike Bryan pointed his racket like a gun at a line judge who had just been overruled by a replay.

Here’s the AP’s account of what happened . . .

Mike Bryan has been fined $10,000 at the U.S. Open for pointing his racket as if it were a gun during a doubles match.

Bryan, whose twin brother is his partner, was called for a code violation for unsportsmanlike conduct in the last game of the second set after making the gesture.

After a lob by their opponents was ruled in, the Bryans challenged the call. A replay review showed that the ball landed out. That’s when Bryan pointed toward the chair umpire and line judge with a finger, then placed the head of his racket on his shoulder and pretended to “aim” the handle.

It’s the highest fine given to a man so far at this year’s U.S. Open.

U.S. Tennis Association spokesman Brendan McIntyre said: “The gesture warranted that amount.”

The Bryans’ match Saturday night was played hours after a man in Texas shot seven people to death and injured 22 others.

That was the 25th mass killing in the U.S. so far this year, matching the number in all of 2018, according to The AP/USATODAY/Northeastern University mass murder database. The database tracks homicides where four or more people are killed, not including the offender.

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      • What agency of government forbid this man to speak his mind or express himself in any way? The First amendment does not protect a person from being punished by a private association of which that person is a member, for violations of the rules the members all agree to abide.

      • @Hannibal and @enuf…Folks get all upset around here if anyone so much as looks cross-eyed at the 2nd amendment (not saying that I disagree with that) but then fail to follow through with whole-hearted support for the rest of the Bill of Rights. Just saying the entire BOR is worthy of our FULL support.

        • Sure, but unless you’re saying that you were just randomly making a statement that had nothing to do with the comment to which you’re replying, then what we’re saying is that there is no 1st amendment issue here because the government isn’t infringing on anybody’s free speech rights.

        • @Casey…You’re point is taken. But I’m not referring to government. I’m talking about the outrage shown here when private property owners (restaurants, entertainment venues, etc.) restrict the exercise of our right to bear arms. But no outrage when other freedoms are squashed. Is this forum not the epitome of free speech?The $10,000 sanction for an innocent gesture only warrants a “…dumbass…” for the player and no outrage at the sports organization for being bone headed. The BOR has far more importance than just a restriction on government power. The BOR is our own self-described way of life. The guy was not sanctioned for unsportsmanlike conduct. He was sanctioned because guns. He dared use use forbidden gestures, you know, free speech!

        • @Baldwin…. his “Free Speech” was NOT impaired in any way, shape, or form. The Bill of Rights does NOT guarantee that there will be no (Non-governmental) consequences…. just as the Second DOES NOT preclude a Private Place from banning guns ON THEIR PREMESIS. Get over it! As to PLACES banning guns? When I see that I DON’T GO THERE anymore and I encourage by friends to do likewise, because it IS a FREE country. If they want OUR $$$$ they will have to make us WANT to BE THERE…. It’s ON THEM. Government should have NOTHING to do with either one ON PUBLIC PROPERTIES and PLACES. YOUR place? YOUR RULES.

        • @EndDangerEd …His free speech was impaired…to the tune of $10,000…over trivial shit…because guns. What he did was not disrespectful and it was not outrageous. It did not even register on 99.999% of people’s rude-o-meters. You can’t work there unless you give up the right to freely express yourself. Private organization or not, it was a fail for USTA.

      • Get a grip.

        This is a sanctioned sporting event that has rules and players have to follow those rules
        as well as being held accountable when breaking the rules.

        This has nothing to do with 1A or 2A

        • Unfortunately, this is just the continued vilification of guns. It isn’t about the BoR or 2A, it’s a friendly reminder of how icky guns are.

    • True. Everyone is familiar with the formality and rules of conduct in tennis. If a player chooses to violate said rules, that is a choice they own.

    • How is the fine “private”? I thought the idea of a fine is that if it’s not paid, it could lead to jail time. A fine could be initiated by a private party, but there has to be some law against the act being punished.

      If he doesn’t pay it then, would they just kick him out of the club and not allow him to compete? I would imagine that if I was welcomed onto your property, but then said something offensive to you, you may remove me from your property in a reasonable manner, but you wouldn’t be able to fine me.

      I realize there is an agreement and contract with the sports players, so would there be a $10,000 “bad sportsmanship” fine in the contract to which he agreed? That seems a little odd, but I don’t know; there’s weirder stuff out there.

      • The fine is part of the private contractual agreement he entered with the private organization- a penalty for breaking a rule, not a law. If he does not pay it he will presumably be removed from further competition and possibly face civil penalties like anyone else who breaches a contract- not criminal penalties.

      • It’s Professional Sports….. The sanctioning body defines what constitutes an infraction and determines the fines to be levied. Where did YOU get “jail”??? If he doesn’t pay the fine he won’t be allowed to PLAY, means he has zero chance for year-end tourneys and big-bucks. The fine was NOT levied by government any more than football, or baseball fines are. Being FROM NY he should have known better, that’s one place in America you CAN get arrested for making that gesture in public…. sick puppies indeed.

      • “How is the fine “private”? I thought the idea of a fine is that if it’s not paid, it could lead to jail time.”

        Don’t pay their fine, they revoke the organization membership…

      • No, the gesture he made is what made him look weak and stupid. Accepting the judge’s decision, as he is bound to by the rules of the tournament and which was substantiated by the instant replay, then proceeding to play the game, would have demonstrated his strength in overcoming a setback. His tantrum just showed him to be a overpaid brat acting out.

  1. How the FK does what he did have ANYTHING TO DO WITH THAT SHOOTING IN ODESSA…

    Obviously some communist rag like USA TODAY would try to correlate a mass shooting by some CIA operative to a FKN GESTURE THAT LOOKED LIKE HE WAS PLAYING A GUITAR…… NOT POINTING A RIFLE….


      • They mentioned something completely unrelated. They tried to create context in the story where it didn’t exist.

        Some would call that a lie.

        We should all be furious when the people responsible for bringing us the news fabricate elements of a story to sell it to us.

        • So when a Democrat spews their reheated hatred and gun grabbing policy proposals in the hours and days following a spree shooting, that’s dancing in the blood of the victims and exploiting the loss for political advantage. Their despicable action is inextricably linked to the recent events.

          Yet, when this jackass tennis player makes a rifle gesture at a match official in the hours and days following multiple spree shootings, his action is completely isolated from, unrelated to, and carries no elevated significance for its timing?

          Oh, that’s rich!

  2. I’ve never seen a tennis racket shoot actual bullets. The fine seems harsh, doesn’t brandishing a real firearm result in 3 months jail and $1k fine? Or maybe it’s because he shouldered it like a pistol with a stabilizing brace?

    • “I’ve never seen a tennis racket shoot actual bullets.”

      You know, a custom tennis racket gun might make a pretty slick AOW (NFA)… 🙂

  3. Tell him to just shake it up and down next time. He was a bit of an ass to disrupt things that way. He would have probably been fined if made the same motions with empty arms.

  4. God we miss strych9. So very helpful to be informed by Captain Obvious at every turn. Maybe his mom will let him use the interweb again soon?

    • Says the person without a history here.

      Strych has proven his chops in here, you haven’t…

  5. It was unsportsmanlike. Tennis players are often pretty snotty. Vile culture. As for the amount? *shrug*
    I could see a harsh crackdown being reasonable and making economic sense as a way to make the sport watchable.

    We don’t have to defend every piece of trash that touches, or momentarily pretends to have a gun.

  6. The player was far less than a class act in this thing. He won an argument with an appeal to higher authority. Rather than show some class in victory, he goes low and behaves like an ass.

    He broke the rules of his sport and his sporting association and got punished for it. Big Fat Hairy Deal.

    And no, I couldn’t give a smaller damn about tennis.

    • Agreed. This isn’t gun related and couldn’t be taken as a credible threat. The ridiculousness is in AP’s reporting and mentioning the Odessa shooting in the last 2 paragraphs. It was a non-sequetor that the writer needlessly added as propaganda. I’m sure the same unsportsman-like punishment would have been received had he given the finger, gestured to his crotch, mimicked masturbation, or any number of other disrespectful gestures.

  7. Any act of aggression no matter how seemingly insignificant should be dealt with swiftly and severely. Especially if it is done by a white racist/supremacist. Consider how the white racist/supremacist acts when he is in his “tank” of choice, the Ford F-150. He intentionally runs people in smaller vehicles off the road. He cuts in front of smaller vehicles at will because he has the “power” and means to do so. Therefore, he should be fined and moreover if his acts are repeated his “tank” should be confiscated. Bullying has no place in our society and should never be condoned. White racist/supremacist often bully the weak and POC – people of color – for those Hillbillies and Jethro’s who haven’t yet figured out the acronym. Due to the stature of many Asians they are often looked down upon and denigrated for their physical appearance. Blacks are discriminated and stereotyped because of their color. Immigrants are mocked because they do not speak English. Indigenous peoples are given alcohol to temper their moods. These are acts of aggression and they should be outlawed in our country. In 2021, they will be. Soon the pointing of a finger in the form of a gun will be the only “guns” in our country. Live it up while you can you Hillbillies and Jethro’s. Your days are numbered.

    • When the Hairy Kameltow is president I will give her a list of everyone who was ever mean to me and she will make them pay. All I will have to do is tell her I do not like somebody and she will destroy them if I do not approve of something you say she will make you suffer. So that is all the reason you need to vote for the Hairy Kameltow.

    • That’s kind of a personal question. Lol. But since you asked yes it was. Tennis racquets have to be between 27-29 inches for tournament play. I think the fine is coming from the white thing on his finger. I think that hooks onto his belt loop and allows him to bump fire that thing.

  8. You have to understand the concern. I mean Obama pardoned several people that actually pointed real guns at people but those were just handguns. This, although not completely clear from the video, is the new Spaulding automatic weapon system. Completely undetectable by metal detector. Can fire a quadjillion rounds a second, only 12 rounds slower than the ar15. And can be fitted with a 100 round beta mag. The worst part is it looks just like a tennis racket so you can mow down the 3 other people that are at the doubles match with something that can be purchased at any big box store. I think we all know what needs to happen. Ban this racket, hell ban every tennis racket just in case. And for good measure we shouldn’t allow the sport of tennis to advertise their blood sport for any reason. FOR THE CHILDREN, EVEN IF IT SAVES JUST ONE LIFE.

  9. In case nobody has noticed, much of this kind of thing done by private organizations (including outfits like Twitter, Facebook, Google, schools, etc.) have nothing to do with the Constitution or BOR. It’s all about “Social Engineering” – changing the US culture into some kind of fantasy Utopia. Far more dangerous to Freedom than any laws.

    • BTW, Thanks for the advice. I did research VPN’s. and they got me back on, even after TTAG decided the truth isn’t something they can tolerate. I still don’t hang here much anymore though. I dont like the idea of supporting a site that I now believe is run by minions of bloomberg.

  10. I believe all states permit both open and concealed carry of tennis racquets WITHOUT a permit. So, his offense was one of brandishing, not possession. I wonder if his carry insurance covers the cost of the fine.

  11. Proving that Tennis is just the Latest Politically Correct Faggot Pussy “Sport”. Professional “Sports” are Bullshit Amateur & College are More Fun.

  12. Mike Bryan has been fined $10,000…

    I’d be like … no. Not going to pay it. F off. Those line judges owe me 10,000$ and you will pay or I will not return.

  13. Doubtful. Puny unathletic line judge vs. man at pinnacle of his athletic life.

    Would be awesome to watch… the tennis player spit in his mouth after it was over.

      • While it is true that his job is to hit a ball with a stick, any player who competes at that level is an unbelievable athlete and in incredible condition.

  14. “The Bryans’ match Saturday night was played hours after a man in Texas shot seven people to death and injured 22 others.”

    The fuck does that have to do with anything? He wasn’t holding a gun, he wasn’t shooting anyone, he wasn’t in Texas, and the Texas shooting had nothing to do with tennis and everything to do with a crazy guy using a gun vs. a 2000lb vehicle to harm random strangers & police officers.

    Could have just as relevantly said “The Bryans’ match Saturday night was played hours after Seal Team 87 shot seven terrorist to death and captured 22 others before they could carry out their plan”

    Whenever I see a passage like this, especially on its own as a single isolated sentence in this case, it’s obvious the editor requested the addition. Either that, or the articles are written by bots and there’s a rule that if “gun” appears somewhere for any reason, they must include a reference to the most recent media shooting fixation.

    • Antifa wants to fix that by kicking off another Civil War…. They must be morons…. or bullies. There is nothing “civil” about war if you’re doing it right. Shorter that way too. Shock and Awe (spit!) Right?

  15. Man, this judge is totally sexist for fining this unsportmanlik- er nm I guess it doesn’t work unless you’re Serena.

  16. I wonder why loud & offensive grunting/shouting wasn’t considered “unsportsmanlike” when you-know-who first brought it into the sport?

  17. He made a bonehead move by unprofessionally challenging a call he was already in the wrong over. He doubled down by selecting an exceptionally offensive gesture to express his unprofessionalism.

    He’s paid the ten grand and made his public apology. He is as undeserving of further punishment or condemnation as he is of any justification or public support. Let’s move on.


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